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"One Father is enough to govern one hundred sons, but not a hundred sons one father.

[Herbert, Jacula Prudentum. No. 406 (1604) as quoted in The Macmillan Book of Proverbs, Maxims, and Famous Phrases, selected and arraigned by Burton Stevenson, ©1948 Macmillan, Sixth Printing, New York; p. 771.]



It is clear, that neither the present governmental regimes, nor the feminists, nor the media, who hold a death-grip over Fatherhood and the Family, want Patriarchy or anything else as a solution to the war in which they’ve created. This is an abhorrent reality to their social model.

They will entreat programs, jails, social programs, grants, mentoring, foster care, and a panoply of other Social Engineering programs to abrogate the obvious institution that a male and female should join together as one in a state of holy matrimony, and that they as a family unit should care for their own children, above and beyond the wishes, mandates and Social designs of either a Elite regime, of their community, Society, and government. What we are speaking here to is the essential element of Americanism, the celebration of individual freedom and self determination rather than a mandate from a regime or a societal order which openly markets a "Red Marriage" form of institution.

This is in fact, why the modern gay and lesbian community, along with the feminist anti-family agenda, has been able to assert so much power and influence upon the American consciousness. It has gotten to the point, to where government and the feminist pro-actively cover-up the real tragedy of what government influence and the disastrous failure and impact all their social-engineering programs have in fact done to children, families and the American society to where the dictum of "tolerance" and ‘re-engineering’ of the Nuclear Family unit is a addiction amongst the Social engineers within the ruling regimes to where they are no longer willing to leave it alone.

Indeed, presently, we see a fanatical, coercive effort ingrained within the American School systems to not only teach gay and lesbian ‘tolerance’ to every school child within America, but to force it down each American families throat via the implementation of the educational systems ingrained within each of our schools. Society itself has not begun to even answer the question whether this is the correct thing to do in this nation. This is why there is presently such a dichotomy between the present school theorists and families who dare but to remove their children from this special purpose environment and "home-school" their own children. Indeed, tragically—our schools have been transformed into the front battleground for Hillary’s Socialist and Feminist elite who now are engaged in a national indoctrination of such foreign, unproven social principals upon our young, usually, in direct defiance of what Parent’s want for their children:

"[Contemporary] public school textbooks commonly exclude the history, heritage, beliefs, and values of millions of Americans. Those who believe in the traditional family are not represented. Those who believe in free enterprise are not represented. Those whose politics are conservative are almost unrepresented. Above all, those who are committed to their religious tradition—at the very least as an important part of the historical record—are not represented."

[Censorship; Evidence of Bias in Our Children’s Textbooks, by Paul C. Vitz, (1986) p. 22.]

Because of this, there are presently Prison programs presenting themselves as viable alternatives to Patriarchy within the traditional family because of the impact that this has had upon the mindset of our children propagated by our own school system. They are starting to claim success in "home monitoring" of prisoners, who are electronically monitored rather than spending real time in jail. These and other Government Police/Government/Prison/Socialist programs pretend their ‘success’ yet; conversely are mute upon any challenge of implementation of Patriarchy, where past facts and figures show, that children borne to such a program in fact, are GROOMED by and through the institution of Patriarchy to naturally avoid any social pathology. Thereby; such families do not lend themselves to such social institutions in the first place....children coming from such homes don’t need Hillary’s Krell Welfare Machine.

It is clearly shown, especially in the Black Communities; whose male population has been driven into total insignificance by the full implementation of the slave/Feminist Matriarchal archetype; that Patriarchy HAS A ROLE FOR YOUNG MALES AND FEMALES, WHO MUST; BY SOCIAL REGULATION OF THE FEMALE KINSHIP SYSTEM—GROOM THEMSELVES TO BECOME VIABLE FOR THE INSTITUTION OF MARRAIGE AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY...this is declaratory and thereby, is the institution of a free nation, with a sovereign, robust, individual society.

But this system in fact, totally obliterates and is in direct conflict with the present "Big Government" Socialist systems of micro-management forced upon a populace’s lives. Implementation of Patriarchy, will; in fact; obliterate the present Feminist/Socialist/Federalist Big-Government systems...and will replace it with a truly American system of Individual rights, heritage and family order. Such rededication to that institution will in fact, factually diminish the size of Washington, D.C. This is something that the Elite regime, and especially the Socialists within this nation like Ms. Hillary Clinton—do not want to hear.

What do we mean by family order? Factually it is the appellation of taking specific care of your own family. This natural system of social order invests the peace and safety of Families by regulating their life choices based on the Individual, Family, and local Community standards, all stemming from within the home. This construct of authority and security within the home was well understood and most certainly depended upon in our society. Note the following definitions from Bouvier’s Law Dictionary which were once a well-understood part of the normal American society and our laws:

FAMILY, domestic relations. In a limited sense it signifies the father, mother, and children. In a more extensive sense it comprehends all the individuals who live under the authority of another, and includes the servants of the family. It is also employed to signify all the relations who descend from a common ancestor, or who spring from a common root. Louis. Code, art. 3522, No. 16; 9 Ves. 323.

2.) In the construction of wills, the word family, when applied to personal property is synonymous with kindred, or relations. It may, nevertheless, be confined to particular relations by the context of the will, or may be enlarged by it, so that the expression may in some cases mean children, or next of kin, and in others, may even include relations by marriage. 1 Rop. on Leg. 115 1 Hov. Supp. 365, notes, 6 and 7; Brown v. Higgs; 4 Ves. 708; 2 Ves. jr. 110; 3 East, Rep. 172 5 Ves. 156 1,7 Ves. 255 S. 126. Vide article Legatee. See Dig. lib. 50, t. 16, 1. 195, s. 2.

FAMILY ARRANGEMENTS. This term has been used to signify an agreement made between a father and his son, or children; or between brothers, to dispose of property in a different manner to that, which would otherwise take place.

2.) In these cases frequently the mere relation, of the parties will give effect to bargains otherwise without adequate consideration. 1 Chit. Pr. 67 1 Turn.

& Russ. 13.

FAMILY BIBLE. A Bible containing an account of the births, marriages, and deaths of the members of a family.

2 ) An entry, by the father, made in a Bible, stating that Peter, his eldest son, was born in. lawful wedlock of Maria, his wife, at a time specified, is evidence to prove the legitimacy of Peter. 4 Campb. 401. But the entry, in order to be evidence, must be an original entry, and, when it is not so, the loss of the original must be proved before the copy can be received. 6 Serg. Rawle, 135. See 10 Watts, R. 82.

FAMILY EXPENSES. The sum which it costs a man to maintain a family.

FAMILY MEETINGS. Family councils, or family meetings in Louisiana, are meetings of at least five relations, or in default of relations of minors or other persons on whose interest they are called upon to deliberate, then of the friends of such minors or other persons.

2.) The appointment of the members of the family meeting is made by, the judge. The relations or friends must be selected from among those domiciliated in the parish in which the meeting is held; the relations are selected according to their proximity, beginning with the nearest. The relation is preferred to the connection in the same degree, and among relations of the same degree, the eldest is preferred. The under tutor must also be present. 6

N. S. 455.

3.) The family meeting is held before a justice of the peace, or notary public, appointed by the judge for the purpose. It is called for a fixed day and hour, by citations delivered at least three days before the day appointed for the purpose.'

4.) The members of the family meeting, before commencing their deliberations, take an oath before the officer before whom the meeting is held,, to give their advice according to the best of their knowledge, touching the interests of the person on whom they are called upon to deliberate. The officer before whom the family meeting is held, must make a particular process-verbal of the deliberations, cause the members of the family meeting to sign it, if they know how to sign, he must sign it himself, and deliver a copy to the parties that they may have it homologated. Civil Code of Louis. B. 1, tit. 8, c. 1, s. 6, art. 305 to 311; Code Civ. B. 1, tit. 10, c. 2, A. 4.

What this does is form close ties and unity via a more sovereign family system of governance, rather than of working from the top down, which is the present, Federalist/Feminist world "Village" model propagated by Hillary Rodham-Clinton and the Socialists within America. These are the unseen elite’s who are now enforcing Social Engineering upon the rest of us, in which we have no control over either their temperaments or design upon us all. Their actions and design’s are unknown to us, undocumented, unverified, but just as those unseen elite’s who have ‘determined’ that we must have our public institutions force gay and lesbian training in our grade-school’s, high school’s , our Colleges and Universities. They have imposed other Social Engineered programs against an unsuspecting public, enforced by Police and Feminist special interest groups upon the rest of society, when these programs are no more than epiphanies within Hillary’s "Village."

