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January 1998

Vol.1 No.6

Poetry Today Online


Q & A- Send us your questions. We'll post them and let your fellow poets
answer them. See who has the questions this month.

News- What's happening in the poetry world this month?
Find out now as poetry news happens here!

Monthly Motivations- "Keep the Old and Ring In the New".
This is part of what is going to make 1998 a great year!

Featured Poet- This month Meet Michael McNeilley and his talent as a Poet.

Publisher's Interview- This month we interview NHI.

Readers Submissions- Submissions you've sent to us. Great poetry
from every facet of life. We have received alot of response and will print
as many as we can.

Reader FeedBack- Use this form to let us know what you are thinking.
What would you like to see here? Let us know!

Poetry Link Reviews- Poetry homepages, poetry resources, magazines and
collections. Your links reviewed. Check out these great links!

Classic Poetics- Who's your favorite poet of all time? Take a look and see who
we've featured this month.

Poetry Contest- On and off the web. Where to submit your poems and win great

Magnetic Poetry- Slide refrigerator worded magnets around to
make poetry. Loads of fun. (must have java enabled browser)

Poetry Today Online Chat- Need to talk to us? Other poets?
Check out our chat!!

Poetic E-Mail- Sign up for a weekly Poetic E-Mail to be sent to you and
discover the Power of Poetry.

Resource Directory- Sources to aid in your writing endeavors. Publishers,
Magazines, and general information all for your access.

Staff- Here is where you will find the list of the professionals
who are servicing your Online Poetry Needs from Poetry Today Online.

PTO Mailing List- We will keep you notified for all changes and updates to
Poetry Today Online. Monthly emails to keep you posted.

This Internet Writers' Guild site
is owned by Poetry Today Online.
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   Internet Writers' Guild homepage
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Pg. 5 - Publisher Interview

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Pg. 7 - Reader Feedback

Pg. 8 - Poetry Link Reviews

Pg. 9 - Classic Poetics

Pg. 10 - Poetry Contests

Pg. 11 - Magnetic Poetry NEW

Pg. 12 - PTO Chat - ICQ# 5272045 NEW

Pg. 13 - Q & A NEW

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Pg. 15 - Resource Directory

Pg. 16 - Poetry Today Online Staff

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