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Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies...a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hope of its children.

--Dwight D. Eisenhower,

April 16, 1953

[Quoted From: Families in Peril, An Agenda for Social Change, by Marian Wright Edelman, © 1987, Harvard University Press, ISBN 0-674-29228-6, p.95.]


In order to answer Ms. Fredian’s The Feminist Mystique, of her supposed documentation of the American woman’s outrage of a "comfortable slavery" within the hallowed halls of marriage--we have set American national standards completely on their ear. We have destroyed millions of lives, we have eradicated what would be several national economies, we have reinvented slavery, despotism, and unspeakable perversions—all to ‘answer’ this supposed question of what may have been just bored, but otherwise contented housewives.

It is clear that the male populace will try and drive themselves into abject slavery to keep the national mindset of women satisfied, so that they can answer "the problem with no name." It did have a name. It was called contentment...and some women were not satisfied to be content, so they set out for selfish purposes, aligned themselves with government who enjoined in this malevolent purpose, and together they have built a vehicle which overturns the foundational law and formational precepts of why this country was established in the first place. These people who now support the Feminist cause, would just like the University administrators who insolently demanded the Georgetown girls to lie "if it serves our social agenda"—would happily destroy the Constitution outright and every precept of human freedom and dignity, not to mention the complete national wealth of this nation, if it would further their cause to ‘redesign humanity.’

Well, ‘redesigning humanity’ may or may not be a noble cause, but it is not the cause of this nation, nor has it ever been. The only interests of this redesign comes from a highly stratified elite, most of whom were never elected and of who many people really don’t know about, but these people, along with a willing cabal within the corridors of power are willing to implement this Fabian epiphany. They are eager for its implementation, and my visceral, gut feeling is that—they’d happily do it, especially if it destroyed this nation..

Remember: "He who controls the children of America, rules the world." If America; a once proud, sovereign, capable, and self-sufficient nation can be brought down from the inside like this, especially through the corruption of power, where we are the most weakest (as President Clinton’s morality and concomitant political actions most certainly demonstrates), then there is no nation upon the face of the earth that will be able to withstand this feminist fusillade once it infects their elite’s. All nations will be doomed to succumb to the Feminist threat in direct opposition to their political construction, no matter what type of nation they are. In fact, Radical Feminists are infesting many Moslem nations with a vengeance, in order to ‘pay back’ past and present practices of female subornation. In examining the present extent and destruction of which feminism has wrecked havoc upon this nation—it may be more apt to say that this war which we Fathers have presently been engaged in here, is in fact a World War...maybe this is World War III, and we don’t even know it. This may be a humorous observation to make under the circumstances...but is it true? I don’t know. It is not the extent of this book to discuss this issue...for such a discussion warrants a completely different book, time, and separate investigation.

All we can do here, is to look and catalogue the massive damage that this perverse system has wrought here. Needless war during a time of peace. This is the real tragedy, these are the real crimes.

The power of economic growth was driven home to me by a study that suggested that a 1% increase in our economic growth rate would shrink the federal deficit by $640 Billion dollars, without a tax increase, and that each and every adult citizen would earn $9,600 dollars more than they would in the current growth projections.

In this world of merely one percent higher growth, Social Security Trust Fund never runs out of money for as far as the current model can look into the future. By contrast, the current projection has the Social Security Trust Fund going into deficit, by about 2029. If we have one percent less growth than projected the Social Security Trust Fund goes into deficit thirteen years sooner, in 2016...

...the so-called business cycle...predict[s] that economic recession will always follow growth, they will advise the Federal Reserve Board to follow policies that slow growth and increase interest rates, that in turn will choke off the growth and lead to a recession. This pattern may say more about American economists than it does about the American economy.

In Japan, where the government had committed to steady economic growth, there was a nineteen-year period without a recession. From 1975 to 1994 the Japanese averaged a 4.2 percent annual growth and a 3.6 percent annual personal income increase. By contrast, in the same nineteen years the United States suffered through three recessions. The average annual growth rate was 1.6 percent lower (only 2.6 percent a year), and the annual personal income increase was 2.6 percent lower (only 1 percent a year for the nineteen year period.

These numbers are not just of academic interest to financiers and economists. If the United States had grown the same rate as Japan from 1975 to 1994, our real economy would have been 118 Trillion dollars bigger, our per capita income would have been $18,985 greater, and Federal Revenues would have been $393 Billion higher. Our deficit would have turned into a surplus. We would be paying off our national debt by about $100 billion a year. That impact of a faster economic growth pattern is that dramatic.

Economic growth is the most important social policy objective a country can have other than keep its people physically safe.

[Newt Gingrich, To Renew America, by Newt Gingrich, ©1998, Harper Collins Publishers, 10 East 53rd Street, New York, N.Y. 10022; ISBN 0-06-017336-X; pp. 67-68.]

We have tragically allowed the Radical Feminists compromise our future heritage. What is most disappointing is that what Newt brings to light here, is but a drop in the bucket compared to what economic losses Feminism has waged upon this nation. We are looking at ‘low’ and ‘conservative’ estimates costing anywhere from five trillion or higher...the figure could approach 30 to 50 trillion dollars in real-lost-economic income to the American people.

First, let us just take the five trillion dollar estimate. This is a flat cost to the American public for instituting the ‘temporary safety-net’ of Welfare over the past 30 years. This "safety-net" has done very effectively, three things.

    1. It has taken people out of the productivity cycle around the nation.
    2. It has redistributed wealth from producers to non-producers.
    3. It has stolen our children’s heritage.

These people who previously would have contributed to the nations economic viability by ‘contributing,’ or what could be said—that they would produce something, either hamburgers, art, more computer programs, or any other viable service or product—have instead, been a dead wood to society. Ms. Freidian’s ‘problem with no name’ has "freed" several generations of women who did not want to be ‘comfortable slave’s’ instead; they became ‘unsatisfied welfare slaves’ tied generationally to Welfare producing nothing except, crime, social pathology, and more welfare. More importantly than this, this system also burdened a society, and a male population that were producing, and from this enslaved those people to forego many of their dreams and aspirations by confiscating their money even before they could use it, and conscripted it to Welfare also as itinerant slaves.

This transfer of wealth, effectively help stagnate our economies. The viable wealth in which the producers of society made, could not then be reinvested in either themselves or in commerce in which to again raise the society up from those investments. Throughout the history of America, and especially in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, the United States was a nation of savings. These savings came from families and from the producers of the society who recycled their money and reinvested it or spent it upon their own ideas and dreams which then again—powered a national economy. Banks, were able to make loans due to the fact of this monetary engine in which was created by the producers of the society, (Individuals and Families), and the banks took those savings and funded private industry. Private industry was funded directly by those savings, who in turn; provided 93 percent of the jobs in this nation! A little more over a quarter century later, those savings are completely gone as through government Welfare policy, we have become a debtor society—with no more savings being produced by this nations families. More importantly, now—government provides anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of all the jobs in this nation! Indeed, in looking at Japan, we can see that it is a nation of viable savings. In fact, above and beyond contemporary ‘savings’ which outstrip American savings, they also have postal savings accounts which are said to be larger than the figures for their normal savings accounts which aren’t considered in nationally advertised saving statistics! Today, because America has had its savings vacuumed to a great extent by the Krell Welfare Machine, presently private industry only provides about 60% of this nations jobs...with the United States and government now supplying approximately the remaining 40%. Again, this was done through the Marxist Socialist veneer to slowly seize the mode of production: within the American home, and peel it open through Feminism, dismantle the main producer: the Father, then; harvest his wealth. From this, we have had the greatest transfer in wealth in the history of mankind. The money has gone from the American Family, where it is supposed to belong, directly to the State, the most corrupt, and inefficient place for it to be.

