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"Show me that age and country where the rights and liberties of the people were placed on the sole chance of their rulers being good men without a consequent loss of liberty !

I say that the loss of that dearest privilege has ever followed, with absolute certainty, every such mad attempt."

--Shall Liberty or Empire be Sought? Patrick Henry, 1788

[From a speech made on June 5, 1788, in the Virginia Convention, called to ratify the Constitution of the United States.]


The feminists whom now control this nation, acquired power surreptitiously through their arguments and supplications presented to the American public decades earlier by the works of Betty Fredian and other first and second wave feminists. Again, they used the inherent fairness and open opportunity to speak and be heard within the public forum of the American Patriarchal archetype which formed this free and open American republic, which they then compromised to their own advantage once they were in it.

Within the first and second wave feminist writings there contained a promised land, of fairness and equality, of gender justice and social progression. Of realization of dreams deferred upon abject conditions of Patriarchal inequality and slavery. [Sexual regulation]. Exactly as portrayed in the movie Forbidden Planet, they promised that if we just built and turned on their great ethereal machine, then mankind would enter a new era of feminist progression and advancement, culminating with the fabian work of Ms. Hillary Rodham-Clinton multi-culturalist village.

Exactly as in the movie, this all was a fraud, a great ruse—the most famous and largest ever perpetrated against a national (and world-wide) peoples; for these feminists whom used the foundational precepts and words of our Founding Fathers in order to gain a foothold into the corridor’s of power—had no intent of upholding those precepts of fairness, truth, and freedom. Again, as was exemplified in Chapter XX of this book, feminists completely disregard all the foundational precepts and blueprint of this nation—as again; this feminist matriarchy is of the ancient Id, those failed and rude societies of the tribal archetype, which are in fact, in direct opposition to our form of governance. As Mr. Bolick’s observation’s at the beginning of Chapter Eleven conclude, these multi-culturalists, although they might mouth the words of truth and freedom, are in fact, abhorrent to it. Ms. Clinton and her cabal cannot uphold and defend the Constitution of which she swears to uphold, as her religious belief system and political adherence and philosophies are in direct opposition to our way of life, and our form of governance….which is why she is embedded within our government: as in the movie Forbidden Planet, all she must do is wave the flag, and carefully choreograph every presentation of herself in front of the media—and a nation will slavishly follow as her real intent will be suddenly hidden from them by and from the verification and constant advertisement of the Krell Machine.

The promise of the Forbidden Planet was, the early Feminist supplicated us, that if you allowed the first law of Matriarchy to exist, ("a woman has the right to control her own body and her own sexuality, sic.), well, then that would free up the inhumane burden of both the males and females within the society whom did not want this. They plead with our sensibilities, working in direct opposition to the rules of sexual regulation and Patriarchy, defining them as "old" and "outdated"—a throwback to a more pastoral and Victorian past. This unfair, and unjust "regulation" of which Patriarchy impressed upon society to make sex work for the whole of society-was in their words, a constraint to the productivity of which the freedom of the First Law of Matriarchy would release. From this freedom of sexual anarchy, they promised, great things would occur, and humanity would be "redefined" in accordance with Hillary’s visions.

Again, their pleadings sound viscerally sensible to an unsuspecting public. But the documentation of our historic past has proven this thinking is consummately wrong. Again, this Feminist/Matriarchal "promise" is a throwback to a quarter million years of pre-human evolution. When man was stuck in the quagmire of "the condition of slaves and animals" of which the superior system of Patriarchy annihilated approximately 5,000 years ago, (as we have documented in Chapter 3 "In the Beginning" which was the main cause for modern western civilization’s ascent. Again, that did not happen by chance or mistake, there was a cogent reason civilization chose Patriarchy, and that reason is intimately tied with the concomitant rise in Western Civilization. In fact, Western Civilization could have never been established without it.)

Yet their dogma persisted: If you gave mothers kids, they suggested; then they would be cared for more completely. If society would just allow divorce (of which both men and woman wanted desperately), well, then; much conflict would be overcome, and both men and women would be all the happier. If you wrested children away from abusive fathers (the only condition now recognized by the courts, government and media), well then they and their mothers would do so much better. If you allowed entitlements, and pushed men out of the workplace and then replaced them with women, (and minorities) well, then this nation would become more egalitarian, and fair—and justice would prevail for all to societies benefit. If you allowed women abortion, then the mass of poor children would decrease, and women would not be held in slavery of being bred as animals by their brutish husbands (again, the only condition that society recognizes men) and from that there would be a decrease in the population, and men and women could now have joyous sex, without the need for an unexpected retribution.

This sounds good. However having earth as the center of the earth sounds good. Even reasonable. Thinking that the earth is flat—well, that sounds pretty wonderful and we can prove it every day by looking at the flat horizon. Etc. Socialism even sounds viscerally good (of which all these "promises" by the Feminists ultimately lead in Ms. Clinton’s "Village").

Patriarchy, is the unnatural condition of mankind. It is the highly evolved and invented social condition. It’s a more labor intensive and intellectually intensive system in which to promulgate within a society. (People don’t viscerally think it is right. It is only after they sit down and reason within themselves the benefits of Patriarchy do they become aware of its superiority). It is also the higher, more advanced ascendant condition of mankind—and it takes secondary and tertiary thinking in order to both understand it and justify it, and this is why it needs both social and governmental backing. (Matriarchy does not need this backing, as when society fails, it will most certainly revert to this "lowest and rudest state of mankind", "natural" order of the tribal (Single Female Headed Household) Feminist/Matriarchal condition which our forefather’s correctly labeled it. This now proliferates in the lower income and ghetto infested neighborhoods across this nation). Feminists hate the condition of Patriarchy, because it is in fact in direct opposition to their natural order. Matriarchy is easy to devolve into. Patriarchy, takes structure, discipline, order, and work to make successful. It needs people and societies backing in order to work.

The invention of Patriarchy, once it is understood, is then clearly embraced and implemented by those societies educated in its advantages, just like everyone understands outdated and errant theories once thought to me true. Once you understand that the earth is round, then instantaneously the whole society begins to understand it is not flat. Once you understand that the earth is not the center of the universe, then the majesty of the universe itself opens itself up to you. (Indeed, under Matriarchy, it is easier to "viscerally" feel and understand the world is flat. But implementing Patriarchy, takes scientific and empirical training and observation to prove the earth is round).

Feminists however; want society to be kept viscerally ignorant of Patriarchy, which is why they have a death-grip on our educational institutions, and the media and then lastly government. Patriarchy is just not politically incorrect: it is in fact, "the enemy" for Feminists. Again, exactly as in the movie, the feminists of their great Krell Welfare Machine, pound the ground with great power to impose Political Correctness, they allow no other view to rise above theirs, they have an intrinsic hatred of anything that even remotely disagrees with them, and they do this all in the shroud of waving the flag, of being in committees before congress as well as the town hall meetings, and most importantly—they and their associates and supporters are the only view allowed in the mainstream media.

This is exactly Krell, as our movie adumbrated, the Krell civilization itself had no comprehension what hit them, nor even what was happening. The same is true of mainstream America.

Matriarchy, of course is the ancient Id spoken of in the movie. It is the natural order that predates mankind—and as the original Maxim of Law of this book in Chapter One relates: "Partus sequitur ventrem." "The offspring follow the condition of the mother. This is the law in the case of slaves and animals; but with regard to freemen, children follow the condition of the father." Again, this Maxim of Law must be taught in every school. Every Father’s Rights advocate must memorize it’s truth. Every government official should be indoctrinated with this knowledge—yet; in fact—this is all kept hidden from the American public. And those people expounding this view are proactively attacked and harassed—not because they are wrong, or implementing failure, but conversely, they are attacked because they are right and are expounding the truth. For the past 60 years, this nation has been proactively creating a nation of slaves and animals by destroying Fatherhood, and implementing the regime of the lowest common denominator in its place. (The Single Female Headed Household).

The truth of the matter is, that Ms. Clinton and her Matriarchal cabal, are not asking for equality, or freedom, or truth, or justice, nor American law. What they are asking for is privilege, special treatment, entitlements, and a class and gender based system. They are asking for us to destroy ourselves, the health and welfare of the body politic and the strength of the American nation, home by home, cell by cell, Father by Father. They want everyone to trust in the tribe. Hillary’s "Village." Every time they destroy a father, they have overthrown the American republic without any shots being fired. Like the Krell, they expect us to allow the Welfare Village to eat us out from within—via "secret" forms of law; which come after all of us. Again, this anti-law which now infests our courts, has utterly destroyed this nation from within. This silent Krell Machine was first recognized in a book called The Road to Serfdom by Frederick A. Von Hayek which described the operational values of this machine perfectly:

"Late in the war, the University of Chicago Press Published The Road to Serfdom by an Austrian-born economist, Friedrich A. Von Hayek. [He] had set his scholarship within a general proposition that caught perfectly the mood of American conservatism. Nazism, he contended, had not gown up on opposition to New Deal-type liberalism; such liberalism and Nazism came from the same roots. All Western Civilization had been relying increasingly on ideas of national economic planning, and the ideas, whether called liberalism, Nazism, Socialism, or Communism, led inevitably to totalitarian serfdom."

[The Crucial Decade--and after--America 1945-1960, by Eric F. Goldman; (c) 1956, Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., Vantage Books, New York; pp. 7-8.]

