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"Our deepest fear is that not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us."

--Nelson Mandela, South African President




In my exploits I have met many, many people throughout this experience of defending my home and family against unwanted government intrusion. One remarkable meeting I had came with some Butte County farmers who had contacted me out of the blue, and asked me to run for Butte County Sheriff. Now, when I got this call, I was of course floored. I mean, here I was ‘supposedly’ a criminal, barely able to take care of myself, yet more and more people started asking me to run for office. I thought criminals were criminals—not political candidates. This of course followed the Totalitarian form of inverse logic, where the impossible became probable. In this world of upside-down logic as I was now labeled a "criminal" by the corrupt de facto system, more and more people knew I was not. Many of them were telling me to run for office, of which I couldn’t for I could barely survive because of the attacks and constant war this system was placing upon me. Yet here they were, pleading with me to run.

Well, I knew I couldn’t run, because of the fact of how crippled I was both financially, and socially. I had to repair my life before I began such endeavors as these. But it wasn’t that which was so remarkable about meeting these people—it was in the relationship I had with one, "Bob" was his name, that really made me think. We were speaking of various things on his farm one day, and he was telling me about his observations of several issues of which he brought out a remarkable point in regards to civilization as a whole. He said: "You know, the Black people and many throughout society have this notion that the Blacks are great warriors. That they have this tribal legacy which makes them ‘bad,’ which shows that they are ruthless, and warring. That the more tribal societies are really conquerors in this world. They may be true," he noted. "But the most voracious killer, the most indomitable conqueror is not the Black race—its the White race. We are the real ruthless killers. We are the ones to watch out for."

I have contemplated this issue and in essence I do believe this gentleman is right. In the whole of human experience, there is a drive within the White race stemming from Western Civilization that, is quite remarkable, and if left to fallow interests, and left undirected, or misdirected; as in the case of Hitler and his fascist regime—it can rise up and consume the essence of humanity itself. Let it be catalogued and noted here, that the whole indigenous people throughout India quizzically noted when trying to rest and to get out of the brutal Indian heat, that it was only "mad dogs and Englishmen" who were out doing anything in such inhospitable weather. It is this incessant drive, which many other societies do not display—which must be controlled and harnessed.

Societies can either use this massive force, or they can make it devolve, which the present American elite regime is doing. This devolution accomplished through the deconstruction of our laws, has made many men, both young and old, aimless; and from this unrestrained distribution of this latent power; it of course finds industry in the more contemptuous and base occupations of mankind...mostly criminal in nature. However, when this industry is harnessed, it can build the seven wonders of the world, it can build canals, tame mountains, oceans, and nature herself. It can even put a man on the moon or decode the human genome...or it can create a solid foundation for a family.

As I said earlier, the Fathers Rights movement must understand its product. It doesn’t right now. Hopefully this book has rectified this. All men must understand their community, their issues, and even ‘the field of battle’ as some would put it—in which to advance this social movement. We have no concept of what we are; or who we are; that in essence, we are the vehicle, the main power within any civilization. We are a remarkably engineered biological product. However, it is in the way we are controlled or coerced by government which presently limits our freedom’s and capabilities. Government is only coming after us because we are the main producers within any society, we are the true wealth of our nation. That’s why they are hunting us—and not the women. Right now, men are the greatest untapped resource this nation has. We are a reserve of dedication and industry which is only being left to atrophy. We are like untapped national reserves of coal, or oil—a huge resource which has been buried, and which government refuses to free in which to power our ideals and concepts of freedom.

Of course what this means is that in the final analysis, is that we are the true power. We are in fact the only power. If society loses the support of men, it will most certainly crumble. This devolution is clear—as past history has proven that the Feminists have been given Carte Blanche by government to implement their socialist regime through the Krell Welfare Machine. And with the complete services and breadth of power held throughout the complete range of government, which they have thrown full force against the Males in this society: they have failed.

Think about that. They have taken what is almost unlimited resources of the most powerful nation on earth, to "redesign humanity" in the image and vision of women, socialists and feminists, and they failed! They failed miserably.

Think about that. If you gave such resources and power to the Kawanis Club for instance, well; most certainly everyone in this nation if not the entire world, would now be wearing one of their funny little hats. Yet, the feminists have completely failed, as Newt Gingrich noted earlier; using on the order of 5.2 Trillion dollars....OR MORE. Yet even as their religion dies from the inconsistencies, hypocrisies and illogic of its own weight—they scream for more money, more support—as if one more program might make the difference. As if one billion more dollars would ‘fix’ the anarchy they themselves created. In essence they are screaming for more money, more power so they can build yet another machine to somehow turn off and slow down the original Krell Welfare Machine they originally created.

We must put this plainly. If the Fathers Rights movement doesn’t stop funding this insanity, it will never stop. The ever burgeoning enslavement of the American people will become in fact, more and more egregious as each generation inherits a more and more insolent and out-of-control government. Presently this nation is factually illegally seizing cars in the streets, stealing money from bank accounts and peoples wage earnings, they are stealing children, do dynamic entries in people’s homes at the slightest provocation, they are pulling people over and searching their vehicles for no reason other than, they have the guns—we don’t--and they can get away with such crimes. Strangely, nobody considers how deeply they are shredding our foundational doctrine, the Constitution in doing so. Others are beginning to come to the same solemn implications that this book has documented:

"Today the New Master responds to the cry of the slaves by punishing the fatherless child, by forcing the single mother into the streets, by emptying the mental hospitals under the ignorant and inhumane theory that it is too expensive for the system to care for the casualties of the system. The New Master builds more penitentiaries, not more housing. It passes yet harsher laws that further alienate the people from one another and from their government. Marshaling our best logic, we argue that the death penalty will teach the killer a lesson. Education for the poor has become a dream from which we have been rudely awakened. One remembers the old South’s response to Nat Turner: Do not educate the slaves, for educating the slave can be dangerous.

Crime begets crime. Criminal growing fields can grow only criminals. In the inner city, white police take over black neighborhoods like occupying troops and, even in plain view of the camera (as in the Rodney Kind case), beat black men out of their senses. In the pristine halls of the judiciary, the courts are packed with judges who, with heavy but callous-free hands, lay down the law of the New Master.

In the ghettos, those who need the most are abandoned and become like cannibals, devouring each other with drugs and crime. In response to the slave’s violence, the New Master, always paranoid, knows no other means by which to confront the violence it has engendered except by loosing a greater and more empty-headed violence of its own.

At Ruby Ridge, federal agents shot in the back and killed a child’s dog, shot in the back and killed the fleeing child as well, and then blew off the head of that child’s mother who was standing at an open door holding her baby in her arms. And even after a cover-up was discovered, the federal government refused to prosecute the killers. At Waco, the government, employing a relentless program of unleashed violence, roasted twenty-two helpless children like wieners on a spit and cremated more than fifty adults in the same inferno. Yet no federal officers were prosecuted.

[Give Me Liberty! Gerry Spence, c1998, St. Martin's Press, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010; ISBN 0-312-19267-3; p. 97.]

Yet surprisingly, strangely; they have not made the underlying connection of these tragedies to fatherlessness. Any tremor of such truisms are quickly quashed away as emanating from a "Vast Right Wing Majority"—when the facts clearly show what they clearly show. That driving Fathers away from their children and criminalizing them for government disenfranchising them from their own homes, has caused several spillover effects of several outright wars within this nation, and has propagated countless social pathologies all at the expense of our total wealth, and freedoms. Yet, the story doesn’t end there—because—it is going to get worse!


Near Rock Bottom

Here’s a ranking of industrialized countries by living standards of poor children:

1.) Switzerland 10.) Austria

2.) Sweden 11.) Canada

3.) Finland 12.) France

4.) Denmark 13.) Italy

5.) Belgium 14.) United Kingdom

6.) Norway 15.) Australia

7.) Luxembourg 16.) United States

8.) Germany 17.) Israel

9.) Netherlands 18.) Ireland

Source: Lee rainwater and Timothy Smeeding, Doing Poorly, The Real Income of American Children in a Comparative Perspective, Luxembourg Income Study working paper, Number 124, Aug. 1995.

[We’re Right, They’re Wrong, A Handbook for Spirited Progressives, by James Carville, © 1996, Random House, New York; ISBN 0-679-76978-1, p. 32.]

Thereby, we have a nation of ‘experts’ totally blind to the underlying foundation of these problems. We have special interests groups dedicated to suppressing any dissemination of this problem to the greater public. We have a insolent government that is more than ready to implement even more draconian and unconstitutional laws and actions against their own people all under the guise of "law’ and under color of "justice." Meanwhile, we have a recursive surreptitious undefined entity embedded throughout our government which is subverting our whole system of government for Radical Socialist/Feminist purposes—then arrogantly marketing such injustices as ‘new,’ ‘efficient,’ or "a redesign of humanity." They have dumbed down the masses, to where they cannot even comprehend what is going on anymore, and by this complete seamless program they arrogantly declare that they are doing all this in our name, and for our best interests; when factually; our society is being cannibalized, fed upon, enslaved, and harvested like never before.


Land of Inequality

America is now the most economically stratified country in the industrialized world:

1.) United States 10.) Luxembourg

2.) Ireland 11.) Germany

3.) Italy 12.) Norway

4.) Canada 13.) Austria

5.) Australia 14.) Netherlands

6.) United Kingdom 15.) Belgium

7.) France 16.) Sweden

8.) New Zealand 17.) Finland

9.) Switzerland

Source: Peter Gottschalk and Timothy Smeeding cross-national comparisons of levels and trends in Inequality, Luxembourg income study working Paper, Number 126, July 1995. Inequality is measured that the ratio of earnings of the worker at the ninetieth percentile of the income distribution to the earnings of the worker at the tenth percentile.

