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"I do not see how a barbarous community can constitute a State. I think we must get rid of slavery, or we must get rid of freedom."

[R.W. Emerson, The Assault Upon Mr. Sumner’s Speech, 26 May 1856]

"No servitude is more disgraceful than that which is self imposed."

Seneca, Ad Lucilium, Epis. Xlvii, sec. 17



The Feminist cabal that infests the Media, Government, the Welfare Infrastructure of Government and the Universities all argue within a domain of double-speak that was first noted by George Orwell in his book Nineteen Eighty Four:

They use the phrenology of the scientific "psycho-babble" in which to put forwards their radical ideas and outright Anti-male, Anti-American programs. This is somewhat documented by a statement in a Feminist book called Feminism Without Women:

"[The movie] Three Men and a Baby is a profoundly regressive film on many levels. On the psychic level, as I have tried to demonstrate by analyzing the central joke as it were highly condensed, over determined, dream image, it involves a regression to the anal stage. On the social and narrative levels, it involves a desire to reject the symbolic Father and to refuse castration."

[Feminism Without Women, Culture and Criticism in a "Postfeminist" Age, by Tavia Modleski, ©1991, Routledge, New York & London, 29 W 35th Street, N.Y., New York, 10001, ISBN- 0-415-90416-1; p83]

Mind you, I document this passage due to the fact of its sheer abstract relationship to: nothing of much consequence: a movie. Take this same author and try and have her abstractly formulate the basic construct of Feminism equaling slavery, and that Patriarchy follows the Free and Independent condition of mankind—and she would most likely not be able to think in the abstract way she has just displayed here. In fact, you would find her strangely mulct and belligerent.

Like altered states of drug inducement, Feminists live in a world to where they pass in and out of logical comprehension versus tribal ethereal states, to where they make assertions such as these, from the same book:

"The female author of the article quotes [Elaine] Showalter remarks [in the New York Times Magazine, 1987] about the "lunatic fringe" of radical feminism at the turn of the century, some of these women, Showalter points out to the class, "labeled sperm as a ‘virulent poison’..."

[Feminism Without Women, p. 3]

What is tragic in regards to what we as layman can see as totally frivolous and incomprehensible logic, in which as a third party to this madness, we can sit back in the comfort of our own homes and smile at such seemingly harmless illogic, but these are the people propagating such imbecilic postulates that are the ones embedded throughout Feminism who sit in front of the town leaders, in front of State and Federal Legislators, are courted by Television and News media’s, and are the ones giving unfounded testimony, myth’s, theories and outright lies, to support socialist program’s that is killing Fathers, Children and Families in the halls of Congress! Government wantonly listens to these idiots and in listening and ‘taking testimony’ from these forms of individuals who inhabit the radical Feminist cadre, Washington D.C., the President of the United States, Congress, and other national law-making institutions are enacting programs upon these fallow facts and theories these madmen and madwomen willfully are propagating. Just by listening, they give credence to their psychobabble. The Feminists and those with such covalent mindset’s are the ones passing muster to be hired, (the ‘bean-count), and who now inhabit the halls of power throughout society. All those whom share the in the syncopacity of mindset—are the ones moving ahead within our government, no matter how insipid or frivolous their theology may be:

The main theme of much of the writing about marriage and families during the 1970’s and 1980’s was that of individual rights. Just as politics were only legitimate when they respected individual rights, so also marriages were worthy of respect only when they were based on a recognition of rights.

This view impressed itself on many who were not scholars, as is evident from an essay published in 1973 in the Harvard Educational Review. It urged that the "legal status of abolished" so that a child would be endowed with all the rights of an adult. Even more, any law that classified people as children and treated them differently from adults "should be considered suspect." As a result, the state "would no longer be able to assume the rationality of regulations based on age." The author of this essay was Hillary Rodham.

[The Family, Mary E. Williams, Book Editor, ©1998, Greenhaven Press, PO Box 289009 San Diego, CA 92198-9009; p. 37.]

In the disciplines of science and engineering, there is something called GIGO, or garbage in, equals garbage out. What this small abbreviation reminds engineers is that in any model or system, if you put garbage in, you will most certainly get garbage out. This is an unwanted by-product or absolute error within any system, and most Engineers constantly guard against this dreaded GIGO occurring. Unfortunately, this is an aversion to most disciplines: except government. In the government system, they want it, if in the words of the College Administrator who admonished the Georgetown girls earlier in this book for telling the truth, and for not lying: "if it serves our social agenda". Government wants lies because as Bastiat noted, lies build empires. They want failure, disasters, and conflagration, for all these things enlarge their domain.

The new feminism, on the other hand, focuses on the evil that men do to women. In 1998, when feminists were criticized for failing to support the women allegedly victimized by President Clinton, Susan Faludi wrote a remarkable article contrasting "real feminism," which is about "becoming equal and mature players in public life," and "girl power," gained by "celebrating yourself, ideally via your injuries, [and] talking about what was done to you" (like Paula Jones or Monica Lewinsky). Although her criteria were purely political, it’s still a good point. Indeed, critics whom Faludi had ridiculed as "faux feminists" have been saying it for years.

This shift from women’s rights to women’s wrongs has far-reaching implications, besides making victimhood central to feminism.

[CEASEFILRE! Why Women and Men Must Join Forces to Achieve True Equality, by Cathy Young, © 1999, The Free Press, A Division of Simon and Schuster, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020, ISBN 0-684-83442-1, p. 5.]

From this, when a father or even a family makes any disposition in regards to their own family—suddenly they are ensconced by the several new "legalized" Standing Armies during a time of peace who attack them under new Legislative Laws which mandate how Fathers and families are to act, and what they can and cannot do—within the corridor’s of their own homes!! All this from the symbiotic mindset listed above. This gives no limit to the arrogance and illegality of government, for if their ‘experts’ are of this singular feminist mindset—then the laws that follow—will emulate what was inputted to them in which to start them in the first place. This is a perfect case-study of the system realities of GIGO.

This is not only egregious, but also totally unacceptable construct within government. The modern American experience proves this. As Blackstone Commentaries indicates, the man is sovereign within his own home. Government cannot intrude into the home...everywhere else it has domain...but not within the home. Now, because of this, complete idiots with a foreign-alien feminist ideology are able to overthrow what foreign governments and wars could not--the American way of life. All, in the supposed name of in the "Best Interests of the Child".

Yet Government, willingly armed with the questionable facts and figures from radical Feminist hate-groups—ply new "Laws" and doctrines upon an unsuspecting public who are completely devastated upon their implementation. Not only that, it is through these sophistries that those special unseen feminist Elite’s imbedded throughout the corridors of power, implement their regime of power and altruistic programs against the American ideals of home and family. Clearly, the home and family has been usurped by these lies, as; that was the intention of these laws from the overthrow the Father, and therefore: to gain entry into the family.

"A number of feminist began to perceive lesbianism not as a sexual orientation but as a personal and political choice to commit fully to the women’s movement. Women who continued in sexual relationships with men, some feminist argued, were guilty of "sleeping with the enemy....Any woman who defies her role—be it refusing to be a mother, wanting to be a biochemist, or simply refusing to cater to a man’s ego—is defying the sex role system. It is an act of rebellion."

[The Woman's Rights Movement, Opposing Viewpoints, by Brenda Stalcup, Book Editor, @1996, Greenhaven Press, Inc., PO Box 289009, San Diego, CA 92198-9009; pp. 190-191.]

The Feminists have been given a green light by government to be allowed to input these anti-logic GIGO suppositions into the Legislative "fact-finding" processes. All those groups or person’s who do not have ‘similar’ mindsets are quickly identified and excluded from such processes. This was clearly seen with the media in Waco, Texas where the FBI and ATF held news conferences...

"The rules of the "press briefings" were also rigged so that the FBI would always win. No shouting. Raise your hand. And, more important, each newsman getting the FBI nod was strictly limited to one question and a follow-up—but only if he announced his intention of asking the second one at the start of the first.

And he never got another question, not the next day or the day after, if he asked one question the FBI or the ATF didn’t much like.

[Mad Man in Waco, by Brad Bailey & Bob Darden ©1993, WRS publishing, 701 N. New Road, Waco, Texas, 76710, ISBN- 1-56796-027-8; p. 210.]

So, this conflict isn’t about some woman’s coffee or bridge club having too many cocktails and getting a little giddy—no. This is about a life and death struggle between two opposing systems of government, one Socialist/Fascist and the other Free American...only one will survive.


Longtime activist Charlotte Bunch was the editor of Quest: A Feminist Quarterly, in which her 1975 article "Not for Lesbians Only" appeared. In the following excerpt, Bunch maintains that straight women can follow feminist ideology.

The heart of lesbian feminist a recognition that heterosexuality as an institution and an ideology is a cornerstone of male supremacy. Therefore, women interested in destroying male supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism must, equally with lesbians, fight heterosexual domination--or we will never end female oppression. This is what I call "the heterosexual question"--it is not the lesbian question. Although lesbians have been the quickest to see the challenge to heterosexuality as a necessity for feminists' survival straight feminists are not precluded from examining and fighting against heterosexuality....