This book is Mr. Hayek’s empirical vindication; as my proof and documentation of the existence of the Krell Welfare Machine is the exemplar of Mr. Hayek’s postulate he first spoke about and made public sixty years before this writing. Over the decades these two books coalesce in their mathematical and social precision to prove both our points.

The Fascism we now see through the Krell Welfare Machine, is totally hidden and secret. It is Ms. Clinton being erudite at a town hall meeting in front of a local crowd who eagerly ask her questions—and to which she consummately, expertly and confidently answers…Unfortunately, when you turn off the Krell Machine and find out the truth of the matter—the fact then shows that she has paid off the mainstream media, has had a special setting made available, and has her cohorts in crime bussed in to "act" as a local populace and ask her pre-prepared and canned questions to which she already knows the answers and knows via study groups that the public want to hear and will accept these carefully presented answers. Does this get her to win? Most certainly. Does this fool and hide the truth from the American populace? You bet. Are we better off for this type of fraud and capriciousness? No.

But it is perfectly Krell, and it keeps the public from truly knowing what is going on, which is the main design of all this foolishness.

The initial promises of the Krell Welfare Machine first expounded by the feminists, have been attempted in this nation to the point where we have conservatively spent an advertised 5.1 to 5.4 Trillion Dollars on this failed social experiments. We have tried everything from "feel good" new age rebirthing techniques to (false) "Memory Recovered" syndromes and outright lies. Currently, 1.2 Trillion dollars (the national operation budget of the United States as well as China) is being collected to fund this madness yearly. All on the false, fraudulent and failed "promises" of the Feminists which have fallen by the wayside. (Note for comparison: China’s national operating budget for one year, is a little over 1 trillion dollars!)

Yet the machine remains on. Why?

Think of it this way, you have a home, and it needs to be cooled. Let’s say it is 80 degrees inside. You buy an air-conditioner to cool it…put it on the house and turn it on. The next day, surprisingly, the house is now 85 degrees warmer in temperature. How odd, you think. Do you return it? No…you rationalize a bit, and you then think that perhaps the coolant needs time to circulate after being moved from the factory and store, so you keep it on. Again, another day goes by…and now the house thermometer reads 90 degrees! Again, what do you do? Clearly, the air-conditioner is failing and not doing its job. You keep it one more day, and now your home is a boiling 100 degrees! Wow! Do you keep the air-conditioner on the house? Or do you return it for another?

Well, most people confronted with this conundrum would know exactly what to do, as there is no dissonance being applied from outside parties. But in regards to Father’s Rights and Child Support, you have a complete superstructure telling us we are all cool and temperate when the opposite is true. In reality however; this feminist social experiment is burning down our national house—with temperatures in excess of 100,000 degrees! From 1955 until the present, there has been a 45 degree slope rise of the Single Female Headed Household, Gonorrhea, the and Childhood Crime all linked together. (Just to name three—which are known as "Railroad Tracks" in Washington D.C. and elsewhere). This 45 degree slope has gone on unabated (constant rise in temperature in our example above). But instead of turning these failed social programs off—which any normal society would do, the Krell Welfare Machine has kept these failed systems and social projects going, to the direct affront of Fatherhood, which would not just reduce these curves, but most certainly eliminate them entirely.

Why keep this burning house of Feminism and Matriarchy going? Why keep a terrible disease like Gonorrhea, and Childhood Crime statistics on the constant rise? Because those "railroad tracks" feed other industries needed by the Krell Welfare Machine, those of Counselors, Welfare Workers, Free Clinics, Doctors, Judges, Police, Prisons, Court Reporters, Probation Officers, Jail Guards, Healthcare workers, Psychologists, Feminists, Attorneys, and Legislator’s; all demand this price from us. The fact that it destroys and is in direct opposition to our way of life is inconsequential, because all they have to do is wave the flag at you, have the media back their lies up, set up industries to support themselves and "suddenly" the Krell Welfare Machine is good for you—even though it is not.

The promises so long ago promised, aren’t even spoken of anymore. Yet still we need entitlements, still the machine demands equality; when in fact, it is the males being oppressed, disenfranchised and discriminated against. Yet still the Krell Machine compromises us, and benefits women and government via "Super Rights" never seen before in humanity.

For example: a woman does drugs, becomes pregnant, abuses her body, addicts the baby, then has the child. She then walks down to the local hospital and roughly drops it on the desk to give it completely up. With but a mere signature and a thank you—and perhaps even a demand for a ride home--she is gone to again complete another similar act. This is now legal under the "Safe Haven Laws" proliferating throughout this nation… She can do this innumerable times, and the courts, hospitals, Counselor’s, Welfare agents, CPS, Police, will be kind and thank her, and "understand" her pain.

Is this exact help available to the most noble father? No! In fact, he is now compelled not to have children if he cannot afford it. This means, in the future, our poor male progeny of this nation, cannot have children. [SEE: Wisconsin v. Oakley, 629 N.W.2d 200 (Wis.2000). -- Oakley poor father mandated by Judge not to have any more children.]

Yet poor, drug infested, outright whores and prostitutes can pop out diseased and damaged children at will, and happily drop them off at any Krell Welfare participating government institution... A woman who cuckolds any man, and has a child from another man or group of men who fools him can enslave that for the rest of his life to that child and the courts will back up this injustice with a vengeance. He at no time can participate in the "equal" Krell Machine and drop the child or his obligation off at any Krell supported state instution…but women can. The Krell Welfare Machine will stoically continue to attack any male with clean hands, with no criminal wrong done to society at all, and they will crucify him for having a child, disenfranchise him, enslave him, and ruin him—knowing he is innocent, and with full knowledge knowing they are in overt violation of law and morality. Any Father demanding ownership of his child, is not only a threat to this system, but is directly destroyed by it. No Father has any safe haven within this system.

Yet the Krell Welfare Machine stays on. As it pretends it is helping the child and helping society. Of course the facts show the exact opposite, but that is how the Krell Machine works—as it is ultimate design is to destroy by using the ancient Id (Matriarchy) against whatever it needs to in order to accrue its own power and profit. The machine is there for the machine—and nothing else.

The cavalcade of feminist promises have long ago gone by the wayside. The "promised" that once abortion was allowed, well, then pregnancies would go down. (They haven’t, especially for those within the Krell Welfare Machine, as the average women on welfare has 2.8 children (higher than two-parent families at 2.1) and stays on Welfare ‘on average’ from anywhere from 7 to 14 years). Now over 33 million abortions have occurred in this nation, to the detriment of both men and children, and in its place we have a Machine dedicated to murdering live fetuses in order that they might profit from the body parts and extrapolated extracts sold on the market.

The promise that easy no-fault divorce would reduce friction’s of relationships between men and women have produced the opposite. Now, there has been a flood of divorces, which has steadily risen from a low of about 3 to 4 percent at the beginning of the 1900’s to a high of 63% (and beyond) presently.

Feminists promised that if you removed the sexual regulation of the female kinship system, that there would be a greater sense of harmony within the home and family. That society would no longer be burdened by the conflagration imposed by the more rigid sexual regulation of the Patriarchal system of which they hate. The exact opposite has occurred to a point where now family law now dominates our court system. Where false allegations of child abuse (up to 2 million accusations per year, and rising, most of which are totally unfounded) now promulgate an ongoing industry dedicated to placing ten innocent men in jail before they catch one guilty person beforehand, again; something directly in opposition to our form of government.

The profusion of promises of the feminists Forbidden Planet has, as exactly adumbrated by Frederick Bastiat, led to something totally different than promised, in every single area where its been implemented. The feminist promised that "if" we just allowed women to be free to work—society would benefit. It hasn’t. Instead of society getting a better soldier or fireman, we have gotten worse female candidates whom have to be held to a different standard for their job, while they scream for equality and entitlements all the while.

"If" we just allow the gay and lesbian groups entitlements they asserted, well, there would be amity and harmony for all. Instead, in every area measured, from family breakups, health issues, public and private lawsuits, to lesbian violence between couples, we can see and prove that the opening of this Pandora’s Box within the machine is dragging our society down. Silently, the machine eats us away from within, as the gestation of sexual disease inspired directly from this subgroup, indeed threatens us all.

Yet, the machine entreats these groups and failures—as again, it is embedded with failure, and seeks more all under the guise of "something else": equality, gender equality, fairness, humanity, etc. It’s all a ruse only to sustain the machine with more failure, empire, and profit. Again, any group from the ancient Id in opposition to Patriarchy is to be groomed and supported at any costs, even if it threatens the majority of us all. Again, we must remember the Krell Empire as when they turned on their machine it destroyed them, just as it did in Rome, and every other civilization who devolved to the lowest condition of mankind embraced through Matriarchy.


"Gay Revolutionary." Reprinted from The Congressional Record. First printed in Gay Community News, February 15-21 1987

"We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie theater bathrooms, in your army bunkhouses, in your truck stops, in your all male clubs, in your houses of Congress, wherever men are with men together. Your sons shall become our minions and do our bidding. They will be recast in our image. They will come to crave and adore us. [Full Article]

Will The Homosexual Agenda Provoke The "Reconstruction" Of The Essential Father? By Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D. Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Of course, society has noted these denigration’s before, and previous American societies had the mettle to confront this perversion of the Krell Welfare Machine:

"Oh, my countrymen! What will our children say, when they read the history of these times? Should they find we tamely gave away without one noble struggle, the most invaluable of earthly blessings? As they drag the galling chain, will they not execrate us? If we have any respect for things sacred; any regard to the dearest treasures on earth; if we have one tender sentiment for posterity; if we would not be despised by the whole world - let us in the most open, solemn manner, and with determined fortitude, swear we will die, if we cannot live free men!"