[We’re Right, They’re Wrong, A Handbook for Spirited Progressives, by James Carville, © 1996, Random House, New York; ISBN 0-679-76978-1, p. 85.]

We must factually come to the conclusion that these people will never solve this problem. (Have they ever really solved any?) For they are too close to their own selfish interests and "daily bread," and too mesmerized with its seemingly endless benefits. Why should they lose out and do the right thing when they are making so much money off of this? Why place their careers into such jeopardy to merely ‘do the right thing?’ Why bring down a government of socialist intent just to bring back Constitutional rights?

Clearly, these people no longer believe in the precepts of this nation as they are unwilling to risk their lives, the names, their sacred honor to realize the American experience, and more importantly; leave it for our future legacies and mankind to marvel at and experience in the future. Indeed, those who inculcate Ms. Clinton’s redefinition of humanity can go to a hundred other nations who are implementing this fallow social program or who will be in the future and see the exact similar exponentially rising disasters there. However; the big question is; where do American’s go to realize their birthright? Where do we go to enjoy the patently unique system of American government? A government as Winthrop adumbrated would be a nation of families, "as a city upon a hill" for the rest of the world to see.

In fact they did see this unique new government whose compellation was as an experiment in freedom. Clearly, Ms. Clinton and others fully endeavor to shut this door tightly close, and thereby to eternally enslave us to ‘mutual obligations and shared responsibilities’—which are nothing more than code words which mean that you must turn in your neighbor, you must allow police in every corner of your lives, you must immediately bow to authority especially when they are wrong, and that you will pay anything to allow this reality to occur. If you think the Clinton’s Imperialist regime with 100,000 more police across our nation already in force, with another 50,000 more to be armed and sent loose upon us, in conjunction with a DEFCON military build up and armament of a panoply of various agents and agencies, is here to make us more free—you are wrong. They are at the precipice of overthrowing every aspect of the American form of Republican governance, at their source: the American home and family. We are beginning the entry into a dark age where we compromise all our Liberties for "Law and Order," "Safety," and "In the Best Interests of the Child." There will be no place for those American’s who believe in their American heritage in Ms. Clinton’s brave new world. There will be no place to flee as Winthrop and his fellow Puritans could 400 years ago for us to realize the American principles of government.

"He who controls the children of America, rules the world," I say.

It is this premise which embattles the home and Father so much. For if Fathers cannot rule within their own homes—then as we have seen by the exponential explosion of welfare—nobody truly can. Only government, through its establishment of its hideous Krell Welfare Machine. And as a Priest noted in Hillary’s book, It Takes a Village, government’s cannot love children of which he is consummately correct. It can be also said that Schools do not teach morality. Or that Policemen do not teach children to not do crime. Teachers cannot teach children to love education. Only families can, and the only way you get a family is with a Father. And those children that do have fathers become inspired to learn, to be good citizens, to be productive members of the community, and have instilled within them; a sense of morality. The facts and figures prove this.

Now, the Feminists will quickly assure us that you can have a family without a Father, which is 50% child abuse right off the start—for the 50% of children who are males are instantly destroyed by such affirmations. That fact notwithstanding; the Feminist will affirm the strong bonds and relationships that can be accommodated by extended and blended families, of Gay and Lesbian households, mentoring, adoption and even Foster Homes. These are in fact insipid replacements, for they are at best, in the kindest light possible, only shallow substitutes of the irreplaceable, and that irreplaceable is a mom and a dad combined as one to raise their own children. Any other averment is nothing more than feminist socialist propaganda. Other people with vision are beginning to come to the same conclusions as this book, as an ever rising backlash against Matriarchy is imminent:


By Tracy Early

The president of the Pontifical Council for the Family said in New York that the outlook which denies needed support for the family and the right to life will collapse in the coming years.

"These positions are not serious," said Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo. "They lack truth, and so they will not be permanent."

He predicted a change comparable to what happened with Marxism. In the past, that ideology required a great deal of attention, and some people thought it would last an eternity, the cardinal recalled.

"But it all quickly collapsed," he said. "It will be the same with this."

In an address March 5 at a luncheon arranged by the Northeast Hispanic Catholic Center and in a meeting with two reporters March 8, Cardinal Lopez Trujillo expressed serious concern about trends such as those seen at the United Nations and in many national governments dealing with family and right-to-life issues.

Many people do no want to give family structures the support they need but, using new definitions of family, claim the same status for a union of two homosexuals or other kinds of relationships, he said.

And he said a form of family life in which "the father seems to be disappearing" was a contemporary development that "concerns us greatly...."

"Before, the family and life were protected by the law, by the culture, by all people," he said. "Today, the family and life are not protected."

But while the church is working on all levels for protection of family life, it also reminds everyone that "the family and marriage are not the private property of the church," the cardinal added.

[The Tablet, of Queens and Brooklyn, New York, March 13th, 1999, Vol. 91, No. 50, p. 16.]

However, the Feminists and Government under the doctrines of Parens Patriæ most assuredly believe the family is their property; their domain.

Thereby, it is time that men assume their proper roles and functions to affirm American law, that we own our own children. We can no longer allow our own homes, personal lives, our jobs, our bank accounts, and most importantly children—to be ruled by what has only been an imbecilic pretender. Our children, our nation is hurting desperately because we have trusted, both government and our courts to do the right thing. Well, their facts and figures are a monument to this modern failure. It has shown that they have not done the right thing. Thereby, this failure has become so sublime and pronounced as to establish a new national American doctrine, that Fathers cannot allow these continued perversions no more. "Do not cross our sovereign threshold’s within the sanctity of our homes any longer." Clearly, the facts and figures which have transcribed this war; this national tragedy; mandated eradication of feminism way back in the 1970s. Since our government recognized this failure, was fully informed as to the impending disaster: a "train wreck" as Patrick J. Moynihan so eloquently put during the 1960’s; and since they refused to stop it; by that fact and their continued profligate actions show that such continued efforts to sustain this failure at all costs; could have been only done by design. The statistic’s show year after year, that the Feminist program to re-engineer the American home and Family were categorically, an abomination.

Thereby it has become long overdue that somebody do something. Since we know that the American design of three branches of government are supposed to keep each other in alignment to their mandate of enumerated constitutional authority has failed; it has now come time for the fourth branch of government to rise up; and to eradicate the present miscegenation of law and authority which now permeates this society. We are that fourth branch of government, empowered through the both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

It is clear, nobody is going to either protect Fathers in our homes, or our families, therefore, we must protect them. Our children cannot stand anymore ‘help’ by the government nor the feminists. This Feminist attack against us has gone on for too long, and has been incredibly too successful. Fathers must be released from their bondage and eternal vilification, if we are to do this, then—we must do it. Indeed, in whatever social indicator you look at, the impact of the Feminist social revolution has been indelible upon our lives and our children. As far as the institution of Fatherhood or marriage goes, they have almost become insignificant. These are not good things, and they never were. These problems never should have gotten to the point to where they are today. Because they have been inflamed to this point, can only mean they were intentional.

This idea that government gives lip-service about being a nation of laws, and then when men dare to stand up and assume these sacred rights under that same law, and from this, are denied these rights in favor of alien doctrines of Family law and Feminist Jurisprudence, which are in fact, an affront to every single American law, only shows the willing conspiracy of government to impose this terror upon all of us. This of course comes back to Brad Rhunt and his declaration: "Where do you go when the Judges do not obey your law?" This single question posed to me in May of 1998—must be answered, not just to me, but to a nation of waiting fathers and American Citizens who have no idea where to go..

Of course many fathers have wrestled with this no-win solution. In fact the only answer is that we can only go to ourselves. So upon public recognition of this fact, what the remaining equation becomes is one of time and power. How much time will it take for the fourth branch of government, of a nation of men and women to rise up and collectively overpower the other branches of government in order to re-establish our laws and our sacred rights? This is the only remaining question to this paradigm that has been handed to us.

As we stated earlier, because there is no money in Fatherhood, and there is no profit to be made in resilient homes and families to a Socialist driven government, this revolution will be met with the most unctuous of responses. Allowing freedom is not big business for the ruling elite. As we cannot depend on those either within government nor within the elite sector of society—the remaining assemblage must coalesce upon a single banner. For we are indeed the light, and we cannot be afraid of our own power any longer, especially our own impending success.

The Fathers Rights movement as it currently sets, is that polite and docile creature, the Elephant I mentioned in previous chapters. It thanks the Master which has beaten it severely, by working even more assiduously than it did before. It hasn’t become the raging Rhino of which it must become in order to overthrow these great injustices. We can be docile no more and we cannot be that complicit, obedient Elephant anymore as we must transform ourselves.

I believe this book has efficiently documented the problems facing us all. The one remaining component is to coalesce all Fathers Rights groups under one banner. This is the present conundrum of this movement with the singular point of contention being between the Patriarch’s and the Joint Custody encampments. There can be no denying that Joint Custody (which we already supposedly have) in the kindest light, as intelligent as it may seem: will in fact continue this perversion against fathers, homes children and families. As this perversion of government intrusion into the home continues the problems facing our homes and families will continue. It must be well recognized that these people are not here to help us, they are here to manage us. They most certainly do not want to solve this problem of the anarchy and enmity which they market and allow to flourish within our lives. If the Joint Custody people do not recognize this and come to terms with this, then; they are allowing this criminality to continue generation after generation. Upon that reality, not only will we have to deal with this fallow outcome, our children will be doomed to inherit it.