This analysis of the function of heterosexuality in women's oppression is available to any woman, lesbian or straight. Lesbian feminism is not a political analysis "for lesbians only." It is a political perspective and fight against one of the major institutions of our oppression--a fight that heterosexual women can engage in.

[The Woman's Rights Movement, Opposing Viewpoints, by Brenda Stalcup, Book Editor, @1996, Greenhaven Press, Inc., PO Box 289009, San Diego, CA 92198-9009; p. 193.]

This war against the American way of life is being silently raged within each and every household in America. This is why all government agencies, such as the FBI and ATF carefully control their news conferences. This is also the reason why when the collective Fathers Rights groups of California personally approached the mainstream media in downtown LA and Hollywood in the summer of 1998, and why we were categorically turned down by each and every one of them, again and again. As the person named "Rodney" the Newsdesk director at CBS News said to me personally: "[Fathers Rights,] isn’t news."

We all understand the facade of that statement. It is news, and that is why the Fathers Rights movement will never be seen on CBS TV. It is because the Government along with the Feminist hold a death grip upon that institution...and nothing goes on and gets presented to the public without prior approval, and more importantly; without prior spin and control of the presentation...

We went through this silence of the propaganda Media machine in Butte County in 1994 during the elections for Superior Court Judge. Our organization, along with about 4 other local groups met at the Chico City Council Chambers to take part in a public ‘debate’ of the candidates. We were there to make an issue of one candidate, "Judge" Ann Rutherford, who was up for re-election that year, having been a known corrupt county Judge for the past decade or so...many citizen’s in the county were tired of her and wanted her out. She was known as "Cocaine Anne" both County and Statewide.

So we dutifully went there, about 40 of us, and counted the room which was packed which held about 75 people total, us included—we dominated the room. This "debate" was to be aired live, on public "Cable Access" Television, along with most of the mainstream media were who were there covering the story.

"Judge" Ann Rutherford is known by her voluminous past exploits as "Cocaine Anne," and has what most normal citizens consider ‘a criminal past;’ and in that regard, the moniker "Cocaine Annie" was not given her because she was involved in the war on was the contrary...most people in Northern California understood, she was the problem...

So, on the date of this ‘public’ hearing, we went to it and I had a petition ready for the League of Women’s Voters who were running and hosting this televised ‘debate.’ This petition was signed by forty concerned citizens as "We the People" in which to politely ask two questions to all the candidates: 1.) "Have you ever taken drugs in your life?" And 2.) "Will you be willing, as a candidate for this office to take a drug test and submit the results unconditionally to the public?"

The second Ms. Rutherford saw me enter the room, she bolted right up and grabbed her campaign manager and both of them ran out the door. Her campaign manager then went to the leader of the League of Women’s Voters women’s group who was putting this event on and they went outside and they held a secret impromptu meeting—with no one else privy to what was being said or discussed--they ‘solved’ Ms. Rutherford’s dilemma without any further input. (I however, knew what they were discussing and why they were doing it.)

Well, when the time came for this "live" show to go air, it was predictably immediately announced by the League of Women’s Voters women’s group who was running this ‘forum’ that there was a ‘change’ in the format; and that the "public" instead of asking questions directly to the candidates, must now put these questions on a three by five card, and submit these to the moderator who would ask the remaining censored ‘hard-hitting’ questions from the public directly to the candidates herself...

So, dutifully, following their instructions; all forty of us filled out the three by five card, each and every one asking the same questions 1.) and 2.) listed above; and submitted them along with a signed petition of 40 signatures asking to please have these two questions raised to the candidates running for this office so "We the People" at the ballot box could make ‘informed decisions’ as to who to elect....

Needless to say (and I knew they wouldn’t do it) the questions were never asked by the League of Women’s voters moderator. During this televised conference, I had to restrain people from getting up to scream these questions out to the candidates, but being a gentleman, and trying to ‘use systems of redress’ I stopped any public outcry. We will have another day...but let it be noted here, let it be written for all to see; that we didn’t use a gun, we didn’t ‘blow up a building’, we didn’t yell, scream or hold riot’s—we used "the system" just like we were supposed to do, just as people within the government and media plead to us to use, just like Hillary wants--and we used their ‘the system’--and it completely, unremittingly, and miserably failed us... We won’t be as kind again, for the next time; because the ‘system’ has shown us—that ‘the system’ categorically doesn’t work because it is not supposed to work. It in fact, is only there to send people down a never-ending Labyrinth, to keep them busy from outright revolt. Now we have cause, and now we can show ‘corrupt intent’ and unfair control by those within the system, that only use it, to pervert the system, and to impose corruption and criminality upon us all.

The idea that the League of Women’s voters were willing conspirator’s to this corruption, clearly indicates that they are a thoroughly corrupted institution also, and thereby; we can fully understand why the ‘vote’ is not only suspect, but liable for such perverse political expediencies. To allow one corrupt "Judge" to win, they have disgraced their good name, and they have compromised the integrity of the vote; but they don’t care...because under this Feminist Totalitarian regime, good names don’t mean anything—integrity even less--only power means anything. And they have it, and they are wielding it with a vengeance, which is the exact reason why we must take it away from them and all people who are abusing it as such, and never allow them to have it again.

We can also document from what happened here is that our media is totally held hostage to these amoral and corrupt individuals. I went to a television station right after the debacle in the Chico City Council Chambers, to a woman who was there reporting this event, in fact we walked across the Street together to KCPM, Channel 24 and I talked to the female reporter who resisted even addressing the story. Finally, I asked her pointedly: "Where do we ‘the citizen’s’ ask our public officials these tough questions if not in a public meeting? In the safety and comfort of our own homes underneath our own beds?"

To this the female reporter turned beet red with embarrassment and stammered: "I just can’t air this story. I just can’t..." She was caught in the paradox of the Feminist making, she was ashamed of herself, and she admitted it. But there was nothing she could do—something like the truth is no longer marketable in this Feminist dominated mindset, as the media, in adhering and now protecting feminism outright—especially its eminent collapse—no longer is engaged with news: but rather; propaganda. No longer do people respect the news, in fact; people openly scorn it:

Onward to that self-aggrandizing bastion of freedom, the Fourth Estate. Accurate? In a blind pig's eye. For about 40 years, Time editors rewrote copy from their Chinese bureau to reflect Henry Luce's hero worship of the brutal and corrupt dictator Chiang Kaishek. An egregious example? Not really, editors and producers do the same thing every day. New York Times editors in the early-to-mid-60s routinely rejected, delayed or emasculated stories from Saigon because the eyewitness reports from their own reporters didn't square with what the stateside State Department flacks were saying.

And that was all before the curse of "objective journalism." Objective, that's good right? Wrong. What it's done is turn reporters into a kind of glorified screen-capture utility.

The Concept of stories based on what a reporter saw, or knew or found out has been obliterated by a form of he said/she said "reportage", similar to the used by such bastions of truth as Jerry Springer and Jenny Jones. Take the classic newspaper story of the man-biting dog--while a reporter happens to be driving by. Old style: I saw the man lunge at the dog, his teeth bared. The dog yelped as the molar met mutt. Objective style: A man accused of biting a dog told Eyewitness News, "I didn’t do it, it was a coyote. He ran off." Veterinarian D. Duck, however, told us, "the teeth marks are more consistent with homo-sapiens than canines." The hound declined comment on advice of counsel. Eyewitness News, hah. I witness nothing news.

[Portable Computing, Maximizing the Technology, May 1999. (A Petersen Publication) "Resolved: Internet info is highly unreliable. Rebuttal: So is every other information source." by Elliot Borin, p. 16]

This is the house that Hillary built. This is most certainly the way she and her Feminist sisters want this world because they control it. In her world, the "Village" model, there are no heroes...only slaves who obey petulantly, unquestioningly. There is no ‘robust’ or ‘fully informed’ society, because there is no need for one. In this tribal model the "Village" will know and fully take care of most of your wants, just like it does presently for the Welfare underclass, which is Hillary’s best accomplishment for her model. There will not be a free society, we will have a ‘cooperative’ society—where the many will be held to the lowest common denominator of all. Children will have no heritage, but they will have a new Father within the embodiment of the state, and that Father will be the father of former Tyrants, one that must be obeyed completely. And those who dare to stand up and try to do the right thing will be stammering just like many reporters and those in government now do who dare attempt to do the right thing but wind up stammering: "I just can’t..."

Hillary and social engineers like her are using the vehicle of feminism to put forwards their agenda in direct opposition of the American model of governance, and Hillary’s model is clearly overtaken any semblance of what remains in America today. It is the embodiment of Garbage In equals Garbage Out. We are living it, and seeing it within our lives and that of the Welfare State.

Again, Lawrence H. Tribe has documented what the mainstream of America doesn’t know, that this nation has gone far beyond its formative legal construct a long, long time ago, to where now, Hillary’s Model VIII, NCPGI is the direct antithesis of what our government should be. Ms. Clinton and those like her love the way things are presently. In fact, Ms. Clinton will use these same, corrupt, sealed institutions; open to only a very, very select which to attain the Senatorial Seat for the state of New York in 2000. So she, and Ms. Rutherford can share the power they’ve forged together—upon the rest of us, and many, many, many innocent and unsuspecting people.