Josiah Quincy, Jr., 1788 published in the Boston Gazette

Unfortunately, the present American male has been so beaten down, and presented with such a no win scenario, that the greatest majority of them disavow both their heritage as Americans, and more importantly their station as Fathers. A judge will without fear seize a father’s child then "offer" him 50% of which he owns 100% of by and under law.

"It is a well settled doctrine of the common law, that the father is entitled to the custody of his minor children, as against the mother, and everybody else; that he is bound for their maintenance and nurture, [because he] has the corresponding right to their obedience and their services. 2 Story’ Eq., secs. 1343-1350; 2 Kent Com. 193; 1 Bl. Com. 453, Jennes v. Emerson, 15 N.H. 486, Huntoon v. Hazelton, 20 N.H. 389."

State v. Richardson, 40 N.H. 272 (1860)

Men take this subrogation of their rights by the courts, government, and Feminists without a whimper—and then they along with the whole society wonder what is going wrong in this nation as more and more children openly kill themselves in our schools, and feed the panorama of social pathologies of which the Krell Welfare Machine feeds off of. None dare and turn and refuse the machine to turn it off, which is exactly what they must do. (It is our duty as American citizens, to turn this machine off, and hunt those whom have groomed it, and made it grow). The feminist Matriarchal system now rules openly with an open hatred and vengeance in this nation—and no father dare raise his voice to it. The wisdom of the bible itself must be noted here. "Give not your strength to women, nor thy ways to them that ruin kings." Prov. 31:3.

"TESTOSTERONE POISONING: ... 'Until now it has been though that the level of testosterone in men is normal simply because they have it. But if you consider how abnormal their behavior is, then you are led to the hypothesis that almost all men are suffering from 'testosterone poisoning.'" from A Feminist Dictionary, ed. by Kramarae and Treichler, Pandora Press, 1985

Again, why must we support Patriarchy? Why must we remit ourselves to the arduous and "unnatural" formation of the sexually regulated society and ordered society? The choice is clear and represented in our past, and not our present or future:

"The united States certainly has no monopoly on natural resources. And in most countries the people work much harder, on the average, than we do. We are not a superior people. Our ancestors in the Old World, starved right along with everyone else."

"There is just one answer. There can be no other. We in the United States of America have made more effective use of human energy than any other people on the face of the globe--anywhere or at any time."

Henry Grady Weaver; "The Mainspring of Progress"

This is the fountainhead of the American society. As most state constitutions admit this fact in their "Declaration of Liberties" to allow men control of their human energy:

"All men are by nature free and independent, and have certain inalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty; acquiring, possession and protecting property; and pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness." Article I, Section 1; Constitution of California (1849) [Adopted by the Convention, October 10, 1849; Ratified by the people, November 13, 1849; Proclaimed, December 20, 1849.]

Allow men to rule in their own homes, to control their own family and property, and allow children and females to inherit their proper place and function—and you suddenly get a society that has no need of a Welfare state. This is the real argument and reality of what is transpiring here. Silently, the Krell Welfare Machine has used the Promises of the Forbidden Planet proposed the Second Wave and Radical Third Wave Feminists in order to establish a socialist state "transfer of wealth" program to attack the body politic at each and every Father in this nation. In Hillary’s Village, no male has the right to acquire, enjoy, protect, and defend his home and family and the courts have implemented this treason against us all. Instead, there are a host of opportunistic "experts" within the Village, both state and federal, both governmental and private, whom will tell any Father (or citizen), what he will or will not do, or what he has or has not done, what he can or cannot do. Presently, the state will inform him if he has committed a crime, or violated any entitlement or "Super Right" granted to his home and family. Of course, conversely; he has no rights…only "obligations" and nothing more. He is a slave. This is Ms. Clinton’s Krell Machine inner working PROM—and there can be no other truth than this. This is the first rule of the Krell Welfare Machine—that you are a slave, and worthless, and can say nothing about you or your own children’s condition. In fact, you have no say over anything. Of course, people who have endured the destruction machine find out differently:

"I had assumed that the Doctors were doing the best thing for my daughter and that I was the parent depending on them to do the best thing for her. After her death, I recognized that I was the parent--and they were merely the doctors."

[Mike Watt, father of daughter Kristen who died of anorexia. From: Oprah television show Weds. December 05, 2001]

Indeed, Ms. Clinton and those within the Krell Welfare Machine will hyperventilate in front of television shows, billboards, Radio and TV advertising spots, and Government "Fact Finding" committees and panels, all inferring to the nation to empty out their pocket-books to let them intrude into our homes and save our own children. They are the best thing for our children, we are not. More than this, Fathers (and all males) are only sadistic abusers; who all carry and inherent disease handed down to from males to their sons. (No kidding. They actually said this on a massive news blackout of all primetime TV on Sunday December 03, 2001 in the greater Northern California area, where all television stations aired a one hour commercial-free television show where they actually said this, and during the show labeled only the male as the abuser, handing this "disease" down to their sons, and the female and children only as the victim, even though study after study shows that both men and women physically abuse each other about equally. (To receive information on this Orwellian propaganda piece. Ask for the Domestic Violence "Action Kit" from the Radical Third Wave Feminist hate group Weave Crisis Line 916-920-2952 or the National Domestic Violence Hotline Line 800-799-SAFE). This is the only view the Krell Welfare Machine allows—and this propaganda is the only view espoused from the American public. No human in the American society is allowed to say that Father’s love their children. No human in the American society is allowed to say that most Fathers are not abusers. No human in this society can rise above the feminist mantra that the MEN, HAVE TO BE RESPONSIBLE, BOTH FINANCIALLY AND MORALLY for the children, even though the Krell Welfare Machine totally emasculates them and prevents them in the first instance from disciplining their children, from admonishing them, from even raising their voice, especially when the children are wrong!!!


Caught preschooler getting high on gas.

Associated Press

SEARCY, Ark. -- A man has been sentenced to four years in prison for slapping his 4-year-old son twice for repeatedly sniffing gasoline to get high.

[America the Conquered, by Pastor Pete Peters, © 1993-1991, Scriptures for America Ministries, P.O. Box 766, LaPorte CO, 80535; Lib.Cong.Cat.Card No. 91-062772, p. 139].

Again, the promise of the Krell Machine, just like in the movie, sounds viscerally enticing. It’s application however; is completely sick, and sadistic. An overt danger to us all. It is in fact, the enemy. Like all shams, the promises of the Forbidden Planet are uncovered and the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of scammed and irrupted lives which have been outright destroyed to implement this disaster must be simply exposed for what they are. We must square the original promises for what has been gained, and account and view this treason and disaster for what it is, and have no fear in exposing those and jeopardizing those whom have supported this abortion against humanity as well as Western Civilization. If Hillary and her feminist cabal, no matter what their title, and/or positions of authority, have been and acted as Nazi’s, we must label them as such, and deal with them accordingly. For the "promise" of the Krell Welfare Machine, is in fact, a disease to eat out and destroy this nation from within.

Feminism has transformed the social climate in this country as thoroughly as the Bolsheviks transformed the former Russia. Which is, of course, what it set out to do: Thus, it is a rousing success as a social movement. But, like the collectivist thinking on the economic level, the collectivist thinking on the social level which drives feminism did not have quite the results promised. After 75 years, the grand socio-economic experiment of the Bolsheviks was abandoned because it was too contrary to the nature of human beings. For those 75 years, however, citizens had to contend with economic deprivation and hardship as they struggled to change that nature to conform to a grand ideal. Not just human nature, but the natural world as well. Crops were planted according to 5 year plans and not according to weather, harvests, and needs of the population. In the same way, feminists have demanded that the factors and forces which drive attraction conform to a plan, a FEMinine plan.

Males have simply been dropped out of the picture as serious elements of consideration, except to regard them as agricultural crops which fruit love, support, and sperm. Author Dennis herself says it - "For one of the implicit, if un-admitted, tenets of feminism has been a fundamental disrespect for men.". When the Bolsheviks fundamentally disrespected the fact that a crop ripens dependent on rainfall, sunshine, and a host of other factors, demanding instead that it be planted on a certain date and harvested on a certain date according to a grand idealistic plan laid down 5 years earlier, they could invest all the hours, fuel, and seed in planting and still have nothing to eat when it was all done. Not just no result, but an incredible waste of resources which were already in short supply. And people ended up hungrier as a result of wasting the seed which could have more productively been eaten than thrown away in an attempt to force nature to conform to a human ideal. Fortunately for them, in the States farmers still understood that a crop ripens according to natural laws and did not attempt to play GOD, so had surpluses which allowed the Bolshevik plan followers to purchase grain to keep from starving to death. Unfortunately, no one is growing a surplus of male attraction to women these days, particularly not one which meets the complex, contradictory, and completely impossible requirements of the feminist agenda, so women are emotionally starving to death.


by: John Galt

Mr. Gault is a men's rights activist.