The Individualist system predicated by Patriarchy adheres to a system that intentionally controls family members, assigns them their proper and best function, gives them responsibility, then grooms children via local customs and laws to that of the family in which to be ready for, and to succeed in marriage to propagate another even more robust family. As the Talmud dictates: "As my fathers planted for me, so do I plant for my children." This used to be a part of the American experience, but now children; most certainly the "X Generation" is being told the outrageous lie that "you will not do as well as your parents did." [This statement is being made in the worlds richest superpower...] Now, this was a previous family tradition of Patriarchy, to hand down its inculcation of wealth, mores, and community ties; which are being lost generationally, to Hillary’s Krell Welfare Machine. No longer are Fathers and Families planting for their future legacies. Patriarchy, however; is locally implemented only by the individual families, inculcated family traditions and local mores within the children who will become the progeny to future generations. From this individualistic/American inculcation, children are led by and through their families to enjoin in the system found most successful for the well-being of the community the one that use to plant for their children’s futures. In short, Patriarchy does this by making sex work for America. The Feminist model, allows the female to shun such societal mores and ‘find her own freedom’ which in fact, turns out to be sexual anarchy throughout the community. The first thing a woman will do to assert this "freedom" is to get rid of the male, which will instantly destroy the family. She can easily do this by the help of Hillary and her wonderful Krell Welfare Machine. Patriarchy conversely, deems that all wives and all children have a job and a responsibility to use their sexuality for not only their own benefit, but for the benefit of the family. This required of course, absolute control and authority over family members by most certainly the Father. As Lincoln noted earlier, we either have a nation of Slavery or Freedom, but we cannot have both. The final determination of this paradigm will either be the system of Patriarchy, or ‘something else’ most likely a compilation of Feminist/Socialist doctrines blended into one; will rule this society in the final analysis. Most certainly, that ‘something else’ will enjoin Hillary and her coterie of experts who will be deeply involved in such ‘redesign’ of the family and the human species, and most certainly this nation—which by design—is supposed to be something completely different.

Clearly, absolutely, succinctly, irrefutably, Feminism will NEVER allow families especially Fathers to re-assume this primal authoritarian role within society or their own homes anymore, to the clear detriment of society and the social order. The resultant sexual anarchy and social pathologies clearly seen by the perversion of the family system, which takes the greatest toll from the destruction of our sexual order and the ‘individual rights’ of the family system. The present aberrance’s of society finds itself in such sexual disarray, skewing the social order via the ‘tolerance’ of perverse and disgusting social systems such as lesbianism, Feminism and the Gay communities which via the artificial supplement of government and the propaganda system of the media, can only find their viability and voice, and thereby; through various superstructure’s of the Welfare State, are imposing a devolved and backwards order upon society, which is in fact, is one of the reasons which dragging this society downwards to even where the average plebecite are recognizing, that we "are advancing, while we are going backwards at the same time."

From this we leave a nation of children without a destiny, with a crippled destiny. Who instead of finding the love and safety within a Father, a family, home and community, only find the temporal sustenance of an pervasive government imposed lifestyle wrought with danger and a false road to happiness. Factually, it can be clearly seen that the Patriarchal married lifestyle to where the Female Kinship system is regulated and human sexuality harnessed for the good of the community is NOT ONLY good for society, but for individual men, woman and children who enter that hallowed and protected state. Facts clearly show, that those persons entering such a system have less crime, less social pathology throughout every family member, are in better health than those entering into the false conformist road of the ‘freedom’ of feminism and gay/lesbian "tolerance"...

From this, we can see a challenge to the present order to show cause, how the basic family model ingrained, supported and propagated by the Patriarchal system is inferior to the Feminist model of ‘redesign’, tolerance; and artificial support and backing via Socialist Government institutions which adhere to the "Red Marriage" Soviet state rather than imbue any sense of Americanism. This author cannot find any support by government to effectively meet such a challenge to it’s authority to implement such a Socialist Engineered Anti-American design upon this nation. In fact, this author stands ready to meet any and all advocates of the feminist, Socialist, Governmental, Court, or Prison regimes’ who would dare place forwards ANY theory or support that their system might be superior. I contend, that it isn’t even legal. Not by the lawful support systems within this nation at least.

In fact, no model shown, stemming from the systemic avocation of the Feminist, Government, Psychological, Socialist, Sociology communities cannot even attempt an answer to this challenge. For in fact, no model is superior to that of the one that not only prevents family breakdown and criminal social pathologies, but rather; protects and defends families, their communities and more importantly, their personal acquisition and continued growth of their own wealth and well-being.

Conversely, it has clearly been shown, that those systems propagating and supporting the Feminist model of ‘sexual’ and ‘feminist’ freedom upon our society have in fact, brought upon this nation a plague of prisons, and both criminal and social pathologies which have not only destroyed fathers, and families, but the children they have pretended to protect. It has most certainly, however; exploded the growth of the Krell Welfare Machine which Ms. Clinton eminently propagates as a ‘new’ model in which to redesign humanity. This, of course, presupposes that the system of Patriarchy (and all other systems in fact) are bad for America, and Ms. Clinton’s "new" system will in fact, be better. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just look at the inner working’s of Hillary’s Krell Welfare Machine.

"Consider the aggregate numbers: from 1975 to 1990, "The number of psychiatrists increased from 26,000 to 36,000, clinical psychologists from 15,000 to 42,000, clinical social workers from 25,000 to 80,000, and marriage and family counselors from 6,000 to 40,000. In aggregate, the increase in 15 years has been from 72 to 198 thousand professionals in just those four professions. (From Stuart A. Kirk and Herb Kitchens, The Selling of DSM (New York: Aldine De Gruyter, 1992), 8).

[Rocking the Cradle of Sexual Politics, Louise Armstrong, ©1994, Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., Reading, MA; ISBN 0-201-62471-0; p. 6.]

All Ms. Armstrong is documented here is the absolutely phenomenal growth in these industries, which—no longer describes a sickness within the family; but more insidiously, describes the sickness within Hillary’s Welfare Krell Machine and those who are in it, operate it, and live off it. Add to these numbers the ominously exponentially growing numbers of government’s police-state—not to mention the explosive growth in lawyers--and we have a panorama of army after army attacking our citizens directly, from within their own homes from the bedroom, into their yards, when they travel, and directly into their office where they work. At an instant notice, anyone’s life could be ruined (and are exponentially being ruined) by these roving "proactive" NCPGI armed and unarmed forces.

President Clinton has reinforced these armies, adding 100,000 new officers to his inventory around the nation. Now, with ‘crime’ rates supposedly plummeting; (quite strange, as prison populations continue to rise) he wants 50,000 more police on our nations streets! This Krell Welfare Machine embellishes such oxymoronic doctrines as this as the insanity of the norm.

I have incessantly tried to bring these issues to light within both a local, state, and national mainstream media over the past 13 years, and have had limited luck in disseminating Fathers Rights issues. Sadly, I have found that our mainstream media, the only private business imbued publicly with the protections of the First Amendment, have all but turned their back on Fatherhood.

This issue really snapped for me in early 1998, when I read several Articles from a local Californian weekly Newspaper called the Chico News & Review. I had been politely sending them dozens of Fathers Rights pieces, which they patently refused to publish. I had some success in writing them, on a variety of other issues and had been published several times, and in fact had gained the vested Guest Editorial position at least three times before. However, in regards to Fatherhood, this newspaper remained resolutely mute.

Conversely, I had seen a panoply of Feminist inspired and backed articles proliferate steadily from within this paper, in fact—one woman from Yuba City, almost monthly captured an editorial position within this newspaper. Then, there was a welfare mothers, several in fact, that wrote the paper again, taking the traditional feminist line—that these women were ‘hard working’ and somehow contributing to society by throwing away the Fathers of their children, and staying on welfare, most; predictably—getting grants in which to freely attend either Community Colleges or the University outright. To each and every avocation, I would write and try and inform the public to the contrary facts and figures in which were falsely emanating from this paper and these women. Soon, I was quite angry by their arrogance and their silence on this issue. I had several calls with both the editor and newspersons in regards to this issue. One arrogant reporter, once proclaimed "we are not your publicist!" To which I immediately retorted "That may be true, but you are most certainly the DA’s, publicist!" He didn’t have too much to say in response to that.