This must be understood.

However, if the Fathers Rights community joins forces under the Full Patriarchal model, then every single father and home wins under this scenario. In fact, this will be the direct confrontation of every citizens right to his own children as parent against the government fallacy they assume under the Doctrine of Parens Patriæ. This Doctrine must be challenged, because if it goes on as it is, then no man rules anywhere. For if a man cannot rule within his own home, he most certainly will never rule his own government. We all become subordinate to its will and interests. This is a direct contravention to our form of government which imbues a sovereign people under "We the People," as masters over their public servants in government, doing their bidding.

Once all Fathers Rights advocates recognize this, and coalesce under one banner, then; factually this conflagration will be over. The government knows this just as the Elephant trainer understands this: that if we turn on it—there is nothing they will be able to do. We are too big, and we are too powerful; and they know it. This is one of the reasons they have made Fatherhood one of the greatest crimes you can commit in this nation, or any nation for that matter.

Once the Fathers Rights coalition joins together, then; we will begin to see not ‘a return to the fifties’ but the realization of a new American Renaissance. This promise has been denied to us from the amazing retrograde imposed through modern Radical Feminism which has drained this society of Trillions of dollars. For those trillions, we got nothing. Only a raging anarchy and nightly war.

We must mandate no social programs. Fathers Rights must recognize their own inherent power of themselves and within their Families. For instance, presently we are spending about anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000 per student per year in our national public school system. Take this money are simply return it to the Father or the home, and indeed; the children will receive an education, and the home and family will be all the better for it. With $10,000 a year, families could spend for private tutoring for their own children at home, and I think upon such a fact happening; the educational results would be astronomical. This is but one example of what I am speaking about.

The condensation of the real question here is who rules within my own home? If government accrues that benefit, then it must assumes also the total financial burden and responsibility for those actions. Upon that realization of the State becoming the true father under the doctrine of Parens Patriæ—I am no longer the father, and therefore—I cannot be forced to pay. Nor can any other ‘father’ thusly attacked. I fully doubt any Joint Custody advocate would let me rule within his own home, and then would voluntarily pay me after I held him at gunpoint. He would only pay out of fear, yet—this is exactly what this present system requires of both Fathers and society, which is charges inhumane amounts of money in which to propagate this profligatery.

To rule in ones own home means that we must accrue not only the benefits as such but the payments as well. This means that we must be leaders. We must be responsible. To be a leader means that you—and nobody else makes your decisions for you. In this case, you must be given the right to make mistakes, as every leader makes mistakes. We must have the right to not to rule too harshly.

The feminist do not want this, as there whole empire is predicated on the question "Have you stop beating your wife?"

If you answer in any manner, you are instantly guilty; for it is the design of the logic of this question and the whole Feminist system. Thereby; the Father who does not rule to harshly—destroys this whole system. This means that yes, some fathers may have to spank and discipline those within his home, even the wife...sometimes especially the wife. Government cannot second guess this function—nor can it ever even enter into the equation. This is the price of a Free society. The fact that they have had such input, has been a huge mistake, and most certainly; an overstepping of the bounds of their enumerated authority.

Once Fatherhood is thusly re-established once again, the collapse of the Welfare State will be the imminent corollary of this function. Literally, this simple re-establishment which has been lacking for too long a period of time within our culture, will have a crippling effect upon that well entrenched empire. They will not survive Fatherhood.

The Family and Children will however. And the resultant spillover effects of a collapse in the divorce rate, Welfare, all the teenage pathologies, crime, a staggering drop in prisons, and a new American productivity cycle stemming from children, who now will groom themselves for marriage and family; rather than the institutions of Welfare and Prisons, will be remarkable. Also, as we have proven earlier, Fathers being close to their children once again will rise American test scores, to where children will become educated once again. In fact, within a six year period, with either a zero increase in educational expenditures, or even a drop in such expenditures, this nation may once again become the dominant educational country around the globe.

Again, all this is from predicating doing one simple thing; replacing something which has been torn from this nation: the Father! Of course when this happens, it will be a criminal condemnation for all those who have participated in this Anti-American socialist experiment called Feminism. The worst thing that could happen to this Clinton ruled government presently, is fatherhood. For the wealth that he should be accruing for his own home and family, is being siphoned off into other more national and international endeavors.

What I am trying to impress upon the Joint Custody component of the Fathers Rights community is that their side admits defeat by default, where our side encourages success within the home, through the main component that makes a family a family—and that is the American father. Joint Custody, even if it works, and especially if it works, means divorce, and thereby, continued destruction of the family. Patriarchy, however; means that there will be no frivolous marriages, that the institution of marriage and family, actually mean something. It will most assuredly mean a huge reduction of divorce! Instead of people passionately throwing themselves into that institution as they do presently, their decisions will become more circumspect. More deliberate. Divorces will go down, which will mean a saving of the agony which many people and children go through in divorce. Divorce does not help this nation, and presently, divorce is at epidemic levels. Will this mean that there will be some people disappointed regardless of low divorce rates? Yes...for we cannot really prevent that, but most certainly Patriarchy certainly mitigates this pain and failure. Joint Custody however; embraces the institution of divorce, and it does nothing to avert its continued growth. It just ‘works’ with the present system in the best possible light.

The Fathers Rights movement must thereby establish a new Codicil of intent binding on our whole community. It must either embrace Patriarchy, or—if such groups refuse, to categorically give reason and show cause, as to why they philosophically remain with Joint Custody. In this way, we can gain a roll call of our complete movement, and by such consensus gain critical mass. Once we have achieved that—then everything within our path will lay down in submission to this new Patriarchal order. We will at that point, become the raging Rhino I envision, empowered towards a just cause; and thereby, we can finally end this injustice. We can end this perverse plague which has effected us all.

I must digress here and relate a story about trying to attempt redress. I had over the impending years, written everyone about my plight. The silence I received from my "representatives" was so deafening as to cause me even more inquiry as to why. I finally was so exasperated that I wrote up a legal document called: LAST NOTICE AND DEMAND TO MEET, and sent it to virtually all my ‘representatives’ and filed this in my court case. This included Sen. Tim Leslie, Congressmen Wally Herger, both Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, then Governor Pete Wilson, Vasconcellos, Wood, the list is too long to enumerate here. From this, I received two responses. One was from Wally Herger, who wrote that I wasn’t in his district that he’d pass it on to State Senator Tim Leslie. The other response was from Senator Tim Leslie, who wrote back one line: "There is an impenetrable wall between the Legislature and the Judiciary. There is nothing I can do." And that was about it.

Of course, one has to wonder, since the courts are extruding these unconstitutional "Law’s" only from the State Legislature, and from that the Judges plea that they are held hostage to these bad laws. Well, shouldn’t the Legislature stand up and be responsible for these draconian laws that they are passing against us all? Not in their minds. What is even more unsettling by Mr. Leslie’s declaration that he has an impenetrable wall between himself and the Judiciary; one has to wonder what happens when the Judiciary like the Weimar regime starts placing Jews into ovens? Especially with Laws which Mr. Leslie helped pass? What then?

Do the other separate branches of government, whose main mandate is to keep each other in check so that one does not rule as a tyrant against us all—just sit back and say: "Well, this is very unfortunate, but—there appears to be this impenetrable wall between us and the Judiciary..." All the while Jews are being stuffed into ovens?

In today’s dumbed down Legislature—yes. They will affirm this idiotic brand of thinking, although they will establish several committees to review the human immolation’s. They will establish several more "fact finding" committees. This of course, is in the light most contrary to our form of government—but they don’t care. They have not been placed in office to re-affirm the "Palladium of Liberties" we are supposed to enjoy. They’re are here to make us safe, and to combat crime and to maintain law and order at all costs, even if it means destroying the society itself. Everything else—becomes very much secondary, especially if it has anything to do with the constitution, or freedom, or personal rights or liberties. We are just the plebecite. We can be managed, we are expected to assume our "mutual obligations and shared responsibilities," silently as we suffer through them.

So, I called Mr. Leslie’s office several times to meet with him. Well, of course we understand that he was much too busy to meet with a mere mortal such as I. Perhaps Ms. Clinton—yes! He’d meet with her. But me? I had to literally break in the door just to meet with just an associate.

Finally, I did establish a meeting with one of his office staff who had something to do with the Judiciary. I will never forget this meeting, for it exemplifies, ground zero what is wrong with government and what stations fathers have within the modern corridors of power.

I met with a droll woman in about her mid-thirties, and we went into a room to where she sat down, and were I stood up pacing because I couldn’t sit down. I think I attempted to, but; was so anxious as I immediately stood up again. I knew something was very wrong when she said, "So...what is it you want?" with a dispassionate sigh as to indicate I was truly wasting her time. I was not dissuaded however as I immediately handed her two copies of my FRFS and a copy of Dr. Daniel Amneus’ book: The Garbage Generation, and begged both she and the senator to read it. Well, she kind of lightly perused the FRFS as I continued talking—telling her what a terrible plight fathers were in with these rogue courts. How fathers really did want their children, and how these courts and the whole system were intent on something else, which I postulated; could only be the crime to steal from us, for that was all that was really happening.