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"How in God’s name could this have happened," you ask? Easily. By and through the Krell Welfare Machine that was first established by an unseen (Krell) elite within this nation and our courts, then later implemented into law by F.D.R. in the 1930’s. Interesting enough, he openly presaged the errant collapse of our form of government concisely enunciated the exact vehicle that would do it, of which he himself implemented: "In the hands of a people's government, this power is wholesome and proper, but in the hands of political puppets of an economic autocracy, such power would provide shackles for the liberties of the people." [Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1936]

How did Hillary and her Krell machine, (of which, by the way, both government and Feminists have continually and precisely steered this government towards since the mid-to-early 19th century) allow their economic autocracy to take over and undermine this nation? They did it from within each and every home. They didn’t conquer any army, they conquered our ability to rule ourselves from within our own home, in each and every home. Again, the results of this genius is eminently displayed within our bible in 1st Timothy:

1. "It is a trustworthy statement; if any man aspires to the office of overseer, it is a fine work if he desires to do.

    1. "An overseer, then, must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, temperate, prudent, respectable, hospitable, able to teach.
    2. "Not addicted to wine or pugnacious, but gentle, peaceable, free from the love of money.
    3. He must be one who manages his own household well, keeping his children under control with all dignity.
    4. But if a man does not know how to manage his own household, how will he take care of the Church of God?

[Ryrie Study Bible, Expanded Edition, New American Standard Bible (1995 Update), Charles Caldwell Ryrie, Th.D., Ph.D., Moody Press, Chicago, © 1986, 1995; ISBN 0-8024-3866-0; 1 Timothy, 3:1-5, p. 1920]

Again, as noted above and throughout this book, any man merely defending, disciplining, protecting, or enjoying his home or family, is wide open to overt and unremitting attack. Father’s who are adhering to 1st Timothy are covertly and overtly targeted to be eradicated, and destroyed. Again, the Krell Machine’s inner mechanism for accomplishing this is insidious, and evil; and many men have no idea what is happening.




As Model A, B and C shows, "something" is actually going on here that most people have no idea what is happening. Mind you, this model is effecting every male and female relationship before any association between the two takes place. (Totally Krell).

Both men and women who begin to associate have visceral ideas as to what is happening, but these underlying Models, A, B, and C, quiescent wait and benignly percolate until some conflict occurs. The instant any conflict occurs, these model’s then emote themselves completely out of the ether and begin to silently react with all parties involved in the association.

As we can see, (especially during the marriage vows), most societies vision of marriage and home and family extend from Model A. This is the "classical" Mom and Pop model most notably seen within this nation up until the 1960’s, when it was silently replaced by Model B and C. But subconsciously, all people instantly recognize this Model A. This is the model most of Western Civilization was built upon. The one that actually, now get this: respected and venerated fatherhood.

Model B, and C are the more dangerous models that come into play upon any conflict. As you can see, again; Model B is the "new" feminist model. It is the ‘visceral’ model that "sounds right", "fair", and "equal." It is not. In fact, the Krell Machine depends on this Model to destroy men; transfer their wealth; and control both they and the complete society through the power and wealth accrued from this disingenuous model. This is the model of Homer Simpson, Ted Bundy, of Ellen Degeneris, and Rosie and Oprah.

What we immediately note in Model A is that the State, acting as Parens Patriae, is subordinate to the family. Again, from State v. Richardson we see why:

"[The Father owns the child because] [t]his power of the father is, however, regarded as a trust, confided to him by the law, upon the presumption that the natural affection of the parent will ensure its faithful execution. He is in truth, the guardian by nature of his child…The discretion to be exercised is not an arbitrary one, but, in the absence of any positive disqualification of the father for the proper discharge of his parental duties, he had, as it seems to us, a paramount right to the custody of his infant child, which no court is to disregard. And while we are bound also to regard the permanent interests and welfare of the child, it is to be presumed that its interests and welfare will be best promoted by continuing that guardianship which the law has provided, until it is made plainly to appear that the father is no longer worthy of the trust. People v. Mercein, 25 Wend. 72.

…[T]he surrendering of these ties will always be approached by the courts with great caution, and with deep sense of responsibility.

[State v. Richardson, Id. (a.k.a. Herrick v. Richardson)].

In other words, society clearly recognized that under Model A, it assigned a CEO…a "president" of the family if you will, which was best exemplified through Fatherhood. This was the price for "sexual regulation" and "order" within society. Impose this Model A upon society, and suddenly, a nation of Police, Prisons, Counselors, Psychologists…etc….suddenly "stop" without any other government programs or intrusions being required. Why?

Go back to Chapter Six, and look at the "Four Box" teleology that Milton and Rose Friedman demonstrated. Model A is Box I: wealth accrued and controlled by the individual and individual family. This is the key of the whole Krell Monolith. Feminists, Socialists, and Communists not only hate Model A, they are instantly destroyed by it. This is why they cannot let Model A survive or procreate. Government, Feminists, Socialists, and Communists will always insist only on Model B-C. Place Fathers back into the home as the natural guardian that State v. Richardson addresses and suddenly you eradicate the Krell Welfare Machine.

As we can see by Richardson quoted above, with the Father as the CEO/President of the Family, his rights are supreme over that of government. The Doctrine of Parens Patriae (state as the ultimate parent) is subordinate to his will. As long as he obeys the law, and protects his family, he is in the Friedman’s Box I. His wealth stays with them, and is transferred to his children upon his death! This model (even today, as it is under direct and sustained attack) is the most beneficial, secured, profitable, and healthy environment for men, women and children. It has the lowest social pathology rates, divorce rates, and failure rates, and it is the one that accrues the most personal wealth..

Conversely, Model B and C, suddenly we significantly note that the STATE is now "the ultimate parent." (You are in Friedman’s Box IV—Someone Else, Spending Your Money). It now controls and says whether you hit your children; whether you have a clean home or kitchen and can keep them; whether you are teaching them the right things (you can teach them communism or how to be a Muslim—but you cannot teach them either the fundamentalist principles of the Bible or Constitution). Now, all families doesn’t own their children, because their father doesn’t own the children. He’s been replaced by the state! Now, the state is the father.

If any occurrence transpires within the home, under Model B-C, you now have a swarm of "experts" and "protectors" descending upon it to destroy the father, and to harvest the wealth, that formally was guaranteed to the child, which now goes to "experts", lawyers, psychologists, courts, Judges, and government empires. (The Krell Machine). This is why the Feminists and courts have opened up the home to harvest it, and "redefine" the level of abuse to mere fraud, where any mere allegation, or supposition of "abuse" (or even non-abuse, just supposition alone) now destroys the home and family.

Again, where Model A contains strengthened families, with pristine, dutiful and moral wives and women binding themselves faithfully to their man; under Model B and C we have raised generationally "inferior products" of immoral and deceitful women, and children, all whom have been raised under the feminist tutelage of "abuse" and "entitlements." Of course, the concurrent and exponential failure rates of Model B and C are well marketed by the waiting Krell Welfare Machine:




This is the machine. This is the operations which provide it with power, personnel, corruption, and secrecy. Now, we dissect how Model B and C empower this machine.

As noted above, Model B and C are powered by the visceral and base general proposition of "fairness", that where you had the structure of Patriarchy defining the roles of the family members of Model A; Model B and C through the Promise of the Forbidden Planet now impose the pop-psychology that allowing the First Law of Matriarchy of sexual deregulation and deconstruction of Fatherhood, that now through entitlements, and the power of the Krell Welfare Machine, two people can own "equally" their own children.

Of course this is a lie, and it not only unrealistic—it is never allowed under law. It’s a pure feminist invention. In law, there must be at least 51% ownership in all property. Where government, banking, corporate law, international law…actually the complete aegis of law requires this foundational principal…it is only in the mythological realm of Feminist Jurisprudence through family law that now allows pure 50-50% ownership and custody of children.

Well, it doesn’t work in government and other institutions, and it most certainly hasn’t worked in family law. The only thing powering this is the brutal force and fraud of the Krell Welfare Machine, and the courts and government principles and terrorism supporting it. This was addressed by Lord Coke in the begging of Chapter 2, and is further proven by maxim:

Duo non possunt in solido unam rem possidere. "Two cannot possess one thing in its entirety." Blacks Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, pg. 502

Cum legitimae nuptiae factae sunt, patrem liberi sequuntur. "Children born under a legitimate marriage follow the condition of the father."

Somebody owns our children. Who is it? Who is the ultimate authority over our children? Who is that final person who says that the child gets the appendix operation? Or that experimental treatment for a rare cancer? Nobody wants to address this foundational question and the Father’s Rights community is in complete dread of even answering it. The Bible, our law, Western Civilization, State v. Richardson, and even the California Civil Code section 7004(a) up until 1993 answered it…(they all pointed to the Father)...but fathers are terrorized and shell shocked from even attempting the answer. But you better believe, "somebody" owns our children. If the Father does not assume that natural responsibility he is blessed with, the state and Krell Welfare Machine will.

"Each child belongs to the state."

