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"If by the mere force of numbers a majority should deprive a minority of any clearly written constitutional right, it might, in a moral point of view, justify revolution—certainly would if such a right were a vital one."

Abraham Lincoln

[First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1861.]



March 17, 1998

Page A01

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio-- Three decades after the dawn of feminism forever changed the American workplace, home and mores, the second wave of the gender revolution is building.

This time it’s men, fighting back against the broad brush of a woman’s movement they complain too often paints all men as behaving badly, all dads as deadbeats, one that has made male a four-letter word. While sexual harassment claims and sniping between the sexes escalate, so do confusion and exasperation. As one Internet site promoting men’s rights moans, "Can’t we all just get alone? Can’t we all just get a date?"

The Million Man March and Promise Keepers mobbing the Mall in Washington were merely the most public recent displays of the new male agitation. Less visibly, it is in commissions of the status of men in several states, in the emerging power of the divorced fathers’ movement after years on the fringes, and in 2 million stay-at-home dads networking to face down the suspicious stares of mothers on playgrounds.

What some are calling "masculinism" is also on scores of Web sites like "," tracking anti-male sexism. And it is here in this faded Midwestern factory town, where in March, young academics in stiff tweed jackets nodded intently as scholars at a conference of the American’s Men’s Studies Association presented papers on the wounds of boyhood...

Le Roy Marshall was at the million man march. He was there and told me that it put Washington DC into total gridlock. He described how men, out of the Blue were just getting up on soapboxes and begin to talk to the crowds, and while the main speakers were proselytizing on the Mall, other smaller sages were speaking to various groups of men everywhere. These small epiphanies occurred on street corners, in restaurants, all across D.C. It wasn’t anarchy, it wasn’t pandemonium—it was just the raw, uncontrolled power of men who came to D.C. to address, real and palpable grievances in which they had no redress or protections from. But they were not a cohesive force, not like the Feminist movement, and they had no main voice. But they were scaring many in Congress and in the Presidency...and many more around the nation...because, they might ask for something and actually get it...

Le Roy is both inspired by the Million Man March and unnerved. "We could have had anything," he said with a conviction that startled me. "Anything!" he continues. "If we had it together, " he lays back remembering, "the boys in Washington were ready! I mean, they were shaking in their boots. They would have given us anything, if only we had asked."

But we didn’t ask. And that is the key here. Men are men, we are individualists, not collectivists, and even when you get a million of them together, they still all feel they can handle it themselves. Men feel and want this. And thereby, it is reasonable to understand why we didn’t want anything, because; we in fact can handle everything by ourselves, and that is the key. Leave us alone!

Presently, upon the continued rise of the Fathers Rights movement, there are underhand deals being made to control this massive grassroots movement, which I always predicted would be the greatest social backlash in mankind (for good reason). Seven years ago when I adumbrated this, all the Feminist, like Trish Wilson, Ashera, Liz and others—laughed at me. Now, they aren’t laughing anymore; they are with very dry mouths, monitoring me. I was once engaged in a conversation on the internet, after I got out of prison with one of these feminists, and I said something (I can’t even remember what the discussion was about)—on the internet to which the feminist and I was arguing with—and she immediately brought out a Newsgroup post that I had presented 3 to 4 years earlier! This absolutely floored me, and; made me smile afterwards for I knew, in she just demonstrating me this, that they had to be monitoring every word I had said for quite sometime. The hive had a secret police that were monitoring me! I mean I defy anyone to talk to a someone randomly and then have them immediately regurgitate something you had written years earlier on some inane newsgroup! I mean, to give the reader some sense of magnitude of this capability of this, there are tens of thousands of Newsgroups, and in these newsgroups, just one subject, like families or fatherhood, or feminism, there are dozens of subgroups. So, by chance, mind you; this woman would have to be at the same place on approximately the same time period, years earlier (within days, as the posts only stay sometimes hours, sometimes depends upon the traffic), and then; she would have to have the technology to keep such an off-hand and obtuse cite by me for up to I think it was about 2 to 3 years prior I had made the remark...and she would have to then keep it, and then—she would have to randomly meet me again; and then instantly retrieve this material. (She retrieved it in less than a minute!)

Could happen.

But in all probability, the Feminist Hive have probably got a secret police, and is monitoring certain persons like me, who are against their predatory agenda. This of course, was called the "Fifth Column" in Nazi Germany, and is used in all totalitarian states. The feminist are well aware of my status in this movement, and they have done articles and hit-pieces on me, in fact, I was told after my last hunger-strike, that indeed, NBC was thinking of doing a story on me, and these hunger-strikes but that it was the feminists who called in a lot of past favors which kept the story from gaining a national prominence. This "Fifth Column" does not exist in the Fathers Rights movement though—because we are too poor--we have zero funding for this type of manpower or technology. As I type this book in 1999 I am doing it on my eight-year-old 486/75, with a 540 Meg. Hard-drive, I have but 13 Megs left on my Hard-drive. I can’t afford either the luxury or time to accomplish such tasks in which so not only labor intensive, but also technology intensive as well. We are speaking of a highly coordinated, well funded "Fifth Column" to pull something like this off, and as such, that can only mean one thing: that they are getting money from government to do these things.

"Even before the movement seizes power, it possesses a secret police, and spy service with branches in various countries. Later its agents receive more money and authority than the regular military intelligence service and are frequently the secret chiefs of embassies and consulates abroad. Its main tasks consist in forming fifth columns, directing the branches of the movement, influencing the domestic policies of the respective countries, and generally preparing for the time when the totalitarian ruler--after overthrow of the government or military victory--can openly feel at home. In other words, the international branches of the secret police are the transmission belts, which constantly transform the ostensibly foreign policy of the totalitarian state into the potentially domestic business of the totalitarian movement.

[The Origins of Totalitarianism, by Hannah Arendt, @1951, 1958; Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc. New York; Library of Cong. Cat. Card No.: 66-22273; pp. 420-421.]

The real reason for this ‘fifth column’ lies within the Million Man March itself. The Fathers Rights movement is like the Elephant with its small Indian trainer. People marvel at how the small trainer, with a tiny stick, can get this great beast to move so many things and to do so much work. Because of its massive size and intelligence, the Elephant should be in control of the trainer, if one thinks first viscerally and not abstractly—yet, paradoxically, there the elephant is, obsequiously obeying his tiny master.

The contemporary Fathers Rights movement is such an elephant, and even then; there is no trainer. We are just wandering right now with irritating ants around us. In comparative terms, the Feminist however; (which presently number approximately 6,000 nation-wide) along with government—are but an ant—irritating this great animal. They both recognize that in a similar facade of the elephant and the small trainer, they have kept the Fathers Rights elephant beguiled and at bay. They know that this elephant is uncomfortable, and that it itches, and it wants to scratch where ever or whatever is bothering it—but it just can’t find the tiny ants.

"We could have had anything." Le Roy reminds us.