Above this tragedy, you have a missing charge-pump of the producers funding more small private business and industry by and through their own accrued savings. The national government has seized this money, and uses it to fund massive project from the top down, where large corporate Welfare clearly outstrips the Social Welfare this nation provides. But, this is done at a cost—and the cost is from the economic charge-pump of small investors and family savings investing small business and industry from the bottom-up. This perversion of a stable family charge-pump type of economic system, has exacerbated America’s decline. Unfortunately, the real tragedy is; that America’s economy is so big, it can mask the Feminist Welfare’s failure by still taking the wealth from the top, where government seizes it from the Family, and thereby—many massive failures are thereby never seen or immediately felt by the American peoples. They live life, buffered on the productivity of those who worked anywhere from 5 to 10 years their prior. They have no idea of the real costs and the real drain on the American economic system by this surreptitious government and welfare extortion.

From this, the producers, who once would have worked and saved, then after gaining some substance and/or substantial consideration (because they are the producers and are on the front lines of producing—and thereby, know and understand their markets) could extrapolate ideas from their experience and thereby create ideas or systems in which to better the marketplace, productivity or services that would help them as well as the nation. These people use to be able to obtain easy funding (and used to through family savings) which used to be stored in banks by working families who had worked and created such savings (surplusage as Eugene Weber noted in Chapter 3). From this, they would fund these producers who would then create new products, services and systems within the nation and the nation would grow once again. This economic cycle has been virtually vaporized because of the drain of the present Welfare system, especially upon men who have now been taken out of the job markets by women, and/or who have had their families destroyed by Welfare and from that financially attacked so that no savings nor future productivity can take place. There are generations of otherwise viable men who should have been future producers and creators of small and growing American businesses and Industries—which rather, have found themselves caught in the inescapable black-hole of devolution, cause by the direct intervention of Welfare into their lives.

The costs of these tragedies, are not ‘just’ a mere 1% in which Newt discusses above. What we are speaking of here, are productivity estimates that could conservatively range from anywhere from 5% to 10%, or higher, of this nations economic growth rate. What Newt considers a mere 1% as staggering, start adding up the simply rote figures of a 5% to 10% in which Welfare has effectively, and remember: "conservatively" stolen from this nation.

Add the attendant social costs as ingrained in the increased crime, teenage pregnancies, disease, death, injury, added costs and burdens to our schools and police, and prisons, and our court systems—mind you—all of which are negative burdens to our society and produce nothing. Zero. Not one muffin has been produced by such tragedies. We again, can conservatively double the 5% to 10% to again, a low figure of 15%. Add to that the lost productivity of those children involved, who couldn’t answer ‘the problem with no name’ and we are again getting even higher estimates of national economic growth, that have been eternally lost to this nation. Add to this the lost production of ‘producers’ such as myself who can design and engineer products (and who should be doing so now) and services; and again—you begin to produce percentages that show incomprehensible wealth and productivity lost throughout this nation!

If you take the 5 Trillion debt which Welfare has cost to each individual American, we are speaking on the order of $65,000 for each and every individual in the United States over the past 30 years. Add to this the ‘low figure’ of 15% loss of national economic growth, and you approach a conservative figure of every single American having approximately $80,000 dollars plus the mere $65,000 dollars owed from the 30 year cost of welfare which equals $145,000 total, that has been missing from every-single American person in the United States over this period of time. These are the kind estimates. I estimate that each single American really has lost approximately $500,000 stolen from it during this time period and again, that is a conservative estimate. What is so sad here is that we can only guesstimate generally in regards to this issue due to the fact that much of what we speculate here is redundant, and circular. For example, let’s say for discussion that out of this ‘conservative’ $145,000 estimate, that such an individual saved a mere $2,000 of it which went to a small business investment.. That small business now hires three employees. Those employees both produce products which adds to the countries wealth, and they too save, thereby propagating future small business. Again, these future small businesses hire more people which further reduce the burden’s of Welfare upon the society all the while inducing further productivity. Start to add this type of positive economic charge-pumping; and any financial model grows exponentially.

What could have each American done with an estimated extra $145,000 over this same 30 year period?!? What industries could they have funded? How would they have provided better for themselves and thereby reduced the Welfare burden upon this nation? What new products and or new miracle technologies would have been produced?!? Well, we can only imagine. But, the effects on small business, the schools, and on American and foreign industry, would have been staggering. Where American ingenuity might have invested that $145,000 dollars per individual American can be only speculated. But as an estimate, we are taking about a world-wide economic revolution which would have easily created not only an American Renaissance, but a World-Wide one also.

To solve Ms. Freidian’s conundrum, generations of American women have been staying at home, becoming pregnant by exciting ‘bad boys’ and then producing nothing. Worse than that: they have produced dead wood to this society, something dragging us down generation after generation. The greatest benefit of this feminist movement is invisible to the American public. Such benefits the Feminist might pretend to have been accrued from this miserably failed experiment are in the kindest light: temporal. For the most part, the Feminist movement has created havoc, pain, anarchy and many deaths, all the while being a dead-wood not only to our economy, but are social stability as a whole. It has waged devolution upon us, all the while we technologically advance. The one, is most certainly, feeding off of the other. What we are speaking of here is clearly the effects of an intentional, catastrophic war.

One of the larger tragedies to this construct is even more intimately related to this conversation. For it is in the reality of the generation of wealth itself. It is a factual dictum, that if you raise wealth within a society—the inceptional causal factors for welfare existing in the first place go down. There has been an incontrovertable corollary that the more wealthy a society, the more social pathology indexes go down. Wife beating goes down. Alcoholism, suicide, child abuse—the whole panoply of the essence of the Feminist mindset for existing—simply disappears to a great extent. This means, "real" Welfare is in fact—making society rich, so that these ‘abuse’ or casual factors for the Welfare state to begin in the first place don’t exist!

For example, Patrick T. Murphy in is watershed book Wasted, The Plight of America’s Unwanted Children, which intimately documents the failure of this system, documents the following analysis. He states that the cost of Welfare is over the $16 Billion advertised figure, "when medical subsidies, food stamps, and other benefits are considered," the real total is well over $150 Billion dollars a year. This astronomical amount is to essentially to ‘save’ 500,000 children a year. A quick calculation shows that we are spending on the order of $30,000 a year on each child—or higher—to ‘save’ these children. Not many fathers can even make that amount, and because of that; they are imprisoned for it. These children, could well live by themselves very comfortably, if we just fired welfare and simply gave them the money. Unfortunately, Mr. Murphy quizzically documents the odd disappearance of these funds within these single-female headed households.

Six sisters, the oldest thirty-one and the youngest twenty, lived in the apartment with nineteen of their twenty-six children. The other seven lived with various relatives. None of the nineteen fathers played a significant role in their children’s lives. The police filed criminal and abuse charges against the mothers. Then came headlines and TV footage, followed quickly by the apologists who defended the women as victims of poverty. But there arguments did not explain the cuts, bruises, belt marks, and cigarette burns on a four-year-old boy’s body. Nor could the women’s defenders explain what happened to more than $6,000 a month in various welfare benefits that poured into the apartment. Based upon the sisters’ criminal records, it is not irrational to believe that most of the money was going up someone’s nose or into someone’s arm.

[Wasted, The Plight of American’s Unwanted Children, by Patrick T. Murphy, ©1997, Ivan R. Dee, Inc., 1332 North Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60622, ISBN 1-56663-163-7; p. 99-100.]

As these aggregate figure’s clearly document, we are burning our nations wealth for nothing more than a Feminist epiphany. Again, these disgraceful figures and analysis persist! Martin L. Gross, in his 1993 book, A Call for Revolution, makes a hauntingly similar analysis:

[A Call for Revolution, How Washington is Strangling America—and How to Stop It, by Martin L. Gross, © 1993, Ballantine Books, A Division of Random House, Inc., New York, ISBN 0-345-38773-2, Back Cover]

This insanity has destroyed millions of men, stolen the wealth from this nation, and burdened the lives of American citizens, while directly destroying the lives of the children held hostage to and by this system. Clearly, this isn’t solving anything, and more importantly—it isn’t ever going to. It is time we proactively hunted and destroyed Welfare as an institution and re-established Fatherhood through the institution of Patriarchy..