Upon each affirmation I made, upon each fact and figure I told her, she literally, and I’m being completely truthful and serious about what transpired during this meeting; blandly looked out the window and said: "Uh-huh." To each and every point I made. It was terribly rude, and most unprofessional. The only thing she didn’t do was to yawn. I was enraged. Finally, unable to take anymore of her callous indifference to me, I virtually yelled at her.

"Okay!" I said. "You want to know what I want done? I want Tim Leslie to pass Legislation reversing all these facts and figures! You have Mr. Leslie pass legislation giving women this perverse system that fathers suffer through—and conversely—you start letting men enjoy what special "Super-Rights" these women have over the past 30 years!!!"

This got her attention. She immediately, and I mean immediately sat up as if probed by a proctologist who had no particular liking to her, and she opened her mouth to say something: and nothing came out. The word formed, and hung on her lips, while I waited expectantly for her reply—but there was just total silence. Soon, after about five very long seconds, her face started turning red with embarrassment. She then started to fade sitting back again into her chair, as I was going to say something in reply to her silence—and then I could see her eyes light up with another thought—and she moved forwards again; and again, her mouth held open with a word buried in its recesses, yet; again, nothing came out. Again, there was just an embarrassed silence! Finally she just sat back defeated in her chair and exhaled. She nodded her head sadly "No." That was her only real response. She just mutely shook her head once or twice "no." As if to dismiss the whole affair.

Meanwhile, I was seeing red. I was just so angry at this total malfeasance and outright disrespect to not only my plight, but to millions of other men and families everywhere. What happened here was outrageous, it was terrible, and it showed me an ugly reality of why our government no longer works for mere mortal Americans.

Finally, I just got my jacket, as I had put on a business suit for this whole charade, and as I got it and turned to her, and just laid it out on the line. I said: "I want Mr. Leslie to read all this information. I want a report from him, specifically telling me, what he intends to do about this disaster. I want his response mailed to me within the month." I said as I turned and left.

I never heard another word from them.

Upon writing this I am reminded of what Lincoln said during a similar observation. He wrote:

I have always thought that all men should be free; but if any should be slaves, it should be first those who desire it for themselves, and secondly those who desire it for others. Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.

[Address to an Indiana Regiment, March 17, 1865; Abraham Lincoln.]

One of the largest issues which many of the fathers rights community dwell upon is the singular issue of out-of-control power within the home. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely this maxim goes. This is undeniably true. However, in the sense of familial power relationships, the true power gained there within is not one of despotism, rather; it is one of relationship. Does such power get out of control—most certainly. However, the distribution upon such aberration is a minutia compared to present levels, and even at present levels while the nuclear family unit and fathers are under direct and sustained attack: it is still extremely negligible. In 1997 alone, there were approximately 1,215 died from child abuse and neglect.. Compare this with shopping cart injuries which estimates range at about 25,000 a year; and you start to gain an appreciation of the magnitude of the pretended problem here. Compare this with the 52,000 deaths of Vietnam or the 600,000 deaths in the Civil war and you can appreciate the miniscule size of this problem. Side this with recent statistics of 35,000 firearm deaths, or 300,000 unhealthy eating habits deaths—and we are seeing orders of magnitude 300 times what the supposed ‘child abuse’ problem really is. Again, re-establishing Patriarchy will not enlarge this 1,215 figure, rather—this figure will go considerably down. For this one figure, we pay on the order of 1.2 Trillion dollars a year in government subsidies to protect these children, and we incarcerate on the order of 100,000 men to keep them ‘in line.’

If we have the courage to abstractly reason that this is a phenomenal waste of monies, then; we might recognize the predicate that re-establishing the Father as the sole head of house hold and to secure within him his natural station, from that stability of power we will once again obtain the stability within the family which has been missing for so long. For the abstract proof of this is inherent in power itself, for the truly powerful person does not require power to rule over others, and therefore—such power is benign to him. He doesn’t need it. Conversely, set the current feminist struggle for power within the home and you thereby see such inner conflicts rise exponentially as to people struggle to find some natural order and quiescence within the home.. Thereby, if you think about this, there is a safety and stability in denoting power to one individual in the home—and that should be where it always was vested, within the Father.

This is but one reason why the Feminist system cannot work within the home. The home needs a leader. That leader must be able to rule to establish a sovereign, robust entity: the family. This of course refutes any tendencies towards subsidy, which again; the Single Female Headed Household’s require.

This issue again boils down to the simplest fact that somebody factually is going to have to rule within the home. You can paint pretty words on this and redefine it into a different Politically correct terminology—but this fact remains. In this domain, there is only going to be four choices: 1.) the Father, 2.) the Mother 3.) the Children, or 4.) the State. I think the body of this work has already established the delimiter statistics between these four choices. By these facts alone, the intelligent choice can only be number one, the Father.

As Nelson Mandela stated above: we are the light. We must be resolute in the fact of who we are, and thereby, rightfully assume our proper place. For some this is hard, because they would rather push their children off to others because the pain of separation is too great otherwise. Fathers try to be fair to everyone else except themselves. Again, they must realize that they are the weakest link of the Family, and they must resist this urge to adduce themselves that somehow they are doing good by separating themselves from their children. This is why we must fight to resist these Judges who unjustly rule with a feminist agenda who implement these separations—and analyze where this has gotten us, and our society...not to mention what is had done to our children.

Again, Fathers must ask themselves a large question, one that I haven’t had answered yet. This question is: Who is implementing the basic tenants and beliefs of America? Of supporting goodness instead of evil; of inculcating mores and wholesome standards within our children; of standing up against wrongs; of charity, truth, and justice; and our American way of life?

Many will say the Radical Right Wing and Christian fundamentalists, but they are wrong. They don’t implement these things, they just advocate them, which is something completely different. I’m asking what person is actually handing the torch of our civilization on to the next generation? It’s supposed to be the Family, but it is not anymore.

I mean to the greatest extent; no one is doing this. It is the function of families to teach these things, and pass these noble legacies, to teach morals, to imbue fairness and proper socialization. However, if we purview our present society, we can see such truths and belief’s have become a lost mindset. Many Generation X people can mouth most feminist doctrine, but ask them who William Penn was, and why he is important to us. Ask them to explain Patrick Henry’s famous speech, and what meaning it has to them. Ask them who rules within their own homes—and see what answer you get.

Clearly, there has been a cult type brainwashing of our citizenry who no longer know these things or even the basic precepts of this nation. When "leaders" such as Ms. Clinton and others come along and chant their mantra—these people do not have the tools to understand how they are being compromised, and they have no idea to the extent of how they are being subverted. This engineered ignorance, has left us all in a very precarious position—then many wonder why the media consistently refuse to air such countervalent information to a national audience...

We must therefore again become conquerors, and not bow our head to this present insanity. We must seize the day, and not let this enemy pass, for unfortunately; it has come to us upon our watch, and we are mandated to meet it, and refuse its continuance. Thereby, we must start speaking in a new tenor, in recognition of our problems and of these treason’s. We must discuss the hard issues about what do to with the criminals who dared thought they would get away with these crimes. We must start formulating a justice of how we can consummate with the least impact against our society, effective measures against these people within our government and courts, who have knowingly set this plague upon us for their profit We cannot allow them to sit in the public trust any longer. We cannot allow them to profit by their profligate actions. We must severely penalize these people to leave a legacy for future Legislatures and future Magistrates that they will have no other Gods before them other than ones of American Constitutional Law and Justice. This, unfortunately, has been lost to us, generationally—and we must restore it, lest we be lost.

We must not be dissuaded from this impending retribution, we cannot allow these crimes to go unpunished. Their acts have not only stolen untold legacies and profits from the American peoples, but they have also needlessly killed literally millions of people from their fallow acts—which these acts were, and still are, patently non-Constitutional. If the real magnitude and scope of this fraud were ever revealed to this nation; we most certainly revert into a tribal rage that would make all previous bloody revolutions pale in comparison. This of course, is the Krell Machine which they wrought—and exactly like the Krell, they had no idea that as the power in it built, that soon it would consume them as well. Because of the exigency of our situation—we have reached that time—and now the Machine, the machine of their own making, must be allowed to work against those who built it. This is inevitable and it is just.

A man who bears arms against his government or who takes any preparatory measure towards that end can be punished; but revolution as a subject of discourse may not be outlawed any more than a defense, criticism, or advocacy of any political, philosophical, or religious creed. Bigamy may be outlawed; but the discussion of it, its defense and its approval, may not be made illegal.

[William O. Douglas, The Anatomy of Liberty, The Rights of Man Without Force, by Ruth Nanda Anshen, ©1963, Trident Press Books, New York, Lib. Cong. Cat. Card No., 63-12572; p. 9.]

The Fathers Rights movement must start to make earnest discussion in regards to this issue—as it is our duty. There is an unlawful out-of-control arrogance, in our courts, in our government, throughout the structure of society that is breeding a new fascism throughout government. All people now fear government—as with all systems of redress now closed to citizens, we have entered a new terrorist state of tyranny, with no bounds or constraints whatsoever. Clearly, this rogue entity has usurped American law, and it has directly waged outright war against its own citizenry; a mixed war, of a tyrannical government against its own people. We have case precedence for handling such treason’s in this country. Our forefathers had to deal with similar treason’s by Tory American’s who sided with a lesser foreign enemy, the British. We should use that as a focal point to these discussions, and begin to plan accordingly against our domestic enemies.