Actually, what the Fathers Rights community hasn’t really figured out yet, is that we can do anything. We don’t need the Feminists, or Congress or Washington D.C.—and that is the key. We don’t need them, but they most certainly need us. They presently need us not for our positive influence of what we contribute in our jobs or our families, but we are needed for prisons, and subornation, to become their slaves. Oh sure, they need us to fight their wars. To give them our money. Even with the massive Fathers Rights movement figures which still indicate that they are still the main and primary economic engine of this nation (which is the reason why Government is stealing from them in the first place!) and that they are in fact a Rhino and not the obedient Elephant, ready to move through and destroy anything that irritates it. When this movement recognizes that fact that men are needed to feed this Feminist Krell Welfare Machine, and that the Government cannot feed off of and harvest women to sustain this present alien machine. The whole system and nation would collapse without Fathers complicity in their own destruction. This is why Le Roy and others who were at the Million Man March recognized: that Washington D.C. was shaking in its boots, and why the women can’t foster anything near the Million man marches or the Promise Keepers. The modern Fathers Rights movement is and will be the most powerful sweeping force in this nations history. And I am worried for it.

Presently, there are shill’s (false prophet’s) being groomed within the Fifth Column, men who will be presented as the "Fathers Rights" leaders. They will not be. They will be instruments of Feminism and the against a true Fathers Rights movement. If and when the Fathers Rights movement stops fractionalizing, and coalesces, at that point will spark the largest movement in this nations history—and empires will fall when this reality takes place. The Rhino will be loose.

Compare these two observations from people whom are part of the Feminist Hive rather than part of the solution:

"I recently read a newspaper story in which teenagers, many from affluent neighborhoods in Washington D.C., explained why they sneak out of the house at night to go to parties or to meet with friends. It was clear that in many [of these] cases the children did not take seriously the rules their parents set, or did not think their parents were going to check up on them anyway. As one psychologist explained in the article: "These kids are telling their parents basically, ‘To hell with the rules. I’ll do what I want.’ The parents are feeling too inept or to busy to say no, and want somebody else to fix the problem."

[It Takes a Village, by Hillary Rodham Clinton, p. 160-161.]

Of course Ms. Clinton doesn’t or cannot see that her "Village" feminist party-line that because all women control their own sexuality, and that parents do not spank or discipline their children nor are families required to solve their own problems, that like Hillary and this article, we must go running to the nearest ‘psychologist’ or ‘other expert’ in which to answer our ‘problems.’ She has no idea that she is suffering from the Morbius Complex and cannot see that she herself, along with the Feminist programs and ideologies she supports, as part of the feminist Hive is the problem. Her own anti-father, anti-family feminist practices, policies and procedures are creating these children who scoff at authority, even at their own parents, because the programs the Feminist have put forwards to ‘redesign humanity’ have alienated parents from their children.

Take another similar observation:

"Too many high school kids today don’t see any ramifications to the choices they make. To some, the difference between right and wrong is too narrow, too kind; most don’t bother to look; some don’t recognize it when they step in it. Our children are sleepwalking through adolescence, without a clue. Our children are sleep-walking through adolescence, without a clue. They have no concept of higher being or a common good, and I have to think this some-how flows from the mixed signals we’ve been sending. To a lot of these kids, there is reason not to go out and take a life, or but us a store, or pump one killing substance or another through their veins, because for them, it’s already over. There’s nothing left for them to do but check out and phone it in.

I’ll never forget it when I first made this connection. It trouble me then and it troubles me still. I was making a presentation at a high school in Jackson, Mississippi, back when they were just starting to have some serious gang problems there. For a time....I dressed in uniform for these appearances, and on this occasion my fully Navy garb was nearly enough to impress this one kid in the audience.

Nothing I did made an impression. He rode me all through my talk, and he lingered long after I was through. After my presentation, I stayed behind to visit with a couple of hundred students who wanted to hear more, and this kid still wouldn’t go away.

Finally, we had it out. "You have something to say, you say it," I yelled at him.

"Ooohh," he mocked, pretending to be afraid. "Listen to Mr. Baldy."

"That’s right," I said. "Listen to Mr. Baldy, because what I’ve got to say can keep your ass out of jail."

"Why should I listen to you?" he shot back. Then he hit me again before I could answer: "How much money you got in your pocket?"

"What?" I snapped. It was unusual for a high school kid to challenge me, an Naval officer, in just this way, and I wasn’t sure I heard right.

"You heard me," he repeated. "How much money you got in your pocket?"

Yes, I had heard him but I wasn’t sure how to answer, I wanted to buy myself some time, to think how to play this exchange. The principal and one or two of the teachers went to silence this kid, but I waved them away. If I couldn’t make my point to him, I had not business being up on that stage. I though the best tack was to answer him, see where he was going, and find some way to turn him around.

....I had about forty dollars on me. I reached in my pocket to show the few bills I had left. Then the kid reached into his pocket and pulled out the fattest wad of money I’d ever seen. He had the money rolled up neat and tight, and then he fanned it out for all to see. There was a thousand dollar bill on the outside, hugging hundreds and twenties on the inside. There must have been eight thousand easy

He walked up to the auditorium stage and put the roll on a table, for emphasis. "I got this," he said. Then, he pointed at me. "You got that." He laughed.

You tell me to go to school because it’ll make me money down the road, but I got more money right here than you’ll probably make it in the next five months"

He was right about that, but he was all wrong about everything else. Trouble was, he now had the couple hundred students remaining with him....

He kept at it. "How many bitches you got?" he asked.

Again, I wasn’t sure I’d heard right: "What do you mean how many bitches I got?" Now it was clear where he was going, but I couldn’t seem to redirect him. I worried. The kid was better at his game than I at mine....

"I have a girlfriend," I said.

"Me," he said. "I got more ass than I can pop. I can get it every day." By this point, the other kids were cheering wildly each time this kid put me down.

"How many cars you got?"

At the time I was driving a Toyota MR2, which I though was kind of a nice car, and I told him.

"Me," the kid said, "I got a BMW sittin’ out there, and tomorrow, me and my homies’ are going down to buy a Mercedes." The kid was sixteen years old, a read gang-banger. Like a fool, I let him run his mouth. "So you tell me, Mr. Baldy," he continued, "you tell me why I should listen to you? I got bitches, I got money. I got cars.. If I die tomorrow, I’ve had it all. What difference does it make?"

There, I had my opening. The kid just unlocked the door and held it wide: "If I die tomorrow." "Hold on," I said. "What if you don’t die tomorrow? What happens then? What if The Man locks you up and throws you in jail?" I started ripping into this kid like a [Marine] drill instructor he needed, trying to make up the ground I’d lost. "He’s going to put a two-dollar T-Shirt on your back, and some big dude is gonna’ pull your shorts down as soon as the lights go out. What difference does that make? You tell me what difference it makes."

I had the crowd back after this. But there was no getting through to this kid. "Still don’t make no difference," he said.

[Mountain, Get out of My way—Life Lessons and Learned Truths, by Montel Williams, with Daniel Paisner, ©1996 Warner Books, Inc., 1271 Avenue of the America’s, New York, NY 10020; ISBN 0-446-51907-3; pp. 5-9.]

It is the feminized ‘sages’ such as Ms. Clinton and Montel Williams who present themselves as ‘experts’ who are knee deep and best exemplify their own problems deep within their own Morbius complexes. They are part of the machine of their own making, and they can neither see the problem, nor its solution; but they’ll tell you as much as they can, what to do about it.. Montel has no idea that just the act of him getting up in front of a High School amphitheater to talk to kids about staying in school and discussing with them that they ‘have to’ keep their nose clean in which to succeed in society—is the main problem of this whole thing. It isn’t he, nor the teaches which should be inculcating the mores, values and principles of a society—it is the family. Both Hillary and Montel are part of the problem and not the solution, hell, they are no where even near the solution! But they’ll continue to go in front of auditoriums, they will still incessantly inhabit our public airwave’s, run for office and spew the mainstream feminist party-line all through the wonder or various other ‘experts’ in which clearly, children are abandoning such psychobabble in droves.