Add to this the dissipation of what our children have undergone. Without a solid foundation of either their fathers influence in their lives, and denied the specific advances the $145,000 dollars per citizen, might have made, and how it would have impacted and improved their lives, we are in this case, most certainly looking at a quantum level transformation of society which should have occurred, but did not. This of course has also had massive impacts upon our children, unfortunately, to their detriment. This has been an unequivocal loss to this society, perhaps the greatest damage to it quantitatively; the unconsummated dreams, of artists lost to this conflagration, the engineers who were not developed, the writers, poets, who had their dreams deferred, that were all sacrificed to Feminism, all to allow women to find their own answer to ‘the problem with no name.’

What we can learn from this history is that females cannot care for their children or their homes without massive subsidy. We have also learned that Ms. Friedan and the rest of the feminist Hive have irresponsibly continually pushed this disaster upon the rest of America, while they along with government clearly recognized their failures and should have stopped this social experiment twenty years ago. Yet, they watched the problems which Feminist caused in this society, to grow exponentially—they willingly sacrificed millions of children’s futures and did this generationally, all in which to sustain their self-serving agenda. Generations of American children were willingly destroyed all to build, maintain, and further expand their empires.. Even upon this sad recognition, those within the Radical Feminist mindset would willingly continue such failures for the next half century, as long as it served and forwarded their social agenda. Unlike the Fathers who forged the Re-Affirmation and Declaration at the Purple Heart House, who to a man; were worried not about themselves, but their families, their children, their wives and society in general; this new breed of feminist would happily destroy this nation, the children, the society, even themselves if it pushed their own agenda forwards. They will either accomplish their vision "to redesign humanity", or destroy us all in the trying. To these people there is no middle ground, there is no compromise, and such mere things such as our American rule of law, Religious doctrine or belief, or the Constitution itself, have no meaning to these people and such things are happily and easily decimated, pushed aside, and made impotent.

This impressed devolution has produced the next generation whom by their own observations of this cancer, and their resultant lowered expectations and future; have named themselves the "X" Generation. They will not do as well as their Parents or Grandparents; they do not expect to receive Social Security; or well-paying secure jobs; secured freedoms, or the rest of the seeds of the future American dream or experience. They recognize that their future has been cannibalized, and replaced with something that is unrecognizable, which scares them and all Americans; that unlike Patriarchy which is intent on planting seeds for future generations, this shallow feminist social experiment has greedily consumed this nation’s future harvests; for profligate and perverted reasons. They fully understand they have been compromised, yet; like their Fathers before them who now suffer through these injustices and perverted realities, they can do nothing to change it. Most people across the social strata of America, are just pacing time, waiting for an un-definable ‘something’ to snap and drag this nation into another depression...or worse.

Fathers, who have been harvested by this despotic system, have had their wealth drained from them, have had to turn back to their fathers of a previous generation in which to live, further draining what savings or property were earned and saved for, for day-to-day living costs. What this has done is to destroy the last vestiges of generational families, it has cannibalized them, feeding both backwards to what past generations once earned, and also forwards into the future, draining our nations future economic success by presently massively burdening them with incredible debt. The "X" Generation is fully cognizant of this, and is militant about not paying into what were once stable national programs, such as Social Security. The nation of America is no longer finding amity or trust within the American experience, and generations themselves are beginning to factionalize. This is exacerbating further divisions within the society, which drains upon our future safety, as such a nation so divided, cannot stand.

However, Hillary and the Feminist Hive behind her do not consider these things. They have a death-grip on power, and will not let go. They have built a skyscraper, built from a fallow foundation constructed on lies, disinformation and Anti-American concepts—and they either will seize full power, and realize a complete socialist society, or they will destroy everything trying. Like Nero in Rome 2,000 years ago, they play their fiddle louder and louder to drown out the reality of the oncoming conflagration of the flames and utter destruction they set themselves, as though the sound of the music is protection itself, from the heat their fire is generating. They don’t want to hear or recognize the screams of those who have died and are dying due to their ignorance and misguided Social destruction. Such music Hillary and others like her play in front of all Americans is only a substitute for conscience. Because they don’t have any...that’s how they got where they are today, by being amoral.

It is clear from the Feminist posturing, the State Legislature’s, the President and many of the Governor’s and other plenary branches and agencies of government—that they are intent not to change. In fact, they cannot change. It’s impossible. They are too mad with power, they are too evil and lastly, they are stealing way too much money to have anything like morality or justice get in their way of accomplishing their Socialist agenda. The facts are clear: they are the foxes guarding the chicken coop...and ‘We the People’ who are the farmers, are having a tough time driving them out. We will have as much success with these special interest groups as the Farmer would in talking logically with a Fox.

As you can see, a Fox has no idea what human language is, and our contemporary government has no idea what the Constitution, Liberty, or Freedom are anymore.

We can see this by a new law that just was passed in New York calling for the zero tolerance of alcohol while driving. If you drink and drive, the state will immediately seize your vehicle. It is so draconian, that it actually has made the news. It again, is an insolent seizure of power by ultimate force. They are essentially saying, that they have the ‘vote’—they will vote in anything they can imagine, and then; it is up to us to fight the trillions of dollars of legal backing they have, not too mention the absolute fealty of a willing and corrupt Judiciary, which will happily go along with any such treason’s. In fact, even before this, feminists such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) have factually reintroduced Anti-Constitutional prohibition by a set of draconian laws that makes it illegal to drink and drive—no matter how much you’ve drunk. This new ‘Zero Tolerance’ law goes further, seizing and stealing the cars from people who come out of bars and drive before they have ever gotten to trial! This new law says, that even if you win the case, you ‘may not’ get your property back. This of course is reprehensible towards our system of law and governance—but these people care nothing about American law. They care nothing about concepts such as legality or constitutionalism.

Now we can understand what the ‘leakage’ of what Feminism wrought against us all. When MADD first organized (again on the fast track with massive under-the-table funding), it was only to get those excessive drinkers off the street. Then it went to those with large amounts of alcohol in their blood. Then, the State Legislatures predictably lowered the amount of alcohol in the blood and was able to make more even more arrests. The amount was reduced even further. And now, we have pure draconian theft by those wearing the badges, pretending to obey the law.

Such laws shock the conscious of most Americans. But these people imposing such illegal laws have no conscious. They don’t believe in America, nor do they believe in the laws of Liberty. We are ‘supposed to willingly give such things up’ to better ‘make it more safe.’ Meanwhile, society devolves because it is becoming a Socialist/Fascist regime, embedded with thousands of government workers who will willingly steal from their fellow Americans, and then feign the "Morbius Complex" when presented with the opposite rights secured by the Constitution. There will not be one person within government who will either resign from this obvious unconstitutional law, nor will their be one person who will dare defy implementing these illegal acts. In obeying this new "law" they are in fact, effectively violating their oath of office, and their own form of government by blindly following such profligatery.

Like those violating their oath in destroying and stealing from Fathers, all these people are well aware where their ‘daily bread’ comes from. They don’t care about the Constitution, and the last thing in the world these immoral people will do, is either uphold it, or especially, raise a hand to defend it.

And that is the ultimate paradigm. It is as Brad Rhunt insolently notes "Where do you go when [we] won’t obey your laws anymore?"