You cannot have such a corrupt system impose such Draconian laws against the father, without first knowing that you can accomplish such illegalities and discriminations in the first place. Government along with the courts are ancient institutions—being created at the dawn of Patriarchy (Western civilization). Under the opposite system of Matriarchy; a system which was formed over a quarter of a million years ago on the plains of Africa, and existing relatively unscathed for that whole period until about 7,000 to 8,000 years ago, man didn’t need governments, or courts—because tribal anarchy ruled. Anarchy, as we have discussed earlier, is a component of Matriarchy, and in that lowest and rudest state of mankind, you don’t need government, courts or institutions of any kind. So, to impose the system of Feminism upon a free people, they needed a vehicle in which to transport and inoculate the disease upon the rest of Western society. That inoculation device was what is always has been: the Judiciary...or more aptly put: the legal system.

"...The Judicial authority of such a sovereign, however, far from being a cause of expense, was for a long time a source of revenue to him. The persons who apply to him for justice were always willing to pay for it, and a present never failed to accompany a petition.

In the Tartar governments in Asia, in the governments of Europe which were founded by the German and Scythian nations who overturned the Roman Empire, the administration of justice was a considerable source of revenue. Both to the sovereign and all the lesser chiefs and lords who exercised under him any particular jurisdiction, either over some clan, or some particular territory or district. Originally, both the sovereign and the inferior chief’s used to exercise this jurisdiction in their own persons. Afterwards, they universally found it convenient to delegate it to some substitute, bailiff or judge. This substitute was still obliged to account to this principal or constituent for the profits of the jurisdiction. Whoever reads the instructions which were given to judges of the circuit in the time of Henry the II, will see clearly that those judges were a sort of itinerant factors, sent round the country for the purposes of levying certain branches of the kinds revenue. In those days, the administration of justice not only afforded a certain revenue to the sovereign, but to the procure this revenue seems to have been one of the principal advantages which he proposed to obtain by the administration of justice. [p. 203.]

...In all barbarous governments accordingly, in all those ancient governments of Europe in particular which were founded upon the ruins of the Roman Empire, the administration of justice appears for a long time to have been extremely corrupt, far from being quite equal and impartial even under the best monarch’s and altogether profligate under the worst [p. 205]

[Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith, pp. 203 and 205.]

Those with an agenda, went to the place where historically such corrupt people were able to compromise it before: to the Judiciary. Indeed, slowly these people generationally have changed the scope of this nations precepts and foundations to where presently, most common American’s cannot even understand that socialism is the de facto form of government under a mythological American government of Freedom and Liberty which many American’s by design, will never be able to attain. These concepts are juxtaposed between each other, as they are exactly the opposite of each other...they cannot exist together...however, if you speak to the average layperson, he will mouth the precepts of Model I governance under a Constitutional system of law, (under the Lawrence H. Tribe VII [7] models) then; in the next breath he will tell you that government will not let you drive, be married or be able to work without a license of some type in which to ‘allow’ you to do these natural things! The average layman doesn’t even know what our laws or system or government is really supposed to be, for exactly as a dumbed-down generation—they are all thinking with "their gut feelings" and have no comprehension of their true rights and duties as American Citizens because they have never read them, nor have they ever been taught them in our public schools! Ask any average Policeman and he hasn’t even read his own State Constitution! (Trust me, we’ve asked.) "Supposedly," these people have sworn an oath to that sacred document—yet don’t know the first thing about it—most; having never read their own constitutions, which by law, and by their job descriptions---they must know!! Yet, they (like the Father’s Rights movement) have a visceral gut feeling’ the way our modern government is supposed to operate—and they have a ‘gut feeling’ about what their own constitution says and means, but unfortunately, most certainly nine times out of ten—they wind up wrong.

Supposedly, those ignorant citizens whom have never been taught American Constitutional rights, whom have never even read their own State Constitutions are ‘finding’ Father’s’ guilty of a crime they’ve never committed and are blindly "going along" with whatever the DA and the Judge want them to hear and believe as "THE LAW" which is not even REMOTELY the true organic, ‘real’ law of the United States of America!!!! Yet, these ‘juries’ are happily ‘obeying’ the Judges and DA’s in which to find these poor fathers guilty! Innumerable times these juries ‘after the fact’ when they have erroneously convicted a poor citizen, or poor father; when they are ‘really’ informed of the ‘real laws’ or the ‘real’ incident become indignant and outraged and wind up meekly declaring: "OH! I DIDN’T KNOW THAT!!! Jeez! I would have NEVER voted if I had been informed of the [real law], [real circumstances], [the true background] of what ‘really’ happened!" Yet those the erroneously convict by the intentional ‘protocol’ or ‘program’ levied by the present system still sit fetidly in jail, with no real hopes of ever because our court system is so broke, so completely perverse.

Government is working off of and depending upon the ignorance and outright stupidity of ‘normal’ people in which to solidly form an antithetical base which is in direct opposition to the American form of government and all its laws. To do this, they have made it clear that the American Bar Association trained lawyers along with the ABA certified and approved "Judges" will implement the ‘new’ law in our government through our ‘activist’ court systems. Like the Papal authority of the 12th and 13th centuries, they will ‘interpret’ everything for us, and; if we dare resist and try to read the bible of the law and interpret it ourselves—then they will try to destroy us. The ABA and Judges think they own American law, just like the Papacy thought it once owned all the words in the Bible.

They have silently done this by approving and implementing Anti-American, Anti-Law Feminism; which is what the Russians first called "Bolshevism" in the early part of the 20th century in which to capture that country under a communist form of government, or what Kennedy comparatively called, "the struggle for supremacy between two conflicting ideologies: freedom under God versus ruthless godless tyranny." [The Soviet Experiment, Russia, the USSR, and the Successor States, by Ronal Grigor Suny, ©1998 by Oxford University Press, Inc., Oxford, New York, 198 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10016; ISBN 0-19-508104-8; p.415.] "Bolshevism" was ‘equality’ and women entering the workforce, which started off Socialism in its infancy in that nation. Unlike the conflagration that followed Bolshevism, modern Feminism imparts socialist dogma directly at the root of government: directly within the American home. Consider Russian Marxist history:

"The Russian Revolution opened opportunities for a new agenda for women. After February the Provisional Government granted women the vote for the first time, and after October the Soviet government steadily dismantled the whole edifice of tsarist family law. Under the old regime marriage and divorce had been left to the churches. A wife was obligated to obey her husband, to live with him, take his name, and assume his social status. Up to 1914 a woman could not take a job or enroll for further education without her husband’s consent. The husband was obligated to support his wife according to his status and abilities. A father had almost unlimited power of his children for life, and parental consent was required before a child could marry. Divorce was almost impossible according to the teachings of the Orthodox Church. Only in cases of impotence, prolonged absence, or adultery witnessed by two or more people would the Church allow divorce. A woman had only a few rights. She could control her dowry, special purchases, and gifts and hold property separately from her husband. But an illegitimate child had no legal rights and up to 1902 could not be adopted or recognized without explicit imperial consent.

The early record of the Soviet state in the area of female liberation was mixed. The intentions and legislative record were the most progressive of any major country, but their actual effects on the position and power of women were meager. Lenin became the first head of state to address a woman's congress, at which delegates cheered the suggestion that the derogatory Russian word for a woman, baba, be outlawed. Already, in December 1917, the state had mandated the principle of equal pay for equal work and granted paid maternity leaves for women workers. Marriage was secularized, and common-law marriages were legally recognized. The language of submission and dominance in the marriage ceremony was eliminated, and spouses were free to choose either the name of the wife or the husband or a combination of the two. Soon "Red Weddings" replaced church weddings for dedicated Communists. Complete sexual equality in marriage was declared the law of the land. The first Soviet Constitution, in July 1918, declared men and women equal, and the Soviets adopted a new code of family laws. Divorce was simplified to the point that mutual consent meant immediate divorce. If only one party wanted divorce, a brief court hearing was held. No grounds for divorce had to be stated, no evidence presented, and no witnesses heard. The courts then decided matters of property and children. Alimony was granted to either party if he or she was needy. No distinctions were made between children born in or out of wedlock. The whole concept of "illegitimate children" was eliminated. This most radical family law in Europe was extended in 1920 when abortion was legalized--fifty-three years before Roe v. Wade in the United States--and the costs of abortion were borne by the state.

[The Soviet Experiment, Russia, the USSR, and the Successor States, by Ronal Grigor Suny, © 1998 by Oxford University Press, Inc., Oxford, New York, 198 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10016; ISBN 0-19-508104-8; p.186.]

"They" have established the identical system here in the United States...without one shot being fired.. Again, the compendium of facts and figures show us: remove or usurp the Father from the home, then; government becomes the ultimate parent there. To implement this against the authority of the father, to overthrow him in his own home—you need a countervailing authority: and that is imposed by the ‘Sovereign’ (the Elite’s with this Social Engineering agenda), and as Adam Smith noted above, this is done by proxy: by the Judges.