This will be a tough discipline to initiate, however; such commitment will establish a realization of our American culture once again. The clear message of this book is to not believe or trust in me, nor government, nor the courts—but rather, as our American design compels us, to trust ourselves. This is where the real power is, and fathers have this, and our domestic enemies know this. This is what the Black community has missed over the past four centuries. They have been enslaved so much, that presently they flinch at the true American dream, which is not subsidies, nor affirmative action and most certainly, not the courts nor government...but themselves. When they understand and decide to stand on their own two feet, along with the rest of us, then; like the saying goes, "we may have to suffer and pick cotton, but at least we pick it together."

Presently, there is a backlash against people within this system—and all too quickly the backlash has become uncontrollable, and predictable.

Official and His Wife are Slain in Driveway

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., March 20, 1999 (AP) -- A Los Angeles County Official and his wife were gunned down Thursday night in their driveway.

The official, H. George Taylor, 68, a Superior Court commissioner, was killed inside his white Mercedes. Neighbors said his wife, Lynda, was found dead on the garage floor.

San Bernardino County sheriff’s investigators would not discuss a possible motive. Mr. Taylor became a commissioner in 1986 and handled family law cases.

[The New York Times, Sunday, March 21, 1999, p. 29.]

Malcolm X fully recognized this when he said "when Black people make revolution, the majority of white folks will rise up with us." [Malcolm X, In Our Own Image, Joe Wood, Editor, @1992, St. Martin's Press, Inc., 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010, ISBN 0-312-06609-0, p. 13.] For if we do not recognize to fight and protect each others freedom’s, neither shall either of us enjoy the blessings of Liberty.

This is a clearly recognized defense mechanism as to what is going on, and it shows that there is an undeclared war going on against what are clearly understood as arrogant, insolent and rogue institutions. Without redress, without any law available to Americans, the only solution can be armed conflict, which will grow exponentially as these recognized tyrannies grow.

The Constitution gives us ‘rights’ in court...

Unfortunately, we have traveled far away from our Constitution. The problem is that agencies (and lower Civil courts) don’t recognize our rights...

The reason civil courts don’t recognize our rights is because very few people ever appeal their decisions, forcing a cleanup.

...but the agencies don’t recognize these rights...

Judges routinely give away their responsibilities (defer) to agencies which don’t recognize our rights. The reason agencies don’t recognize our rights, is because the agencies are set up under a separate-legal system. States create a System of Administrative Laws (SADLAWS) which bypass Constitutional protections, remove "due process" from its procedures and actions, and have their own executive, legislative, and judicial branches within itself (a violation of our Constitution’s separation of powers).

A very sad day for America... This ‘administrative law’ system has no outside checks and balances. It is a "protection" system that does its’ own investigations, interprets its own information, has its own data base of information (that it may exchange all across the United States) and makes its’ own rules. By refusing to separate powers, the agencies have three times more power than any other part of government. (Powers that our forefathers knew was abusive when acting unchecked.)

[Where Have all the Good Fathers Gone? Child Support and Custody, Douglas O’brien, ©1997, Skid 18 Press, P.O. Box 60630, Fairbanks, AK 99706; ISBN 0-9637496-2-5; pp. 30-31.]

Now one point must be addressed is imperative to us all. This regards women. As Alexis De Tocqueville noted earlier, the women had a venerated station within the American experience. Unlike today, she was vested with an inordinate station within the home, and especially community. It is clear, that modern Feminism has clearly fallen short of even reaching this level of respect, honor and station in life. She was restrained willingly, through the contract of marriage of which she was bound. This of course made marriage an extremely viable and carefully chosen institution. Unfortunately, we have trashed this institution beyond recognition, and from this; there is no stability either in the home nor community for women, and much, much less for men. There can be no denying that men need women, and women, most certainly need men. Ours is a symbiotic relationship, and as we join in that sacred institution, everyone benefits from that association.

We can find no other replacement for the wife. Men have crossed oceans, they have waged wars, they have done the silly, and the incomprehensible in which to acquire one mate to cling to throughout life. This is not a bad thing—and many men now go to foreign lands to bring back wives willing to fulfill this needed function, not as slaves as the feminists have indoctrinated us to believe, but rather—as wives. The do this because the American female product in which the feminists have developed, has become unmarketable, and untenable. Through their "superiority"—they have become inferior—all the while desperately trying to emulate men.

Emerging as a revitalized movement in the 1960’s, feminism reflected women’s social discontent, which had arisen in response to the decline of the male breadwinner ethic and the perceptions—heralded in Philip Wylie’s 1940s castigation of the evil "mom"---that Western society does not value highly the roles of wife and mother. Women’s dissatisfactions, nevertheless, have often been aggravated rather than alleviated by the feminist reaction. To mitigate their discontent, feminist argued, women should pattern their lives after men’s, engaging in casual sexual intercourse on the same terms as sexually predatory males and making the same career commitments as men. In pursuit of these objectives, feminists have fought unceasingly for the ready availability of legal abortion and consistently derogated both motherhood and the worth of full-time homemakers. Feminism’s sexual teachings have been less consistent, ranging from its early and enthusiastic embrace of the sexual revolution to a significant backlash against female sexual promiscuity, which has led some feminists to urge women to abandon heterosexual intercourse altogether.

Contemporary feminism has been remarkably successful in bringing about the institutionalization in our society of the two beliefs underlying its offensive: denial of the social work of traditional homemakers and rejection of the traditional sexual morality. The consequences have been pernicious and enduring.

[Domestic Tranquility, A Brief Against Feminism, by F. Carolyn Graglia, ©1998, Spence Publishing Company, 501 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75202, ISBN 0-9653208-6-3; p. 3.]

The loss of this woman who held and met the daily duty, and discipline of marriage sacred, has been a great sadness to countless millions of men. The feminist have brought us no joy to us in this regards. This dissolution has also done untold harm to our children, who are in certain jeopardy under this present dominion. I can most assuredly confirm to you, that many men have had their dreams deferred because you were missing in their lives. They have never married, nor shall they ever. The new found independence of women, has been a substantial loss both to men and fatherhood and society itself, who has been crippled by this. And if this feminist course is continued, we will see a steady decline in marriage, even during times of economic boom, due to the fact that if we men cannot depend on you—then the marriage contract becomes meaningless, which is has done so, directly by feminist design.

A Democratic Revolution in the Family

What we are witnessing now—and participating in—is a revolution in the family. The way we live our personal lives, with whom and how, is being questioned and debated in a ground-breaking and important revolution. The fundamentalist reactionary forces that are calling for the "preservation of family values," opposing this democratization, are wrong to insist that the revolution is causing harm, and have no statistical base for such claims.

One constantly hears that the family is in trouble, that it doesn’t work anymore, that we must find ways to help it. But does it matter if the family is in trouble, if it doesn’t work anymore? If the family doesn’t work, maybe there is something wrong with its structure.

[The Hite Report, On the Family, by Shere Hite, ©1994, Grove Press, 841 Broadway, New York, NY 10003, ISBN 0-8021-3451-3; p. 345.]

This is the direct opposite position that Ms. Clinton would have us believe. Ms. Clinton begs us not too look back to the success of the pastoral Family of the 1950’s—yet conversely now; Ms. Hite begs us to look back and see how it failed!

What Ms.’s Hite and Clinton really want us to do is not to recognize the massive compendium of facts and figures which clearly are only associated to the family breakdown and the creation of the Single Female Headed Household—they want to enjoin a feminist supplied sophistry, blind to the massive facts of feminist failure, yet conversely acutely visionary to their "Brave New World" design of the ‘new’ American family.

As this book has proven, it isn’t the American Family that needs fact...we are begging government and the feminist to just leave it alone. The thing that really needs help is Ms.’s Hite and Clinton’s new blended, extended and single families, which of course need massive government funding and massive public debt to be eternally managed by their Social Service experts who now obtain eternal careers to control the herds of the faceless masses. "The offspring follow the condition of the mother. This is the law in the case of slaves and animals..." This is what they are really establishing.

This is tragedy. This is disaster. This feminist dominion of our mindsets and our lives, has most certainly caused infinitely more damage and sadness than it has anything else.

This country, and American men in particular; need subservient, dutiful wives to help form new, traditional two-parent families.. We need such women to dominate, but rather to depend on. To trust. To join as one. There is a difference. And that difference, contrary to all the feminist literature, out of all their doctrines, has never been eloquently positioned as an affirmative intent concurrent with their rule. And as such, the one component never discussed which we entreat is imbued in the word "love." We Patriarch’s need to assert who we are, we need that responsibility; and in return; you get the universe of what we can provide in return by love. Ms. Friedan says that marriage develops into a malady of which it evolves into a "problem with no name." Indeed, the marriage institution is not a simple one. It takes discipline, cohesion. Duty. And station. It takes a superior mind. Unfortunately, things do not always work out—but regardless, the sanctity of marriage and our concomitant station within marriage must remain inviolate. Because in the final analysis, we are an asset to each other when brought together as one, and in this condition; we have the ability to ascend all temporal dissonance’s. Let it be therefore, written and acknowledged here; that we need you to consummate this special condition in life. For the reality is that although men may genetically and hedonistically desire many partners, we can only have but one true wife.

The present plague of feminism has made this search eminently difficult; almost a pyrrhic endeavor, not to mention the fact that it has hurt us—and delimited many of our dreams. But as Patriarch’s, under the present construct, we can neither enter this institution of marriage, nor recommend it to future generations as its contract has become nothing more, than a impotent epiphany.

There is a new age ascending where men will be men. This new tyranny that has plagued us by feminism has held us all back for much too long. It is time to re-establish the American dream, and more importantly, the American government.