So, we can no longer expect any of the three branches of government to work any longer. They are mad with power and greed, and because of that—they can’t change. So the fourth branch of government accordingly, (We the People) must rise up as dictated in the Declaration of Independence, and forcibly set things right again. Indeed, they will never allow citizens to ‘use systems of redress’ in which to fight such laws—but what most citizens don’t know is that telephone calls have already been made, deals done, money passed—and the fix is in way before you ever get to court. Your case is decided previously by economic and social necessity, the only thing that ‘might’ change the eventuality is the harsh light of full media coverage and the present outrage of the citizenry. As for Fathers Rights, the ‘bright light’ of open public recognition has not been afforded us, and we have been annihilated due to the planned obfuscation of the courts and the media in regards to our issues. Nonetheless, I think by experience, even the most uneducated among us is revolted by the present unacceptable state of affairs.

The letters arrive weekly, like a trail of unpaid bills. They have come regularly since my involvement with the murder trial of O.J. Simpson, correspondence from all over the country, from men and women, black and white, waitresses and doctors, all of them frustrated by something they lump together as "the system."

Such people also seek me out to ask my advice on repairing this "system," which in their eyes is s thick soup of cynical and manipulative lawyers, unwise and unethical judges, and a glacial and impersonal bureaucracy.

[Divorced From Justice, The Abuse of Women and Children by Divorce Lawyers and Judges, by Karen Winner, HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., 10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022, ISBN 0-06-039184-7; p. Xi.]

One other sad conclusion about this, is that the Feminist in order to accomplish their Anti-American social revolution, they compromised the Patriarchal and American ideals and attributes of our sense of fair play and charity, buy using the government institution of Welfare to accomplish their socialist goals. Because of this misappropriation of this nations welfare system for social revolutionary purposes, the truly needy have been driven into deeper poverty, and have been stuck into cycles of depression and despair because their monies (or social opportunities) have been squandered for Radical Feminist purposes. The truly needy, such as the mentally retarded, our war Veterans (especially Vietnam and Desert Storm War Veterans), the crippled and the disabled all are living in subsistence conditions due to the fact that the feminist creation of the Single Female Headed Household is such a financial burden to our economic system. Thereby, any ability to take such people who truly need Welfare, many of which really want to ascend out from the chains of government subsidy—are locked into a subsistence lifestyle while their dreams go deferred in which to support a Feminist institution, which many of them do not agree with in the first place.

Again, this has added another component of ‘dead wood’ to our society, that for the greater part, might not be there, if given a modicum of a financial support for many of these people to reach their dreams of which they are capable. But for many of these people who are so debilitated that they cannot and will not ever be able to rise out of government assistance, they have been severely compromised by this Feminist Revolution which has captured their share of Welfare and which keeps these people in miserable subsistence-level conditions, when this nation could in fact, without such Feminist compromises, would be able to sustain a higher level life-style for many of these persons who truly require and need a viable American Welfare system in which to support them.

This is where this present system is trying to push men into: a ‘dead wood’ society, in which to ruin them. Like myself, this system has taken once normally viable and resilient men—and pushed them into abject poverty. Unlike Single Female headed household’s who bemoan that they are going into poverty, or unlike this nations truly needy, such as the crippled, or paraplegic; men are bound into an even worse poverty, held there; and then intentionally imprisoned for being poor—all the while these ‘supposed’ insane amounts of Child support continually rise while they are in prison!! Soon, these men have their names on national FBI ‘wanted’ posters for child support, with amounts ranging from 20,000 to 100,000 or higher!!!!! And these amounts only grow. They can only get bigger—because this is how the system is designed. What is most odd, is that these men never either could afford or developed these insane amounts of money, had they been left alone to their own economies to either develop or buy something for their own selves.

Meanwhile the ‘system’ and anti-male feminists along with the most base assemblage of society whom only think by their arrogant self-righteousness, invectively scream at these men in their inventiveness: "You shouldn’t have had a child then!" Not one of these idiots never shouts this disclaim to any woman—it’s only the men—who are only in this predicament, NOT because they had children; but because they had children AND THEN GOVERNMENT INTENTIONALLY MADE IT THEIR PLAN TO ENSLAVE THEM, AND DRIVE THEM INTO ENTERNAL POVERTY FOR THAT NORMAL HUMAN ACT. This is their ‘real’ "crime." And this is the exact same identical "crime" our children, about 50 percent of them, mostly boys, will inherit. Soon, however, girls will inherit this same problem as these outlaw courts give more and more men their children in order to try and cover-up their past crimes of being biased against men, in favor of women in custody disputes.

"Females," who commit the ‘supposedly’ same "criminal" act—of being poor—are presently left to go free and suffer no penalties from government. Not only that—they get essentially—a life-long subsidy and eternal protections of the state. They can do no wrong, they suffer no damage, they lose no license, they have no wealth stolen from them...they are not hunted nationally.

Only men are.


"I don’t believe in the legal system anymore." [I Want To Tell You, My responses to your Letters, your Messages, Your Questions, by O.J. Simpson ©1995, by Orenthal Productions Inc., Little, Brown and Company, New York, ISBN 0-316-34100-2; p. 86] said O.J. Simpson in his book, I Want to Tell You. He is no longer alone.

Not many believe in this system—including the Feminists and needy mothers whom now seek its support, yet; whose support through the "Sir Galahad" complex is quickly eroding due to the impact of the great Leviathan of men’s rights groups whom are just beginning to stir in protest against this insanity.

To many, many, many millions of Americans, (and surprisingly lawyers); this system is totally alien to them. Presently, more American’s understand the precepts of fundamental Moslem law more than they understand our own contemporary "American" corporate court systems. The First Continental Congress adoption of the common law, as "the law of the highest reason" has long ago been obliterated in favor "something else" in which many American’s do not recognize nor comprehend. American’s fear our courts and police for a reason, they fear our Judges, our Legislatures who pass indomitible laws, and an Executive power that is more Foreign Imperialist than it is constitutional. Yet these people inhabiting the corridors of power, will tell you with a straight face that they are your ‘public servants’ and that they are ‘upholding the law.’ Frankly, they are liars.

In one sense, this is predictable. In another, almost humorous. These stupid people, who designed this anti-male, Anti-American, Anti-Law court system; by their use of nepotistic, and illogical set of base laws which they have widely implemented within these court systems, come from fallow doctrines, and outright greed. They have designed a system which was doomed to failure from the start. They threw away the solid logic and free concepts of freedom and responsibility which Western Civilization developed over 5000 years, and which used to be the foundation of their jurisprudence, they replaced that with a false God of Feminist Jurisprudence—and now they are in angst that the system is collapsing in upon its own stupidity, after such a short life span. Of course this ‘new law’ which Hillary and all her elite want us to continue to depend upon, needs a massive overhaul, and if they implement new laws to overhaul it (most certainly implemented in the name of "efficiency" for the courts) they may get this insanity to limp along again for yet another 10 years...but it is engineered to complete failure, unlike the "Law of the Highest Reason" which in its main form, has lasted Western Civilization on the order of 5000 years and could go another 5000 if we would just let it. But that is impossible, because such reinstitution, means to again reestablish, logic, freedom, truth, liberty, and justice. Something our courts haven’t seen in a long, long, time. It also means the realignment of power back to the male, which provided TRUE family law, and the resultant stability from within the home in the first place.

Yet, this ‘corporate court’ is the power of which the feminist most rely upon and wield against others with a vengeance. For even though they are not a major portion of our civilization, having a mere several thousand person membership--they are a major part of our government and our media, and especially court systems. As Daniel Moynihan and others found out in the 60s, you do not dare go against the feminists: even if you are telling the truth. Many others have found this fact out: that the feminists are fascists—and if you dare cross them—well, then telephone calls are made...