Nonetheless it got so bad that at one point, when yet another, Single Female Headed Household welfare mom got access to this Newspaper to once again state Feminist policy, in total exasperation I finally wrote an intensely long 28 page response to her piece entitled "The Silent Treatise." In this intentionally long-winded document (there was a reason for this—to show the absolute frustration all Fathers were going through by the outright silence of the media on our side of the issues) I laid out every fact and figure I could get my hands on to attack the long-standing feminist arguments being perpetrated against the average Father and citizen, who clearly were not being informed of both sides of this issue. I sent the Silent Treatise out to every media source in my area. The result?!?

Dead silence. Not one peep was mentioned of this by any media. Not once did anyone call back. There was absolute dead silence. Yet, nobody recognized that I had presaged their flaccid response by boldly entitling this document "The Silent Treatise" in the first place! Still, they didn’t ‘get it.’ They should be ashamed that I adumbrated their malfeasance, even before they would read this document. This speaks infinitely to larger issues as to what is really happening within the mainstream media.

Well, shortly thereafter, our local District Attorney, Mr. Mike Ramsey wrote a predictable hit-piece against fathers in the Chico News & Review that directly attacked fathers, saying in essence that "not paying child support was the real abuse." This pedantic theory originally came from Janet Reno and papers around the country had published her Anti-Father piece, so the Fed’s had most assuredly prodded DA’s to take this line of philosophy and indoctrinate the mainstream media with it; whom dutifully printed this new affirmation. The paper which so boldly declared that they weren’t going to assume the role of being my publicist—printed the DA’s article forthwith—this paper was again, the Chico News & Review.

I was so disgusted, I picked up the phone and called the General Manager of the CN&R, Mr. Joe Martin. I railed on him pretty hard...deservedly. He responded with the same old arguments that "well your submissions are too long" or that they "weren’t timely" or that the "issue wasn’t relevant anymore," etc., etc. I politely informed him that he had no problem in giving the Feminists as much room as they needed to expound their disinformation, or making their issues timely, and forcing them down the public’s throat to make them ‘relevant.’ I also noted that the DA had carte blanche access to his paper and anyone else, including Welfare mom after Welfare mom, who expounded the ‘party line.’ I even named the Feminist from Yuba City, a regular within the pages of his journal. I then asked him pointedly when he had ever done a Fathers Rights story backing fathers over the 11 year period that I consistently wrote him, but which he never published any opposite viewpoint.

He was quick to point out that they did one story (which I had cut out and new it quite well); I then politely informed him that this one story his Newspaper did about 8 years earlier, had the first two paragraphs that lamely mentioned problems faced by fathers, then immediately turned that around and made the rest of the story all about the Feminist plight for almost two full pages!! I could see these facts were making him very uncomfortable, but I persisted. I simply laid it out on the line.

"You have a duty as a Journalist to tell both sides," I said. "You clearly, haven’t done that. In fact, I defy you to tell me about just one of your readers within this community that can tell me what our position is, as a nationally recognized Fathers Rights organization in our assertion that no Father can pay child support to this system any longer...what local citizen can correctly equivocate our platform or understand why we are mandating it?!?" I said pointedly challenging him.

The challenge of course was met by silence. I then said, "Listen...I am demanding space in your Newspaper so that I can answer the falsehoods and outright lies that you let all the other people on the other side of this issue have a clear platform to expound."

"Well, you can submit something," he said, "but I can’t guarantee anyone space." He ended purposely. To this I laughed.

"Uh-uh." I immediately replied in the negative. "It’s as simple as this. Either give me the space," I said getting angry, "or I’ll have every one of my members call every one of your advertisers, tell them what is going on, and demand that they pull all their ad accounts from your paper."

This was a small community, with an aggressive media openly competing for a very small business community advertiser base. I had finally struck a chord. He knew me, and he was well aware who and what our organization was, what it could do, and he knew that I’d have ten people calling every one of his customers that very day. I was angry enough to where I’d double that number.

You know, as a journalist, I felt bad for doing this. Really. I believe in the fourth estate, but unfortunately, especially in Chico, I saw too much nepotism—too much malfeasance upon the great and noble standards in which I was trained with. Simply put, I was very forcibly telling Joe, that he was leaving me no opportunity to do anything but destroy his Newspaper, a paper mind you, that had in earlier times, courageously won national awards and had brought out tough stories, and had taken courageous stands for the under-dog, which I admired, but in regards to Fathers Rights, they willfully spat on their own standards of excellence, and were proactively and intentionally sequestering the real truth from their readers.

Joe was very disappointed. I could hear it in his voice. But he submitted. "You can have 800 words," he said quietly.

I took it, and then some.

February 17, 1998

SUBJECT: Editorial Response to Michael L. Ramsey -- Thursday, Feb. 5, 1998

Non-Payment of Child Support is Child Abuse

"Guest Editorial Submission"

Dear Editor,

This paper, along with a coterie of other Special Interests, has imbued the Guest Editorial position and the pages of this Newspaper with a party line that has supported feminism for over a decade now. This submission, is a direct response to the guest editorial submitted by Michael L. Ramsey’s on February 5, 1998 "Non-Payment of Child Support is Child Abuse." First, it should be considered, that in all countries which have propped up Welfare as a solution to help the children and the poor; nothing has devastated their societies more. Welfare is destroying our children and has been the direct causal factor for the removal of fathers out of their lives and out of the home. The exact thing that is suppose to be there to help them is in fact the exact thing destroying them...for profit. It should be noted, that under these conditions, Mr. Ramsey is the main Child abuser in this county.

Welfare is the seed and engine that directly expands Mr. Ramseys’ empire, the assistant DA’s he must hire, the parole officers, Sheriff’s, Police, Clerks, Counselors, Child Protective Services, Special education programs, Prisons, etc. California in 1992 made 440 Million off this system, the Federal Government cleared 315 Billion in 1996. Yet, ‘somehow’ our children remain in jeopardy, and fathers of course cannot pay enough…even though they pay taxes….and above and beyond that--pay child support for which they’ve already paid their taxes for!

So, Ramsey screams fire when there is no fire. He vilifies imaginary bogeymen, whom he invents into criminals to ‘verify’ this system’s existence. Looking into these prisons to where Deadbeat dads reside we can see that we as a society have factually only have put poor person’s into jail for being poor. Any investigative news media outlet which would take the time to research who is going into jail for this "special debt" will factually find: only poor fathers in jail. Mr. Ramsey turns around and continues to scream ‘fire’ ‘fire’ along with a chorus of special interests feeding off this opprobrious sophistry, even though he gets money, at $22,000 a year to keep one father imprisoned (which he forces you to pay for). So the inventions continue.

Indeed, our group is dedicated to eradicating this errant monster Mr. Ramsey and other special interests groups represent. Surprisingly, they will inform you in the security of their well-paid jobs, in the comfort of their Thunderbirds and Ford Crown Victoria’s, their Pentium class machines sitting on their desk, the highest technologies, salaries, perks and benefits applied to their ‘trades’ and with a straight face inform you as they shrilly scream ‘fire’—that they are not making any money off this system—that the children are starving—that all the women on this system are suffering—and if we "only" paid more (and more and more) well…they’d get it right.

Meanwhile, this system remains directly responsible for children devolving into greater and greater jeopardy. Once a child has been placed into the cancerous failure of the Single Female Headed Household, those children are 75% more likely to become juvenile offenders [Ramsey Clark, Crime in America (New York: Pocket Books, 1979)]; they are 83% more likely to suffer child abuse and neglect, [The Family in America, New Research December 1989)]; they are 80% more susceptible to have psychiatric problems, [The London Observer, 14 September, 1980]; they have zero chance of getting out of poverty [Betty Friedman, It Changed my Life, writings in the Woman’s Movement, (New York: Random House 1976) p. 326]; they are the main suppliers of Homeless Youth living on our streets, [Paul G. Shane "Changing patterns Among Homeless and Runaway Youth," American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 59, April 1987, 208-204]; they are more likely to fail in school and become high school drop-outs [R.F. Doyle, The Rape of the Male (St. Paul, Minn: Poor Richards Press, 1976), p. 145]; they supply more than 83% of the predatory Child Molesters in this nation, [Lost Angeles Times, 16 December1986, "Child Molesters have closer relationship to their mothers than rapists do, a study of sex offenders suggests."]; they are more likely to be members of gangs; be users of gun use, and Drug use; be the propagators of murders; are 71% of the teenage pregnancies; are 85% of our juvenile inmates; and are 75% of teenagers in drug treatment programs, and are responsible for 63% of the teenaged suicides in this nation. [United Census Bureau Reports]. To put this bluntly, Welfare and its attendant engines of failure have been the GREATEST NATIONAL DISASTER THIS NATION HAS EVER FACED.