"Yet today, too many Americans [read fathers RLCII] are bound in bureaucracies and antihuman regulations by which families are destroyed. The work ethic is undermined, male responsibility is made irrelevant, and the young mothers find themselves trapped in a world where "income maintenance" replaces opportunity. No civilization can survive long with twelve-year-olds having babies, fifteen-year-olds killing one another, seventeen-year-olds dying of AIDS, and every night on the local news, you and I watch the Welfare State undermining our society. The vast majority of Americans (96% by one recent poll) is ready to admit, that the Welfare State has failed. They have lost faith that government can improve the lot of the poor, and want their children reeducated in core American values. We simply must abandon the Welfare State and move to an opportunity society."

[To Renew America, by Newt Gingrich, Harper Collins Publishers, ISBN- 0-06-017336-X, p 116]

Speech like this uncovering the Tribal Welfare state is marked as ‘hate speech’ by Ms. Clinton and those like her as inimically being ‘being oppressive’. Ms. Clinton and those want the quiet sanctitude of their agenda only to present one view or one-side in front of the plebiscite masses. Indeed, the failure of the Welfare State has been well documented, and although most of that documentation has been overtly kept from the mass of the citizenry; yet everyone knows that something is severely amiss—they just can’t quite put their finger on all they wind up with are ‘gut feelings’ about all of this. But when those like Hillary, (and even Newt Gingrich whom is embedded quite deep within the system that even he reprehends himself); immediately both place the blame on the "bogeyman" called the American Father. All within this system (including Newt Ginrich) know where their "daily bread" comes from; and they not willing to attack it. They will vilify and harvest it through the American Court systems, like all such "hunter" regimes did in the past. They do it by the corruption of the Judges imposing Anti-Constitutional decisions upon unsuspecting fathers who are brought up to ‘think’ they have rights.

For instance, in the California Code of Judicial Ethics it states:


Our legal system is based on the principal that an independent, fair, and competent judiciary will interpret and apply the laws that govern us. The role of the judiciary is central to the American concepts of justice and the rule of law. Intrinsic to this code is the precepts that judges, individually and collectively, must respect and honor the judicial office as a public trust and strive to enhance and maintain confidence in our legal system."

[California Code of Judicial Ethics, 1997 by the Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics. P. 4.]

What is infinitely humorous about this preamble found previously directly on the Preface to the whole document:


"Formal standards of Judicial conduct have existed for more than 50 years. The original Canon’s of Judicial Ethics, promulgated by the American Bar Association were modified and adopted in 1949 for application for California by the Conference of California Judges, (now the California Judges Association).

In 1969, the American Bar Association determined that current needs and problems warranted revision of the Canons. In the revision process, a special American Bar Association committee, headed by former California Chief Justice Roger Traynor, sought and considered the views of the bench and bar and other interested persons."

[California Code of Judicial Ethics, 1997 by the Supreme Court Adviso*rary Committe on Judicial Ethics. P. 1.]

If in fact, the California Judiciary, or any Judiciary for that matter, is "based on the principal that an independent, fair, and competent judiciary," then; why are they using the American Bar Association to ‘determine their needs’ and ‘promulgating’ their code of Judicial Ethic’s?!?? If this is, in fact, part of what the founders envisioned as being a ‘separation of powers’ under our form of government embodied by the Montesquieu Doctrine, why are we allowing the ABA to establish ethic’s and procedures within the separate sovereign branch of the Judiciary?? This lends itself to the question: who is establishing the Code of Ethic’s for the other two ‘independent’ branches of government?? Would the Executive Branch of government be fit to hire the Catholic Church to establish it’s Code of Ethics and to promulgate procedures on how it is to be run? I think not!

It must be obvious to you that if the doctrine of separation of powers an the independence of the Presidency is to have any validity at all, it must be equally applicable to a President after his term of office has expired when he is sought to be examined with respect to any acts occurring while he is President.

The doctrine would be shattered, and the President, contrary to our fundamental theory of constitutional government, would become a mere arm of the Legislative Branch of the Government if he would feel during his term of office that his ever act might be subject to official inquiry and possible distortion for political purposes.

[The Anatomy of Liberty, The Rights of Man Without Force, by William O. Douglas, ©1963, A Trident Press Book, New York; Lib. Cong. Cat. Card No., 63-12572; p. 73.]

Unfortunately, this warning which was written in 1953 by President Truman in response to a subpoena issued by a committee of the House is exactly how the Legislative branch is now corrupting our present Judiciary. The emasculated court Judges will wink at them as they solemnly turn and inform you that there is nothing that they can do about the injustice that they are about to impose upon you, because the "Legislature" passed an unconstitutional law. "Their" hands are tied, they will petulantly grumble. Meanwhile, your friendly representative will inform you that there is nothing he can do about an errant Judiciary enforcing his unconstitutional laws, because there is "an impenetrable wall" between him and the Judiciary. Of course such arguments are not only a lie, they are treasonous, for they are each joining in the license of their unlawful acts—and having open knowledge of these illegal acts which they each feign ignorance in regards to providing remedy—which is why we created three separate but equal branches of government in the first place!

Again, many must think us stupid, not to understand what Adam Smith and many others noted about the Judiciary. The Judiciary and the ABA have become in fact, ‘the enemy’. It didn’t used to be this way. For although they are in fact, mandated by law to provide us with "truth, justice and the American way", they are providing us with a consort of special interests, which accrue and gravitate within the embodiment of the ABA, and thereby are transmitted directly to the Judiciary. They have made themselves the enemy because they in fact have made us the enemy!

"Expansion is everything," said Cecil Rhodes, and fell into despair, for every night he saw overhead "these stars....these vast worlds which we can never reach. I would annex the planets if I could." He had discovered the moving principal of the new, the imperialist era;.....and yet in a flash of wisdom Rhodes recognized at the same moment its inherent insanity and its contradiction to the human condition....

[The Origins of Totalitarianism, by Hannah Arendt, ©1951; Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc., New York; p.124.]

Through feminism they are ‘reaching’ these worlds which were once denied Rhodes and pre-Imperialist Western cultures. This is why Fatherhood has been openly persecuted in the light of day. Like the Nazi’s of WWII, they don’t hide the illogic, the ‘insanity’ Rhodes noted above, of the imposition of illegal "discretion" that they apply against every father in intruding, overturning, and stealing from his home by their ever expanding empires.. They, as Smith indicated, became profligate when presented either with law, or special interests—for again, they knew where their ‘daily bread’ comes from, and are unwilling to stand separate and impartial within the law, rather; they too gravitated to the base inequalities and perversions of the "Tribal" system, and implemented Practices, Policies and Procedures which were and are in direct contravention to the rule of American law.

John Locke agreed with Hobbes on the existence of a social contract but to the contrary contended that humankind is naturally sociable and endowed with the right to personal liberty, the right to work and consequently the right to property, and that the State is formed for the sole purpose of guaranteeing these rights. Locke said that the State was formed because in nature there was no guarantee to secure these rights. Similarly, Jean-Jacques Rousseau believed that humankind was born good and was born happy. He taught that the social contract was "a postulate of reason" and not an historical fact and explained how it came about: For an instant, the individuals confer all their rights (natural ones) to the State which thereafter gives them all back (civil rights) with the name changed; by this novation or transformation, the individuals have been assured by the State of those rights by which they already possessed by nature.

[The Judicial Process, Text, Materials and Cases, Second Edition, by Ruggero J. Aldisert, ©1976; West Publishing Co., 610 Opperman Drive, P.O. Box 64526, St. Paul, MN 55164-0526, 1-800-328-9352; ISBN 0-314-06776-0, p.10.]

Indeed, if law worked, such a system such as Feminist Jurisprudence would not have ever been able to exist in the first place! If law in fact existed in this society, the fact that anywhere from 87% to 98% of all custody decisions wouldn’t have been given to women. If law did in fact exist within these courts, you would have seen the Judiciary stand on its heels and wail at the injustice and profligate illegalities which were being mandated to them to be served on an unsuspecting male public. Indeed, if law worked, you would have seen some Judges refusing to implement these terms of Anti-American destruction and persecution that were in fact burdened against the American father as Lord Mansfield clearly noted earlier. You’d actually see men of conscience resign from institution of this upside-down legal theories...yet like the Judges of the Weimar regime of WWII; not one Judge has resigned in protest upon the implementation of Feminist Jurisprudence within these courts. Not one Judge has made a peep. No Lawyer has risked his profession or his legal abilities in even challenging this system. IF the law worked, we wouldn’t be hunting men and trying ever so hard to place them into jail—just because they do not agree with this Socialist, Tribal system of law. If law worked, this present system would have been eradicated the instant it first began.

[The rights of man] do not preexist and condition civil society. They are in their totality the right to decent, wise, just, responsive, stable government in the circumstance of a given time and place. Under such a government, a partnership Burke calls it, "the restraints on men, as well as their liberties, are to be reckoned among their rights," and "all men have equal rights, but not to equal things," since a leveling egalitarianism, which does not reward merit and ability is harmful to all and is unjust as well.


[The Judicial Process, Text, Materials and Cases, Second Edition, by Ruggero J. Aldisert, ©1976; West Publishing Co., 610 Opperman Drive, P.O. Box 64526, St. Paul, MN 55164-0526, 1-800-328-9352; ISBN 0-314-06776-0, p.12.]