As far as this child, whom I don’t know about, nor ever have known about, I’ll bet if Montel does some research; that he’ll find out that this kid is from a broken home, either with no father, or with his father pushed out of the home, just like millions others like him. And Montel’s supplication about ‘stay in school’ is falling upon deaf ears. Many children, can see their fathers trying to do the right thing, yet getting destroyed in the process. Not just destroyed...annihilated...there is a difference. I mean, like myself...I haven’t done the crimes Ms. Clinton’s husband has, yet—he’s the president I’m the supposed criminal!!!! You don’t think that this young gang-banger doesn’t recognize this same thing? Do you think the young females beside him don’t? Listen to another track from Montel’s book:

"I once spoke at a Junior High School outside of Philadelphia where the teenage pregnancy rate was off the charts. There were about seventeen or eighteen pregnancies in that one school, and I sat down with some of the administrators to see what was going on. Quite a few of these girls were victims of sexual abuses at home, and this was tragedy enough, but the real shocker was that in many of these cases, the girls set out to become pregnant. It had become kind of vogue thing in that community for a young girl to be pregnant. They’d look at their friend who was knocked up by her asshole uncle, and see all the attention she was getting and see all wan some of it for themselves. They sure as hell weren’t getting any attention at home or from the school, so why not try it this way?

Before long, some of the girls started targeting the most popular boys ("Oh, Frankie makes such pretty babies," "DeShawn is cool") and comparing notes on their progress. They didn’t have a relationship with Frankie or DeShawn or whoever, but they wanted their babies, and they were pretty calculating about it—poking holes in their boyfriend’s condoms and lying about their periods.

[Mountain, Get out of My way—Life Lessons and Learned Truths, by Montel Williams, with Daniel Paisner, ©1996 Warner Books, Inc., 1271 Avenue of the America’s, New York, NY 10020; ISBN 0-446-51907-3; pp. 147.]

Indeed, I’ll conjecture to say that there was no ‘asshole uncles’ impregnating these girls at this ‘Junior High School’ mind you, and I’ll conjectures that if Montel researches these 18 pregnancies, he’ll find through DNA analysis, exactly who the real fathers are...most probably the girls own male schoolmates. Those fathers will be exactly who the Feminist trained them to be, they most likely all are within the corridors of that same ‘Junior High School’ who through incessant feminist indoctrination, classes and literature; these young girls intentionally got pregnant! Please take note of such openly taught training and indoctrination:


"Where is my daddy? "Do I have a daddy?" "Jennifer says I don’t have a daddy."

"I’ll tell you about your daddy," mother said. "You had a daddy in the beginning. It takes both a mommy and a daddy to make a baby."

"But Jennifer’s daddy lives with her," said Erik. "I’ve never seen my daddy."

"We were very young when you were born. We weren’t ready to get married. But I wanted you very much. I was so happy to have you."

"What about daddy? Didn’t he want me?" Asked Erik.

"your daddy was excited. He came to see you when you were very little. But then, he went away."

"Did he like me?"

"Oh yes!" he was very proud of you," Mother replied.

"Then why did he go away?" Asked Erik?

"Caring for a baby is a big job," said mother. "Your daddy want’ ready fore that."

"Oh," said Erik....

"You might have a different daddy someday. If I get married, the man I marry will be your daddy too."

..."For now, maybe you’d like to spend more time with uncle Bob—and you know grandpa plays with you and loves you."

[Do I Have A Daddy? By Jeanne Warren Lindsay, ©1982, Morning Glory Press, 6595 San Harolo Way, Buean Park, CA 90620 (714) 818-1998, ISBN 0-930934-44-X; p. 9]

Clearly, this training comes directly from and is approved by the Feminist Hive of which Hillary and Montel incessantly, and mindlessly propagate within today’s schools and throughout the media. Here we see the classic underpinning’s of illegitimacy, irresponsible pregnancy being thrown upon only the male, and the female held up into sainthood as the one, ‘nobly’ left behind to raise this poor child, all the while the father (wink-wink) can be easily replaced through mentoring, or an uncle or even a loving Grandpa. This whole feminist indoctrination within our schools is seeding and funding an intentional army within our nations schools, but; it does give Montel a job, it does allow Hillary to make the Krell Welfare Machine run faster and forces it to grow bigger as Hillary’s "Village" expands exponentially through these publicly backed indoctrination’s. Then Montel wonders why he’s presented with the gang-banging animal, who—‘just might’ have realized that he really doesn’t have a guaranteed future even if he keeps his nose clean, just like I don’t have a future, as well as Christopher Robin who doesn’t have a future, as well as Le Roy Marshall, and millions of others ‘who kept their nose clean’ and were annihilated by the Krell Welfare machine regardless. A nation of Fathers have been magically invented into criminals in which to feed Hillary’s Krell Welfare Machine—and none of them, in which I have met, to a man, has ever been a criminal. Like the blue collar Father who was a construction worker told me "We have steak in the summer, beans in the winter." as he sat next to me not comprehending, why he was imprisoned ‘for beans in the winter’. I knew, as well as this gang-banger who also probably knows—he was there because an organized crime syndicate needed his money. Like the young dishwasher who I also met in prison, who was equally stymied that he owned $43,000—when he couldn’t even spell the amount. I doubt that throughout his life he’d even accumulated such a sum of money. Yet, he owed it, and he was sitting in jail whilst these extortion amounts grew even higher while imprisoned, unable ever to pay them. Like Bob Labdno, from Clearlake, California, where the DA there forced him to pay twice what he was earning!! He soon graced the halls of that county jail to '‘make money" for the Krell Welfare Machine while he was being intentionally warehoused. All these men, none of them ever were criminals, but society buys into the fact that they are...they go along with the perverse invention...

Yet, when you look at the seeding training manuals approved by the Feminist indoctrination centers within our own Public schools which to breed this problem you come upon why these girls are openly getting pregnant:

"I’ve worked with more than 1200 pregnancies in the past 18 years. About half of these young women married their baby’s father. Many of them were divorced within a short time.

The choice to remain single, although pregnant, is often a good decision for young parents, according to many of my students..

[IBID. P. 34.]

Again, this idiotic advise comes directly from the mouth of the feminist Hive. Essentially, it is a good thing anytime a father can be thrown away. The Society will protect you, through Hillary’s "Village". The past Patriarchal principals that you wait, court, select a proper, highly motivated, and highly groomed male candidate, in which you will carefully chose, then; mate with for the rest of your life, is "cliche"...not only that such arrangements are viewed by the Hive as "dominance" does not allow a woman to "freely control and protect the reproductive rights of her own body, and her own sexuality." Again, this Feminist Mantra has devolved a plague upon this nation, which runs unabated directly due to people like Montel Williams and most certainly, Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who not only entreat such swill, but continually bludgeon it throughout the mainstream media. This has factually destroyed the nuclear two parent family which Patriarchy propagates, and more importantly, it has destroyed generations of children, that no longer know or understand the basic tenet’s of Patriarchy, because of the dissonance of Montel’s and Hillary’s cogent actions.