One of our main endeavors as Patriarch’s is to establish an environment of families in which they can accrue their wealth for their own benefit. Upon the reinstitution of Patriarchy, we must allow families the direction to keep what they earn. With a dutiful wife managing the home and with the male again as the main protectorate and breadwinner; we can once again re-establish this nation as a nation of savings. This will have the impact of charge-pumping private industry which will provide and diversify our economic base. No longer can we allow government to extrude our money for their special interest agenda’s. Through solid two-parent families, we must re-engineer a smaller government system and a more robust small business private industry platform. This can only be done if we allow our individual citizens the ability to keep what they earn. Our freedom must economically well from the bottom of society, upwards.

We must understand the underlying dynamics of the range if issues which we have addressed here, and the scope of their effect within our society. It cannot be understated how detrimental the effect of fatherlessness has been to this country. It is just incontrovertible. Strangely, I find it remarkable that such relationship has not been established and discussed in a national venue, as this most assuredly effects us all. However, we must delimit these observations in the harsh light of reality: is feminism totally responsible for the national debt? Of course not. Is fatherlessness totally responsible for national incarceration rates? No. Is fatherlessness directly responsible for drug use, teenage suicides, gang membership, teenage murders, adolescent crime, teenage pregnancies, falling SAT scores, high school drop out rates and teenage illegitimacy rates? No, of course not.

However, when we dissect those social pathologies, we concurrently keep on obtaining a direct causal relationship between these things and the incidence of fatherlessness. This causal relationship is strong enough, as to warrant further examination. At least public discussion. Yet, strangely; when such issues are brought to the attention of either the public forum, or to such radically effected institutions themselves—such as in our efforts to get the NRA to discuss this connection—we are strangely met with mulct silence. This is a rather a unique approbation to facing the facts of theses issues, and I personally am quite concerned at this mulct attitude.

Again, when we start to address the causal relationship between the public monies afforded this issue to directly attack and debilitate fatherhood itself, thereby adding fuel to the fire in regards to enhancing the pathologies related to fatherlessness—we are again met with a disjunctive set of logic for continued sustention of these clearly failed policies. It is as if these elite regimes embedded throughout the social infrastructure are well aware they are driving this nation upon the shoals of disaster—and if given a map—they will do so even quicker.

Again, the tendency of this system to speak of everything else in regards to these social pathologies and what have become now, national tragedies; and to cogently and intentionally avert the argument away from fatherlessness, is quite distressing indeed. The contemporary feminist movement is more than willing to bring their causal suppositions for these disasters shrilly forwards in a rising staccato of public awareness. Their intellectual domain has become pedantic, predictable and tired. It is on its last deathbed. There is only so long you can scream about abuse, guns, television and "save the children" until it just doesn’t have any effect anymore. We have clearly reached this point in time as the national public consciousness is beginning to role their eyes against such continued affirmations.

We can even see this in individual examples to where this fetid feminist technique has devolved to. Amy Fisher, the "Long Island Lolita" has incessantly brought false rape charges against prison guards, her lawyers and anyone else she can malign in which to gain her freedom. This doesn’t happen by chance, but rather by example, as presently the national feminist movement has garnered too much sin against them in this one category alone. More importantly, these false allegations have become, not the exception; but the rule. This again, is a great danger to a free loving society, who must then suffer through false allegations, which factually have imprisoned many, many innocent people.

This nation, and we Patriarch’s in particular, must demand in no uncertain terms, a complete and broad review of every, single, male prisoner found guilty of abuse, sexual assault or rape; and immediately release those who were placed into that institution without any hard evidence whatsoever. We have countless untold numbers of ‘Carlos’s" languishing within our prison system who, in fact; may be absolutely innocent, placed or rather coerced into prison by and through the present court terrorist activities, and nothing more. Lawyers, District Attorneys and Judges should be held fully, criminally, and financially accountable for these false imprisonment’s, which only come about through the false implication of a Feminist driven law which needs these sacrifices in which to justify its continued existence. What has happened here to many men is not only a crime against them, it is a sin against them, their families, and our nation which must take responsibility of this disaster.

Might we let out some prisoners who are guilty? Yes...most certainly. However; I am convinced that they are strangely in the vast minority within this singular group. To the greatest part, we will be freeing mostly poor, men; of every color and demarcation. This has been really the extent of their crimes. This, and nothing more. Thereby, we must do the right thing in regards to this issue, and more importantly, take note, study what has happened to us that such an errant socio-political movement was implemented which has transgressed our most basic laws and philosophies in which to imprison these poor men. We as a society must resolve that we shall obey our own laws and never incarcerate an innocent man again. No matter how supposedly noble the social cause.

The Patriarchal community has a huge task just like this ahead of it. We must totally dismantle and forever forbid Family Law and the Family Codes within this nation. We must categorically end Feminist Jurisprudence as an institution, within our time. This is a mandate to all Fathers placed forwards under exigent circumstances, and full war conditions.

Now, are we saying that in every single case that Fathers should be allowed to rule over their children? No. Of course not. The human experience has shown us that there are indeed, people like Jeffery Dahlmer out there. There are also Susan Smith’s. But they are at one extreme end of the Bell curve, and in accordance with statistical analysis on this subject, we must provide for the general case, not the exceptional one as feminist are compelled to do. This means that we must bring back the essence of the Common Law into this society. We must bring back the law of the highest reason which has been totally devoid from this subject. No longer does government adhere to this simple common law principle, which provided us with a stability which established the greatest nation on earth..

A mother who stood idly by as her boyfriend repeated sexually and physically abused her three daughters, including one who later died, should be flown at taxpayer expense to Florida four times a year to visit her two surviving girls, Illinois officials are recommending....

At trial, testimony showed that [the mother] had for years stood idly by as her three daughters were beaten and raped by [the boyfriend]. In some instances, she had been in the same bed with [the boyfriend] as he sexually attacked her daughters, according to testimony.

[The mother] also was implicated in some of the physical abuse of the girls, but never was charged criminally.

On the day [the child] suffered her fatal burns, [the mother] went to work instead of taking the girl to the hospital, testified [the mother’s] oldest daughter, who was then 10. [The child] was left with her two older sisters, who tried to comfort her as she slowly went into shock and the skin peeled off her body.

..."Take any floor of any housing project in the nation. Seven or eight families struggle heroically against impossible odds. to raise their kids. Three or four do a marginal job, while one or two crack-addicted parents abuse their kids or leave them alone while they go out partying. Which family gets the homemaker, money, intensive social work services, chauffeuring to and from appointments, and several months’ rent for a new apartment? You got it. [The crack-addicted family does.] The message to the underclass is, act irresponsibly and get help. Act responsibly and get nothing. Since this patronizing message involves an underclass which in our major cities is chiefly African-American, it is also a racist message, though unintentionally so.

[Wasted, the Plight of America’s Unwanted Children, by Patrick T. Murphy, ©1997, Ivan Dee, Inc., 1332 North Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60622, ISBN 1-56663-163-7; pp. 81-82.]

This of course it the intellect which is also propagating Feminist Jurisprudence against fathers and forcibly removing them from the home, and from their vested position within that institution. There is no intellect within the Krell Welfare Machine, in fact it’s anti-logic empowers it even more. This is done not by accident, but amazingly; by design.

The family, especially the Father, must be allowed to rule unfettered by any social pressure or mandates. He must be allowed to rule harshly—but not too harshly, in exact accordance with the law. He must be allowed to make mistakes. He must be given a broad and lenient brush in which argue, make points, and enact discipline. It is time that government and the feminists ability to micromanage the home and Family be categorically laid to waste. Under law, there has always been checks and balances against the abusive father. (Actually against all criminals and all crimes). Clearly, more so than there have been concomitant checks and balances against the abusive mother. There is in fact remedy under law, and the common law against parents who lose control. But for the greatest part, with factually only 1,215 children’s deaths from child abuse the out of control father is in fact—not that large of a social problem. The numbers just aren’t there. Concurrently, there are approximately 700 deaths involving spousal abuse, this includes both sexes, both male and female. This of course stems out of a nation of roughly 350 million people. Surprisingly, these shallow numbers have been steadily declining from the 1970s, yet; our expenditures and advertisement of these crises exponentially keep on rising! I would place forwards the proposition that this ‘national crisis’ of abuse, given in the light of statistical facts, is nothing more than a lie. It is propaganda. It is outright fraud.

We must stop this, and again get back to the business of freedom. That is freedom with responsibility, with moral direction. This is a broad independent brush that must be once again placed back into those within their own homes. We must return to the common law principles of Blackstone, Coke, Bracton, and William Pitt—and allow America to flourish from the bottom up rather than being tyrannically forced to submit from the top down.

Lincoln and Lord Coke were correct in their maxims that we cannot have both freedom and slavery at the same time, we cannot be both Lord and tenant to the same property. Government cannot be both benevolent and oppressive at the same time, as a Father cannot be the leader of his own home whilst others direct him from outside his home as how to personally live.