- William H. Seawell, professor of education at the University of Virginia

This has been the conclusive dictum by the Krell Machine as documented in this book. Father’s are hated, because the Father’s station is mandated by both God and law to own, protect and defend his home, his property, his family and children. The Krell Machine and those feminists implementing it silently against us; are Fatherhood’s natural enemies, and as noted previously, the Matriarchal archetype and Patriarchal archetype cannot exist in the same country. Only one will survive in this country (or any country). Carl Marx recognized this, as did Plutarch, all the way up to Milton Friedman and beyond. Presently, Father’s whom are attempting to be fair and "share" their children under Model B (and C), are instantaneously empowering the state (as a silent partner) as Parens Patriae and enjoining with the Matriarchal model. (They are giving up Fatherhood to the inferior and subordinate state). In fact, through Model B (and C), we can see he has been replaced. He is now subordinate to the state, as well as the Mother and Child! (Complete reversal of roles!) He is in fact, only a slave. The Mother and child by default unknowingly have the inferior state as the family, and their success rate is severely constrained, if not doomed. (Appendix C factually demonstrates this). Model B and C has been this nations greatest disaster, eclipsing all others.

Under the American form of governance, the state and all its ancillaries and employees are public servants to we state citizens. We are in charge of them. Not visa versa. As our public servants, and in accordance with Richardson, the servant is bound not to steal or misappropriate the property of the Master (the Father).

"Thus far, nothing has been said with regard to the custody of servants. It is a well-known doctrine of the criminal law, that a servant who criminally converts property of his master intrusted to him and in his custody as servant, is guilty of theft, because he is deemed to have taken the property from his master's possession. This is equivalent to saying that a servant, having the custody of his master's property as servant, has not possession of that property, and it is so stated in the Year Books." (Y.B. 13 Ed. IV, 9, 10, pl. 5; 21 Hen. VII. 14, pl. 21; Cf. 3 Hen. VII. 12, pl. 9; Steph. Crim. Law, Art. 297, and App., not xvii.)

Every Father thusly forced into the unconscionable contract which totally disavows fatherhood and allows no rights to him except slave to his own property (which he cannot be held in slavery over his own property) is being overtly defrauded by his public servant. This means that the Krell Machine and those inhabiting it, are in fact, nothing less than cheap and immoral criminals.

Now, Feminists within the Machine will overtly lie, and errantly state that Model A is suppressing women, it is entrapping them (in a ‘comfortable’ slavery as they have described it). They are lying.

Because as women, who don't really count in patriarchal society, we remain a little closer to our true nature than the men who have been charged with setting the standards and with enforcing the values of patriarchy. And the primary value of patriarchy is production. The work ethic. Control and domination. (I'm talking patriarchy here, not blaming men. Patriarchy is simply a word describing the culture we live in which has as one of it's primary characteristics that men are valued over women.)

What Do Women Really Want ?

by Dr. Deborah Taj Anapol, Ph.D.,

Factually, again, if you cogently and not viscerally look at Model A, you can see the genius of it’s revolution and a complete contradiction to the Feminists assertion that Model A is endemic to slavery. If "women didn’t count in society"—as declared above, then why would men (as depicted in Model A) join with them, as one person before God and under law, to keep, hold, care, protect and love? Think of this construct—what would you keep joined to you as one, which you found worthless? Which you hated? Which you found subferior?? Who would chain themselves to a slave?!? Any person thus doing so, would be making the inherent statement that they in fact, hated themselves, that in fact, they thought so less of themselves as to join as one with something that was "worthless."

Of course, again, this is an overt lie. Model B and C feed off of the continuing perversion of this sustained lie. In fact, the most revolutionary statement of this book, is that under Model A, Father’s in fact, do love their children; that in fact, they do need to protect and guard them; that the Mother and Father, joined as one, with the inherent leader and protector of which God and law has clearly pointed to as the guardian, is the most irrepressible force for protecting the family than any other entity in human civilization ever could. Men actually love the women they choose. We can see this by the fact, that under Model A, women wanted (and still want) to join with men as one—to find their soul-mate; to join as one, and to procreate and to the terrible scourge of "doing good work" as 1st Timothy notes above.

How terrible! How oppressive. What indomitable abuse levied upon our poor defenseless young females!

Again, the real truth is, that Patriarchy not only needs women, it beseeches women to not just join, but become one—an integral part of the society to assume their natural duties as dutiful wives and mothers—something again; perversely hated by Hillary and her Krell Welfare Machine. That part, of women has been very much destroyed by the present system, and that loss has been insurmountable. [Even so, Patriarchy allowed women separate to this upon their own choice, the condition of femme sole: or the modern independent feminist woman.] Again, if Susan Smith, Amy Fisher or Loreana Bobbit had been brought up under Patriarchal tutelage, perhaps they would be happily assuming their duties under "a comfortable slavery"—instead of being discounted as they are under their present self-imposed "First Law of Matriarchy/constant state of anarchy" free feminist enslavement model they now find themselves in. I make the case that it is irrefutable, that under feminism that women don’t count. Under Patriarchy, they are a valued and esteemed part of the society, and have instant recognition, and an eternal place within our society.

Indeed, this Model A, assumes concomitant and well-defined duties both men and women as separate parents, each containing seminal and disparate abilities, of which in each or different, but joined as one in insurmountable in its design, beauty and efficiency; to both protect and defend their own progeny, who are labeled, under law as "unemancipated minors." Clearly, we see the government cannot protect our children, as the horror stories of Foster care and court neglect is legion in the time of man. No. When you place Fatherhood in charge of the family, and combine man and woman as one suddenly you get as close as possible to true 50-50 distribution of power, because, under Model A, both man and women have to join and intimately depend on each other. It is a closed "zero-sum game" system. You cannot go outside this system, otherwise it breaks down. In Model A, the greatest success is ensured as everyone works together. Mankind knew this and for 5,000 years, it created a prodigious, advanced Western Civilization, that would not have existed, had not Patriarchy been invented.

Again, Patriarchy, can find no replacement for either the Father or the mother.

Under Model B-C, the Krell Machine under the fraud of "equality" of the partners (where the state now determines and arbitrates everything), it is a mythical "open" (infinite) game system. This system can and does find replacement for both the Father and the Mother. Now, again; upon any conflict, either the children (who legally are factually emancipated having full legal rights) or the Female, can run to government and the host of "experts" and "programs" the Krell Machine can invent. Under this system, both partners are always "equal" and wary of each other, as any pre-emptive strike can totally destroy the losing partner. (They are not working together. The state is inducing failure). Under this system, the parents are "equal"—and either can replace the other. No male or female is valued within this system—has better or worse abilities of parenting--even gays are acceptable for the upbringing of children. Indeed…if need be, if carried to the extreme, an intelligent machine carries this same weight and value as against parents, and will be allowed to bring up and heuristically "care" for children in the future…under the Krell Welfare Machine "Village" model.

This "Brave New World" insanity, has fractionalized the family into competing groups. Children in fact, are inculcated by government to turn their own parents in for any infraction. "Counselors" and "Hotlines" are available 24 hours a day and through the leviathan of the Krell Welfare Machine (police, doctors, dentists, psychologist, teachers, nurses)—anyone can turn in any one else for any mere suspicion or allegation of abuse. This strain has in fact, taken Model A’s divorce rate of approximately anywhere from 3% to the astounding figures of 50, 63 and 75% divorce rates!!! (Or higher) within Model’s B and C.

So looking empirically at the systems, anyone one would pick Model A. However, in accordance with GIGO (discussed earlier in Chapter XX), the Krell Machine and it courts continually, willfully and cogently choose the higher failure rate Models B-C. They want this garbage.

Now, know that Model B, in fact, in "reality"—doesn’t exist. It is really the model expounded by all equity feminists in this nation. But it only exists in discussion. It is ethereal. Not of this world—totally Krell. It is in fact, a virtual myth.

As Vert Vergon notes, that any time a father brings any issue into the court, he is instantly destroyed. "The Judge will always get it wrong." Vert tells us. Again, he is correct. Model C is the true model that exists. When the court (or CPS or any government entity) raises it’s ugly head, it enforces this model which is the real reality competing with Model A. Model C, is a fraud, because it only allows the failure of the Father, and it intends to destroy as and drain as much as it can from the two-parent family. Model C does in fact, harvest the family, for profit, which again; creates the Krell Welfare Machine shown above.

This charge pump, creates the Single Female Headed Household, which in turn cascades the Krell Welfare Machine and initializes it into action. Just as Mr. Von Hayek noted above. Once started, those within the machine can depend on the instant to long term social pathologies which will accrue from the "railroad tracks" of sexual anarchy, sexual disease, childhood crime, and illegitimacy. These intentionally seeded Matriarchal pathologies, now empower the courts, police, prisons, counselors and a host of other opportunistic agencies and "experts." This in turn cascades once again, pushing up tax rates and our virtual National Debt—which is the power source for his madness. (Remember in the Movie: "Ten, times, ten, times ten each preceding meter…power raised almost to the level of infinity!") This of course creates the "Welfare Funding" which creates the panorama of social programs, grants and trust funds…all allowing the SFHH to again, access the ancient Id of Matriarchy, and allow her to make any "dream" possible, and create it out of thin air….all powered, sustained, and backed by the machine.

Of course if you look below, you can see what the machine is feeding off of: Fatherhood, Self-Sufficiency, Marriage, Stability, Sexual Regulation, Individualism, Childhood Success, Savings, etc., etc… Silently, invisibly, exactly as in the movie Forbidden Planet—these things are silently attacked and destroyed. Murdered.

What impact has this had? Well destruction, but more importantly, it is a single-blind proof between the two disparate systems of Matriarchy (Socialism) and Patriarchy (Capitalism-Free American Government).