"Maria’s parents didn’t let her date. She resented this. When she was sixteen, she ran away for a few days, then returned home. By the time she learned—to her horror—that she was pregnant, she had completely lost contact with the baby’s father.

"I’m going to tell him about his father...No, he wasn’t good at all, and I’m not going to tell Pedro a lie. He was so bad that I was even thinking of telling Pedro later that his father died."

[IBID. P. 36]

I mean, how do Montel and Hillary explain this?!? Most certainly the gang-banger Maria met and became pregnant by, was the same exact gang-banger whom Montel met when he "first made the connection." Yet he is not making the connection. He still pretends, like most of these ‘experts’ connected with this machine, that they can stand up on a stage and in one day, in one or two hours, try and inculcate morality upon a high school audience who are in fact, laughing at him, their parents and all other authority, because Hillary’s "Village" will not allow them to fail, once they act out on their insolence against parent’s or society, and willfully become pregnant. Again, their sexual freedom guarranteed by the feminist construct is granted without the concomitant responsibility to pay the price for their actions. The Krell Welfare Machine just instantly grants their wish—then turns on and destroys the male fathers—who wind up paying the ultimate price.

No, these various talking-head’s cannot solve this problem, more importantly, they never will. Only Families can solve this, especially fathers; which as a central part of Patriarchy, in which to have Fathers rule within their own home, only they can accomplish this. This gang-banger, as well as a nation of other ‘wild’ school children being bred out of the midst of the new ‘Village’ tribal state, don’t fear Montel, in fact; like this one kid, they think him a joke. They don’t fear police; or teachers; or High School principals; they don’t even fear the police state; but in reality, in a primal manner, they do fear their Fathers, and in the final analysis, they do fear their families—as that inbreeding is a powerful factor which cannot be broken by mere contemporary means. In fact, you take this gang-banger, and put him in front of a real father, and he’ll be sweating bullets trying to explain the money, the cars—and the incident that happened with fact, if you simply allow Father to assume their proper role as fathers, you won’t have these children in the first place. You won’t see the pathologies in which our schools, because of them, now have become armed, encampments—and mini-prison’s in their own rights—because of this amazing conflagration which has been waged upon their own homes. For as we have stated before, as the ancients knew, no child who is adjudicated before his own Father, has no fears and could have no better judge, nor can the children be more formally controlled or better controlled, than through Fatherhood, their homes, and their families.

Many of these children have lost their name, their heritage, and what that family name means, and what pride and honor it carries. The Feminist Hive hates the Fathers last name, and thereby, children are no longer taught to defend it, nor are they taught to improve the honor of their name. They have no idea what their legacies are. However, where you can see still, Patriarchy eminently at work, within the last vestiges to where Patriarchy formally remains, and that is within the super-rich of this nation. Most certainly, these children know what their name is, they are fully aware of their past and future legacies and their responsiblities:

"Every time one of us [Kennedy girls] goes out with somebody new, we have to call our father," she said. Joe would then have a background check conducted."

[The Sins of the Father, Joseph P. Kennedy and the Dynasty he Founded, by Ronald Kessler ©1996, Warner Books Inc., 1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020, ISBN 0-446-51884-0; p. 241.]

One might make the suggestion that we look at the contemporary figures of children within such Patriarchal archetype families compared to the Feminist archetype. I think that even upon this suggestion I think we all know the answer. It isn’t just money that are keeping the rich, richer—it is the programmatic structure of the system of Patriarchy which keeps such families from running into such blunders as allowing their children to perhaps risk them, or their wealth, in going out with, in Maria’s own words above, a person who was "not good at all." Do you think Joseph P. Kennedy would allow this to happen to Maria if she were his daughter? Of course not—but this is what is happening exponentially to the lower classes, who are forcibly caught into Feminist indoctrination, and who not only produce the children who are "not good at all" but also produce an environment that allows our young girls to arrogantly, run away, party, and make cogently bad decisions, which not only effect their lives, but the lives of their homes, their families, their communities and their schools where Montel notes, other young girls think it ‘cool’ to go out and become pregnant. They are ‘controlling their own bodies and sexuality’... Of course, most American’s no longer recognize that this reality of the more Elite and well-to-do families follow a Patriarchal archetype and that they force the lower classes into a Feminist Matriarchal archetype was not lost to the Communist revolution which mandated the destruction of the family:

"Abolition of the family! Even the most radical flare up at this infamous proposal of the Communists.

On what foundation is the present family, the bourgeois family, based? On capital, on private gain. In its completely developed form this family exists only among the bourgeoisie. But this state of things finds its complement in the practical absence of the family among the proletarians, and in public prostitution."

[The Communist Manifesto, A Modern Edition, by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, ©1998 Verso 180 Varick Street, New York NY 10014-4606, ISBN 1-85984-898-2; p.56.]

This is course why the Blacks and other poor populations have been stuck in Welfare, and this of course is the main reason why Hillary wants "The Village" as this will most certainly allow those at the top to skim the fruits of our labor from within our own families (as Marx and Adam Smith recognized) into their own pockets, for their own purposes. This is why the institution of Welfare is this nations greatest threat, as it is the easiest thing to fall into. They have made Welfare an addiction of the poor people’s lives, from which they feed off of the fruits and labors of other to feed this Krell Welfare Machine.

Yet, when a growing number of Social Scientists and Researchers begin to abstractly analyze the impacts of this perversion and what it has done to our society—the feminist party-line shrilly disregards the obvious—they disregard not only the continuing, obscene, and never-ending facts and figures which are beginning to implode upon their own weight and their own immorality, they also arrogantly disregard the true underpinnings and reasoning’s for Patriarchy being the dominant model of choice for Western Civilization:

In a cover story called "Dan Quayle was Right," sociologist Barbara Dafoe Whitehead reviewed the theory that the Los Angeles Riots could be traced to Murphy Brown--the weekly situation comedy that exposed television viewers to the dangerous image of a happy single mother. According to our former Vice-President, this positive portrayal of an independent, unmarried mother was the reason why the American Family had broken down. Whitehead amassed scientific proof that poverty, urban violence, lousy SAT scores, and the bleak economy can be directly linked to the selfishness of divorced and single mothers: "The Family has weakened because, quite simply, many Americans have changed their minds. They changed their minds about staying together for the sake of the children; about the necessity of putting children's needs before their own; about marriage as a lifelong commitment," she concluded. Since three-quarters of all divorces are filed by women, we can assume that these negligent Americans are mostly mothers. Having personally contributed to the high divorce rate, I'm constantly astonished by the notion of the flip, loose-living self-centered, single mother who's having more fun than anyone else.

Whitehead cites numerous studies to prove that children living with two biological parents are better off in every way than children in households headed by a single parent: They inherit more money, they live in nicer homes, they have superior medical care, they get better education’s, they tend to marry earlier. Undisturbed by the possibility that divorce might be the result rather than the cause of economic stability, she concludes that all children could live like Wally and Beaver if their parents just would stay married. The solution to the steady downward mobility of the United States' working classes, to drug abuse/decaying schools/overcrowded jails, Whitehead suggested was to restigmatize divorce." We can only be grateful she wasn't among the social scientists in Chicago studying urban violence in the early '60s; when rocks and flames accompanied Black Families into white neighborhoods. She might have suggested the solution to racism was to bring back segregation.