What has transpired in this nation with feminism is a very serious thing, it should be a very serious consideration for all Americans. The reason for this is related in a story I heard while down in Los Angeles. I cannot even remember who told this to me, but; it is indicative of what we are speaking of here. This person said that they were at a convention of some type and ‘accidentally’ walked into a speech that was given by Radical Feminist Senator Diane Feinstein. This person mistakenly entered the room, saw Ms. Feinstein, saw about thirty women sitting before her listening, became embarrassed of his mistake upon entering the room, and then quickly left. We all have witnessed this sort of mistake in our lives, yet; before he left the room he felt an eerie sense as if he was in the Twilight Zone. He stopped to take a took a look at the room, and he said he noticed that all the women were wearing a plain white top with a dark blue skirt underneath, and they appeared almost to be sitting at attention while they intently listened to Ms. Feinstein. He said, "I got an eerie sensation that I was watching the Brownshirt’s of the early Nazi regime of WWII," He told me that the picture remained vivid in his mind, and left him shaken.

But we don’t have to look at this unattributed story to understand this. All we have to do is look at the present hate mindset in which inhabits Feminism from its inception, from considering sperm a "virulent poison" to the present where women are serious advocating eradicating all men. But the more important point is here—that exactly like the Nazi’s in WWII, we have had a group effectively overthrow our nations laws in order to support a mindset as opposite, radical and virulent as the Nazi Brownshirt’s of WWII. And, if in the best-case scenario such women are in fact not these "Brownshirt’s" then; by the systems and surreptitious manner in which they have effectively thrown away these nations laws, we should be very disturbed as to this occurring as—if the Feminists are not a new Fascist Regime, then; someone else—using these same perverse systems to effectively overthrow our form of governance, will compromise this nation. However, noting this, I am of the opinion, that these Feminists are indeed a direct threat to the safety and welfare of this nation, and I do believe they are a greater threat to this nation than any outside foreign influence, for they are a silent domestic enemy from within. And now, we have internal systems of governance collapsing under their pressure and influence. The American court system is our most egregious example of this.

When the Committee to Examine Lawyer Conduct in Matrimonial actions was formed, however, it was not without controversy. The committee was made up of entirely lawyers and judges, with no one representing the interests of the consumers. To make matters even more one-sided, when the committee began examining the findings of the Women in Divorce report, I [a feminist--RLCII] was the only nonlawyer called in to testify privately. I publicly complained in an op-ed piece carried by New York Newsday. Mark Green complained too, as did advocacy groups like the National Coalition for Family Justice. The complaints obviously served their purpose, because a few weeks after the private hearing, the committee decided to hold three public hearings, which were hastily scheduled in the following weeks. Scores of women called in to testify.

[Divorced From Justice, The Abuse of Women and Children by Divorce Lawyers and Judges, by Karen Winner, HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., 10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022, ISBN 0-06-039184-7; p. xxxi]

As the Cato institute and others have noted, there is a serious defect in our contemporary court systems. Believe me, having been in the front lines of these skirmishes, I can personally attest to you, this corruption is worse than you can imagine. Let us take the most benign example first, then work towards the most massive corruption. Mind you, the inane simple corruption’s are he worst, because they are the most benign, and affront to the viewer a reality that is perverted yet, acts as if norm. This of course, has begun to subvert the American mind-set such that contemporary generations, who have been intentionally dumbed down by our nations school system, actually think such actions are normal and are of no consequence. By these surreptitious aberrations, this nations courts have effectively subverted our nations laws and constitutions and replaced them with ‘something else’ in which no-one truly understands or is willing to confront.

For instance, in United States District Court in Los Angeles case number IFP 98-4686, I wrote up an Injunction against what was commonly referred to as the "Fatherhood Summit," which was being held by the California Department of Social Services in June of 1998 (this summit is discussed previously in chapter XX). One of the things that unnerved me about the "Judges" and the "magistrates" (Only signed as "Civil Duty M.J." whose name I could not read), was that the denial of this injunction was based on: 1.) "Inadequate showing of indigence, 2.) The "Declaration in Support of Request to Proceed In Forma Pauperis" submitted by plaintiff Marshall is incomplete. 3.) Also, no other plaintiff has submitted a declaration, and finally 4.) A pro per plaintiff may not represent other plaintiffs on a class.

First off, on item 1., Mr. Marshall put down less than $15,000 a year, which in Los Angeles is an extreme hardship condition. (Not only that, given in the light of the reality, that no American citizen can afford even to go to court anymore—it should have been passed right through—but it wasn’t, for corrupt political reasons). Also, that he was a father asking this is even more glaring, as the courts know most of us are under attack and in war-time conditions. But it was the ruling that we couldn’t place forwards this "as a class" that got me angry...not to mention that in another document where we patently asked for "trial by jury" they responded that we would get a "jury trial" (something completely different). Clearly, from these actions we can see the inner mechanisms of Hillary Clinton’s feminized courtroom machine, and we can readily see that it is corrupt, and totally broke. Courts no longer provide redress. They are only there to impede redress.

These courts aren’t here to solve problems—they’re here to exacerbate them, to control people, to instill total hopelessness within them. When people "use the system" as Hillary and all those Socialists embedded within the corridors of power get on Television and continuously make the point that: "Oh...we have to use the ‘system’." "Use the present ‘systems of redress’" they incessantly beseech us all...

We do. And factually, as this case clearly demonstrates—these systems of redress do not work. There is no redress in America any longer.

Now, these idiot "Judges" from the Supreme court down, who supposedly "own" this draconian monopoly, will fetidly inform us that: "Oh! But if we allow justice, then our courts will be flooded with requests by citizens for justice."

Of course they are wrong. Again, applying simple powers of observation and abstract reasoning would show the exact opposite, and indeed; it is upon this analysis that these courts along with the government and the feminists keep injustice as a close kept weapon in their arsenal against the American father.

Factually, our courts are already flooded with people seeking justice, and factually not getting it. This is the ‘real’ industry of today’s courts. Without these modern draconian courts of Inquisition, government and local counties, states and the Federal government would not be able to harvest the trillions they are directly stealing from Americans by the application of such injustice. The simple officer or government state actor wouldn’t be trying many of the crimes they perpetrate against private citizens because they would know and understand in the first instance that our courts actually worked, and provided redress. It is for the want of justice, which instigates the criminals within government to initiate the many injustices they impose against society: because they know that they can get away with it, and beyond that; will be actually protected by the present criminal ‘corporate’ court systems within the United States. Indeed, this goes not only against the true foundational tenants of American governance, it is factually crimes of high-treason committed against every-single-American alive...for it is the American populace who must publicly fund such madness.

For instance, in every-single courtroom I have walked into, these entities are doing insane amounts of business. From Chico, to New York City, these courts are flooded with people trying to place the round peg in the round hole in which to seek justice. They have no idea that they are coming up to a blank wall with no holes in it what-so-ever...and that this is done by design!!! The courts are nothing but a blind-fold in which unsuspecting citizens blindly keep on pushing their peg into a massive blank wall. They never will get their round peg to fit, because there is no adjoining round hole for which they can correspondingly find. This is the factual state of our present court systems.

Most people cannot even afford this insanity. Most citizens, plead "not guilty" (when they shouldn’t be pleading at all, thereby not entering the criminal jurisdictions of these courts) and the ‘benevolent’ "Judge" then assigns them a court appointed "Public Defender." A large portion of these citizens, never get to meet their "Public Defender" until the day and minute of the trial. When they do, their name is called and they are making the first introductions. The Judge allows the "Public Defender" to speak with his client for anywhere from 15 seconds to maybe even a full minute. Then the ‘deal’ is struck, (which only means that the defendant is poor and cannot defend himself and the DA and Judge can now try and financially ruin him to his limits), and Judgement is passed. I’ve personally watched this over and over, and I have actually timed such proceedings which take anywhere from 45 seconds to "maybe" five minutes.

In fact, in this United States District Court, every single time I was there I saw huge lines extending out into the hall, sometimes 100 to 150 people every hour on the hour entering this court to file paperwork. I conservatively estimate we are speaking of approximately 500 people a day enter this one facility, and at $150 each we are speaking of profits that range about $75,000 per day! At the ‘family court’ facility of Los Angeles I saw lines extending way outside the court. This facility is either five or six stories high, about 100 by 100 yards long, and has a huge four story parking structure! Indeed, these facilities are huge. Even in the smallest county these facilities are overflowing—they can’t handle the work-loads in which other Feminist systems of government keep shoveling into them.