When I developed this chart depicting the Krell Welfare Machine, again; it silently and secretly was telling me and reaffirming exactly as a proof of what I was saying in this book. Inadvertently, I dropped the chart on the ground, and it fell upside down on the floor—to which I instantly recognized what it was telling me:



What do we see here? Upside down, suddenly we are looking at the foundational American form of governance. Wow. Turn it upside down again—what are you looking at? The Socialist/Communist form of governance (anti-patriarchy).

This Anti-Patriarchal form of governance, needs a fifth column to exist. It needs a large police force to put fear into its citizens and coerce, and enforce it’s external burden of laws which sustain it. The Free Form of Patriarchal American government does not need large police and prison systems, because it depends on the individual to uphold their position in the structure of ordered society that Patriarchy has assigned them. Large prison systems of which we now have in this nation, were never the invention of Western Civilization, again a further proof we have been totally subverted and running under the feminist/communist/socialist form of government, all the while pretending to be free-American. Again, another empirical proof that demonstrates this is the "Incarceration Rates for Selected Nations" chart in Chapter 19. Again, it is Krell, as it is silently and invisibly showing the form of government we really have become. Look at the chart. All our "free" Western Civilized allies are at the bottom of the chart with low prison populations, whereas, we now supersede all nations on earth with a modern Krell prison system that leads all other oppressive and totalitarian and communist regimes on earth! Whether we are an American society or not, the Krell Machine has clearly turned the form of government now inhabiting our society into our enemy…because it is leading all others against us, hunting us, as fodder for the Krell Welfare Machine.

The French intellect, author and researcher Michael Focault recognized this, when he said "Large gulag prison systems were never he invention of Western civilized society. They are the sole invention of the 1920’s Soviet, Stalinist Russia." Well, now they are the Krell Welfare Machine’s daily bread, as we now have a gulag prison system hunting all of us, for profit. And it will have its product of innocent men, invented into criminals by the mere stroke of pens of local DA’s, Judges, Legislators and others within the "Village" system. Again, remember the movie: most of the people being killed by the "monster of the ancient Id" had no comprehension what was killing them…just like the magnificent Krell themselves.

"The perception in the West that Socialism is a ‘more fair and just system’, that it is even worth salvaging to become part of a ‘Third Way’, is also a manufactured reality. When evidence started to leak out of the Soviet Union that socialism was producing social inequality, slave labour and brutality, the Western media manufactured the idea that the problem was ‘Stalinism’, not Socialism. That too was a lie. The rot had set in long before Stalin, in the days of Lenin himself. As the documentary series ‘The Spirit of Freedom’ (SBS TV 1995) showed, the Gulag Archepeligo slave labour camps began in Lenin’s time, well before Stalin. In 1918 there were 3, by 1920 there were 8, by 1922 there were 56, and by 1923 the year before Lenin's death there were 65 slave labour camps in the USSR. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn pointed out in his essay ‘The West’s Betrayal of Civilisation’ (1976), slave labour was not a distortion of the Socialist ideal, it was part of the programme."

by Graham L. Strachan, © 1998,]

The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to
burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments.
William H. Borah

We are now in the midst of realizing this perverse system, effectuated under the guise and the authority of the Feminist mindset within the safety of the virtual reality of the Krell Welfare Machine.


Know an enemy when you see it.

It is amazing to me, to what extent that the national public will go into a national fervor for a mere 5,000 persons murdered by terrorists on September 11, 2001 in New York City’s two World Trade Center towers, when every year we have on the order of two complete World Trade Center’s disaster’s of Father’s committing suicide, directly due to this Krell Welfare system EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!!! Five thousand innocent men and women get murdered by an enemy deserves a war. But Eleven thousand fathers gets silence.

Yet, Eleven thousand true and just American men, (a substantial portion who served and defended this nation honorably as veterans), who are thrown away, and forced and bludgeoned into suicide, do not deserve outright silence. But the nation does nothing. It allows people of darkness to feed off of their own citizens, to enslave them, to disenfranchise them and destroy and murder them whose only crime is that of being a Father, and through the Krell system merely invented into a criminal for profit. And many other citizens, cower and remain silent and mulct in the light of this crime against Fathers, and thereby, the fund and empower this perversion by default. If many of these men driven into suicide by the present system were allowed to just assume there proper roles of fathers—and control their own lives (in Milton Friedman’s Box I as noted in Chapter 6), they would never be cannibalized by this unjust system that hunts them with a vengeance, which even foreign terrorists or murders don’t deserve nor get, and they would be alive today.

Foreign terrorists and murderer’s can get drivers licenses; they can obtain pilot’s licenses, professional certifications; they can have bank accounts; get jobs; happily attend universities and private courses; freely travel unabated or undisturbed throughout the breath of this nation….yet fathers… are destroyed, hunted, disenfranchised, enslaved, falsely accused and imprisoned, enslaved, beaten, brutalized, and denied all rights—even murdered—a for merely being in the condition of Fatherhood. A murderer only gets one penalty assessed against him under law….a Father, however…receives almost 100 penalties for a "crime" he may not have even committed. [Note Chapter Ten and the sixty delineated "short list" of injustices and penalties unjustly imposed upon Fatherhood.] Law only requires one penalty for one crime. Why so many?

Because it is Krell. It is our sworn enemy, and we as a nation don’t yet see that.

We must recognize that no real man would pay child support to fund this enemy. No man would pay money, to have his rights obliterated, to be enslaved, and denied all rights. No true man would fund his own destruction. No "crime" in human history carries the penalties of "Fatherhood."

Yet paying "Child Support" only does in fact, empower this machine to hunt others. It is an authorization from us as Fathers, to our domestic enemies within the Krell Welfare Machine to undermine our fundamental rights, to directly intrude upon our homes upon any fantasy, and to usurp and replace our vested positions in our own homes and castles, with "something else" that comes without warrants in the night, that seizes our own children upon pretended and manufactured "offenses" allegations and charges. Again, note 1st Timothy above: if we fund this perversion which directly intrudes to our rights as Fathers in our own homes and Castles, and we can neither control our own homes, children, women or family…what can we control? How we control the house and Church of America? More importantly, how do we control our government?

Factually, we can’t. For if you don’t control what happens in your own living room, there is no possibility you will control what happens in the forests of Oregon, or the Oceans of Alaska, or the bustling streets of New York, or the quiet and hidden sanctuaries of our State and Federal Capitals.

This is the present state of Fatherhood. And exactly as the Krell Machine intimates—it demands our fealty—and father’s obediently submit, "willingly." This can happen no longer.

Would the Black’s of the late 1950 and early 1960’s fund their own civil rights destruction of that era? No! And once they turned and faced that challenge and refused obedience to it—they were set free. Yet Fathers, under some virtual mythology created by the Krell Machine that destroying ones self for their own children is "good"—it isn’t. The facts are replete on this matter. Children can no longer take being "saved" by Ms. Clinton and her feminist cabal. They are no longer just destroying themselves, the system itself is helping to annihilate them. No true Father would allow his future progeny to inherent this system. But this is a bleak future we are leaving them. Our cowardice is allowing the Krell Machine to expand exponentially.

Father’s must start educating themselves and outright attacking this system, both overtly and covertly. We must insist that no person within the present feminist Krell Welfare Machine come from either "abused" or feminist backgrounds. Presently we have a massive coterie of individuals of this cancerous ilk that infest our institutions of government as a domestic enemy. They are so diseased and openly biased, that only their Krell logic, biases and prejudices are protracted within the Krell system as "public policy." We can no longer allow these people either subsidy, nor the power of our government. They not only must be purged, but eradicated from the aegis of government in order to eradicate that perverse mindset from those institutions.

We must also, expunge all public funding from the Feminist national institutions. This means all "organizations" and "Community Groups." Again, these people are of one feminist mindset and where is where the bulk of the Feminist Hive exist.

Many within the Father’s Rights community are salivating at "public funding" which is now slowly trickling into our cause. We must admonish those who would dip into that power source—as it is Krell. Soon, those organizations will along with the extreme feminists, be "eternally managing the problem" of which there is no name. Donna Laframboise of the National Post has somewhat documented this new Feminazi mindset:

But a growing chorus of critics say the highly politicized character of many facilities means that the clients' needs take second place to the agenda of the people in charge. In some cases, the critics say, these services are being run by zealots concerned with dogma who are overtly hostile to men, male children, and heterosexual relationships.

``I can't say what it's like now; I've kept my distance,'' says Madelyn Iler, a former shelter worker in Kingston, Ontario. ``But in my experience, there was a very militant political agenda that came first. The interests of the client were way down there.''

… In 1993, a victim of an attempted abduction complained to the media that staffers at the Hamilton rape crisis centre were anti-police and anti-male. ``They strongly discourage trust and respect in the police and there is no desire to help a woman continue dealing with men, not even her partner,'' said the woman, who questioned the propriety of counselors expressing ``such strong opinions'' to vulnerable people.

…In 1994, the women's shelter in Kingston, Ontario, was in an uproar. After three damning reviews in as many years, the Ontario government withdrew $180,000 in annual funding designated for counselling and employment programs, and put the shelter on notice that another $314,000 for general services was in jeopardy if changes were not made.