Robert Lindsay; Cheney Jr.

Executive Director

The Sovereign Patriot Group

Chico, California

Joe won in the final analysis though, for the very next issue after he ran my guest editorial he again, had a huge news story dealing with the same-old Feminist party line and discourse. Indeed, to this end, he and his newspaper has still never averted from their staunch feminist position. They are willing conspirators which make the Silent Treatise possible

Yet, I persisted. I was done with a great majority of my research about Fathers Rights, and had developed the Fathers Rights Fact Sheet (hereby known as FRFS), to which I continually FAX’d the media. And although no one took notice of it, or published it, again; in accordance with the established doctrine of the Silent Treatise, a funny thing happened.

As I was writing late one night in Chico, California trying to complete the FRFS, I kept my small radio on next to my desk going to keep me company by providing background noise while I intensely typed at my computer. Well, I had gotten most of the FRFS done, and was just completing it when I heard Shawn Nix from KGO Radio AM speaking about the tragic school murders in which happened in Jonesboro, Arkansas where two young male school children, shot 7 persons; both his teachers and school mates, murdering them.

Well, I wasn’t engaged in the conversation per se until I began hearing a consistent theme. People were calling into Shawn, who by the way, was emotionally upset (for good reason) about these tragic and needless school murders. She had callers calling up proselytizing about the reasons why these murders occurred. Shawn herself couldn’t understand it and was exasperated. But I did understand what was happening, and so did many of those within the Fathers Rights movement. Nonetheless, the callers suggested everything from Television, to little green men eating away at children’s brains, or the ingestion of sugar, or watching the cartoon Batman and Robin. But, it was the incessant "It was the guns." "Had to be the guns," thesis that brought me out from my concentration with my computer. I heard it once, twice...probably fifteen times and then I just stopped short of what I was doing: (a rare occurrence, because I am an animal as I write and can go 13 hours non-stop if I have to), and I picked up the phone and called the station.

Well, surprisingly, and maybe even the hand of God was at work here—I was able to quickly get through, and talk live-on-air to Shawn Nix herself. I told her exactly what the problem was, and what most problems are with children in regards to the social pathologies raging across this nation, that these American kids are growing up in fatherless homes. Then, I went into the litany of facts and figures you see in my response to the CN&R above along with the FRFS. Shawn was dead silent while she intently listened. I was amazed, and knew I had a moment here, so I brought forth as much as the Fathers Rights fusillade as I could without making too many brains fill-over in the greater San Francisco and Western United States area. She kept me on for over five minutes, maybe ten—an incredible time period for a first time caller—and let me completely say what I needed to.

After finishing the litany, I then reminded her that this young kid, was intensely missing his father, of which he was recently separated from by a divorce. I’ll never forget it...when I finally finished, Shawn was very quiet for a few seconds and then asked quizzically: "Do you have anything you can send me?!?"

I was just finishing the Fathers Right Fact Sheet.

"Yes!" I excitedly told her and then she gave me her fax number.

Well, the next day, I dutifully sent it off to her. I was very happy that I had finally gotten something out to if not a national, then most certainly regional audience. I also sent Shawn a letter, profusely thanking her for the time she allowed me, and the courage for giving me a small platform to tell these truths. Then, accordingly, I thought nothing about it and went about my daily affairs. This alone was a great victory for Fathers Rights.

Well, shortly thereafter in again circumspect experience, I was typing again at my computer, and popped on my radio to where KGO had been left on from my last encounter with Shawn Nix, who comes on very late at night. Well, I was typing away again, listening to the various shows that were transpiring as the night wore away, and then, poof! Shawn came on again...I instantly recognized her voice.

Well, she began the show by reading a litany of facts and figures in regards to: fatherlessness! Within about five short minutes, I realized that I was experiencing a sense of Deja Vu, because I was intimately aware of these same facts and figures: "Oh my God!" I finally realized, "She’s reading from the Fathers Rights Fact Sheet!!"

I couldn’t believe it! Cite after cite came over the air as she read from each category I had specified within the format of the FRFS itself. She was dedicating her whole show on the issue of Fatherless in America. Finally, the Silent Treatise was getting a voice. It was not longer staying silent. I cannot thank her enough for braking the banished silence of the Silent Treatise.

This small show electrified the Fathers Rights community. They couldn’t believe it. Many wanted tapes, and phone numbers—but I had greater stresses in my life, and other things to do—like defend myself from this trained monster of Hillary’s grooming.

Well, from this, I started noticing something strange happening. Every once in a while when I would hand out the FRFS I’d get some strange responses: "Can I have a copy of this?!?" some would ask. But more often, I’d hear quotes which would be something along the lines like: "We have to show the pastor this."..."Have you sent the Governor a copy of this?"..."Are these facts true?!?!"

It was having impact. A real impact. Just like on the Shawn Nix show. I recognized immediately why the media had established the terms of the Silent Treatise, it was because they were part of the Krell Welfare Machine, a special interests group profiting off of, and from Feminism. They couldn’t expose the FRFS because if they did, then; a society would quickly end and turn off their Krell Machine. It would have as a staggering an impact as fixing the war on drugs. Hell, it would have a larger impact!

It was very humorous actually watching people read the FRFS. They would start, and then; an intensity would take over them; as they would just stand motionless and read it. It hit the Black community in LA the hardest. I gave out several copies there. Three months later Black men were standing up in the West Angeles church in East LA in the midst of sermon saying "We’re tired of being the bad guys here, we are tired of being pushed out of our own homes!" When we protested the annual California Department of Human Services "Fathers Summit" held at the eminently expensive Hyatt Regency Hotel in Anaheim, California (this event, is nothing more than an institutionalized trade show to destroy Fathers and Families), I remember one Black male social worker reading the FRFS outside where we were protesting: "Can I copy this?" he solemnly asked. Of course I said yes. He left and one-half hour later returned it to me. It’s impact runs the gamut from benign, to outrage, but when people finally see the pervasive facts and figures attached with the destruction of Fatherhood and the Family; a chord is touched. They suddenly realize they’ve been lied to. It strikes an innate human genome within people...somehow...this eminently dry and benign empirical document: moves people, and it is scaring the bee-Jesus out of the Feminists who read it. All it is dry facts and figures. Go figure.


Another thing is starting to scare the bee-Jesus out of the Feminists and that is the Purple heart house located at 2297 Holly Drive, in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles California. Again, in another display of the Silent Treatise, the mass media have been all but silent towards this silent sentinel that looms as a national monument to the Fathers Rights movement. It’s a dedication to fathers and their children everywhere; and, the undocumented war raging against them, their homes, and their families, and the children, whose faces are plastered across the walls of that institution. A child’s death was the inspiration for it coming into being. Perhaps in that singular light—it is a solemn national treasure.

A very quiet, stoic, unassuming and gracious gentleman owns that house, and is under constant direct attack by the Los Angeles District Attorney, and a host of other government officials who would love to see this icon, and courageous Patriarch disappear from their midst. He is: Mr. Christopher Robin. Through his frustration with the present system, and again, posed with no adequate redress or remedy like most of us Fathers, he has courageously fought back the only way he can to combat this injustice; and that is by putting his home, his good name, and his sacred honor, in direct jeopardy to combat this Krell Welfare Machine. The government, as well as the Feminist, courts and everyone on the other side of this issue, categorically hate this house. This house is a daily testimony and oxymoron to this perverse system that pretends that all Fathers are bad, that they are evil, that they are abusers, or that they run away from their children and their responsibilities. This man isn’t running away,, and more importantly; his house is a monument to that fact.

Yet, it has yet to be publicly noted. The institution of the Silent Treatise has been applied to this Purple Leviathan that stands in direct opposition to the Feminist enclave which inhabits the Krell Welfare Machine. They want to see this man destroyed. They want this house destroyed. It tells too large a story. Too poignant. Much too real for mere mortals.

Several times he has been arrested. Like me, he has been placed into insane asylums so that they could break him that way. Innumerable times, the national mainstream media, which is at ground zero within and around Hollywood, and around close proximity of this house, have all but ignored this national treasure.

It was once owned by several actors, the first, a silent movie actress, and then also and most notably; Clark Gable, the quintessential male icon, who once owned and walked that homes hallowed halls. Little did he know that the components of his essence of which generations of men and women once looked up to, and would tried to emulate, would in these times, become a hated representation of an ‘evil’ and domineering past. Where once women would swoon and jump at the chance to get such a man as Clark Gable, the components of modern feminist doctrine and theory now mandate such raw maleness, is anachronistic, aggressive, even abusive. Most certainly ‘too’ domineering. Yet, the ghost of Mr. Gable is now channeled in the likeness of Christopher Robin, and to feminists, this is a feared haunting, totally unacceptable in modern culture.