This Feminist Jurisprudence can not exist legally in our courts, yet, they not only exist, they flourish!! It is now the de facto mindset throughout our courts. The miscegenation of logic and untenable law that has been required of the American Judiciary to implement under the fraud of law, clearly indicates that like the Weimar Judiciary of World War II, they were and are cogently complicit in their crimes. This illogic, is factually creating yet more anarchy, for the logic that binds this Feminist Jurisprudence together cannot be reasonably explained in the light of such Judicial ‘discretionary’ havoc. This law holds no allegiance to "the law of the highest reason." The GIGO construct is killing children, fathers, women, Judges, Police, and American law. They simply, exactly like the communists, want to kill and destroy the family.

"Even more telling was the failure to implement the Marxist social program so essential to the emancipation of women. Lenin polemicized against housework as "petty and containing nothing that can in any way further the development of women." He called for the creation of daycare centers, communal kitchens, and other institutions to free women from compulsory labor in the home. Bukharin spoke of the family as "the most conservative stronghold of all the squalors of the old regime," and Kollontai declared, "The family ceases to be necessary." Society was to take over the bringing up of children."

[The Soviet Experiment, Russia, the USSR, and the Successor States, by Ronal Grigor Suny, © 1998 by Oxford University Press, Inc., Oxford, New York, 198 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10016; ISBN 0-19-508104-8; p.187.]

THIS is the bedrock of what Ms. Clinton is building. This is her ‘redesign.’ Yet some actually think she is American just because she lives with an elected government official. Just because she resides in his country. This socialism is what her book "It Takes a Village" openly entreats us with, which is in direct defiance and opposition to true American law and most especially, the American way of life. The Clinton’s and those like them that are pushing this "lowest and disgusting" condition of mankind upon us all, are fully aware and understand the perils and destruction it waged upon Russia and they know what it is doing to this country. This is why Judges insolently have abandoned their mandates and their maxims of law—they fully understand the course they are plotting.

"The illiberal feminist legal theory (also known as "radical feminism"), which emerged during the 1980s, urges women to renounce traditional notions of rights and justice, now viewed as perpetuating male dominance. Some of the new feminists charge that the reforms achieved by "equality feminists" have dismantled protections beneficial to women while doing nothing to eliminate the disadvantages....The new feminism attempts to replace those notions with a new breed of philosophy and jurisprudence premised on "connection" between persons. Law is seen as an instrument to "change the distribution of power."

[Feminist Jurisprudence, Equal Rights or Neo-Paternalism?, by Michael Weiss and Cathy Young, Cato Policy Analysis No. 256. P. 2.]

One might first ask, who gave anybody the right to radically change a branch of government without a vote from "We the People?" Another question that must be posed is what was wrong with truth and justice in American courts? Finally, as a last observation, one might wonder as to who is implementing these ‘changes’ and more importantly; ‘what if’ the wrong element, an Anti-American element was able to subvert the Judiciary so? To supposedly ‘help’ us implement their form of government against us. Wouldn’t this in fact be a treason against this nation?

Yet, this contemporary Judiciary goes along with this Feminist doctrine blindly.: What the real tragedy is, that their own hallowed Canon’s mandate one set of rules, and they arrogantly implement another. The laws of the United States of America embodied within the Constitution mandate one set of laws: they promulgate another. The history of fairness, truth and justice which were imbued to the Judiciary from millions of American men dying upon the field of both foreign and domestic battle who defended such precepts; mandated one set of expectations: they however, betrayed that trust with another. Clearly, through their own aggrandizement and their own arrogance, this fallow road has misguided the Judiciary and sown barren crops for millions of American citizen’s world-wide. To wonder if this has higher meaning, or whether it is linked to more international conspiracies is not the question here; the fact remains is that we have masters that rule a universe which have knowingly set a plague upon this nation.

Our forefathers forged something different from the corrupt government’s and judiciary’s which plagued mankind’s past. Our Founding Fathers knew these tyrannies and oppressions intimately; and they built a different form of governance. Our legacy was new upon the face of the earth, that individual ‘men might be free’. We did not encompass Title’s of Nobility nor a master race, but held our set of laws in the promise of self-governance, not in what other governments across the planet display: and that is government by Autocratic function, "rule of another".

"The separation of the Judicial from the Executive power seems originally to have arisen from the increasing business of the society, in consequence to its increasing improvement.

When the Judicial is united with the Executive power, it is scarce possible that justice should not frequently be sacrificed to what is vulgarly called politics. The person entrusted with the great interests of the stage may, even without any corrupt views, sometimes imagine it necessary to sacrifice to those interests the right of a private man. But upon impartial administration of Justice depends the liberty of every individual, the sense which he has his own security. In order to make every individual feel himself perfectly secure in the possession of every right which belongs to him, it is not only necessary that the Judicial should be separated from the Executive power, but that is should be rendered as much as possible independent of that power.

[Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith, vII, p. 210]

The precepts of the ‘rule of the highest logic’ has been completely abrogated within the contemporary American Judicial system, and it has been replaced with Feminist Jurisprudence. Now, this is an institution set on vengeance, as established by the GIGO doctrines of radical feminism. What the Nazi’s were to the Weimar Republic courts of WWII, modern feminism has become in the postmodern American era. Judges no longer hear Lord Mansfield’s testament that Justice should prevail as though the heavens themselves fall...instead, this treasonous Judiciary now follows an alien and foreign path, more dedicated towards our destruction for their pecuniary benefit, than it is to their mandates of providing simple justice...

Many criminals within this system now called "Judges" will pooh-pooh the idea of the common law or the rule of law through the Maxim’s of law. Many argue: "this is old law," "outdated" and an "anachronism" to a more Victorian sartorial past. No...the law is the law...truth, like gravity, it reign’s eternal. They will actually get angry if you speak of "Republican Form" which only means that government and the peoples interests are closely tied together, and like marriage, united as one. How can concepts as these cause such dissention, especially from people ‘supposedly’ swearing to the document that itself; mandates "Republican Form?"

When a society does not know the law by the modern massive obfuscation of law by the volumes and volumes of law; and when men cannot understand what is wrong or what is right in their normal every day actions or rights within the law—we have a disparate reality between the principals of Republican form of government (where government is very close to the people, and the people are very close to the government and they act in unison as one) and between the mass of the peoples themselves. This is not a antiquated doctrine.

"To embarrass justice by a multiplicity of laws, or to hazard it by confidence in Judges, are the opposite rocks on which all civil institutions have been wrecked."

[Johnson – Engraved on the Minnesota State Capitol outside the Supreme Court Chambers]


Clearly, a "house divided cannot stand." When people in contravention to the principals of the common law, do ‘not understand’ the law, by either the processes or ‘codes’ of the new laws, or by the Judges: then we factually have a state of anarchy. This is in fact, the state we are in, and government, accords this structured anarchy in the breadth of its laws and in its performance to the people.

"Perhaps, however, a reference, tending to illustrate the general principle, may with propriety be made to a case which has lately happened among ourselves. If Shays had not been a DESPARATE DEBTOR, it is much to be doubted whether Massachusetts would have been plunged into civil war."

[The Federalist Papers, No. 6, Hamilton]

History past marks a similar paradigm a thousand times over. The Fathers of America and most males who find themselves suddenly under excruciating, intentional attacks by both Federal and Local government’s are driving this society to the brink of if not outright anarchy, then to civil war. They most certainly are hunting for ‘debtor’s’ which somehow has superceded all other crimes and has become the greatest crime on earth.

One can see how this works exactly in how our ‘modern’ tax system is applied. Apparently there is over 50,000 pages of codes, practices, policies and procedures that nobody really understands, even the ‘lawmakers’ themselves. In fact, a study was done in 1992 when 50 accounting firms all trained by the IRS were given a test. All 50 firms were given two family budgets and asked to compute the taxes...

The result?!? The result from the 50 accountancy firms gave 50 different formulations and 50 different disparate tax returns! This is the beauty of modern law, as far as government is concerned.

They don’t care about GIGO, they don’t care about the conflagration of millions of laws upon our daily life—what they do care about is that they can ensnare you within the infinite matrix of the law, for like the 50 different ‘government trained’ Tax consultants—nobody ‘really’ knows the law. For they all have different answers... Many men, like Shay who started the Shay’s Rebellion in Massachusetts, have no intent for crime—like Ann Ranyd stated in Atlas Shrugged, most are invented into criminals by this system by the attenuation and sheer volume of our laws.

This has established a doctrine of "Original Sin" within contemporary laws. Like one insipid juror was heard to say at one trial in deliberations: "Hey, the D.A. charged this guy with a 100 crimes....he’s got to be guilty of something!!! At least, one thing..."

The fact is through the ignorance of this woman and many others like her, you are guilty...of everything!!! It’s just that now the D.A. charges you with everything, and then hopes ‘something’ sticks. More certainly than not, the District Attorney gets the type of juror that ignorantly thinks like the female juror above, that you’ve got to be guilty of something...simply because the DA charged you with something, didn’t he?!? This is yet another reason why our children have been ‘dumbed down;’ it is because District Attorneys across this nation bank on stupidity, and verily, not many jurors wind up disappointing neither our Judges or District Attorney’s.

