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These are the old notes from 1997.

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December 27: I've fixed all the character pages so all the images show up and they contain links to all my other main pages. I also put links from each character page to each of the other characters, except, of course, the Kage page which is the DreamMaster's FAQ. Also, Tigeraid from the mailing list suggested this idea. I'm going to try to start a combo page listing combos for each character. But since my main players are Akira and Kage, I don't know a lot of combos for other characters. So please send in how to do combos, and what the character does, to me through email or my guestbook. This section can't go up without your help!

December 23: Wow, I'm actually working on stuff! Maybe there is something good to this winter break deal! I've created the Pai character page with biodata, pix (some are messed up), storylines, etc.--everything except outfit descriptions. I'll probably finish Pai and start Lau within the next week. I'm finally getting back on track updating my VF page. Yes, actually playing vf3 does give me spirit!

December 21: Yeah, I know I've really been lacking in updates...only the second time this month. I've been so busy with school, and I could go on to complain about the problems of mass education here, but I won't. But I'll be on winter break for the next two weeks so hopefully I'll update more often. The good news for me, and consequently you, is that my local arcade FINALLY got back Virtua Fighter 3. It's not broken (the picture is a little distorted, but it's fine), and I don't think it will break, so I'll probably update more often now. Again, I'd really appreciate some input on suggestions for improvement for my VF page. I realized I forgot to email the mailing list the last time I updated, so I guess I will this time for that time, begging for input. I think I'm going to start Pai and Lau character pages, but not with moves--just pix, storylines, etc. Well, I'll continue trying to improve the quality of my page for bette VFing for all!

December 4: Sorry, peoples, yep, I know I haven't updated forever (2 and a half weeks, actually.) I've been so busy with tons of homework and debate and drama stuff, which I participate in at at school. This is more of an announcment, not an update. I've made a decision which may dissappoint some of my readers, but is actually for the better. I'm not going to make moves lists for all of the characters. Instead I'm just going to have the biodata, storylines, etc. on the character pages. I've come to this decision for two reasons. First, I don't need to have all the moveslists on my page, and I don't have time to make them. There are others out there, and you can find those under the links section. In the summer when there was no school, and in the beginning of the school year when I had little homework, I thought I might be able to, but now I know I don't have the time. So the Sarah section is done then, since I already had all the stories, etc. My second reason is that it was taking away from time of doing other things to make this page better. A good VF webpage doesn't need character movelists, though they're nice. Actually, I just remembered a third reason: my local arcade hasn't had VF3 for more than six months. They were finally going to get it back last week, which they did, for 2 days. It was messed up--the picture wasn't right--so now it's being fixed. This was a huge dissappointment, a false hope, if you wish, for me. It kind of took away my VF spirit, if there is any such thing. So that leads me to a question for you, the readers of my VF page, and VF fans. What do you want to see on my page? It's been getting more hits lately, and I changed the look a few months ago. Do you like it? Is it still good, or do you want to see something new? I've pretty much run out of ideas for new sections for my page. I'd really like some feedback from everyone about what you like and dislike, and what should be changed, and any comments in general. You can do this three ways: signing my guestbook from the link at the bottom, emailing me at, or emailing me at I'm greatly looking forward to finding out what my readers want to see about VF, and I'll really appreciate your input. Thanks a lot to everyone reading this, or who has ever been to my page.


November 16: Someone else has joined the mailing list, and there's been another vote on the survey, and finally it's Tekken, but VF is still winning.

November 6: Another person joined the mailing list--akirasan--so if you can check out the info on the mailing list page.


