Perfect Love
Perfect Love

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Last Update: June 11, 2000

Welcome to the Perfect Love. I am a BIG fan of Unconventional Buffy The Vampire Slayer couples, but out of all of them, this is my favorite. Willow and Angel, in my humble opinion, complement each other better than Buffy and Angel do. Originally I wasn't going to make Willow and Angel a webpage, since there are already a LOT of pages dedicated to them. But my love for love has grown too strong and I feel that everyone deserves a taste of this great couple. I suggest you check out the story page considering that will be the biggest part of this page. And I ask that you enjoy your stay here!

I am sorry to say that this site will no longer be updated. I am sure many of you noticed the lack of updates in this site and I am sorry I have not been more responsible as to report the end of this site sooner.
I still am a big fan of Angel and Willow but considering my personal life has become to busy to truly give this site the attention it deserves I am afraid it must be shut down.
I appreciate all the wonderful comments and support and I have received from follow Unconventional shipper fans over the years and ask that those who have written me with submissions and comments accept my apology for never returning answers.
Your enjoyment of my site has made me very happy and I am sorry this has to end. Thank you for everything.

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