Christopher has had hundreds of pictures of Fathers, children, and Families neatly painted upon the walls of his house, each framed within a single painted purple heart on the outside walls that encircle his home. There are short stories written by the Fathers and children themselves who are suffering through this silent war right underneath their pictures. He has other hearts painted all over the house, each one representing one day that he hasn’t seen his child. The last count: was over 900...and sadly, still climbing. I haven’t seen my son in over eight years, and like Robin’s son, he too is on the wall at the Purple Heart house. Sadly, a growing nation of fathers shares our predicament.

In an era where local DA’s willfully propagate the fantasy that such fathers are ‘abandoning’ their own children—Christophers’ house quietly and immutably; proves different. Most men and children that are upon the walls of this hallowed house, are those Fathers so-alienated forcibly, and irrevocably by an errant, "proactive" government, which is the embodiment of the Krell Welfare Machine, and which intentionally destroys fathers and families to pay for its maintenance and eternal upkeep. Every Father which has been upon these walls was forcibly removed from the Fathers life by the State. The State, in its processing of the Krell Welfare dream, instantly destroys such fathers, and as such, an ever-growing parade of children and fathers grows upon the walls of this house. Each family has been directly annihilated by Ms. Clinton’s Krell Welfare Machine, in order to establish this village.

This exculpatory evidence is deservedly hated by the DA’s and Government and Feminists alike; like Hillary herself, because it is visual, and tangible proof which has grown exponentially and internationally—which proves that Fathers do not leave their children—that rather, the real truth is that we are forced out. This palpable, substantive body of evidence cannot factually coexist with the government’s and feminists propaganda that all fathers are evil, "Deadbeats", abusers, and abandoner’s. This house is a direct affront to the ‘logic’ and fraud of the feminist sophistry which has been forcibly imprinted upon the American experience—and by that, and because of that, this house cannot exist...not under the mythology of the current Feminist background, or government supported doctrines, facts, and figures which help justify and feed the Krell Welfare Machine of war which they need to obtain their profits.

Like the Silent Treatise, something comes over people who visit this place. As I stayed there, I saw a steady stream of cars and people show up and mutely stare at the house and the hundreds of Hearts which contain individual testimonies of children and Fathers and Families whom have been forcibly torn apart by Hillary’s Krell Welfare Machine. Like Lincoln’s paradox between Liberty and Slavery unable to coexist,: this house cannot coexist under the logic of the present Feminist based system. It just can’t be.

Like the FRFS, I have watched these visitors who come to the Purple Heart house stare very intently and quietly as they read each story within each purple heart. They look mutely at the pictures—then move on to the next one, and next, and the next. They don’t end. The children’s pictures, are a vindication to all our persecutions and these stories intrinsically touch people. People weep. Most however, walk the psychological gauntlet of these tragedies, and then when finished....silently they move back into their cars and drive away. There is no sense of victory as they return to their cars. The only comparison to the impact of this house would be the Vietnam Wall in Washington D.C. Yet, another silent monument towards this counties Elite regime’s cataclysmic failures. Yet another indication that this is in fact, war. This is the same breed of failure that haunts the Purple Heart House, and those whom inhabit the great and mighty Krell Welfare Machine, those like Hillary, should be ashamed of what they have done, the program’s they have pursued, the needless waste, war, and tragedy that this war has waged upon our own enslave them for profit...

This is the real reason Hillary and the Feminist hate this house. It is because they should and are supposed to be ashamed of what they have done, but they aren’t...and this house makes others ashamed of them, and they hate Christopher for this fact. Fathers are supposed to ‘dutifully’ exile themselves into slavery, they are supposed to willingly fall on their sword—those that make all this an ugly fuss, must be attacked and persecuted further; which—they have most certainly done.

This is why the Purple Hearts house has undergone the Silent Treatise, for like that document—it is too truthful. It tells too much.

You will never see this House on Oprah, or 20/20, or even 60 Minutes. They know it’s there, because we’ve told them...and thereby you see the real underpinnings of the Silent Treatise, and why its truths, its presentment, its evidence, will never be told to an awaiting American public. The Purple Heart House suffers under this doctrine of the Silent Treatise. It’s just too big a story and if it every got out to the mainstream public—it would cause revolution.


That same summer, I also stayed with Mr. Le Roy Marshall, a Black community leader of Inglewood, California. He has a very interesting family history, coming not from a slave background, but rather coming from a Dutch West Indies Freeborn heritage. His family were Captains, Sailors and Teachers, and you can see a proud noble distinction in his countenance from this highly educated gentleman. He is an athlete as well as holding two college degrees, and he owns his own janitor-maintenance business...

Yet, the Krell Welfare Machine has annihilated his life also, placing him into extreme financial jeopardy. He is a direct casualty of the institution of the Silent Treatise as, unfortunately, his children are too. His ex-wife however, is doing excellent. She has, thanks to Welfare and Educational Grants provided by the Krell Welfare Machine, just about obtained her doctorates degree, all the while the Los Angeles District Attorney is waging war and financially destroying Le Roy’s life unmercifully to fund her pursuits of pleasure and advancement. She handed the Krell Welfare Machine her dream, and it instantly goes to kill Le Roy.

This story is a shocking one, and really rises above the occasion of most fathers. Unlike many unions in South Los Angeles, Le Roy and his wife were married. Soon, they had twins—to which they quickly divorced. What is odd about this and what many Fathers can relate to such a predictable outcome, Le Roy’s children were quickly stolen from him, against his consent, and thereby—the state granted his ex-wife anything she needed in which for her to supercede her goals, all at the expense of his life, and his future.

As many men understand his predicament, and in similar fashion he hasn’t seen his children going on three years now. The state belligerently upholds his ex-wife’s Super-Rights at his expense, yet; this again, is all predictable, his destruction has been planned and hasn’t much meaning within the larger context here. The real story to this is deeper.

Le Roy, with all his education, abilities and possibilities lives his life as his father did—as a Janitor. He is proud of the fact that he is a Janitor, and in fact, calls himself a Master Janitor, which I can personally attest he is, having worked with him for the time I was there. But he is stuck in the stasis of the feminist probability of which future generations will also have to deal with: "You will not do as well as your Parents." He is a man of consummate talents, and honor, following in his fathers footsteps because he has been effectively killed by the Krell Welfare Machine, as most fathers are destroyed in that same ongoing war. He cannot realize his dreams, or more importantly; the promise of the "the content of his character" because he is being intentionally destroyed by the government—and feminism--who is intentionally enslaving him and stealing his wealth, which in the final analysis, his children will see nothing of. They are doomed already to have none of his legacy. I doubt if they will ever meet this man, which is the real tragedy...

His story, however, begins before the pregnancy...

This story is that when his wife became pregnant, which was a surprise to him, they were having troubles, and as most Black women are; she was belligerent to her own husband and was having and affair behind his back. Well, again; in the Black community, unfortunately this too, is predictable, only because this is where the Krell Machine waged it war first, and where it still resolutely remains, generation after generation. However, after he found out she was pregnant, and regardless of this fact, he was a stand-up guy and stood by his children. He was a consummate father...and still is.

When difficulties arose, she threw the affair in his face—and then left him. But this wasn’t the real story. The ‘real’ story and the story which aligns itself deep within the tragedy of the Black community is that this woman was taking fertility drugs in which intentionally become, not only pregnant, but pregnant with twins—or more.

Well, she had her twins, left her husband, she then accessed Hillary’s Krell Welfare Machine and obtained its instant gratification and desires; having now obtained free life, and free funding for her education. All through the miracle of modern drugs.

These fertility drugs have hit not only the Black community hard and deep, but also many other poor communities where government intentionally allows them to proliferate, in direct violation of their own laws. Women use these drugs arrogantly in which to access as much wealth as the Krell Welfare Machine will afford them. Government requirements for access for these drugs mandate that the husband be notified, fully informed, and consent to the use of these drugs. Instead, such as in the instance of Mr. Marshall, these women are going to their local feminist Welfare chapters behind the backs of their husbands, and these Feminist Welfare enclaves are unlawfully and fraudulently handing these fertility drugs without any proper consent or enumerated authority to any and all women whom merely ask for these drugs—without their husband’s or partner’s knowledge. This of course is conspiracy in crime, a fraud against many Black Fathers and many more poor people—as well as the general populace who turns out to have to fund this massive insanity.