[American Mom, Motherhood Politics and Humble Pie, c 1994, by Mary Kay Blakely; Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, Post Office 2225, Chapel Hill, NC, 27515-2225, ISBN 1-56512-052-3, pp. 136-137.]

Yet, for those whom have experienced it, even the most ardent feminists recognize where the wealth in the home comes from. Indeed, note the following:

"My mother worked at the YWCA, so I was able to take gymnastics—a privilege usually reserved for the richer children. Ever day after school, I escaped my reality and entered a middle-class world from the fifties. Everyone’s parents were married, with two or three children, the family dog, the family station wagon and a membership in the country club. Everyone’s father was a professional and everyone’s mother a homemaker—probably more of out duty than desire. It was the early seventies and many of these women had not yet been introduced to the women’s movement (some still haven’t), so they fell into a rut of assuming rather than defining their roles. They were always decked out in the latest styles. Their houses were complete with pools and refrigerators that were stuffed with food. I wanted my family to live like this.

....Because it was the fathers who financed these outings, paid for these dinners and gave their wives and children allowances, the only way I saw to have this "love" was through a father. Since I did not have one, I belittled myself and my experiences and continued living in denial.

[Listen Up, Voices from the next Feminist Generation, edited by Barbara Findlen, ©1995, Seal Press, 3131 Western Avenue, Suite 410, Seattle, Washington, 98121; pp.153-154.]

Unfortunately, this young woman’s vision of the not so distant past is the unadulterated truth, even though the feminist party-line is to chant an alternative and false mantra. Many of our children today will be denied such specific love, attention and wealth which comes from the two-parent nuclear family due to the fact of the socio-political Feminist revolution which is forcing an foreign communistic ideology on them through the destruction of their Fathers. From this, they will not gain the specific attentions and support of a nuclear two-parent family, they will only ‘get something close’—"general" public funded attention--if even that. They will in all probability live in a Single Female Headed Household which will try to obtain a surrogate ‘replacement’ father for their child. They will not get a loving Father with a dedicated wife who will strive to become a professional or an ardent blue-collar worker (or anything else) who will dedicate himself to accrue the means to the American lifestyle noted above. Those whom are rich, cogently protect their assets through their adherence to the Patriarchal model. They are more than willing to allow the poor, the Black and the disenfranchised to obtain the fallow model of the Feminist Matriarchal archetype, for many Elite’s who know the difference between the two will understand, that in the long run, they will profit by the poor’s mistake or ignorance in choosing the feminist model which will drain any savings which the family might accrue out from the home and into the public sector. Joseph Kennedy knew this and this was why his daughters had to call him before any association with a young male.

If this is not a direct indictment against Feminism and Matriarchy, and Hillary’s "Village" system where she wants to ‘redesign humanity’ then, I don’t know how I can put it any plainer. Feminism indeed, has been the greatest, national disaster this nation has ever faced. Period. Bar none. And categorically, it must be destroyed, and those whom have propped it up, and presented it to us must also be destroyed, and no longer hold any position within the public trust of America. Those who want to "take back the night" must be driven into it—and then ceremoniously have a stake driven through their hearts—which is what you do with monster’s who crave the night.

I mean, continuing in the same book we can see what the ancients knew about fatherhood. Look what Joseph P. Kennedy did for his son, which mind you—any father try in today’s environment would be vilified unmercifully by Hillary and her contemporaries.

"He was a latter day high-chieftain, the Patriarch of America’s own version of the British Royal Family that has become our national obsession. He founded a dynasty that—thanks to his enormous wealth and single-minded tutelage—produced the nation’s first Catholic President. [Book Cover.]

"In Palm Beach during Christmas 1944, Joe gave jack his orders: He was to take Joe Jr.’s place and enter politics. More than a decade later, for an International News Service series in May 1957, Jack told reporter Bob Considine: "It was like being drafted. My Father wanted his eldest son in politics. ‘Wanted’ isn’t the right word. He demanded it."

[The Sins of the Father, Joseph P. Kennedy and the Dynasty he Founded, by Ronald Kessler ©1996, Warner Books Inc., 1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020, ISBN 0-446-51884-0; [Book Cover] and p. 287.]


Any contemporary father imposing this type of care and authority might be arrested for ‘abuse’ as too domineering. At minimum, he would be severely criticized and most certainly second guessed as to his demands upon his own children. Indeed, Clark Gable himself is most likely spinning in his grave at the shallowness of this whole system which has emasculated men so much. If a father mandates something to his son, now the public schools through the teachings of the feminist indoctrination system, give the children telephone numbers to various agencies that they might call and have people ‘discuss’ the matter with the errant father or family. Indeed, this intrusion has gotten so ridiculous that student’s are ‘urged’ to turn in their parents.

What is totally an oxymoronic countervalence to John Winthrop’s mandate that this nation be a ‘nation of families’ to "be knit together in this work as one man," and in which became a "community as members of the same body," which would make us the envy of the world, which would "ensure our prosperity..[and] be as a city upon a hill, the eyes all of the people [of the world] are upon us." Strangely, now contemporary tribal African people are laughing at the backwardness of America. In an affront of huge proportions, I watched a film from West Africa, named HYENAS (1992) with Mansour Diouf, in which one of the characters in this movie, when their village is presented with a moral dilemma by an old-rich prostitute who was unjustly convicted in that village 30 years earlier, by a man who chose to marry another woman than her. He impregnated her, then disgraces her, and she is driven out to assume a life of prostitution, which she did for the next 30 years and became rich doing it. The village undergoes a drought and financial destruction 30 years later which brings us to the present, then this old woman returns and wants to save the town because now she has the financial means to do so, only on the condition that the town kill the man that dishonored her for 100,000 Million [dollars]. One character in the village prophetically says: "We are not savages like those Americans, who kill themselves for nothing." In this circumspect and all too pragmatic observation of our times; even the true African tribal villages throughout Africa now recognize that they are in a higher moral plane than supposedly Hillary’s new Feminist-American "Village" model...and strangely, and absolutely...they are right! We who live under this Hive’s feminist model are in fact doomed to technologically progressing while still going backwards. We have become more devolved than they—because the facts are that our children are killing themselves and others for Mercedes, for BMW’s, for sex, and drugs and all the ‘freedom’ and ‘control of their own sexuality and bodies’ in which Feminism has devolved upon our unsuspecting technologically advanced society.

I mean, right this instant as I write this book, I am shaking my head in disgust as I write these factual observations of the result of the War in which Hillary’s and her Hive and Krell Welfare Machine has raged upon our whole society. Now even Adam Smith’s ‘base and immoral’ tribes are laughing at us as being on a higher more civilized state than ourselves! This realization is amazing. Simply amazing given the present circumstances.


One has to wonder, as I did in the past, how these women, have gotten so powerful. With Radical Feminism on the religious decline, with such atrocious facts and figures at attend this Superstructure, and the total destruction in which this system has waged across America itself, we have to answer the question as to how does this Feminist system stay in power? I mean, I see people suck their teeth in horror when they see the results of what young people aimlessly do throughout the national headlines today: "Two Children 7 and 11, push 5 year old child off of roof because he refused to steal candy." "Child Murdered for Bicycle."