I make the assertion, that if Mr. Marshall’s (along with all others) received true justice, which our courts are ‘supposed’ to be dealing in, then; the present insanity would collapse and in fact so would the lines (and so would the attendant reality that the national public fund this insanity). Because if Le Roy had been heard and had received Justice, then; many of these feminized people within government wouldn’t be pulling half the criminal things they are pulling now in the first place! If American’s received simple justice from their courts, then the present system of government would not find injustice marketable. The crimes of government could no longer pass the simple scrutiny of American Justice and Law. People would be able to live more free and, if they had true access to the law and to Justice, then, most things would be resolved immediately, before they even got to court.

Unfortunately, because of the courts willing conspirators to this present malfeasance, many important social questions are not being addressed. Worse yet, many people are suffering through inhumane injustice. And the largest problems we face are of an uncontrolled government which is not being properly restrained from either corruption or from overstepping its authority. Many Police, Social Workers and many other government officials are laughing at private citizens when they are fulfilling their "quota’s" in which to receive their public funding. What is most tragic is that in a large majority of cases, these citizens being attacked by these government actors are poor, and such systems now depend upon them and harvest them continually...because factually the various agencies see the poor as a crop, and when these people do not exactly jump though all the hoops of their new administrative masters, well; they go back to court, have their fines or jail times increased—and then are further indebted to this insanity. This is another reason why children entering into this system remain in it. Factually, it is a well designed described is a Chinese Finger Torture by design. Few "criminals" entering this system ever truly leave it. (The ‘industry’ must keep its product in cycle—and it does—for 10 to 20 years). For at a whim, anyone can knock on their door, and ‘pretend’ some violation has occurred and because of these malfeasant courts, these people unjustly attacked for their ‘malum prohibitum’ crimes (government claims some act is ‘illegal’) they will never get out of prison. We see many citizens cycled in this system endlessly.

This nation was never supposed to be a nation of prisons. In fact, it was Blackstone who said that "it is better that ten guilty persons escape than one innocent suffer." [Commentaries, Sir William Blackstone, (1765-1769)] Now, many government systems intent on keeping their quota’s alive will happily place 10 innocent people into jail to ‘capture’ one small-time hood. "Law and Order" these people will scream—all the while ‘winking’ at their fellow elite compatriots who are pushing the same elite agenda. Again, this is the mythological manufacturing of Fatherhood into bogeymen to satisfy eternal feminist abuse statistics has placed many poor fathers into prison, with no direct evidence other than a wife or a coerced child pointing and saying "he did it."

This of course has turned our system of government and courts upside down. Supreme Court Justice Tom C. Clark noted this lesson when he stated, "Nothing can destroy a government more quickly than its failure to observe its own laws, or worse, disregard the character of its own existence." [Foundations of Freedom: A Living History of Our Bill of Rights, by John H. Rodehamel, Stephen F. Ruhde and Paul Von Blum, Los Angeles Constitutional Rights Foundation, ©1991; p. 97.] This is what feminism embellishes, the anti-character of our nation, and it has fully impressed its flawed precepts upon our Judiciary, and our Judiciary in attending to this pressure, has overturned our own laws, and its own foundational doctrines in which to pursue this socialist epiphany. For in fact, to maintain the Feminist myth—the courts are forced to change. They cannot have a fair and just system when another system is using it to enforce a political regime. As Hillary puts it: "To redesign humanity." This is why, such acquiescence is such a danger to us all, and this is why those woman who ‘looked’ like the Nazi Brownshirt’s of WWII are such a danger—because when any political philosophy overturns a system of law based upon the intrinsic foundational precepts of freedom, liberty, equality and justice; then you in fact do not have freedom, liberty and equality and justice within that system anymore. This is a simple mathematical identity reasoning. What you have is a ‘replacement’ for those things in which to meet the requirements of the new social order. (The elite’s ‘redesign’ of which they only know the blueprint). This is why many modern observers of our Judiciary are disturbed over the new countenance in which inhabits our court system. It is because this new rogue entity is not based and most certainly not in alignment with the foundational doctrine of our true American nation, either under the common law, or within the maxims of law, nor even the American construct of law. What most certainly has replaced these court systems is something more malevolent. Something more certainly prone to abuse and errant discretion. In fact, modern feminism could never had made the gains it has without the concomitant help of these errant tribunals which now overturn justice.

Indeed, re-establish the simple order of the courts, and much of what is happening within them will vanish. Many cases will never even reach the court in the first place. For instance, in chapter XX I told of a Mexican named Carlos who was imprisoned for "Child Abuse," for sexually molesting a young boy. In looking at that case, I noted; that there was absolutely no evidence, nothing. Zero. (Just people pointing at him and saying: "He did it.") Which under our system of government and the courts, there was nothing that could place him into jail. I forcefully posed to this to Carlos’ lawyer, whom the family, in their desperation retained at great cost to them. The court, threatened Carlos with life imprisonment. In solitary confinement, this man was beaten by the inmates and threatened constantly. The lawyer sent word to him that ‘if’ he agreed to plea bargain, he ‘might’ get six years instead of life.

I told the family to tell Carlos to not accept this ‘deal’, that he would get screwed in the end, and if he was really innocent, which; I can only tell you as a gut feeling that he truly was, that he had to rough it out. Well, unfortunately, excepting telephone calls, the family could not get my recommendations to him, and as trial took place, Carlos plead guilty and received his sentence of ten years. Again, he got screwed. No longer are we looking to listen to Blackstone’s inculcation’s, no longer are we large or noble enough "that ten guilty persons escape than one innocent suffer." We are factually cannibalizing our own poor citizen’s to feed Hillary’s Krell Welfare Machine.

Now Carlos’ lawyer fully knew what he was doing, because I stuck it right in his face. The Judge, who unfortunately for Mr. Carlos, was the illustrious "Cocaine Annie." She also knew what she was doing. They all do. But it’s just business. That’s all. Just business, and we the American citizenry shouldn’t really care, because we aren’t the ones going into prison, only Carlos is. We are safely within the Fourth Box, quietly allowing the "law and order" elite’s license to unlawfully destroy and cannibalize people as a direct affront to our system of law and justice.

Well, the American citizenry are wrong. For we all are going into prison with Carlos because we are funding this insanity which is eating up more and more of our nations wealth. Not only that; as a low Mexican laborer—Carlos really isn’t worth much to our economy, excepting the fact that we find such people as Carlos in agriculture and many labor intensive areas of our economy which contribute to a low cost of food and other products and services within this nation that we all enjoy. So, I say Carlos is important, and that his unjust incarceration at the hands of a newly established ‘efficient’ court system is much more of a crime. He was a laborer, his whole family was, and although poor he contributed ‘something’ to us all. I say all these people are important, and I say we start obeying our own laws, and start letting the 10 people guilty go, to protect that one innocent person, such as Carlos and more importantly—enforcing and protecting American laws of justice and procedure. Presently, Carlos is not producing that meager function in society, and instead he is incurring a greater debt to the society as a whole. But he is making money for the prison system and the elite’s whom profit greatly from this evil perversion Now again, this is needless, especially in the light that our courts are not supposed to run this way. The fact that they do, in which to fund a feminist mindset, means that something is very, very broke.