A letter signed by ten shelter staffers, including Madelyn Iler, alleged that ``the workplace [was] used to further extreme militant feminist philosophy'' and that lesbian employees received preferential treatment while heterosexual ones were told not to ``discuss their wedding plans or their wedding days with their co-workers.''

Also in 1994, the atmosphere at Nelson House, a Nepean, Ontario, battered women's shelter, became so acrimonious that police were called in after a staffer tried to prevent the chair of the board from entering the building. Residents witnessed some pushing and shoving.

An independent consultant reported ``numerous incidents of yelling, put-downs [and] disrespect for differences of viewpoints'' among staffers. A second report noted that while the primary purpose of such a facility should be to help victimized women, Nelson's mission statement ``begins and ends with an emphasis on striving to fulfill the needs of staff and protecting the `personal power' of staff.''

By late 1996, two factions at Nelson House were asking a judge to decide who was in charge, and for a time it was shut down.

Meanwhile, Ottawa's Interval House shelter was also in trouble. A 1994 report concluded that that facility was so dysfunctional it should be closed down. In 1995, police were called after a staffer accused a director of assaulting her. One woman was charged with assault while a stalking charge was laid against another. In June 1995, the board resigned.

The following January, the entire staff was fired.

In Toronto, Shirley Samaroo House -- meant to help immigrant women -- collapsed in 1994. Resignations, mediators, and concern from provincial funders were elements there too, as racial squabbles, intolerance, and extremism tore the shelter apart.

[Battered shelters: Criminal charges, mismanagement, infighting and sexual politics have left many women's shelters as bruised as the people they serve (Part 1 of 3) by Donna Laframboise, National Post, 14 November 1998, p. B1 (© 1998 Southam Newspapers Inc.)]

So those entreating these funds which are becoming more and more readily available to many (some very deserving) Father’s Rights Organizations: know that those organizations have sold out in accepting these "grants" or "entitlements" and are in fact, investing in failure and the undermining of our cause as Fathers. We must remove total funding from this equation—and starve these Krell "groups", "organizations" and "community organizations" that are eternally "helping" us and "saving our children." They are doing no such thing. The Krell Machine shows exactly what they are doing and as the bible says: you will know them by their acts. We must no longer allow either Mothers or Fathers to be extorted or burdened with having to suffer the removal of their children from their lives. If a mother or father obtains custody upon divorce or separation; he who accrues the benefit, must assume the burden. Again, support this reasonable and just maxim of law, and suddenly, divorce will plummet, and marriage will once again become a vested institution.

Now, am I asking and demanding that father’s destroy themselves in order to stand up and face this corrupt Krell Machine?

The simple answer is yes.

As shocking as that sounds, we must consider this. Nobody else will eradicate this enemy within our nation. There is no judge which will either adhere to law or reason. Butte County District Attorney Investigator II Brad Runt informed us of that fact. The legion of Fathers who have entered and "trusted" our present court systems and entered them in good faith and submitted law to these courts have been destroyed and annihilated. Why are we supporting, and allowing courts which only hand fathers a "no-win-scenario" and which deny law, palpable motions, injunctions, and even the Habeas Corpus itself? Your silence is complicity. Your acquiescence allows treason to be committed within our government and courts under the guise of normalcy. Lending any support or even direct silence to these bastards is validating there existence, when in fact, we should be excoriating and eradicating them from our existence. Again, know an enemy when you see it.

We must not allow the infestation of the Feminist Hive within our schools and universities, and must radically expunge them from this nations experience. Modern feminism is in its final death-throw’s and like the stoic veterinarian, when it knows something is living when it shouldn’t—we must have the courage to euthanize this criminal, this diseased and perverse element of our society. This will effectively cleans our schools—which is one reason why children and even many adults have no higher cognitive abilities, and think viscerally instead of empirically. Many within our society have no choice, and like the Trogladites of H.G. Wells time machine, they unwittingly enslave themselves to the caves and darkness of which Feminism propagates within our learning institutions. Presently, both the Gay and Lesbian and multiculturalist teachings has created an upside down reversal of logic and morality within our schools systems; where being gay and fisting are right, and where motherhood and fatherhood are wrong and evils to be shunned or not obeyed. This infestation has created generations of "Attention Deficit Disorder" and Ritalin bound children which do not have the cogency nor fundamental capabilities to either understand or handle a free society. such as which Jefferson mandated for this nation.

The Krell want this, as a dull and morose society is much easier to fool and control as one which is informed and educated. For the past 40 years—feminists have overtly undermined these institutions—and we must completely erase them from that existence. In order to have an advanced society you need sexual regulation. In order to have a free society, you need an informed society. The Feminist infestation of the institutions of learning completely block that ability.

Those within the Krell Machine must be constantly hunted, exposed, and never allowed again to hold any position of the public trust. We must not only do this in order to strike fear within these people, we must also do it to strike fear into future generations of tyrants and their drones whom stolidly mumble that they are ‘only doing their jobs.’ Such a fetid utterance must carry with it instant dismissal within our free society.

Again, those person’s of light, now within the system, police, firemen, counselor’s, court clerks, secretaries—must rise above and be counted, and place themselves into harms way. When entreated to act against a Father without probable cause—the secretary must refuse to type or assist in any way with the transmission of the criminal Krell intent against fatherhood. If any police officer is instructed to arrest without warrant or probable cause—he must flatly not only refuse, but place and file a complaint and report against his supervisor. When any clerk or administrator is asked to "go fill out your quota"—that agent must adamantly refuse, and again, file a report, record the crime and disseminate it to the media.

Those within the media, must also be hunted and exposed for what crimes they have allowed against us. Like Rodney from CBS news who refused to acknowledge fatherhood—even though he clearly was involved with the fulmination and support of feminist causes throughout this medium—we must insist that advertisers do not support Corporations such as CBS and others that embrace the leprous people supporting the diseased institution of Feminism. Again, those clearly Krell, must be attacked, taken to prison, sued in court, and placed in legal and criminal jeopardy.

Judges, Legislators, and other public servants, as well as those in private opportunistic support industries of the Krell Empire, must lose their property, and rights. It is they that must be civilly murdered and disenfranchised. All those within the Village must learn, that they cannot overthrow not only the bond, but the station of Fatherhood. As that wealth is the fountainhead of all our individual freedoms.

Know, that we must reluctantly take over the system. I know this is a sore point with many people who see the destruction and havoc this system has committed against this nation as a planned conflagration. However; we must train our neighbor’s, son’s and daughters; those within our community, to become hired and infiltrate the Krell Machine and dismantle it from within. "Normal" people, do not want these jobs—as again, you must have a sick personality in which to constantly market and harvest human tragedy and misfortune. However; these sick and twisted individuals are now teaming throughout our institutions.

We must also collectivize. Those "within" our system must be placed on the fast track, be empowered with both money and position. Those who are not of our system—must be denigrated and kept back—if not outright terminated. Again, we are involved in war, and if we do not win this war, we will neither control our children or our property. Government will.

Those within the Krell machine propagate the myth that we cannot win. That our side, does not use the substantive form and system of our government, such as voting and the courts as well as "writing your representative" because we do not have the backing of either the moral or the critical mass majority. In fact, the exact this is the truth of the matter. We do have both morality and sustain the will of the mass majority of both the mainstream public and many fundamental minorities. It is only the doctrines of the lunatic fringe of Feminism which propagates within the our corridor’s of government—not because they are right, nor can win elections; but rather, because they have corrupted, infested and undermined our systems of government. For instance, they insists that "Abortion terrorist are doing this because they can't win at the ballot box." That those like the Army of God anti-abortionists petulantly and illegally murder Doctors and others supporting abortion, because they can’t win in court or in any election.

Hell! All systems of redress have collapsed! We are speaking of corruption’s throughout or society which are no longer whispered as a "vast right-wing conspiracy" but factually have elected our current President! We have courts which insolently disregard the Habeas Corpus, our most sacred legal document and vested right of all free peoples. We have officers insolently throwing flags into the trash and openly desecrating it, without fear of reprisal. We have judges, congressmen even President’s openly violating law, and scoffing about any accountability, not adhering to even the most base principles of either etiquette, honor or morality…Presently, the ‘system’ they have devised consists of those in power, voting themselves back into power. They disenfranchise fatherhood, in order that they might propagate their species with a death grip. It is Krell Machinery in succinct control of the socio-economic, political and even religious factions of this society. Those who "dare" raise their heads above the crowd, get it lopped off—sadistically.

Clearly, these Krell miscreants make this assumption because they fully comprehend that we have not only have had one branch of government fail—but all three have collapsed, right in the light of day! Directly due to their intervention. And they beseech us into this failure, of their systems of groomed corruption?

No. No more.

We also must completely take the word "abuse" away from the Feminists. We must bring back American law, and not allow false allegations to carry any weight within any court of America. Too many harms and false abuse charges and imprisonment’s have transpired. Again, these present ABA controlled court systems have created allot of ‘bad karma’ of which we again; cannot ever forget. There must be an accounting for those transgressions against innocent men, who by a mere whisper of "he said, she said" falsely were placed into imprisonment.

The threshold critique of what actually consists as "abuse" must be raised. Presently, the feminists have lowered that standard to such a point as to be frivolous and meaningless. "Everything" is abuse now—and this is unacceptable for an advanced, law abiding society.