Simply put, the destruction waged upon this society can be quantified, and through that quantification, can be economically marketed. This is why we have Feminist Women Health Centers, this is why we have "Abuse" shelters, and doctors and dentists intensely looking for cuts and bruises. Why teachers now chant the feminist mantra within our public schools. Why our jails when they do intake of their prisoners ask them a battery of questions about what social service programs they think might help them. Take one word away from Feminism: Abuse—and this whole system collapses. They become totally mute. They need abuse to run the Krell Welfare Machine. If it isn’t abuse (which is very broadly defined) pushing men out of homes, and making poor and innocent wives and children show up at the steps of these Feminist Enclaves—then what else could it be?

There is really only one other answer: that Feminism allows females to erase any responsibility that they either had to their husbands or their families, and though and by Feminist support infrastructures, she ‘buy’s’ her freedom to do whatever she wants. All she has to do is to show up with a slave. She does this by accusing—merely accusing the male of "abuse." Once that door is opened, the Krell Welfare Machine instantly grants her, virtually anything she wishes. Because without abuse, then; the woman is stuck in the mundane setting within her own making. She has to stay with her husband and children and assume her duties. With Hillary’s Krell Welfare Machine, all she has to do now, is to walk up to it, and imagine her dreams, deposit once slave to be sacrificed (the Father as abuser) and poof! Her life and new dreams are instantly subsidized, while he is instantly innihillated.

Hillary along with the feminist care nothing about the laws. As we have shown earlier with the Cato Institute reports, they are working in the exact opposite of what our laws are supposed to be. But they have the armies behind them, they have the police, and from this totalitarian mindset—they are blindly enforcing the laws in direct opposition of them. These police, Social worker and other standing armies then blandly state to their victims being persecuted by the Krell Welfare Machine: "Well, I’m only doing my job. You’ll have to see the Judge about all this".... Clearly, this is collusion, and in fact, no average citizen can protect himself from these criminal assaults. Like Butte County DA Investigator Brad Rundt says: "Where do you go when the Judge won’t obey your laws?" This is the insolence in which is being presented to each father who is consumed by this draconian system. We factually have no protections anymore, because our system of governance which provides redress and protections to American’s has been overthrown, and replaced with something else—nobody understands or can work with.

Those feminists and other special interest groups who get the nod from this aberrant government, are the ones who get into, and stay in power. I met one such woman, in South Los Angeles. She was a Social worker, whose child had died tragically within her own system. Well, she got very high profile from the media, and when I met her, was being groomed to run for political office. She actually had aids with the DA’s office assigned to her following her around. Yet, this woman upon hearing that I wanted full Patriarchy for children, immediately volunteered that she as a social worker who thought men shouldn’t receive anything. Indeed, with a closed mindset like that, she will most certainly be on the fast track within the government quarters. Again, this is the Feminist hate mongrel’s who inhabit these Feminist enclaves of power, you will find no other mindset there other than this radical fascist majority.

If you go within the Krell Welfare Machine, you will see similar radical man-hating women within the ranks of those behind each desk. When you go to college campuses, they will fill the classes to overflowing, each and every one of them dutifully learning the mantra of the feminist comic-book that supercedes the constitution is handed to them and enforced with a vengeance.

"Such is the nature of feminism in the 1990s: an uneasy balancing act between the imperatives of outreach and inclusion on the one hand, and the risk of tokenism and further marginalization on the other. This dynamic has indelibly shaped my personal experiences with feminism, starting from my very first encounter with organized feminism. This encounter happened to be, literally, Feminist Studies 101 at the university I attended." --JeeYeun Lee

[Listen Up, Voices from the next Feminist Generation, edited by Barbara Findlen, ©1995, Seal Press, 3131 Western Avenue, Suite 410, Seattle, Washington, 98121; pp.205.]

"Seven years ago I went to Simon’s Rock College, a good liberal arts, liberal politics school in western Massachusetts. Like many young women of all colors and ethnic backgrounds, I had my first feminist awakening at college." –Veronica Chambers

[Listen Up, Voices from the next Feminist Generation, edited by Barbara Findlen, ©1995, Seal Press, 3131 Western Avenue, Suite 410, Seattle, Washington, 98121; pp.22.]

"Friends remembered her as in search of a "calling" those last months. The overwhelming majority of her class were still anticipating no more than marriage and family, but "Feminist visiting Wellesly...turned Hillary [Rodham Clinton] toward a legal career," according to Martin Kasindorf."

[The Clinton’s and their America, by David Blankenhorn, ©1993, Henry Holt and Company, 115 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011, ISBN 0-8050-2040-8; p. 134.]

The modern feminist empire has become a publicly funded institution within our own colleges and universities, who use these public monies for an Anti-American, Anti-Male, political agenda. Here is where the Feminist get their ‘converts’ and groom them to undermine both our public and our private industry institutions, who, if they dare resist, suddenly find themselves embattled in major lawsuits.

Of course when you bring up organic law, or foundational constitutional precepts with these people, they will revert to their feminist ‘training’ and when that collapses, they will revert to their ‘visceral’ gut feelings—their feminist comic book--when that fails, they will become blind, and only enforce ‘the new law’ even though it was proven to them wrong. "It’s the law." They will insolently reply, when of course they know, it is not. "I’m only doing my job." Or even worse: "We know it’s not law, but—where do you go when the Judge does not obey your law?"

Strangely though, these people, blind in their arrogance to uphold the machine, will willingly sacrifice their family, or even themselves in which to uphold their false belief systems.

It would be a still more serious mistake to forget, because of this impermanence [of the fickleness of the masses], that the totalitarian regimes, so long as they are in power, and the totalitarian leaders, so long as they are alive, "command and rest upon mass support up to the end. Hitler's rise to power was legal in terms of majority rule and neither he nor Stalin could have maintained the leadership of large populations, survived many interior and exterior crises, and not braved the numerous dangers of relentless intra-party struggles if they had not had the confidence of the masses....

The attraction of evil and crime for the mob mentality is nothing new. It has always been true that the mob will greet "deeds of violence with the admiring remark: it may be mean, but it is very clever." The disturbing factor in the success of totalitarianism is rather the true selflessness of its adherents: it may be understandable that a Nazi or Bolshevik will not be shaken in his conviction by crimes against people who do not belong to the movement or are even cross or hostile to it; but the amazing fact is that neither is he likely to waver when the monster begins to devour its own children.... [footnote: "This is to be sure, is a specialty of the Russian brand of totalitarianism. It is interesting to note that in the early trial of foreign engineers in the Soviet Union, Communist sympathies were already used as an argument for self-accusation: "All the time the authorities insisted on my admitting having committed acts of sabotage I had never done. I refused. I was told: 'If you are in favor of the Soviet Government, as you pretend you are, prove it by your actions; the Government needs your confession.' " Reported by Anton Ciliga, The Russian Enigma, London, 1940, p. 153.]

[The Origins of Totalitarianism, by Hannah Arendt, @1951, 1958; Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc. New York; Library of Cong. Cat. Card No.: 66-22273; pp. 306-307.]

These people are absolutely blind to any formal affirmations to true American Liberty, Freedom or Justice. Like the Nazi’s of WWII, they fully know and understand where their daily bread comes from, and they will defend it at all costs. Ask these people to obey the constitution, and they will cite the Legislative party line, that "Legislative Codes" are the "new laws" and superior to the ‘old’ constitution. The elite family dynasties that presently inhabit the corridors of all our state legislatures keep silent on this perversion of law—and allow those clerical underling’s and errant police to support this myth’s by allowing them full immunity and malfeasance upon any sense of retribution or justice one might try to redress through courts Again, these people in no way, are our "public servants" anymore. They are way, way out of control, and ‘use’ the corridors of power to steal children, ruin lives, and steal wealth from millions of helpless American citizens, mostly Fathers..