What is most unfortunate about Carlos, and really what is a direct indictment against this whole system is that, Carlos is making more money (for someone else) as a prisoner, than he ever could as a private citizen. Carlos makes ‘maybe’ $15,000 a year (I’m being generous here). In jail, he is accruing on the order of $30,000 to $50,000 a year to keep him in prison. Think about this. "Society" in keeping such men in jail, and really, many men who—‘perhaps’ are there for small time drug and alcohol offenses [only approximately 15 percent of our jail population are ‘real’ criminals, the violent, the murderers, the thieves, the embezzlers, rapists, etc.; the ‘majority’ of our prison population, about 80 percent, are in prison for malum prohibitum crimes such as alcohol drunk driving, "deadbeat dads," drug use, etc.] and other pesky community related crimes. These ‘prisoners’ (mostly men) are worth more to ‘someone’ accruing a larger income in prison than they do in the outside world! Would society consider just ‘halving’ these amounts—lets say instead of paying $30,000 a year to keep in prison, say rather just ‘giving’ a person convicted of Pot possession $15,000 a year to stay at home? Society might. But the Krell Welfare Machine wouldn’t...those Police, Judges and prison guards would moan about ‘law and order’ and quietly stand in fear of their jobs and profits upon such any conceivable suggestion such as this...might vaporize.

Now, let’s take the argument that in the light of truth and of God, that Carlos is really guilty. That he’s snowed us all over. That the child he supposedly sodomized was in fact the true victim here Under these true realizations, do we, as this nation have to still let Carlos go free? Just because of the American legal concept that we not imprison innocent people as to assure a greater system of jutice? Do we attend to the discipline that we uphold our rule of law, that under proper evidence and rules of procedure we convict and sentence our criminals and more importantly do we assure a system of redress that factually will allow our innocent every opportunity to go free? The answer of course is an unequivocal yes. For if we do not obey this primacy mandate which this nation was founded upon, what nation will?!?? How do we explain our national existence? That we’re America—but we have ignoble laws which supercede the true constitutional law just like every other terrorist regime? If the corporate entity which pretends to be the Elite ruling regime doesn’t obey American laws and concepts in America—then were do we American’s go to experience our country called America?? Where do we go to find American law?

Perhaps Mr. Brad Rhunt can answer this pesky question...

Presently, under our present court system, we have the exact opposite of this American concept of adhering to procedures which free the greatest amount of possible innocent people. What we are addressing here is a complete fracture within our Judiciary, so profound, and so deep, as to mandate its immediate suspension, total dismantling and the immediate institution of a new "Non-ABA" judiciary. From this empirical analysis, we must re-establish a properly working Judiciary, with totally reconstituted Judges who once again align themselves with the American foundational precepts of governance, the strict adherence to the Constitution and most importantly, their oaths of office. We must have redress and justice within our American courts once again.

Again, the sheer amounts of people entering these institutions shows that something is severely broke. Another symptom which clearly demonstrates this is the proliferation of the term "I’m only doing my job," which many within various government agencies now say to us as an excuse for their treason’s in adhering and administering unconstitutional acts. This of course was the exact equivocation of the WWII Nazi’s. We as a citizenry didn’t accept that then—nor should we now—especially, when it is being said by our own ‘supposed’ "public servants."

These documented perversions within our courts is but one reason why the majority of fathers never enter these courts in the first place, yet another indicator of the failure of this system. These courts are a fast-track for Feminist organizations who most assuredly have their paperwork filed and entered into court. I dare say we have no Feminist organizations nationwide which are complaining of being denied filing of proper legal paperwork of which I have most readily observed on our side, over and over and over again. (This of course as we have addressed previously) is proof that we have a one way street within our court systems. From these facts there can be no wonder why these courts have given approximately 90 percent (a low figure) of the children to their mothers and not their fathers. Again, the feminist wild claims that this figure is really anywhere from 50 percent (low feminist figure) to 80 percent of Fathers obtain their children in court—which is not just laughable, but side-splitting lie! "IF" these courts even gave ‘close’ to 25 percent of custody cases to fathers, you’d hear a cacophony of screams from the Radical Feminists which would be storming Congress in protest of such courts—we have yet to see that. "IF" these courts were in fact giving 50 percent of all court custody fights to fathers, then—you’d have a melt-down of this whole system. Within two years there would be a nation of fathers entering the courts, within four to five years you’d see a complete reversal of the Single Female Headed Household within this nation, Welfare rates would collapse and Family courts would be barren. Counties, States and Federal government’s would be losing Billions of dollars. Again, any such affirmation by Feminists (which all the studies I have seen on such affirmations of 80 percent or higher court custody figures, have come from feminist groups and studies) is laughable—if this whole situation weren’t so serious.

Now, this is not to say that there has not been a reversal of mindset within these courts. There has, and it has been directly due to the modern Fathers Rights movement. These courts have much explaining to do in which, they cannot explain their actions even under the most lenient circumstances given the most favorable light. The facts are glaring, that they have been abjectly discriminatory, in direct violation of their oath of office and against all laws even in the Feminist Jurisprudence light of law. There has been a real fracture and an enslavement of society that they cannot hide, so; they are just pacing time presently and trying to ‘catch-up’ by giving more men custody than in previous generations. [Categorically, miniscule amounts—for the Krell Welfare Machine shows no sign of abating its present industry.] They are trying to do this without enraging the feminists, something they regret making their bed to, and now are very reluctant to sleep in it.

This of course totally obliterates the Feminist position which has stated for the past half-century that men are irresponsible Fathers and that they run away. Well, strangely, they are not running away, and as the courts actually give more Fathers custody of their children, we are seeing a huge reserve of Fathers waiting in the wings, ready, willing and able to assume these children—with absolutely no cost to the County, State or Federal governments. This of course, has this whole institution patently frightened...for if they lose the bogeyman they’ve established within the American mindset against the Father over the past half-century the Feminist lose Billions. If Fathers accept their children and assume custody, again; they lose Billions. If the Fathers obtain their children and the State makes no money off of them by they creating Single Father Headed Household’s, again; they lose Billions. They have helped the Feminists open up this Pandora’s Box of filth within the law, and now; nobody wants to assume the responsibility for these fallow acts. There is no money in Fatherhood, and for the Krell Welfare Machine—that is really Fatherhood’s greatest problem...

Uncovering the real truth about Fatherhood is going to be a hard reality for many within the present system, for first, exactly like the Nazi’s of WWII, it will be a direct testimony against the Anti-Father, Anti-Family practices, policies and procedures that this nation and a criminal court system, has propagated over the last half-century.. Secondly, the re-establishment of Fatherhood is going to collapse the present system, and it is going to force women to reinforce their family bonds, (which many women will find comfort in, contrary to feminist mythology), and more specifically, their marriage bonds. This of course will give a new validation to the institution of marriage and make it more stable. As women again find sanctuary within marriage rather than divorce, thereby divorce will drop, this again will cost the Feminist model who hates marriage, a loss of Billions of dollars. Once women realize that there is no money or power in having children: the Krell Welfare Machine turns off.

So, presently the courts are caught in a conundrum they can’t win. They are slowly bringing up the Father custody rates, and from this miniscule amount of men (with hundreds of thousands waiting in the wings) they are starting to see huge impacts within their Krell Welfare Machine. They go too much further, and the machine will simply stop. They know this, and they do not dare stop their ‘daily bread’ lest they all starve outright. Again, so much rests on all this, that; much effort is right now being placed on what will happen in these courts. Nobody knows—for anyway you add it up—the system itself loses. All we are discussing here now, are by what massive amounts will allow the least impacts against government.

It is because of this primary flaw in today’s courts, which have subverted themselves to a corrupt feminist agenda, that in fact; no Father can really enter these courts. Now, because of the perversion within the law, and its total dissimulation of logic—the courts are becoming more and more reluctant to allow even women into these courts! These courts have zero to do with law. They have nothing to do with Justice. They are remotely askew from doing something right, sensible or reasonable. In fact, I have come to depend upon them doing the wrong fact...this is how present people who work with this system how they combat against it. When you file your paperwork, immediately think of what the wrong thing to do is, what is most unjust, unreasonable and stupid: and that is exactly what the court will do. That last observation usually costs other people four to five years in law school and about two years in practice to figure out. Many feminists and women who are now entering these courts to attempt to truly seek justice—are just beginning to realize what monster they themselves created. They killed our courts of justice, they opened a Pandora’s Box and enjoyed the greatest part of those perversions, and now—that they find themselves the targets of injustice, they are taken back by all this, by the monster in which they themselves have created in these courts. They have no idea how to handle the injustice they have developed throughout these perverse monster courts, they don’t know what to do or how seek what we could readily depend upon in our past courts. And that was plain justice.