October 30: No update here today, but I got two more results for the survey...both VF.
October 29: Sarah.html has been released! I don't have any moves, but all the storylines, biodata, pics, etc. in the same style as the other character pages.
October 26: A small update today--a little piece of news concerning the 64-bit Sega system. Hey, and here's soething that's actually notes, and not talking about an update: if you emailed me or signed my guestbook about the mailing list, but you're not there, just email me or sign my guestbook again. I got some messages that were messed up so I wasn't sure about them. I'm looking forward to having tons of VFers communicating throught the mailing list.
October 23: I've added several people to the Virtua Fighter mailing list! I got a pretty good response the day after I sent the email (I only sent the email to people I'd emailed about VF--if you'd like a copy of it let me know. But it seems there was a little confusion on the fact that I put down info like your email address, where you play, etc. on my page--no one told me any but no one said that they didn't want me to, so I just wrote what I knew about each person on my mailing list page, which in some cases was very little. So email me know. But it seems there was a little confusion on the fact that I put down info like your email address, where you play, etc. on my page--no one told me any but no one said that they didn't want me to, so I just wrote what I knew about each person on my mailing list page, which in some cases was very little. So email me the rest if you want me to write it.
October 21: Sorry for the lack of updates again; I get really busy with school work, and debate and drama for school. It's actually pretty cool stuff; email me if you want to know about it. Anyway, I've added a Virtua Fighter Mailing List page; you can read more about it at the page. I think it's pretty cool. Sorry the Sarah page isn't up yet; I worked on it but then it got deleted (seems that always happens to me!). Hopefully I'll start on it soon--in the next week.
October 6: Wow, an update two days in a row! Haven't done that for a long time. Well, I've transferred some images into my own file so that my page will load faster. But due to the lack of memory in the Angelfire System, some images will still have to retain their original address, making them load more slowly. Today what I've done is changed all the Akira images to my own directory, and changed the main VF3 logo on this page to be in my own directory. Oh, yeah, and I got one guestbook signing...anyone else? Survey?
October 5: I'm finally updating this again after nearly three weeks. First of all, I'm sorry to all my readers that I haven't updated for so long, but I've been bogged down with many hours of homework every day. You'll probably noticed I changed the introduction a little bit. All Septembers updates are now in the "Old Notes" section. The important thing is that I got a guestbook. This means that if you don't have email you can still comment to me on my page. I will accept anything in my guestbook; if you just want to ask me a question, fine. But this is also the guestbook to my other pages, so there'll probably be stuff about Tekken and my HTML Guide or something in it, too. This also means that now you can take my survey without email. Yes, you can sign my guestbook and tell me your favorite game and your favorite characters. They will still be posted on my survey page, just like emails. I also have updated the news section today, and the Welcome Page, and Index Page. I will probably soon begin work on a Sarah moves list.


September 16: I finally fixed this section so that the newest updates would be here, this month's other updates would be under this table, and the previous month's updates would be in the old notes section. I won't explain why I didn't do this until now, but if you'd like to know, email me. I also finally received more feedback for the survey, so check out my survey page.

September 11: I added on a few more links. I actually did this three days ago, I think, but I forgot to write that here.

September 6: I added the frames and damage for Jacky's Turning Towards attacks. I'll finally finish the Jacky section, by fixing the Dodging Attacks section, and adding the frame rates and damage for those, as soon as I'm done writing this. Okay, I finished my Jacky page, and came back to this to write that here! I completed and corrected all Jacky's moves (I hope.) If you notice any mistakes, please email me. Next, I'll probably begin work on Sarah, Lion, or Aoi. At the rate I'm going, I kno the character pages are coming along pretty slow. Should I put on everyone's moves, and then start on the levels, frames, and damage? Let me know. I know this page hasn't been updated as often recently, but school has now started. I'm busy with Geomotry and American Studies homework most of the time. But I'll probably be able to update each weekend.

September 3: Added Jacky's frames & damage rates for movements and TA attacks. Changed the color in column at bottom of main vf page (this one). Also fixed SPoD of Akira section, which had been written wrong.