People like this are in the news. They are called in front of and are sitting in the front of town hall meetings, and the papers print their slant on public events and impress themselves within public policy by such calculated grooming by the local and even national mainstream media.

Who are these people who inhabit the hive?!? Oh, they are good people we are assured. They are just like you; they are your neighbors.

Well, no. This is wrong. They are most certainly not like me nor many within the society who could not justify the immoral aspects in which this system clearly presents those who inhabit it and monetarily benefit by and from their employment within the Welfare state. Many of these people who are presented with the clear and outstanding paradoxes and inequities of which their jobs continually, and increasingly; require them to financially destroy their fellow citizens in direct violation of the Constitution, have deluded themselves—for their own personal gain and profit. When you have a court clerk who willfully refuses to file legal court documents, in direct violation of her own job description, in clear violation of her oath of office, and in absolute defiance of the secured rights of the constitution: well, she most certainly is not a nice person. These people are calculating, and they have sold themselves into the criminality of a new organized crime syndicate which allows them to complete their crimes. We have tried to pay for court fees in silver dollars—the court clerks will not accept the lawful money. Why? Well, when you ask them, they are silent. When we bring the law forwards to them that they must accept payment—they won’t act on it, and will remain mute.

More and more people inhabiting our government and court system, and especially the Welfare system, are of this Hive mindset. They are easily pliable, and when they complete criminal acts which shock even the most common citizens conscience, they remain belligerently mute, and allow the courts through their malfeasance and arrogance throughout the law, to verify their actions by never allowing those damaged American citizens to hold such ‘elite’ criminals accountable. This is why, those within the Hive only mutely state "I’m only doing my job." Which, at one point in our history, after the Nazi war crimes trial in Nurhimburg, was not only an unacceptable thing to utter in this nation, it was criminal. If you even said anything remotely like this, as a public servant—you were immediately fired. We must once again return to those days.

This is why Court reporters will not give a defendant transcripts, but rather, will try and extort massive amounts of money from them in which to either debilitate them outright, rather than obey the law which states that defendants obtain trial transcripts upon appeal or a new court trial upon their case. This is why "Judges" arrogantly refuse to let Fathers speak or represent themselves in court. This is why they do not allow Fathers to file evidence in their case. This is why DA’s do not allow Fathers to file counter-complaints—or to even file criminal charges against the mothers whom steal their own children from them.

This is also why the complete range of government itself, will not give out public documents, or its practices, policies and procedures which it uses against its own citizens, but; when people ‘dare’ ask to see their authority, these officials insolently refuse such documentation and willfully keep it away from the citizenry. This of course is patently illegal, but it has won an amazing amount of cases for the government which destroy such citizens who cannot effectively legally retaliate.

All these ‘good’ people who are in these government systems and who cogently act in direct violation of their own statutory law, and most certainly Constitutional law and absolutely against their own oath’s of office, are in fact the ‘real’ criminals in this nation. Exactly like the Nazi’s of WWII, these people quietly understand where their ‘daily bread’ comes from, and they will arrogantly refuse either law, or procedural due process, or even the most basic rights of a citizenry who might come up and supplicant any form of redress from them. Fathers still try and ‘trust the system’ and throw themselves on a courts mercy thinking that the "Judge" is going to use common sense and do right by them. Then, sadly; these same fathers are shocked when these "Judges" instead, malevolently destroy them, using no logic whatsoever, but most certainly using fascist powers of the State, never imagined in this society.

This is a true story. A friend of mine, once went into a California Highway patrol office to obtain the policies of that Agency in writing of that particular office which were used to give him a simple traffic ticket. He entered that office, and—a few short minutes later, was arrested and sent to the hospital with a severely twisted arm. Now, in taking the worst case scenario against my friend, and in ‘supposing’ that he was completely belligerent and argumentative in only asking for these supposed policies—how could he have gotten arrested, and injured: just for asking to see the policies which were used to ticket him for an offense?? The American society might look at this and wonder at the efficiency. In one analysis of this case, we could see angry CHP officers silently and begrudgingly walking to their files, "doing their jobs" albiet angry; copying the related documents, receiving the copying costs from my friend, and reluctantly meeting their job requirements of both the law and their oaths of office. Looking at the other scenario of what happened, sees that we only have out-of-control CHP officers, that my buddy was arrested and sent to the hospital for no other reason—that he dared defend himself and ‘question’ authority. Now this second scenario costs the taxpayers (society) a considerable amount of money. Now, several officers are wasting their time and sitting at their desk writing out needless police reports trying to explain, what transpired during this useless incident. A citizen is now ‘criminalized’ where he shouldn’t be a criminal in the first place. That citizen productivity is taken out of the nations commerce. Officers, who once may have been only good guys only doing their job, may have to outright lie at this incident—just to save either somebody else’s job, or even there own. And what does that reality start to do to our once trusted institutions?!? And finally, now there is a court case, which evolves, and which further wastes the taxpayers money. All for the crime of one citizen ‘asking’ to see the California Highway Patrol office policies which were used to ticket this individual in the first place—which by law—he has a right to do!!!.

This is an amazing waste of both time and resources. does create bigger empires and it more importantly; sends an immutable message to the public that our Police State is a fascist order, and none dare question its authority.

Yet, there are many who would argue in this incident that these officers are ‘good’ people. They are ‘only doing their job.’ The facts are that they are neither nice people nor are they doing their job. They are extra-judicially imposing their own concept of laws upon a citizenry who are mockingly ‘supposed’ to be their masters. Clearly, as this incident shows, we are not the masters of our government any longer, and they are no longer our public servants.

These are not ‘isolated’ cases. This is the new rigorous norm for our ‘public servants.’ What is most disturbing in regards to Welfare is that the people inhabiting that "Hive" are not just there for a job, like the CHP above, they are there to serve their own personal agenda. They are there impose a religious and political persecution against a gender: Men. These are the people who inhabit the Universities and government, they are there being indoctrinated with a ‘science’ which completely controverts the law, the common law and all sense of reasonability, or truth or justice. They are there for ulterior motives which do not coincide with those foundational principles of which this nation was founded upon. Like the gentleman in the beginning of Chapter 11 who admitted that the civil rights leaders "abandoned those [American] principles because we never really believed in them," all such similar mindsets now inhabit the domain of the Feminist Welfare Superstructure, throughout government; all the way up to the Clinton’s themselves. But now, they are openly advocating un-American principles and ideals within their structure, and from the lowliest government clerk on up, are implementing a completely different mindset, laws, and political system upon the American people, all under the guise that what they are doing, ‘is law.’ When you pose them with the simple constitutional disparities of what they are doing they become reticent or arrogantly declare that the Legislature has imbued them with this authority. Maybe they even arrest you and twist your arm and send you into the hospital.

When you push these people further they will abruptly tell you that they will not do anything else—that all dialogue with you is finished.