Do I ask Fathers enter the present corrupt court systems, and fight them, even though they are a fraud? Yes. Confront, and expose the enemy, let them effect and implement their corruption, allow them their cheap win. By mass attack—the system is doomed to collapse upon itself. Then we must never forget their acts against us.

Know, that these people have created many, many, many friends for our side. They have signed their own demise for obtaining their thirty pieces of temporal silver by and from your planned destruction. Many Fathers have survived this base gauntlet and they must neither forget those who did evil to them, as conversely, they cannot forget those who now fight on their behalf. Fathers must support fund Father’s Rights organizations and those that do "good work" in every way as we now are taking power and soon will eclipse all other social revolutions. Father’s who have been falsely accused and damaged must also persistently hunt, harass, and excoriate those individuals who supported and benefited from the Krell Welfare Machine. These people chose to destroy their own citizens, for no crime. They made their bed and must be forced to sleep in it.

Again, from the website noted above:

Why did the Western media persist in calling the social system in the Communist bloc ‘Communism’ instead of Socialism? They did it to manufacture a false reality: to protect the reputation of another form of Socialism which existed in the ‘Democratic Socialism’, socialism by stealth, socialism achieved through the ‘permeation’ of existing political institutions by members of organization such as the Fabian Society, in order to influence the policies adopted by those institutions towards socialism.

Democratic Socialism itself was based on a lie: that Socialism could be implemented peacefully through the ballot box. The implication was that if the voters didn’t like it they could vote it out again. That was a hoax. Since Socialism does not permit private ownership of property, it cannot be ‘democratic’ in the sense of allowing a choice of political Parties. This is not a matter of ideology, but of logistics. It would be impossible to have a two Party system of genuine democracy, for example, under which the state nationalized all property including business when the Socialists were voted into power, then sold it all back to the people again when they were voted out. The intention of Democratic Socialism was (and still is) to be democratic just long enough to gain power. Then it will declare the ‘end of history’ and entrench itself forever, enforcing its politically correct speech and thought on everybody, and being just as tyrannical as its Marxist revolutionary counterparts.

by Graham L. Strachan, © 1998,]

We are now taking over. We have critical mass. We have both law, morality and justice on our side. Plus, we have a superlative product, called "Patriarchy." This great ship is now impossibly turning mid-stream; and there is nothing they can do about it. They are going the way of the dinosaurs—while we are the ascendant, superior prodigy. They cannot and do not see this, as they are too full of themselves to recognize their reality, exactly like the Krell in the movie. We have a duty to study them as archeologists study the dust encrusted bones of an Apatosaurus after their demise.

Finally, we must recognize that the Single Female Headed Household is our enemy. It is this nations enemy. It cannot be controverted that 90% of all SFHH are headed by loving and caring mothers…but this does not dismiss the fact that they are a constant danger to the peace and safety of not only Fatherhood, but society as a whole. But more than that, it is the final 5 or 10% of this group, the ones clearly fulminating the most gross of our social pathologies and crime, that are gestating Monsters from the Ancient Id—beings human civilization has never seen before. Most; generationally tied to the Krell Welfare Machine. Even Murphy Brown needs a house and baby sitter. She needs some outside subsidy or help that eventually destroys what she was attempting to create. Those radical feminist movie stars, such as Jody Foster, Calista Flockhart, must be opposed, protested against, and not supported. We must pro-actively enter our species and people into the midst of this modern Media industry—and again, like government, take it over and undermine it from within. We must contact and boycott those companies supporting them, and we must destroy any marketing or monetary credibility that these women might have. Again, we cannot have a meeting of minds here—these women are undermining Fatherhood, and making Fatherhood meaningless. They are through their altruistic entropy, destroying us. We must return the favor.

"Dr. Nathanson, who has been working with Dr. Young on the project for 15 years, said misandry -- the hatred of men -- is unexplored academic terrain. "I don't even know how to pronounce it," he said during an interview yesterday. "I've never heard the word used." He said the U.S. Library of Congress has three books under the heading of misandry but thousands under misogyny -- the term for hatred of women.

…The brunt of their attack, however, is reserved for television and movies, everything from Home Improvement and Beavis and Butt-Head to Sleeping with the Enemy and Silence of the Lambs. Men are laughed at, denigrated or demonized, receiving treatment that would never be acceptable if directed at women, they say. Dr. Young, a professor of religious studies at McGill, said her research has attracted some hostility from "ideological feminists" who believe women are superior to men. "As we wrote it, we realized it's going against the grain, and therefore it's going to be controversial," she said.

She added that being a tenured professor made it easier for her to take on the controversial topic without fear of harm to her career. Some may be tempted to dismiss the book as another example of academics overly obsessed with popular culture. Its index is peppered with such entries as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gloria Gaynor, Murphy Brown, Sex and the City and The Vagina Monologues. One appendix, titled the Misandric Week on Television, analyzes a week of TV Guide listings for examples of dastardly men. The book is the first of three volumes about misandry the pair will publish with McGill-Queen's. Dr. Young said the issue needs to be explored because it is exacting a social toll. Fed a popular-culture diet of men who are either hapless or downright evil, boys and young men are feeling more alienated, she said. "What group wants to live with constant negative stereotyping?" Even more serious is the gulf such portrayals create between the sexes. "What happens to society when the prevailing world view is dualistic, with one group seen as good and the other as evil?" she asked. In their book, the authors warn such polarization could provoke a backlash. "If men are told over and over again that they are not only brutal subhumans in general but also hostile to women in particular, they are likely to say, 'So be it ...' What goes around, according to the old saying, comes around," they write."

National Post November 14, 2001 Male-bashing could prove 'disastrous,' authors warn New book on misandry by Graeme Hamilton MONTREAL -

We must demand a new generation of Television shows, devoid of Feminism. We must empower and venerate Patriarchy through all extents of our national media. We must turn the tools of propaganda against them, as our survival depends upon it. The survival of both men, and women depend on it.

Finally, we must re-learn what patriarchy is, and not only not fear it, but openly teach it and hand it down to our children. Especially, from men to their sons. We must groom little girls to assume the pristine station of motherhood, and train them to be subservient—and have them know and depend that in the doing, that they will be vested, cared for, loved, and valued in a way that no government, nor feminist programme ever could attempt.

We must inculcate within our men, these long lost ideals, that men are in fact the true protectors of women and children—and not either government or the media which are fallow replacements of the male. Every male is silently combating this present Krell government who through Briffault’s law, now offers women substantive offers to bribe her away from her proper station and into the Krell Welfare Machine that very few men can compete with. We must remove these Krell programs that entice women from their valued station, to a socialist "Village" epiphany.

Like the young women on Oprah who was cognizant that "all men aren’t bad" and said so directly and confronted Gloria Allred; we must groom those women and make them again chaste, obedient, moral and feminine. We must avert the present inferior product of feminism (the modern American woman) and turn her into the ascendant classical American woman. The one which De Touqueville noted in our past that "men viewed as superior." Those women we must place on a pedestal, and put on the fast track of society, and protect and defend them at all costs. This is the higher order of mankind, not the devolved condition of Matriarchy. The aging Matriarch’s of the final dying generation of Radical 3rd wave feminism, must be induced to die out more quickly, and pass into our history as soon as possible, to be studied in universities and law schools.

Also, we must en-masse overthrow the present corruption’s within our courts. We must challenge not only them, but also government Agencies and administrators to uphold Patriarchy. Not just fatherhood—but Patriarchy. Although the two are joined, there is a difference, and we must reinvest ourselves and this society in the protections of that institution. Those public servants and institutions not adhering to those precepts, must be constantly challenged, harassed, worn down, vilified, humiliated, driven into extinction, never to arise again.

Family law must be expunged, and private charities, churches, individual philanthropists and families must take up the institution of caring for our own family members and citizens. Such an entity cannot do the job any worse than the state presently does, but more importantly, they will not be hunting, disenfranchising, imprisoning and transferring wealth from the institution of Fatherhood. And that is the main fulcrum of this whole issue. Father’s must fight to retain both their wealth, and children—and must refuse any and all attempts at any entity removing him from that right. When the Germans of WWII created the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, we never allowed that political construct to rise again. We destroyed it, and criminalized it. The courts, by their overt criminality, have lost the right to either rule or delegate within the home or family. They have lost by their own acts—and we cannot invest them with any ability to care or decide for our children ever again.

Simply put, Father’s once again must become Fathers.

Dr. Morbius in the final scene of the movie, where he finally recognizes that because he accessed the power of the Krell Machine, and upon the insistence of the main hero is told that the invisible creature that now comes through the impenetrable Krell steel door to kill them all, extends only through his mind engorged by the power from the wondrous Krell machine. Suddenly, upon that salient understanding, Dr. Morbius gets up and faces the monster, and says: "I rebuke you! I give you up!!"

In doing so, the Krell monster, simply disappears.

We must in courage, with one solid voice, face Ms. Clinton’s Village, and face the impenetrable Krell Welfare Machine, and exclaim the same, with one intent, one solidly resonating voice. "I rebuke you! I give you up! I demand my son!! I refuse to pay Child Support! You will neither command nor extort from me again!!"

Do that; and this nightmare of this present Krell Machine, will just simply disappear, just like in the movie. You now have; and understand that exact power, and realization. It was embedded within our own station as men and Fathers. It always was there. It is now time we turn, and with great courage rebuke this sick and diseased machine, Father by Father; home by home, and watch it simply disappear.

It will happen that quick.


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