August 30: I changed the format of my page a little more so the newest update of New Stuff & Notes will appear in here, under Introduction in this column. The rest of the updates for the month will appear under these columns. The ones from the previous months are available to look at in the column at the right under "Old Notes." Please email me about these changes; do you like 'em or not? How could I make this page better? August 29: I added an "Old Notes" section, where I move all the "New Stuff and Notes" from the previous month.
August 28: I changed the look of my page a little more so it's easier to see and understand. I'm still changing it, though.
August 23: I'm completely revamping the look of my page. It was okay to have everything under each other when I had just a few sections, but now there are too many so I'm moving them all to separate pages. This page will probably look pretty stupid in the mean time, but please bear with me, and soon it'll look pretty cool.
August 22: Finished Jacky frame rates and damage for all special moves (I just checked; Jacky doesn't have PPPK combos) and added the frames and damage for Jacky's throws and in-close moves.
August 18: Added more Jacky frame rates/damage points.
August 16: I'm rearranging the format of my VF page, so that everything won't be on one page. I already put the links completely separately, and soon I'll do the same to the Key table and Characters. I might eventually put this page in columns, etc. It's getting too crowded just putting everything under eachother, since I've added so many sections. I also added frame rates for some of Jacky's special moves.
August 11: Added Jacky switch stance and backflip.
August 9: Later on August 9: I added all of Jacky's move names, controls, and levels except for his movements! Earlier August 9: Added Jacky turnaround & throw attacks (still no dodging attacks).
August 8: Sorry for the lack of updates for a while. Well, I finally finished Jacky's special moves, but I don't have frame/damage rates for most of them. Those don't include turnaround and dodging attacks; since Jacky's got so many, I think I'll do those as a separate section. Gosh, I get confused doing Jacky's moves; he's got so many strings I can't remember if I've put certain ones on yet,etc. So if I left something out, or gave one of his moves the wrong name, PLEASE EMAIL ME! Also, special thanks to Firestarter; I got a lot of the Jacky moves from The Firestarter's VF3 moves list. Also, I'm now calling this a VF3 page, not a VF in general page. I still might add links for VF1 & 2, but it's been a while since I put this page up and I still haven't. Additionally, if you haven't already noticed, I've started a new section called News. I just tell about anything going on in the VF Community. Today, I talked about the new vf3.1 version.
August 2:I finally got more survey results. Check out the survey page to see what game's winning.


July 30: I'm sorry, people, but I added a ton more Jacky moves and corrections, but some stupid glitch made them get deleted and not saved. So now I don't know when the Jacky secion'll be done.
July 24: I finally added some more Jacky moves after working on making frames and noframes versions of my page. If you haven't seen the frames version, check it out. I also corrected the names of some of Jacky's moves. I can play Jacky and I can do his moves, but I don't have all the official names memorized. Or all his combos. If I'm playing I might go punch, punch, knee, but I don't have his hundred-or-so combos memorized. Anyway, I'll work on Jacky mainly in the next week and hope to finish it.
July 23: I've been working on a frames version of my pages, so I haven't done much here, except added those links at the top menu bar. Click here for the frames version. I'd really like some response as to what everyone thinks of the frames version.
July 18: Added more links.

July 16: I finally added my links section, but it's not complete. I'm still adding links.

July 9: I started this new section. Here I'll just tell about what I've updated, and give miscellaneous info about my VF page. Today I started my Jacky section. So far I have biodata, storylines, stage, pics, some moves and attack levels, but not their frame rates or damage points. The Kage section isn't complete, but I don't know when it will be, since it's DreamMaster's Kage FAQ he said I could use for my Kage link. The Akira section is finally finished, and I have a section for each move there that other VF pages don't have. This is the "reaction" section. It lists the enemy's reaction when getting hit by the move. This can help you figure out when and how to use each move. What each of the five reaction terms mean are listed in the Key section. I probably won't put the reaction section in the other character sections, since I play Akira, and don't know enemy's reaction for everyone's moves. I'm still waiting for survey results. Check out the survey in my survey section.

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