In his 1871 book Roughing It, Mark Twain described a murder trial in which the judge excluded all prospective jurors who had read the news of a case. In the court’s view, he concluded, "Ignoramuses alone-could mete out unsullied justice."

What is new is the length to which lawyers go in the effort to shape juries that will be sympathetic to their cases or, especially if the case is a weak one, easily confused. Stephen J. Adler, a newspaper editor who has written extensively on jury reform notes: "Many of those who are currently removed via lawyers’ challenges appear to be more alert and unbiased than many who are seated."

[America’s Courts on Trial, Questioning Our Legal System, by Elaine Pascoe, ©1997, The Millbrook Press, Inc., 2 Old New Milford Road, Brookfield, Connecticut 06804, ISBN 0-7613-0104-6; p. 32.]


Because of this nations total volume of laws, everything is currently against the law, and if it isn’t—then like the poor 50 Accountancy firms who tried to simply compute taxes suing their own laws, there are 50 different answers for each problem which is illegalized by government. Thereby—everything comes under discretion. Unfortunately, this ‘discretion’ leaves society with 50 different criminals, all who had no idea what the real law was, nor what they were really doing. Yet, an ever increasing amount of such prisoners now inhabit our prisons, and an ever increasing amount of money-hungry District Attorneys are being able to let absolutely ignorant juries be led down the rosy path and allow them to enact the crimes in which government creates from nowhere.

With the Fourteenth Amendment mandate in §4 that: "The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for service in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned." With a public debt (in which Hillary’s media no longer informs us of) on the order of 5.7 Trillion dollars, and climbing—the Judges in allowing the Krell Machine of Welfare to accrue it’s "daily bread," is not liable to let mere mortal citizens have the wealth of law and justice that they deserve. They are inclined to get ‘discretion’ in which to discharge this massive debt that nobody every speaks about any imposing terrorist Feminist Jurisprudence court systems upon unsuspecting Fathers. When fathers, most of whom are poor and cannot pay, who ask for justice, they are summarily sent to jail, so that their warehousing can accrue anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 for the counties who receive these monies in per diem and other special program rates and other special ‘mandated’ federal grants. Not only that, while they are in jail, their indebtedness "Child Support" owed amounts continually rise!

The Judges have mainly turned to the family in which to accrue public Wealth because this is where they have always turned to impose tyranny:

"However, by the end of the sixteenth century and beginning of the seventeenth century there was increasing criticism of the system of wardship. As part of ‘fiscal feudalism’, wardship had become one of the major rackets of Tudor England. At the beginning of the sixteenth century, classes from the peerage through the yeomandry were liable to discover they were sleeping-tenants-in-chief of the crown. Wardship endangered family fortunes and undermined the authority of the parents. Abuses of the system were a frequent cause of complaint in the commons. In the early seventeenth century emphasis shifted from abuses to the system itself. In 1646 the court of wards was abolished along with feudal tenures, according to Lawrence Stone, as the crown monopolized more of the profits for itself (rather than allow peers and courtiers to prey upon and patronize the gentry), and at a respect for individual freedom of choice began to be accepted, the overthrow of the court was inevitable."

[The Law of the Father? Patriarchy in the Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism, by Mary Murray ©1995, Routledge, London and New York, 11 New Fetter Lane, London, EC4P 4EE, p. 109.]


The courts and government have knowingly embraced Feminist Jurisprudence upon the American society in direct opposition to our form of government. This was a planned assault, just as planned as the invasion of D-Day or the Apollo space launch to the moon. Their pure intent was and still is: to harvest the Family. They can only do this by destroying the Father.

For example, we can see the Welfare Machine of this Feminist takeover even in some state constitutions. In looking over the Constitution of the State of New York as Amended and in Force January 1, 1982; we can see the Socialist and Feminist impact on the American society: it starts at Article 6 §11 of that Constitution. In the heading of that section and subsequent sections it is overtly like nothing I have ever seen.


Article 6, §11 – [Surrogate’s court; composition; term of office; jurisdiction]

§12 – [Family court established; composition; election and appointment of judges; jurisdiction]

$14 – [Discharge of duties of county judge, surrogate or judge of family court by single person outside New York City]

§15 – [Civil and criminal courts in New York City; merger into single court; judges, election and term of office; jurisdiction]

§19 – [Transfer of actions and proceedings]

§29 – [Allocation of cost of maintenance and operation of courts; determination of annual financial needs of the courts]

§31 – [Indian courts excepted from application of article]

§32 – [Children committed by courts to be placed in custody of persons of same religious persuasion]

§35 – [Abolition of certain courts; transfer of judges and pending actions and proceeding to other courts; abolition of official referee’s office; continuation of non-judicial personnel; appeals taken after effective date of article]

Article 7 §9 -- [Short Term State Debts in anticipation of taxes, revenues and proceeded of sale of authorized bonds.]

§10 – [State debts on account of invasions, insurrection, war and forest fires]

§11 – [State debts generally; manner of contracting; referendum]

§12 – [State debts generally, how paid; restrictions on use of bond proceeds]

§13 – [Refund of State Debts]

§14 – [State debt for elimination of railroad crossings at grade; expenses; how borne; allocation of funds for reconstruction of state highways and parkways]

§15 – [Sinking funds; how kept and invested; income therefrom and application thereof]

§16 – [Payments of state debts; when comptroller to pay without appropriation]

§17 – [Tax revenues stabilization fund]

§19 – [State debt for expansion of State University]

Article 8 $1 -- [Gift or loan of property or credit of local subdivisions prohibited; exceptions for enumerated purposes]

§2 -- [Restrictions on indebtedness of local subdivisions; contacting and payment of local indebtedness; exceptions]

§2(a)-[Local indebtedness for water supply, sewage disposal and drainage facilities; allocations and exclusions of indebtedness]

§3 -- [Restrictions on creation and indebtedness of certain corporations]

§4 -- [Limitations on local indebtedness]

§5 – [Ascertainment of debt-incurring power of counties, cities, towns and villages; certain indebtedness to be excluded]

§6 -- [Debt-incurring power of Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse; certain additional indebtedness to be excluded]

§7 -- [Debt-incurring power of New York City; certain additional indebtedness to be excluded]

$7(a)-[Debt-incurring power of New York City; certain indebtedness for railroads and transit purposes to be excluded]

§8 – [Indebtedness not be invalidated by operation of this article]

§9 -- [ When debt-incurring power of certain counties shall cease.]

§10 – [Limitations on amount to be raised by real estate taxes for local purposes; exceptions]

§10(a)-[Disposition of local revenues received from public improvement service]

§11 – [Taxes for certain capital expenditures to be excluded from tax limitation]

§12 – [Further limitations on contracting local indebtedness authorized]

Article 9 §1 -- [Bill of Rights for local government’s]

I have put down the compilation of the various Articles and Sections within the New York State constitution to show you the magnitude of the problem. Indeed, in comparing this constitution to the original ones, or better yet; to the National Constitution that in 1777 only had 10 Amendment’s to it, even the most intellectually challenged can connect the dots here in regards to the pestilence that now ranges throughout our court systems.

The 5.7 Trillion dollar federal debt along with what debt the States can accrue, is the enemy of the Father and people of this nation. When the 14th Amendment states that no citizen can question the debt—and then you see Legislation such as what is documented here in the New York State constitution that is insanely trying to accrue public debt and is working directly off of debt, you can easily understand why there must be accountability to this Welfare Machine: the accountability is found by creating slaves in this society...the slaves turn out to be the main producers within the The slavery is incurred to pay off the debt. The courts have now enforced the unlawful Martial Law of the Debt driven government who throws us further into debt by such treasonous laws, thereby empowering the Socialist "Village". They then let the court system violate their oaths of office, in which to support this underground "Emergency" government that no one truly understands that it even exists.

So, criminal Legislatures are not running this country off of the profit of the National Productivity of this nation (otherwise knows as true, or positive Wealth), rather; they have in violation of law; established their own magical money system, to where any Public Program or corruption they can think of, is immediately realized.

"The ability of a country to pay taxes must always be proportioned, in a great degree, to the quantity of money in circulation, and to the celerity with which it circulates. Commerce, contributing to both these objects, must of necessity render the payment of taxes easier, and facilitate the requite supplies to the treasury...The hereditary dominions of the Emperor of Germany contain a great extent of fertile, cultivated, and populous territory...and yet, from the want of fostering influence of commerce, that monarch can boast but slender revenues. He has several times been compelled to owe obligations to the pecuniary succors of other nations for the preservation of his essential interests, and is unable, upon the strength of his own resources, to sustain a long or continued war...

Tax laws have in vain been multiplied; new methods to enforce the collection have in vain been tried; the public expectation has been uniformly disappointed, and the treasuries of the States have remained empty. The popular system of administration inherent in the nature of popular government, coinciding with the real scarcity of money incident to a languid and mutilated state of trade, has hitherto defeated every experiment for extensive collections, and has at length taught the different legislatures the folly of attempting them.