These are our ‘pretended’ public servants. These are not nice people, for their unlawful actions have made them the enemy of every American citizen. As such, we as the masters of our public servants have the right to see any practice, policy, procedure or law in which they may invoke against us. When a ‘public servant’ makes any determination against us, we have the immutable right to see their ‘authority’ upon the first instant request. When such people, behind their 2" thick glass windows and highly secured palaces of employment arrogantly refuse such simple requests that they adhere to the letter with the law; and ‘invent’ new law to support their insolence, we must immediately start to counter with "Prove it." "Prove your statement that you have the enumerated authority (the only authority they have) to do what you are saying you can do." Ten times out of ten, they will not answer, and they most certainly will not bring forwards their enumerated authority. Nine times out of ten, they will not bring forwards their practices, policies and procedures. But in the one ‘rare’ instance they do; we always see that it is usually a broad determination of the statute as applied by the agency in question, or, that it is a complete fraud and just another criminal way to deny us our rights.

An example of this can be seen around this nation, most particularly the Butte County Sheriff’s department. I have seen many times, and have tried to myself, "serve" legal documents upon that institution. Yet, when attempting this, every single time they have categorically refused to accept service. In one case, where a District Attorney had been properly served and missed an important court deadline and defaulted on it, he called up the plaintiff and asked him to stipulate that the service didn’t happen!! That it was incomplete! Clearly, this is egregious performance by ‘our’ "public servants" and it is patently offensive and eminently illegal...yet, the courts protect these criminals! In the case of the Butte County Sheriff’s department, the Sheriff’s wearing badges behind the 2" bulletproof, plate glass reception desk say with a straight face that they cannot accept ‘service.’ When we ask for someone to accept service, they will state that "Oh, that person is not here." (Without even checking). They will then at all costs not accept the document even though you push it through their tiny slot. What we have here is documented evidence of criminal malfeasance. These people are in fact, your enemy. They have nothing to do with American government, and more importantly the constitution. They are there just as part of the Organized Crime Syndicate of NCPGI government, and fully understand that the courts will protect their criminal actions from anyone who dares complain about them.

What should happen in a case where someone serves a document upon any public entity is that the public servant should immediately and cheerfully accept the document, stamp it, and then hand the stamped copy back to you. In fact, if any procedural mistakes have been made, that person ‘should’ inform you as such to help you accomplish your goal, as that person under ‘Republican form of government’ is supposed to have the same intent as yours: i.e., "The American Form of Government." In fact, it the true analysis of this, you should be able to go up to anyone within that agency (or really any government agency for that matter) and hand them your document, and have it properly served on the agency in question. "Notice to the principal is notice to the agent, notice to the agent is notice to the principal." They are all the one and same, under the "Union of the Several States" as we were formed under.

Yet, these tyrants, who will not accept proper service, are in direct violation not only of our Republican form, but in absolute violation of law. Not only that; American citizens are ‘supposed’ to get "The Spirit of the Law." Clearly. This is not what is happening here. The result is that we cannot file papers, court documents, or even do simple process service. We cannot easily access these "public" institutions for information—they refuse and force us to file "Freedom of Information Act" requests. When we do this, they still refuse; thereby forcing a simple request up into the courts and up that chain of command—which usually drags its feet willfully. When and if they finally comply; then the documentation is incomplete, grossly edited, censored, or wrong—or even sometimes criminally altered! I mean the gall of these people is legion! Yet, every payday, and every time in front of the media camera’s they will solemnly inform us that they are upholding the highest ideals of our government...they are not...and they are lying, and we know it.

Another high-stakes case broke during 1992. In "Operation Court Broom," lawyer Raymond Takiff helped gather evidence against four Dade [county] judges suspected of taking bribes to fix cases. One judge was accused of turning over to Takiff the name of a confidential witness, knowing that Takiff planned to pass the name along to drug dealers who wanted to murder the man.

Reno handed the case over to federal prosecutors, but she sent lawyers from her office along to help. They were "cross-designated" as temporary assistant U.S. attorneys. It was the latest in several public-corruption cases in which she worked with the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Some detractors said Reno was either admitting that her office wasn't up to winning such complex cases or was trying to dodge the political fallout from taking on popular public officials.

[Janet Reno, Doing the Right Thing, by Paul Anderson, @1994; John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 0-471-01858-9; p.101.]

Of course, these people will think themselves "nice" that they are "good people" all the while creating havoc, tyranny and anarchy amongst the rest of us all. In fact, in most counties, these people are usually the highest paid sector in the populace, especially in the rural areas where they wind up doing most of the damage against their own citizenry. I went out and walked the parking lot of the same Butte County Sheriff’s office and inventoried the cars parked out back, which were owned by these same people denying me and others proper redress at law. Most of the cars were brand new. Many of them very impressive. I really did not see one; not a single old car.

Yet, everyone driving up to this office (including myself) who were just the ‘normal’ citizenry under attack by these same people, had a fifteen-year-old car, or older. Again, what we have here is a transfer of wealth through the misapplication of our laws. We have one segment of the populace using law to feed off of and enslave another. These ‘good’ people are doing this cogently, and they fully understand where and how their "daily bread" comes from—and they don’t care. Yet, they go to church and they participate in community activities, they assume leadership roles in the community, and then without another thought, they go to work and destroy lives

If you walk into any Welfare office, what you will quickly observe out of all the sea of desks is that the office, to the greatest extent, is inhabited by women. The greatest sampling of these women will show that they are not only of the mindset above, but they go beyond that. They are zealots. Many of them think men should get nothing. Many of them happily inflict cruelty upon Fatherhood because they see it as a way of ‘getting back.’ Many of them are just Socialist—they don’t believe in America nor it’s free, independent and capitalist roots. They follow Marx more than they follow Jefferson.

Within the core of this Hive are those women who claim to be rape victims, abuse victims, and beating victims. From this, they sit at these desks, wielding all the incredible power of which government imparts them with in the name of the American people. They ‘supposedly’, as rape victims, beating victims, and abuse victims; are doing their jobs, applying the laws ‘fairly’ and ‘equally’. Nothing could be further from the truth. What we factually have here is legalized discrimination centers. It is a new order of SS, fully operated and controlled by and from a virulent Feminist faction.

And from this, our illustrious court systems destroy lives generationally from the putrid mindset of ‘government legalized’ determinations which spew forth from this institution and thereby give their actions ‘validity’ and color of law, again; in the name of the people and all for "the best interests of the child." Then when we consider the damage of these courts and look at the scope of what giving approximately 93% of all custody decisions to females has wrought upon this society, these courts will go blind as to their unlawful acts and actually pretend that they have been fair. They will again use fraudulent facts and figures which spew forth from the same diseased Feminist mindset which started this whole conflagration in the first place then, actually say with a straight face: "We have been fair." "We have been equal." "We have done justice." Nothing could be further from the truth.

As the Fathers Rights community collectively reads these pages, we must recognize that this is the singularly exact reason why joint custody will never work. What we can see from the observations I bring forth here is that this Pandora’s Box brought on by the Feminists and unlawfully applied by ‘our’ courts, must not only be closed but nailed shut. The Joint Custody faction within the Fathers Rights movement is entrusting the care and determination of their homes and our future children’s homes, to a diseased entity. It is a Hive. A corrupt cabal part of an elite Imperial regime which only wants money and power from this system, which will only feed off of the American citizenry—the mostly poor. "Joint Custody" will infect the same problems in various degree as this past system has inflicted upon us all. Once such infection occurs it will then quickly rise to its present levels again.

In an engineering sense, understanding these system dynamics, there is only one solution the Fathers Rights community must undertake, and that is to collectively mandate the total destruction of this perverse system, and never let it rise again.