Yet...all that would have to happen is the simple reinstitution of Justice, and you’d see these massive court lines disappear—because the facts are that government would not be able to get away with many of the crimes it is committing against its own people.. For Fathers, this means that the District Attorney whose only present intent is to criminalize you would get drop-kicked out of court. All a Judge would have to do is ask the simple question in regards to these "sealed" instruments called "special obligations" which no father fully knows about—"did the father have proper counsel?" (which no counsel could be proper because the whole terms and conditions and the basis of the contract itself is based on fraud and as we discussed before, are totally unconscionable!) would destroy every single District Attorney’s case in the United States...yet...not one Judge is doing this. Every Judge is acting exactly like the Judges of the Weimar Republic in WWII, they are conspiring in a fraud to send many Fathers into slavery, and many more actually to their deaths. How many Fathers, Mothers and children have been killed over this needless war over money and the transfer of wealth? Well, we know that we are talking at least in the hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions. This is innocent blood on the Judges hands who have knowingly propagated this fraud against fathers who like the Jews of WWII, never had a chance because the system is intentionally designed for their destruction.

A huge and distinct backlash is quickly coming against this system, and it is coming sooner than everyone thinks. Due to the massive addiction by government and Feminist who directly feed-off of this perverse system, and due to the massive social pressures built up and which are yet to be released, there is a massive retribution and realignment coming against all who have enjoined in this massive fraud against the American Father. In a very short time there is going to be a snap in this economy, and when that happens, the system is going to intently destroy Fathers who are presently complying with this system, (paying Child Support) and who then will not be able to pay and thereby to suffer the injustices that this system has ready for them. Those millions of Fathers upon the slightest aberration in this nation’s economy will rise up as the raging Rhino never seen before in history, and it will level anything before it. The groundwork laid out by the present Fathers Rights community will be a lightening rod for this army, which will fully recognize that there is no effective redress within these courts just like the Feminists are just starting to comprehend. The courts, the DA’s and the government will all be responsible for the resultant carnage which will most certainly ensue from a national economic calamity. I don’t fear for these people, because this Backlash is needed, and it has been long overdue. One of my main questions that I am dying to ask these people who inhabit Hillary’s Krell Welfare Machine is: "Did you really think you were going to get away with these crimes?" I want and need to hear their answer. So do many Fathers whom have inhumanely suffered because of this aberrant social movement. Again, quoting Kennedy: "Those who make peaceful Revolution impossible, will make violent Revolution inevitable."


This profligate paradigm presented to American Fatherhood has already established what many Fathers Rights organizations have named: "The Steve Fagan Solution." Clearly, many men are abjectly aware of the total injustices and annihilation waiting for them in these perverse court systems...and thereby...millions of men are not even entering them. This is not just a diabolical plan to overthrow our present court systems—no. Unfortunately, this reality has been present for the past 25 to 35 years in this nations courts, thereby; Fathers willfully not entering these draconian institutions do so out of pragmatic necessity...for the alternative leads only to their destruction.

Steve Fagan was a Father in Massachusetts (a massive, feminized Welfare State) who had made this same recognition and fled with his own children in 1979 (something he is allowed to do by law) and re-established himself in Florida. Apparently the girls natural mother had considerable problems, and Steve, faced with those problems, and the errant and criminal court system, really did what was the best for he and his girls. He seized his own children and fled to Florida, where, like most other men; he soon prospered (something the State would have taken from him had he remained in New England.) In most probability, if he had remained in New England he would have been held slave to the system, and never risen to the status of Millionaire, which; he was able to accomplish in Florida by himself, left unfettered by government criminal actions and ‘pretended crimes.’ There he raised his two daughters successfully, started a second family, and became rich and prosperous where he and his daughters, flourished.

His daughters, instead of being poisoned against their father, in turn loved him, and they had a very comfortable and loving life down in Florida. Explaining his actions, Steve in a newspaper interview said: "I was raised in a home where the best interests of the children always came first. They still do," he insists. Clearly—he knew that just ‘going along’ with the present perverted system was clearly not in their best interests. Clearly—his actions and the resultant prosperity, love and commitment—clearly show he was right. In 1998, "the system" caught up with Steve in Palm Beach, Florida, where he lived and worked successfully, and arrested him for ‘kidnapping’ his own children (a legal impossibility for a father). In the final court proceeding, Steve was found guilty, and ordered to pay $100,000 to a Massachusetts Orphanage, yet; the most stunning indictment of the whole system was in the testimony of the daughters of Steve Fagan, Rachel and Lisa Martin.

In court, and all throughout this debacle they had clearly and steadfastly, (in total contravention of feminist mythology) stood by and supported and honored their father. "We do not feel victimized by our father," Rachel Martin said in recognition of her fathers sacrifices. "We are convinced that his actions were from his heart." [New York Daily News, "Abducted by Dad, two give mom the brushoff.," by Leo Standora, Saturday, May 29, 1999, p. 6.] They were. In a clear and direct extrapolation of the prime maxim of this book: ""Partus sequitur ventrem." "The offspring follow the condition of the mother. This is the law in the case of slaves and animals; but with regard to freemen, children follow the condition of the father," these two daughters clearly followed the condition of their father—and that was one of success, honor, and triumph. If their father had succumbed to the fallow feminist mantra of ‘doing the right thing’ and "you must pay child support," clearly, their lives would have been drastically different!

The Fathers Rights movement has recognized this Fagan solution and advocates its implementation. No longer can Fathers try and "obey the law" because the law is cancerous. It is not only wrong—it has become Anti-American, and must be resisted at all costs. If Fathers would start thinking for themselves, exactly like Steve Fagan did, obey the Maxim’s of law which protect them, their families, their children and society; and resist the massive Tribe incantations that Fathers must fall on their own swords and destroy themselves for the feminist ideal of ‘supporting’ their own children—which means giving them up, handing them to the Feminist court system who thereby drains the wealth from the Father and thereby children—then clearly, this nation would be richer, stronger and our children would be a lot happier and safer. Just like Steve Fagan’s girls did.

We must turn this issue again back to "Dreams Differed." How many men who could have been millionaires, just like Steve Fagan, have instead been ruined and imprisoned by this errant system? We don’t know. Nobody does. In fact, anyone researching something like this might soon become afraid of the staggering numbers that might become uncovered. Indeed, I make the case I am one such Father, whom at minimum would have lived a much different and more prosperous life had I done the Steve Fagan solution from the outset of my troubles with this perverse system. In retrospect: I never should have trusted this perverse court system from the start. I never will again.

Again, researching the resultant effects on the economy and overall prosperity of this nation: we might find again, accordant figures that would stagger the mind of any researcher daring to even begin to look at "what might have been" if Fathers had implemented the Steve Fagan solution, rather than trusting the supposed justice of our court systems. Clearly, many in the Fathers Rights community clearly see the Steve Fagan solution: Leaving the cancerous participation in ‘government’ services and injustice; as really the best solution for any Father, and clearly; in the light of the massive failure and social pathologies linked to the present system—almost a mandate for this nations children’s safety. We are now asking men, whom are currently facing the perversion of easy divorce and feminism, to ‘just run away.’ NOT to engage with this failure—and save yourself and your children for as long as you can.

Know an enemy when you see it. This present system is our is every American’s enemy. We can no longer engage nor tolerate this outright failure. This war and needless attack upon all our lives...especially the children...