These people are sprinkling fertility drugs upon societies which are generationally captured into the Welfare state, and they are distributing them as if they were M+M’s candy. Their actions are not only short sighted, but patently illegal. They are in fact adding gasoline to the fire. They are in fact seeding the future crops of our own destruction, and they are doing this intentionally. This has not only further enslaved the Black populace, but it has also burdened society and the children who are raised within the components of this fraud.

Of course Mr. Marshall is embittered by this, for it has doubled not only his financial burden, but also his emotional wishes to see his own children. He not only suffers one death by one of his children’s removal like the rest of us fathers, but he suffers two emotional there is an extra child missing from his arms, and his protections. And this fact is probably the most tragic fact about this whole affair.

What is amazing about this remarkable man is that he is not even sure these children are his, as his ex admitted her extra-marital affair (thereby asserting her right to control her own reproductively—which everyone but her—has taken responsibility for, and paid for in triplicate). But he is ready and willing to assume his role as father, except he now is involved in the full conflagration of the Krell Welfare Machine which is intent upon destroying him. Sadly, many black men are in this predicament; never knowing that their wife or girlfriend’s pregnancy was artificially and intentionally induced by drugs, so that they could enter and obtain anything they want, all by the miracle of Ms. Clinton’s Krell Welfare Machine. Le Roy’s performance on this issue has been remarkable, given in the light of our ‘normal’ assumptions within the Feminist culture, that Black men are irresponsible, that they get these ‘noble’ Black females pregnant, and then; like the animal breed they are, these rude men ‘just leave’ and run away from their responsibilities. What I had seen from Le Roy, and other Black men within that community—such assumptions are an egregious lie.

This system of giving out fertility drugs within a Welfare population is endemic and systematic of a system that is intentionally destroying fathers, all for a higher purpose. No man can protect himself from this, because of the Doctrine of the Silent Treatise. The media complicit in these treason’s with government have turned deaf ear upon this crisis, and has become deaf-dumb-and-blind over this issue, which—could start wars within these populations if they ever found out what was really going on, and how they were really being used by a system intentionally keeping and forcing them into the Welfare State. Forcibly keeping them into bondage. But keeping this dirty and criminal secret also means that government doesn’t have to stop this destruction nor do they have to criminalize those responsible for these criminal actions which have destroyed men nationwide. So the Silent Treatise persists...and these perversions continue, undaunted.


In the summer of 1998 I met yet another remarkable man in Los Angeles at Le Roy Marshall’s home where we had a meeting in regards to what to do about government persecution, its illegalities against Fathers and Fatherhood, and other wide-range of issues which were effecting the Fathers Rights movement. His name was Marvin Bryer.

Now Marvin and I did not hit it off when we first met, even today; I think he is guarded around me due to the fact that I advocate full patriarchy. He of course, unfortunately, is the Father of a daughter who was married and now divorced in which his Son-in-Law contended for custody of his daughters child, so; he has no use for hearing about Patriarchy. Yet even in his circumstances Patriarchy would work, yet; he doesn’t want to hear this, nor think abstractly about the problem and see the ‘big’ picture, nor does he consider the future of this problem and what it will bring upon future generations. He is having a hard enough time in the present, dealing with his own immediate problems. Nonetheless, this man has done great work for the movement—and he has uncovered some ugly truths about this system. From his dogged determination, he has exposed the putrid underbelly of what all Fathers and Families are coming up against within these "Family Court" system.

He has been disqualifying corrupt judges for about eight years now, and has a huge file of corruption perpetrated by the judges. Simply put—they are raking in huge amounts of money through "Child Support" and "Family Services" divisions of the court, and these monies are going into black budges which are simply budgets to pay off corruption’s, much of which the judges themselves are raking in moneys for. This of course has created great controversy anywhere where he has shown this information. I have seen it, and spoke to him in regards to this issue, and simply put: he’s got them dead-to-right. Marvin helped Christopher Robin of the Purple Heart house bring a Notice of disqualification of Judge Ronald R. Schoenberg which was filed in the Municipal Court of California in Los Angeles county on December 1st 1998, Case number BD121704. In this document, Christopher charged that the "Judge" Ronald Schoenberg has a Bias, Prejudice, and a Financial Conflict of Interest and cannot judge fairly.

Due to the way the courts are constructed, NO JUDGE CAN BE UNBIASED! Corruption notwithstanding, and Marvin’s work notwithstanding. Clearly, under Government code $77000, the courts are designed to take in money by prosecuting any (mostly innocent) people who enter their courtrooms, then; they get to keep a certain percentage of the monies they confiscate! There is a big pie split between all the associated parties. Beyond this, what Marvin has uncovered, clearly shows that the Judges and the DA’s and all these people working within this corrupt system have to categorically be facing treason charges, for the war they perpetrated against Fathers, parents, and society just to steal money from them in a '‘different way" through the technology of the law—is a grievous offense.

There are of course, two maxims of law that are at work here. The first says that a Judge cannot rule in a case in his own interest. The second simply states that Judges who corrupt their office corrupt the society as well. And when a society no longer has faith in its judiciary, then; the society doesn’t have faith in either Judges or government. For once we have lost one branch of American government, we instantly lose them all. We have for all intents and purposes lost our doesn’t work anymore. It is a corrupt institution...destroying Fathers and families...again...for profit. They have left men without any rights whatsoever, and these courts are using them to advance their own corruption’s, along with the government and the Feminists; all have become the dogs of war.

"The first loss which the rightless suffered was the loss of their homes, and this meant the loss of the entire social texture into which they were born and in which they established for themselves a distinct place in the world. This calamity if far from unprecedented; in the long memory of history, forced migrations of individuals or whole groups of people for political or economic reasons look like everyday occurrences.

[The Origins of Totalitarianism, by Hannah Arendt, @1951, 1958; Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc. New York; Library of Cong. Cat. Card No.: 66-22273; p. 293.]

The destruction of the American male has become an everyday occurrence. As we noted earlier, our health, chances for good jobs, and the pressures we have been placed against Fathers all due to money, and government and special interests corruption, has most certainly left us with a nation of men that are casualties. Casualties of war to be more specific. What the blacks suffered in the antebellum south, is now the plight of every man who comes in contact with this system. This has created such a war and such sadness in a time of peace, that we must start talking in future terms as to what price these criminals must pay to account for their high crimes and treason’s.

In Christopher’s legal Notice, he documents these financial corruption’s in his attached exhibits A through K (fifteen in total, as he has several C exhibits, ranging from C, C1 down to C4). In his excellently prepared work, he documents ‘phantom’ corporations which have addresses at the court, which is listed at 210 W. Temple St., 18th Floor, which is LA District Attorney Gil Garcetti’s office. Christopher notes the disjuncture of the logic of our present day court systems, he writes "Therefore, I am apparently [being] prosecuted by a corporation." [page 8] Which, again; brings up the gold-fringe flag issue which are flying in these ‘undefined’ courts. What courts are these anyways?!? Nobody knows for sure.

Marvin has done his homework all too well. He documents how checks are being written on the front of the Checks to the "Family Court Services Special Fund," yet on the back, they are being deposited in the "Judges Miscellaneous Expense Fund." Candidly, what we have here is a simple money laundering scheme. The check in question that I am describing has the Los Angeles County Bar Association heading in the upper left hand corner of the check. The check’s number is 14753 dated August 2, 1991 for $3,848.

This again points to an earlier discussion in this book: which is proof that our third branch of government, cannot be ‘unbiased’ when it is so closely controlled by the ABA, (or anyone else for that matter). This corruption within the Courts has been shocking to many people whom have learned of its offense, yet; it suffers the doctrine of the Silent Treatise. You will never see this corruption within the mainstream media, you will never see judges removed, you will never see the DA’s or the A.B.A. held accountable. The Silent Treatise will again prevail.


This war against the American Father has proliferated an ever increasing subset of artificial homes run by various factions within the state called: Foster Homes. These Foster Homes are like Mentoring and the creation of the Welfare State, a surrogate ‘replacement’ for the children’s natural born father. They are a sad replacement for the real thing. I have seen children go into these establishments, all for the ‘best of purposes,’ "The Best Interests of the Child" which usually is no more than a social worker saying that the children are ‘abused.’ In one case, I saw a family torn apart on a blatant, incontrovertible lie, and placed in these establishments. Strangely, the children were materially better off, now being paid and having more money, more food, per se—but when they saw their mother outside the court, they would all break down, cry, and want to return home with her. Something innate that even the State couldn’t buy off, and couldn’t replace was at work here.