No person acquainted with what happens in other countries will be surprised at this circumstance. In so opulent a nation as that of Britain, where direct taxes from superior wealth must be much more tolerable, and, from the vigor of the government, much more practicable, than in America, far the greatest part of the national revenue is derived from taxes of the indirect kind, from imposes, and from excises...

In America, it is evident that we must a long time depend for the means of revenue chiefly on such duties...

[The Federalist Papers, No. 12, Hamilton]

"Taking into account the existing debt, foreign and domestic, upon any plan of extinguishment which a man moderately impressed with the importance of public justice and public credit could approve, in addition to the establishments which all parties will acknowledge to be necessary, we could not reasonably flatter ourselves, that this resource alone, upon the most improved scale, would even suffice for its present necessities. Its future necessities admit not of calculation or limitation: and upon the principle, more than once adverted to, the power of making provision for them as they arise ought to be equally unconfined. I believe it may be regarded as a position warranted by the history of mankind, that, IN THE USUAL PROGRESS OF THINGS, THE NECESSITIES OF A NATION, IN EVERY STATE OF ITS EXISTANCE, WILL BE FOUND AT LEAST EQUAL TO ITS RESOURCES."

[The Federalist Papers, No. 30, Hamilton]

We see here that Hamilton recommends a positive form of taxation...not the present sublime ‘unlimited’ system of debt as taxation we incur today. Clearly, taxation was to be used for ‘general’ even, ‘future’ necessities (ergo: the normal things) in which to make payment for, but it could only do this by equaling its own resources. The modern Welfare Machine, surpasses the resources of this nation...of all nations!...and has placed us in a state of insane debt and more importantly, it has placed future generations into debt, many whom must go to jail in which to feed money by their storage and warehousing, to the Welfare State in order to pay off this debt.

A comparable analysis of what they are doing now by imposing massive public debt can be seen in the classic science fiction movie, Forbidden Planet. The story-line of this movie told of a race of beings that created a huge machine they created within the interior of their whole planet which through their own imagination, would instantly gratify them and create anything they wanted. However; they couldn’t ‘think abstractly’ enough to see the concomitant danger of man’s subconscious power of the subconscious Id, (what we know as the ancient, primitive, tribal mind). That Id would ultimately destroy them. This ancient subconscious mindset that was ingrained in even the most meek of them, in which everyone had. That base and ancient Id gained instant almost infinite power from this machine and from that power, and their own hidden lust, sophistries and ultimate desires; they killed-out their whole race in a single night; to where only the machine remained.

This is the exact same construct of this debt fraud that is presently granting the feminist and socialists and Legislatures anything they want or can dream up—all by using the power of their Krell Welfare Machine: infinite debt. Like the magnificent Krell’s alien race in Forbidden Planet, most Fathers and ordinary laypersons have no idea what is killing them. They just see the anarchy of the machine in which people like Dan Quayle, Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich and a host of other media and government personalities constantly complain about. And their complaints go unabated—the perversions persist—because Hillary’s Krell Welfare Machine is still on; and still silently killing Fathers, Families and Children, (and others) all in the name of "The Best Interests of the Child". What is odd, is that all these ‘experts’ none of them are making the connection between fatherlessness, or the loss of our Secured Liberties, the draining of our Wealth, and the social pathology throughout our society!

All anyone really sees is some faceless individuals getting crushed by this machine causing pure anarchy which the likes of which no society has ever seen before. "Ah, Richard Story just killed his two sons...what a murderer."

"Ah, Susan Smith just drowned her two children in the backseat of her car...what a murderer."

"Did you see that guy drive that tank and crush all those cars and cop cars in San Diego? What a madman!"

"Damn...I just paid $934 out of my paycheck in taxes! Damn government!"

Like the Krell, nobody knows what ‘really’ is going on—but we can see the inhumane effects of the Krell machine by a rapidly devolving society. Like the Krell who were millions of years more advanced than mankind—they never saw it coming—they never new who or what the real enemy was. They never knew what hit them...nor do we. Hillary knows this as do the Elite’s in charge of this nation.

The proof of this is not just that this debt exists, the proof lies in the fact that neither government, the Feminists, Hillary, nor special interests will dare even discuss this matter. Indeed, when Fathers and other citizens demand to understand ‘the legal nature and cause of the action’ before us in court; we are met with silence. The ‘accusatory party’ usually the ‘District Attorney’ (representing the Executive Branch) never answers!

Why?!? All we are asking to do is to ‘see the machine’ we might be able to turn it off.

If this system were all on the up-and-up, they could easily say who they were, or what court we were in—or how they are coming after us. They don’t! They never answer the Bill of Particulars, and as the maxim of law states: XXXX So, nobody ‘really knows’ who or what these ‘courts’ are, even to this day.

So we can only conclude that debt is driving this invisible Krell Welfare Machine that now is in operation against all of us, especially fathers; is an uncontrolled power. The subconscious Id of government cannot have Fathers exist, because it needs to steal the money from the home and family in which to pay for the debt—which is so huge—it can never be paid for! It’s eternal. So, these ingenious treasonous, and unseen Elite’s, have established a government over our government...all so they can pay for the Social Altruism that their Krell Machine provides: and that is unlimited Social Engineering. Simply put: this machine lets them have anything, then; they turn to us—hand us whatever bill they accrue, then say: "Don’t even question it" in accordance with section §4 of the 14th Amendment.

Our organic government operates without this system, as long as there is no emergency. Once there is an emergency, under the powers of the Federal (and State) constitutions; the state declares that it must protect itself and the Krell Welfare Machine automatically turns on. (Seems reasonable.) To protect itself, the Founders gave government, under these temporary, exigent circumstances, the power to impose martial law. Under martial law (or the legal term: Law Martial), government suspends the constitution; and imposes its own government.

Because of the 14th Amendment, and other mysterious Legislation, this debt is eternal and thereby; the Martial Law Government becomes eternal because we can never question why in order to turn it off.

This is how this secret government, "looks" and "operates" almost exactly like the last government we had, let’s say under Model I form of government which Tribe described. However; when the government starts stealing from Fathers, and Fathers pleadingly demand their ‘Constitutional Rights’ the Judges are right there: "You don’t have any Constitutional Rights!" They respond arrogantly back to the Father, most who likely are War Veterans...because the Fathers’ system of government no longer exists: just the Krell Machine exists (under Model VIII NCPGI), letting other people with their agenda, squander the resources of the nation (mostly Fathers) to realize their super-rights, and thereby; drain the national wealth of the nation through the resultant imposition of anarchy upon us all, while their special interests profit. (The special interests are only part of the Krell Welfare Machine.)

Such a man who has been persecuted as such in virtually all our present court systems has instantly become one of the alien Krell and has been killed by the machine. Frankly, American men are virtually being killed in one night, just like the Krell in the movie...

If you note the New York Constitution in which I abbreviated the most pertinent parts above; you can see part of the machine. First, they make considerable laws in sections regarding the "Family"; then immediately, other sections go right to Debt. Clearly, this is telling us outright, that they are claiming (or capturing) the family (under the Doctrine of Parens Patriæ) and they are harvesting it to discharge the debt so they can realize anything they can dream up—through Welfare. (To sustain the Krell machine that gives anyone with access, anything they desire.) Just like the fiscal Feudal Wardship of the Tudor’s, this society has abandoned the clearly recognized American sovereignty of either of the home, Family or individual, in violation of Statutory construction, American Law, the Common Law, and the Maxim’s of law, are what this nation is ‘supposed’ to operate by. We have also allowed this insane machine to violate the Foundational directions of the Founding Fathers, that we will only use what we earn to fund our tax-base. This system by the creation of it’s Krell Welfare Machine has not only enslaved us; it has doomed future generations, who will curse us for the creation of this machine.

"If" there were any protection from law against these errant practices by Ms. Clinton and her cohorts, it would stem from the Father from within his perfect rights within the home. She, as well as the Legislatures and most Judges recognize this, and they do everything possible in which to usurp the proper authority from the Father and thereby leave the home naked without any form of protection. The only residual protection left, comes from the State—which is not protection of any kind for the Family. (It is factually a reversion to the "Village" Hillary wants us all to join.) This lends itself well to the tribal condition of using the home to impose social change.

"Citing Engels that ‘it is the law of the division of labour that lies at the basis of the division into classes.’ And utilizing his observation that the original division of labour was between a man and woman for the purpose of childrearing—that within the family the husband was the owner, the wife the means of production, the children the labour, and the reproduction of the human species was important economic criteria in itself."

[The Law of the Father?, Mary Murray, pg 21, cited from S. Firestone, the Dialectic of Sex, London, The Woman’s Press, ©1979; p. 14.]


Remember: in a tribal society Hillary wants no classes, and she most certainly wants the woman to ‘control’ that institution and get anything she wants; all by accessing the infinite, debt ridden Krell machine of Welfare.

This is why our court system’s do not work anymore. It is because there is an organized crime syndicate of Judges, using and sustaining the Krell Machine...and this creates their secret emergency government that turns off the old Constitutional government and all its bad old ‘common law’ and ‘Constitutional’ laws. All the new laws coming from Judges aren’t laws at all, because there are no more courts of law, they are now, courts of law and equity. Law is rule. Equity means compromise and fairness.