Fathers must gain a national consciousness of how to say ‘no’ to their oppressors. Unfortunately, we are too deeply inculcated with our own sense of fair play and justice. These intrinsic features imbued within the American male have been used to compromise us all. No longer can we allow Lawyers to ‘plea bargain’ on our behalf. They must be singularly ordered what do to, and if they delineate—must be categorically fired. It will not take too many times of Judges seeing the contumacious opposition of Fathers being railroaded into plea bargains and resisting, and from this, Fathers thereby claiming no representation, no due process—to make them understand that the ruse is up. Already the uncivilized aimless Fathers Rights movement has had a huge impact on the courts. They understand that revolution is immanent. They see that the great animal is beginning to stir uncomfortably. The only thing they are doing now, is collectively holding their breath and hoping we never establish a national coalition and actually move and do something. Once that happens we will be dictating what transpires in these courts—and they will never regain control of this issue again. They presently, fully recognize this, and right now are trying to madly equalize their madly skewed custody and child support figures to our side of the fence in order to pretend that they have been ‘fair’ in their discretion upon this issue. They are trying to do this all the while maintaining a political facade to the feminist coalition whose dying embers categorically show that they are on their way out. What is funny about this is the new feminist statistics coming out to combat this, to show that the courts are in fact unfair to women, and that men actually win in courts roughly 80% of the time. I laugh and scoff at such assertions. If these feminists even remotely think this is true, I’m willing to stop all these courts, set up a national computer system where men merely pull a lever and ‘win’ 80% of the time—and then wait one year and watch what happens to both Welfare the child custody statistics. Lets see how many men fear this type of system as they do these present criminally corrupt courts. Within one year the custody statistics would almost inverse, court cases would collapse as women would quickly understand there would be no ‘Sir Galahad’s’ in which they could depend upon to force their injustice; and most importantly; welfare would quickly be unemployed. Sure, I’m willing to play with these blatant Feminist lies—now let’s see if they are.

To be frank, most Judges hate the Feminists, and they hate Family court. However; they fully recognize where their daily bread comes from; and if any viable power base can shift the redesign of this perverse system, there will be no intellectual resistance from within the Judicial community. For the only question to be resolved here is that of money—and presently those special interests stealing those vast sums will become the main vocal resistance to the impending Patriarchal order. Everyone fully understands that this system cannot go on, that it must change, the only paradigm left to be argued is: how much will these special interests new monies amount to within the establishment of this new regime.

They are not going to like the answer we have ready for them.

Fathers must understand that this ability to say no, may be uncomfortable, but it is severely needed to save ourselves as a species and to save the American home and family. Frankly, nobody else is doing this. This body of work if anything, has established the fact that something is severely wrong and that nobody is doing anything about it. In fact, they are not even discussing it! If after 50 years that government cannot control this ‘crisis’ then; someone must. Again, I’m not asking you to trust me, rather, I am asking you to trust yourselves.

Who spends your money best? Who determines what is best for you and your family? If you answer government then; you then in fact must argue against the body of this work and its conclusions, and you must advocate that things not change. If you however; answer that you can do these things yourselves, then; you must recognize the present danger we have been posed with, implemented by domestic enemies who do not care about you, or your children or this society; only themselves; then you must side with Patriarchy.

When they ask you to fill out a form listing your wealth, we must categorically say "no." Give them zero information. Nothing. This is your right, and the more we all fight together to keep our money, and starve this beast, the sooner this plague against us will end. When a Judge does not obey the common law, as he is bound to do and he again gives the children to the mother, vituperatively say no. Do not sign anything. Do not agree with that decision. Categorically become insolent and refuse everything they do, and do not sign one thing—nothing. Give them no signature. Again, this is your right, and they cannot do anything against you for asserting your constitutional rights. We can no longer cooperate and go along with these courts. If the Judges disobey these rights, its time they start crowding our prisons.

When we assume the countenance of this charging Bull Rhino—there will be nothing they will be able to do. Nothing. When the tiny Judge prods the Rhino to go left with his little stick, the Rhino must go right and break the stick and crush and destroy whoever is trying to control him. Start this precedence within our courts, and after one, two or maybe even three Judges—you’ll soon see that when their master hands them the tiny stick to prod us and make us go left—then the Judges themselves are going to turn to them and say "no." And trust me, conversations behind the closed doors within the Judiciary community have already been discussing these issues in earnest. They know what is coming. They fully understand that they have gone too far, and are hoping metal detectors and three inch plate glass steel windows might secure them. These draconian measures have come about not because they have secured for us the ‘Palladium of Liberty.’ No. This has come about because they recognize their criminal acts, and now enjoin the Krell Welfare Machine to secure them with protection. They are becoming prisoners of their own making, yet; they do not really mind because most of these people inhabiting this institution are not there for the money; they are there for the power, and their own self-aggrandizement. They have a pathological need to control and rule over other people, and as such they have become petty tyrants. This is the real reason they are there.

In order to re-establish our homes, and take us out of the bondage of slavery, the Fathers Rights community is going to have to look at and change these following flaws within our present society:

    1. Fatherlessness. As we have demonstrated throughout this book, this is the major flaw within this society presently. We are only being used as cattle in order to supply funds for the Feminist grand socialist experiment to change this nation from a Free American Republic, to "something else." Re-establishing Fatherhood as a national mandate within our homes will have the following effects.

    1. It will generate, and accumulate wealth and surplusage within the Family. This has been lost to several generations of American families and has been a major flaw of this society. Wealth must return to the homes so we can again become a nation of savings and not debt.
    2. It will to a great extent stop the rampant social pathologies which now undeniably plague this nation. It will greatly reduce the criminal ‘spike’ shown in previous chapters, that children ages 15 to 25 are prone to commit.
    3. It will provide a healthy environment to men, women and children in which statistics clearly show, flourish in such an environment. This will reduce both present health costs and attendant social health cost expenditures.
    4. Father based households will greatly reduce prison rates. For both men and children who presently, have been socially abandoned and suffer the greatest incarceration rates due to Fatherlessness, will in this new regime, now have well defined places and responsibilities, and thereby; most probably will not be entering prison any longer.
    5. The complete collapse of Welfare as an institution in America. Welfare can then become redefined and again, specifically help persons who are debilitated in this society, and really need societies help.
    6. Education scores will quickly ascend as we have shown, educational test scores and Fatherhood are closely related. Something which has been lost generationally. Either one or two things will happen here. Either our schools will be able to reduce costs because the reimplementation of fatherhood, or thee will be a huge expansion of infrastructure as the Feminist ‘Police State’ mentality is removed from out schools, as we change from a Tribal influenced society to a Patriarchal order. Or, these vast sums of money can be spent in other ways: reduced costs per student returned to the tax-payer; funds saved for college grants; re-establishment of sports and other extracurricular activities which have been hit hard and reduced under Feminism.
    7. Astronomical tax savings to the general public and tax-payer must be implemented as our prison systems, court systems, and welfare systems contract. This again is going to add to a nation of savings which, again has been devastated by government implementation of Feminist inspired socialism, the Krell Welfare Machine. Conceivably, we are speaking in terms of tax savings up to 75% of what we are presently paying for.
    8. Divorce rates will go down as no longer will Females have an easy way out of the institution of marriage. They will have to develop ways in which to work things out within the home and family. They will have to rededicate themselves to that institution.
    9. Marriage rates will go up as men and women once again will be able to depend upon the security of that institution.
    10. Eugenics. Since women will no longer have easily ‘disposable marriages’ they will have to choose the best husband they can. No longer will young females be impregnated by "bad boys" as such acts will destroy them. The generational welfare class will no longer be an influence, propagating children to obtain Welfare benefits. Therefore, the act of a woman getting pregnant will become more carefully planned than it is now. This will have a great impact as women will be forced to choose the best possible mate they can. After 20 to 100 years of this natural selection, there will be a marketed rise in the Eugenics of the human species in this nation.