I had spoken to one woman who worked in one of these Foster Homes. She was a social worker, who along with other social workers, took care of a group of teenagers within one home. She related to me a very interesting story, about how the children, most of them in their teens, were out of control, how there was really no structure or form to this environment, and that the workers trying to maintain these kids, had more than they could handle. She said it was like trying to manage a hurricane. It seemed that the Foster Home ran at a level just below pandemonium. She said that one day, a strange thing happened. For some reason, like a lull within the eye of the storm, all the children were in the living room suddenly quiet, and around the house, everything was very, very quiet. This gave the Social Workers a chance to gain a few moments of informal composure and rest in the kitchen by themselves where they began randomly speaking and bantering amongst themselves. They spoke about miscellaneous items, of successes of failures...of sports, their families and whatnot, and then; one of them queried them all a question, in which one person posed to them all: "If this was your money, and you had to use it to take care of these kids, with the result you see in them, and you knew what they were turning out to be like, would you spend your own money to run a Foster Home like this?" One by one each one of the Social Workers running the home answered the question to a single consensus, and that answer came back from each and every person in that kitchen. To a person every one of them said: "No."

There is yet another great corruption within the Krell Welfare Machine, in which Hillary supplicates the rest of society to happily throw their children into this perverse system, to have us give as much as we can to it, and that is exemplified within the testimony I just related here about these social workers. Here you see the core of Hillary’s Village Model, the result of the anarchy of "Freedom" and a "Women’s Right to Control Her Own Body and Sexuality." Children are either dumped, or harvested by the courts or the Child Protective Services or other Government Family infrastructures which get kids into these inferior Foster Home collectives. No one brings their children here willingly, they represent Hillary’s Village plague which like a cancer is showing more and more virulence, as it slowly kills the body. Hillary’s Village, and its ability to disenfranchise both parents, collapses any inner mechanism in which the home and family can naturally impress upon their own children in which, in that natural state—keeps them out of such institutions.

These Foster Homes get children in them and from that, they get huge monies for each child within these homes. These grants are good for about two years, then, it doesn’t matter if the child is doing good or bad, all these homes suddenly ‘move’ all these children around to other Foster Homes who again, get huge initial sums to take them in, and then monthly per-diem rates in order to sustain them. It’s big business, and it is turning out a terrible product.

More children are raped, killed and murdered within these Foster Homes than in any type of environment. The war against Fathers, still rages on upon these children who have no protectorate, other than "the State" under its doctrine of Parens Patriae. This is not a suitable parent, by any extent of the imagination. Again, a real tragedy here is that the Silent Treaties is keeping such facts and figures way out from the public purview. The total numbers of these deaths, rapes and murders—aren’t even kept track of!! They aren’t even in the public domain...because the state is the real criminal here...because its the parent now, and it doesn’t want these ugly truths widely distributed throughout the public. So these beatings, deaths, murders, rapes and other heinous crimes go on unabated. Pandemonium reigns supreme within the walls within the homes, and the people themselves running them wouldn’t expend their own time or money on them—most are there because they ‘need a job’--yet these Foster homes have a life of their own, and they have become another silent reality within the doctrine of the Silent Treatise, that the American public will never know about or become ever informed of.


I bring this last point out with great difficulty. I bring it forwards for your purview without any proof, and this is hard as I am trying to make this book as empirical as possible. But I bring it out in the spirit of true Fatherhood, because that is what I am, and I have accrued this information, and find it palpable enough to put it into words.

When I was in prison, I was isolated most of the time in solitary confinement because I refused to consent or book into the jail, however; on my first incarceration, I was allowed to go with the general populace and live a more normal life after my first hunger strike after 63 days. Since I was placed into solitary confinement twenty three hours a day, seven days a week, with one hour a day (maybe) outside. Normally, I got out anywhere from two to five times a week on average. It was quite hard on me. Later, after my ‘deal’ with Sheriff Grey and my friends who literally begged me to stop the strike, I was placed into the general population. There, I met many individuals, and what was most unnerving was seeing the truly ‘bad’ guys get out in either 2 weeks or 2 months, while I languished in prison for no crime. But again, it is planned this way, because of the fact that I make no money for this system. Letting a truly ‘bad’ criminal out, creates more crime, therefore more money for the system. In fact, I actually saw two or three come in, get out, then come back in again! If the predicament were different, it would be humorous. Many of these people are institutionalized, and will be forever within our prison’s revolving door.

Yet, strangely, there are those men, sadly, an ever growing number of them, who shouldn’t be there in the first place. Like I noted earlier in my conversations with Sheriff Mick Grey on this subject, the innocent numbers in these establishment’s are on the order of 15 percent. One egregious case I ran into was from a kid about 20 years old who was thrown into jail for having his mothers prescription in his glove-box! He didn’t even know she had put it there! [It was for Naprosin or some other aspirin like substitute]. Yet, here he was in prison. There were others as just as outrageous. One Cuban gentleman, older, and very gentle, (he was a migrant worker) was there because ‘probation’ came to his house and found ‘beer’ in his refrigerator. Beer. Can’s, unopened in his own refrigerator violated his probation! Many poor and rural counties pull this inane program because they need money—so they go out and harvest people (all of them dead poor) to support it. We know of cases where ‘criminal’s’ on parole have been revoked back into prison because the probation officer found a butcher knife in the kitchen (dangerous weapon) or a Fathers sons little league bat in the backseat of his car (another dangerous weapon) and even BB guns will revoke parole and send people back to prison for years...sometimes longer. But this is how they make money.

I relate this not because of its tragedy, but because I took notes when I was there, kept a legal diary of every moment that happened there, and from that—I uncovered something very strange, and eminently disturbing.

Some nights you can’t sleep in prison, and in these large open barracks, where men sleep in the open with no cover, sometimes a group of two or more men will quietly play cards or just talk through the night. It was upon one night when I spoke to one gentleman and he started telling me about how a local DA was taking children from the Foster Home system, then; using them in pornography. This person told me of a empty train car, where they would bring these children, and then photograph them in sexual acts and then sell the pictures.

These children, then would be moved down south to Sacramento, Modesto, down to LA, then they would to the Las Vegas, come up to Carson, and then come back over to the West Coast and the whole thing would start over again. The gentleman that told me this was very sincere. I could tell that at least he believed what he was telling me. And in the quiet hush of a closed prison quarters, with many men sleeping in the background, his story was very eerie. Being an empiricist, I didn’t doubt it nor did I give it credence, I know in the tapestry of life, stranger things are apt to occur to the human condition, yet; I discounted it. It was so against everything I had been taught and felt right about, and; in the final analysis; I had heard rumors about things like this happening in Butte county, and having a DA involved, well...although this was a pervasive just seemed too much. (Of course this is one reason why the Silent Treatise is established throughout this society—because its main purpose is to prevent the populace from gaining true knowledge.)

Above and beyond that, again; with the most sincere conviction I have ever witnessed in a man, this man continued to tell of Satanic rituals where these kids were even sacrificed. Murdered! I can in all earnestness, tell you that this gentleman, sitting in the quiet magnitude of a prison barracks, speaking in a quiet hushed whisper in the middle of the night as everyone else slept was an unforgettable night. I don’t think I said three words the whole time he told me of these things.

I thought nothing about this...I don’t even think I put it in my journals, I may have. I just know that it was a story that struck me to silence.

Well, as I stated earlier in this book, I was let out on Sheriff’s Parole, and was out for about 3 months when with five days left on my parole, while I lay deathly sick in bed (it was to be the sickest year of my life, most likely due to my hunger-strikes) the Butte County Sheriff came and re-arrested me again at home for "not obeying all laws." As in my first "arrest" there was no warrant, no probable cause—nothing. They just came and seized me when I opened the door and hauled me away. This time I underwent 72 days with no food, only water. I almost died from the whole experience. After I got out, again; I got sick almost weekly. It was very bad.

Nonetheless, I was in solitary confinement this second time, for again, I did not book, would not wear prison clothes—I wouldn’t do a thing. With no redress—there is nothing left that you can fight with except your body, so I fought against them with my own body, and spat at them in defiance.

Well, and odd thing happened. In moving around in solitary confinement, which is nothing more than two tiers of cells, and upper row and a bottom row, one on top of the other...about 20 cells in all. Well, as a procedure, the Prison Guards keep you in a cell for about 2 to 3 weeks then they move you. I again, had seen a lot of other ‘real’ prisoners come and go—while I remained. But then, on one of these exchanges I got a new neighbor, a prisoner I had never seen before. After about a month together he spoke with me and again, late one night he told me a story...and the story was about children, in Foster Homes...and how a DA was using these children for Pornography...and how they were being moved from Modesto...LA...Las Vegas...that Satanism was involved...Train box car...It was the same exact story I heard before! I couldn’t believe it.

Now, what does one make of this? I don’t know. I do know that the Silent Treatise is strong enough and pervasive enough that indeed, this story could factually be true. It could be occurring exactly as these gentlemen say it is, and if it is, its inclusion of Foster Homes is not that far out of the realm of possibility, given their present state of affairs.

I am just certain that the doctrine of the Silent Treatise has to be must be destroyed...just like Foster Homes must be destroyed, Mentoring, and Welfare itself. Our mission as fathers has to mandate that we seize back our homes, and never allow government back into that sacred institution again (as American law dictates). Simply put, the State and all the opportunistic special interest groups so solidly attached to that institution—have lost the right to rule within its domain.

Factually, under our law system, and our system of government, they never had the right in the first place.

As far as these stories—I do not have the time nor resources to weed them out. I can only relate to you what I factually heard, and I can only state that I believe that the people which told these stories to me believe them, and if they are not totally true, then; they must be at least somewhat true. In either case, something big has to be done, immediately, at least to openly disprove them.


Let’s speak of genius here. What is all this destruction about anyway’s? Let us pretend just for a second, that Ms. Clinton and all the feminist elite and courts are correct in their assumptions that ‘all men are bad.’ That we have willfully shirked our responsiblities, and that we have done all the evil things imaginable that we are charged with.

With the incomprehensible destruction that the courts and this present feminist system levels upon men—what are the American people getting in return?

Are they getting more protection from our courts?

Well, no—for the problem increases exponentially for both the ‘supposed’ criminals (the Fathers) and the children, whom are devastated by all this destruction. Each year the supposed ‘Failure to Provide Support’ and other associated "Feminist" Family Court crimes keep rising each year. The Children, keep on getting into more and more jeopardy, and each year; they keep on getting deeper into poverty and other "Feminist" social ills.

So one has to wonder—what is the genius behind all this if the present Feminist Family Court system keeps on marketing a growing problem that never ends? They have made Fatherhood the greatest crime anyone can commit in human history—yet each year they plead with the populace that the ‘crime’ and the ‘problem’ keeps on getting worse and that the taxpayers have to fund more and more monies—‘just to get it right.’ The myth is, that if the American taxpayer, just pay a little more—well, then we could ‘possibly’ get it right.

By in large, many Great Society programs did not fail. We just did not put enough into them, for long enough, or with enough oversight to assure targeting, careful implementation and thus success.

[Families in Peril, An Agenda for Social Change, by Marian Wright Edelman, ©1987; Harvard University Press, Cambridge Massachusetts, ISBN 0-674-29228-6, p. 79.].

Mind you, this is a Harvard University professor writing this in the mid-nineteen-eighties informing us all, as an "expert" that we need to spend more money. Again, if this person were interviewed today—they would be making the same exact plea, for more money, time, programs and expertise to ‘solve’ this ongoing problem. Indeed, if given another chance to add input to this crisis, this person would demand even more programs, which of course would wind up criminalizing more Fathers even more, and removing more authority from the parents within the home and creating another ‘subset’ of "professional" experts whom would happily fund careers trying to solve this problem for another one, two or three decades.

But we again must ask the question: where is the genius here? What is being solved and to what ends?

Essentially, we have a national crisis which has been groomed into management status by successive generations of elite whom only complain the problem grows worse each year, and which need more funding and programs. Meanwhile, the penalties and attacks levied against Fathers increase to what are now frightening proportions. The terms "Draconian" and "Inquisition" are but meek understatement’s when applied to these out-of-control institutions destroying the Father for profit. But we must ask, to what ends?

When the full breadth and weight of the government’s finally come down against the Father, and he is economically destroyed and civilly murdered: what is society left with? In the end, society has an unmarketable individual, "with a record" under-employable (which was in most likelihood his only crime in the first place...that he was poor), who again, is eternally in debt because of this "special obligation" he eternally owes to the State and which accrues at daily interest against him while he is warehoused in prison for profit for the elite classes. When he is finally destroyed, and unmarketable, as a mere shell of a man and an economic entity: what then?

Clearly, you have a civilly murdered person who at best is going to have no savings, no retirement, really nothing to look forwards to. Again; society is going to be burdened with that individual either turning to crime in which to compete economically, or they are going to have to assume another set of needless public subsidies and Welfare burdens against that male individual as his health fails, as he grows old without retirement, as he has been intentionally ruined by a predatory monster of the feminist making. Somewhere down the line, society is again going to have to assume the economic subsidy of these destroyed men, who no longer can function due to these ‘pretended’ crimes that Family Court has intentionally invented them into.

The true destruction of these courts have not fully hit our society yet—and again; as more and more men’s health fails as a direct correlation due to the needless war perpetrated against them by this system, again; society is going to be hit with phenomenal costs to subsidy these problems—just in Medical care alone! These realities aren’t even considering the upcoming Political and Legal implications which society is going to have to answer to and defend, which are just starting to exponentially hit the courts as more and more Fathers begin to challenge this unlawful feminist perversion sponsored in "the name of society." To date, there have been at least three substantial Federal Court challenges to the feminist Family court system, and even though most of these have been dismissed or just haven’t been adjudicated yet; they will grow exponentially each year, as more and more Fathers challenge this injustice...

Sadly, a bill is coming due to repay this needless Anti-American injustice in which the American society has little resources to repay. Society, in the name of feminism, has been sold a bill of goods in which it will never be able to repay to all the injustice and criminality which has been intentionally perpetrated against Fathers, and their children; whom most likely—once they become adults and catalogue this same destruction—will be bringing their own suits against the American society, for implementing acts of war against their homes and Fathers who were driven out, and thereby; have denied them an American Legacy in which many of them, will correctly assess will have been criminally implemented and squandered by this perverse system.

The genius of this system was to free women from a "problem with no name" and instead, has opened a cavalcade of perversions which are now beginning to cascade into an unanswerable backlash, which will have to be addressed in both the present and the future. Trust me, presently; these issues have been only met with the Silent Treatise: dead silence...but that is not sustainable. As Earl Wellwood, (a father with a broken back criminally and incessantly persecuted by this out-of-control system) told me, "I’m going to live maybe twenty, forty, perhaps sixty more years of life. All I’m going to do is spend it going after these bastards which have destroyed my life. This is all I’ve dedicated myself to, and I know there are more men like me. I’m never going to let this go."

Indeed. Society has a real problem it hasn’t dealt with yet, but which will become incomprehensible to them, in the upcoming, five, to ten or twenty upcoming years. Mind you, this is all happening under the auspices of a Judiciary that pretends:

"[t]he principal function of procedural rules should be to serve as useful guides to help, not hinder, persons who have a legal right to bring their problems before the courts." 346 U.S. 946 (1954) honor the goal of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: "to secure the just, speedy and inexpensive determination of every action." Rule 1, Fed.R.Civ.P.

[Problems, Cases and Materials in Professional Responsibility, by Robert H. Aronson, American Casebook Series, © 1985, West Publishing Co., 50 West Kellogg Boulevard, P.O. Box 64526, St. Paul, Minn., 55164-0526; p. 539.]

Tell this to Mr. Wellwood who was forced into silence by one "Commissioner" Gunn of Family Court in Oroville, California—whom did not even let him speak in his own defense in court—even though Mr. Wellwood was In Propria Persona (representing himself)!!!! In the light of their own requirements written above—how can a man defend himself acting as his own lawyer, when the "Judge" (the "Commissioner" in this case) won’t allow him to speak at all? Again—many of the crimes being committed against Fathers by these criminal court systems, cannot even be attempted. There is no answer to these unlawful injustices-—because there is no redress to a system that was designed from the outset only to destroy men.

So in the final analysis, we have gestated and allowed a feminist system to use incomprehensible powers of the State, to civilly murder Fathers, debilitating their lives beyond repair, to where they cannot even take care of themselves because of the destruction the DA’s level upon them. Society will only wind up having to support these men in other ways in the future, either by furthering the national prison empire, or other social supports and subsidies in which to deal with these men whom become a shell; totally unfit for any aspect of the American society. This must be remembered in the light of the Jewish experience of WWII, where at least they retained a right to flee to foreign countries in which to save themselves. Even in this humanitarian view; this insane feminist profligatery fully intends to deny fathers even that simple human right, to flee from injustice. Thereby, the final tally and impacts of this cancerous system, have yet to be realized...but one thing is for certain...the conclusion of this accounting can only lead to disaster.