    1. Our money system. This is one of the greatest dangers to our free society. It is a silent thief, and an even more insidious killer. Presently, the cash in "Dollar Bills" in your pocket, currently known as "Federal Reserve Notes" (FRN’s) are worthless paper. Our whole system of money is a fraud. When you ‘spend’ them (you are not spending them you are ‘discharging a debt’) you are only assuring Congress that they can put you and future generations into further debt. Spend $10 to see a movie and you have just given congress a $10 check to go spend in Uganda for instance, (or whatever else it deems fit). This of course has led to an uncontrolled government, and more importantly, it has led to a leakage in the ship of America. No longer is our work getting placed into individual American bank accounts, it is going "somewhere else," to unseen masters, most certainly the IMF or World Bank. This money, developed from the breadth of our labours is not being reinvested here—it is being siphoned out—and neither we nor future generations are allowed to benefit from our own labor. This is a substantial problem, many Americans do not even know it is happening, and they can’t even comprehend how it works (which would take another definitive work just in itself to explain properly). But it is a theft, just as much as Government Inflation or raising of the Interests Rates is a theft from you. Anytime ‘they’ want more money; all they have to do, is raise these rates, and suddenly, you are paying more for nothing in return. Our present money system under the Fraud of the FRN’s is a similar perversion. If Families are going to succeed in this nation, if our American government is going to succeed, we must be in control of our own wealth, presently; we are not.
    2. Courts. Jefferson and others recognized that this branch of government could be susceptible to corruption and become a rogue element and an affront to the cause of freedom in this nation. As many of us know, this is an understatement of our present problem. My purview on this subject after careful empirical review is that this entity is no more than an organized crime syndicate, enforcing Anti-American Law and tyranny, and then laundering money for various government agencies and corporations. This is going to be a difficult task as really, this system has become so insolent and so out-of-control, that by its own actions, it has left us but little choice; but to overhaul it, to take those individual tyrants out from their office and to hold them eminently accountable under law. As in the case of Olmstead v. U.S. stated, we must hold them to a ‘scrupulous’ and exceptional standard of the law. We must make an example out of them, not out of visceral needs, but rather, we must set an example to hold off future criminality from that branch of government. Secondly, we must get the ABA out of our courts. First within the Judges themselves, and in the present mandate that citizens can ‘only’ have "Lawyers" represent them, rather than what is written and allowed under all Constitutional law, and that is "Counsel of Choice," which is really, anyone whom that citizen chooses. This could be a Lawyer, or a Priest, your co-worker, your Father, Grandfather—anyone you want. This is understood birthright which has insolently been denied to us, and thereby, many persons, such as "Carlos" mentioned throughout this book, has been railroaded by the "Officers of the Court" which are the citizens "supposed" representation in the "Lawyer" who is really working for that court and not the citizen in need of true legal help. Thirdly, we must as a public, start picking other people for this office other than the Lawyer class. All this has done is to assure elite regimes easy entry of corruption into our courts system. Finally, we must remove these "Gold Fringe Flags" from these tribunals and re-establish "the law of the highest reason" within these courts. We have to throw out this perverted ‘discretion’ and the related ‘equity’ dominant factors within these courts and replace them with the ideal of Justice, which has been far removed from these tribunals for too long. These courts are an intolerable rogue entity within our society, and they have to be presently dismantled and replaced with their original function—which was Justice. Re-implement these solid principles, and many of our problems will cease to be problems, yet a further saving to the tax-payer.
    3. The Vote. Presently, the American vote has been corrupted beyond comprehension. It is so bad, that recently, a book has been written on it called Votescam, which documented how the vote has been so undermined that Election volunteers walked off the election in Florida, leading to the investigation of that campaign which revealed that corruption. This is happening all across America, and I as well as others have recognized this criminal perversion of our vote. Thereby, my analysis is that we must replace the vote altogether. This idea came to me on a Sunday morning, awakening me out of a sound sleep. My idea is called "Lotteried Government." Which is nothing more than the establishment of a database of the local citizenry, and from that a "Selective Service" of the citizenry into the ranks of government. This would save untold amounts of monies, while at the same time virtually eliminating all forms of corruption. The greatest benefits to this system of selecting people for office from the general public for office are two-fold. First being that we will finally stop this elite royalty within government from ruling corruptly over us by replacing them with average citizens. Finally, Doctors, Teachers, Welders, Laborers, and other people from the mainstream class of America. The second benefit of this form of selecting our government officials is that those persons entering government after their terms were up in office, could no longer be in government again. (A condition of accepting the benefit of public office.) The point of this being that they would have to live with the laws they pass, just like the rest of us. Thereby, if they increased our insurance rates, within a few short years, they would be suffering through their unfortunate choice of law. This would to a great extent, stop most of the Corporate corruption which now infests our present form of governance, which again, is stealing monies from the American populace. The other benefits to this suggestion of Lotteried government are almost innumerable, and again; as a systems engineer, I can confidently state that this should be our next form of selecting those for commission into our Representative branch of government. Strangely this idea has been gaining momentum. Gerry Spence in his book Give Me Liberty! He calls this system of government: "Pancake Democracy." Both of us are recognizing the same problems effecting the conceptual ideals within this American society, and separately coming to the exact same conclusion. We must first recognize that these present elite in Government who ‘pretend’ that they are somehow eminently ‘qualified’ are in contrast rather eminently ‘corrupt.’ Also, my main point with Lotteried Government is, what part of Self-Governance don’t you understand? Clearly, we as a common people can run this nation much more efficiently than the present Imperial Royalist regime who are embedded throughout our government. This suggestion must be given extreme consideration if we are indeed to plant the crop of the American Dream to which our children may harvest when their time comes to inherit this nation. As things set right now, they will be doomed if we do not change these things.
    4. The Executive Branch of Government.
    5. The Legislature.

Fathers must recognize, that we are the fountainhead to regaining a stable government. If we are not free in our own homes, and in control of our own lives, than the ideals of Freedom, Liberty and Self Governance are but a mockery. Government has gained so much power because of the fact that they have strained the economic viability of the people so greatly, that none can dare withstand even the smallest challenge from the most insignificant public servant. What great amounts of wealth they have gained, we have lost. We presently have no real surplusage in our lives because our homes have been compromised, by the government which was supposed to protect it. The average statistic is that most of the citizenry has no savings, and is only two to three paychecks away from destitution. From this construct, if government comes into anyone’s life presently, they immediately bow to the corruption, for truly; nobody can’t withstand the fusillade of government knocking at their door, or stopping them on our public roads, or IRS inquiries—or anything. Now, Americans immediately pay for these treason’s, politely say thank-you; and hope and pray that they don’t get recognized again.

Because American’s no longer have strong stable homes, mostly due to the Father being missing, our national people are only viewed as a funding source for government, and harvested by "a multitude of New Officers, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance." [Declaration of Independence, July 4th 1776.] Clearly, with the eradication of the American Father, a concomitant erosion of the American Middle Class has occurred as well. This of course is establishing a larger and larger slave class of people who can only immediately bow to the Master of this explosively powerful government, who no longer knows any restraints nor obeys its most basic laws any longer. It has become arrogantly defiant of any enumerated Constitutional restriction placed upon it.

If Fathers can once again simply assume their proper tasks of ruling within their own home, we will begin to see the ascension of the American dream once again. If women assume their roles to the right hand of their men, they will be happier and safer in the long run. From this solid platform, our children who will fare much better due to the increased wealth within the home and general society, will fare much better—and if any ‘redefinition of humanity’ is going to be done, it will be done by them, through the comfort, security and safety of their own homes. And not by Ms. Clinton and those of her ilk.

Again, we must simply rediscover the obvious. Are men destined to join with women to create stable two-parent families? The Patriarchal community resoundingly says ‘yes’ to this proposition and is committed at all costs to re-implementing this natural plan, which has been under direct attack for the past five-decades. It is time we see our enemy, and defeat him, and drive him from our lives, and most importantly; our homes. This retribution, has been long overdue.

Women who want to remain free and independent can most certainly do so. They can thereby rise within this society, from and by the content of their character. The American Experience is large enough, and benevolent enough to supply those dreams as well. But upon marriage or illegitimate birth, no longer will this society support the endeavor of Mothers gaining Unconstitutional and Non-Constitutional Super-Rights, no longer will there be such subsidy for you to explore such alternative realities at the costs, and enslavement of others. This form of life is patently over in this regards.

With Freedom, comes responsibility. The feminists have skirted this reality in their conquest for control of this society, and it has burdened this nation beyond comprehension. They have not been responsible, and they have caused great pain, and hardship in this nation. They have done this in open defiance to this nations foundational concepts which they have overturned at the cost of many, for the benefit of the select, and the few. I see Feminists as a patent threat to this nation and our form of government; and thereby; we must understand that threat, and act accordingly. I suggest in the light of the pain, war and destruction that they have caused to us all, that Feminism, and any other similar doctrines like it, be outlawed from this nation; exactly as the Germans of WWII outlawed Fascism. If these women, and other Feminists desire to ‘redesign humanity’ then; by all means let them do it—in Canada, Sweden, England, Australia--but they can no longer do it here, as their form of conquest is antithetical to a free government, and to a free society. They can implement their new humanity elsewhere, just not here in the United States of America. They are the direct incarnation of the Socialist party, and have no place within our form of government. As such, and in consequence to their acts and omissions which they have harshly burdened upon the rest of society; they have been, and they continue to be a direct threat to our safety and security, and a harm to our future prosperity, and our form of government.

They are as our Founders noted, an illegitimate encapsulation of a tribal culture, the "lowest and rudest" state of civilization. They are corrupt and clandestine organization in power not to help either American children’s or citizens, but rather, themselves. They use these sophistries as a cover to underscore their own interests in changing a free and Capitalist society to a Socialist Communist dictatorship. This is unacceptable, and no longer tolerated within the boarders of this nation. We are either free and American, or we are not. We cannot vacillate upon this most sacred principal in which millions of American’s have died in establishing and maintaining this blessing of Freedom and Liberty to our progeny.

Thereby, this all comes back to we Fathers. We must find the courage to be who we are—which are Fathers. We can no longer tolerate the usurpation of our function within our own homes. This is not only our birthright, but under American law, and in accordance with the needs of an advanced technological Western culture such as ours, it is our mandated duty to assume this leadership over our homes, our wives, and our children. We are not the monsters you have invented us to be, in recognized countervalence; of which the facts overwhelmingly show, that you and what you have created under the false doctrines of Feminism and Government absolutism are in fact; the real monsters, hiding within the Krell Welfare Machine you have established and groom for our proposed destruction. We thereby categorically rebuke and refute Feminism, Family Law, Ms. Clinton and those fellow socialist like her and her ignoble "Village."

The formal lines of war have now been declared and established into existence. We will not move from these principles that "all men are created equal, that we have the right to life, liberty, property, and happiness." Our children, our wives, our homes and family have been ours, our property is ours; and no one else’s. It is we as Fathers, that are in fact; the ultimate parent, and not you—as you claim such a title under usurpation and outright fraud. This Government has no constitutional station to that right, as government’s do not enjoy rights, only Citizens do. There is no valid constitutional authority supporting Parens Patriæ.

We hereby seize these rights, these secured blessings, and forever deny them to errant political regimes. We are resolute upon these simple points of law, and will never be dissuaded from them. Those whom defy these blessings place themselves into severe jeopardy; as with no redress available to us we must say these things only in the most strongest and harshest legal terms: that we retain and reserve all rights to our freedoms, and we give up none.

Completed this ninth day of March, in the Year of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-nine, at seven hours, four minutes past the morning hour, Queens, New York City.