Merging law and equity is like being on a deserted island where you are the only one there. You find food there, but you do not find any water or salt. You can live for a while, but without salt and water you know you are going to die! Searching the island one day you come upon and find a great obelisk salt tablet, right next to it a pond of pure clear water. In this scenario you can live, you are saved! Because your body will have everything it, water and salt.

Then, you get someone that wants to be ‘efficient’ visiting on the Hillary. She gets smart and figures (because she loves the Village and she wants you comfortable in the Village and she wants to help) that she can help you by making things more efficient. So, she gets the idea that to help you she’ll just push the salt into the water, and thereby; you won’t have to make as much effort distinguishing between the two, they’ll just be combined into one—just like law and equity. She leaves because she figures he’s so smart and that she’s helped you so much that she must go on to another Village and help more people. It’s what she does.

Three weeks later you die an agonizing death, because, even though it ‘sound’s’ like a good idea—to combine salt and water, for efficiency--it’s not. The proof is in your eventual death.

This is what merging law and equity together are doing in our present court systems. They are killing a nation by the Judiciary, through its ‘efficiency’, which; is in fact—only an excuse to make the judges informal ‘discretion’ the highest law in the land.... This is what Solzenesken complained of in Russian courts when Stalin established the Russian Gulag’s. All the courts became ‘famously’ efficient. Combining law and equity does not establish some new form of efficiency, just like combining pure water and salt makes the water unusable for drinking—doing this really only leaves a destructive equity in our court systems. Of course, the courts do this to ‘help’ us, just like Hillary is ‘helping’ us.

So, through these courts of equity, the "Judges" are only using Discretion. The District Attorney uses the same discretion when he refuses to file your countercharges against your wife or ex-girlfriend with the court clerk. "We’re only doing what is efficient and just," they will lie to anyone who asks. This discretion and efficiency are the tools of Despots, and these courts are using them expertly, to harvest as much as possible from as many people as they can in total violation of our law. Simply put: our courts are there only to provide law and more importantly: justice. But there is neither anymore in today’s courts. (They are only there ‘sometimes’ as a facade.)

This is why, when you hear of some person winning on a particular motion or in a particular legal question, others who quickly follow with the same exact defense are found guilty. Somehow, some law which seems to work, suddenly doesn’t work the very next day!. Because through the ‘efficiency’ and ‘discretion’ of this Krell Machine, the bulls-eye that was the "law" just moments before—has purposely been moved. I call this the sliding bulls-eye effect of our court systems. This is yet another reason why our court system’s don’t work anymore and why there is no law or remedy available to American citizens any longer. As the record proves: sometime the law appears, sometime it doesn’t. This again, is to mask the facade that we are in our Constitutional, Model I, Separation of Powers form of government...which we are not...we are in a despicable clandestine Model VIII: NCPGI.

It is due to this fraud, that most men are becoming unwitting slaves to this system. Fathers are ‘trying’ to do the right thing. They understand the changing palpitations of society. This is why most mouth that they want "Joint Custody," which is another outright fraud. Frankly, as I pointed out earlier, in their minds our courts are eminently fair, and already disburse "Joint Custody" out fairly already. When you utter the first "J" in ‘Joint’ in open court—you’ve lost—and more importantly your family has lost, because you bought into the fraud. Again, no two people can be both Lord and Tenant over the same property. Joint Custody is responsible for more Female Single Headed Household’s than a reconverted needle factory making a 100 year production run of used condoms. Most DA’s and Courts are very excited about pushing Joint Custody upon unsuspecting Fathers...which should tell us something right off the bat. Lawyers line their pockets off the words similar to: "I worked fought hard as hell, but I just think I got you ‘Joint Custody’!" and then will ply every bit of coercion he has to force the father to take the ‘deal.’ It’s no deal. It’s unadulterated fraud. There are millions of men who sat in prison, who have lost their children, and haven’t seen them in decades, all because they won this "privilege" of Joint Custody.

The law, American law, clearly defines the father as the ultimate authority and owner of his own children. Fathers, are ‘giving up’ this incredible blessing—for chump change. Not only that, they give up the massive authority and control and ownership of their families...which they have as a birthright, and then they actually have to pay exorbitant sums of money for ten, maybe twenty or thirty years, for getting the privilege to let the courts fraudulently strip them of their palladium of absolute rights! Then from the plateau of this openly coerced fraud, we watch as fathers are destroyed exponentially by this system, our children become amoral and lost within a mist of destruction and families undergo needless havoc; all the while watching this war propagate more wars which continually devolve our nation and incur huge amounts of monies each year to combat!!!!

This is why these courts have become our enemy. They are there not for their original purposes, but they are there to serve only special interests. They are abjectly corrupt systems in which we can no longer tolerate, and we have to eradicate them, and we must go after those criminals who have willingly enslaved us to their tyranny. Listen to one story and the result of these contemporary criminal institutions and, more importantly, look at their relationship to the Krell Welfare Machine:

"Like many African immigrants, Girma Molalegne, Rowland Nwankwo, and Ani Ebong came to the United States in search of opportunity. After settling in Denver, they followed the employment path of many other blacks and immigrants, taking jobs as cab drivers.

Before long, the three men discovered a market niche in the poorly served low-income neighborhoods in Denver. Joining with fellow driver Leroy Jones, a transplanted New Yorker, they decided to go into business for themselves as a taxicab co-op called Quick-Pick Cabs. The idea seemed to benefit everyone: improved service for residents of poor neighborhoods, better wages for cab drivers, and opportunities for entry-level entrepreneurs.

But when Jones and his partners filed an application with the Colorado Public Utilities commission to start their company, they received the same verdict as every other applicant for taxicab permits in Denver had received for the past 50 years: application denied. The result was not attributed to any deficiency of Jones and his partners, but rather the effect of classic protectionist policies, designed not to protect the public but to safeguard politically powerful companies....

Leroy Jones and his partners challenged the taxicab monopoly in federal court. They did not seek a handout, or a minority set-aside, or any other sort of special privilege. They sought their civil right to earn an honest living—a right they possess not because they are black but because they are Americans.

But the court turned them away. Of all the rights most Americans think they possess, economic liberty—the right to pursue a business or profession free of excessive or arbitrary government interference—receives the least protection from the courts. No matter how oppressive, economic regulations are routinely upheld by the courts. Thus the anomaly that in a nation doctrinally committed to economic opportunity, today the "right" to a welfare check is much more protected than the right to an honest living."

[The Affirmative Action FRAUD, Can We Restore the American Civil Rights Vision?, by Clint Bolick, ©1996 by the Cato Institute, 1000 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001; ISBN 1-882577-28-0; p. 20]

Of course, the Father’s plight in today’s court is much worse than this. When Fathers attempt to enter these hated Draconian courts, they are annihilated but with a religious furor which would terrorize mere license seekers such as Mister’s Molalegne, Nwankwo, and Ebong above. Indeed, like most Fathers do with Family court, they wouldn’t even show up for they would fully recognize its futility. What these gentleman in attempting to start a Taxi-Cab company went through is nothing compared to the illicit behavior of our contemporary courts against Fathers. "You have no Constitutional Rights." Judges don’t even say such things to murderers, but they say this to Fathers on a daily basis. The final observation here that "the ‘right’ to a welfare check is much more protected than the right to an honest living." Is just barely starting to uncover the truth about the Krell Welfare Machine, and how it not only is destroying Families, but Free Enterprise as well. The avocation by modern feminist towards Socialism and against Capitalism and all other modes of Americanism, should send a nation of American citizen’s into their courts with torch and pitchfork. As we have recognized here, something is terribly, terribly wrong, and very much amiss in our nation’s courts.

We are progressing while still moving backwards all the time.


Many of us wonder how all this could have happened. Many Fathers wonder why they were destroyed. All of us like the magnificent Alien race, the Krell, cannot even comprehend why this is happening, nor who the main protagonists are. Indeed, the parable that unfolds in Forbidden Planet revolves around the main character of Dr. Morbius, a man who has accessed the power of the Krell Machine. Strangely, after doing so, the crew he was first with died, leaving just him and his baby daughter marooned on the planet. Twenty years later, a rescue ship lands to save both he and his daughter, and strangely again—the unexplainable terrors and murders begin again, until the unknown monster from the subconscious Id, in the final scene, comes to claim everyone, even his daughter. It is then that one of the heroes in the movie makes the connection that it is Dr. Morbius’ own mind, using the infinite power of the Krell Machine that has created the invisible monster which now seeks to destroy them all, including his own child who now has defied him.

This is what I term the Morbius Complex, which is inherent in all government workers. They are there just like Dr. Morbius for a supposed higher purpose, yet; somehow through the power of government’s machinework, wind up destroying us all. Their subconscious Id, cannot comprehend the fact that the power of government is unlimited just like the machine, and soon their intellect is overshadowed by the power of government whom impresses it’s will over all whom work within its domain. The base and subconscious mind which government is usually want to gravitate to the lowest common denominator of mankind, overshadows even the most conscientious moral being. Soon, through the inner workings of the machine, they are pushed out to where only a virulent strain of government worker remains: the mindless masses. These are the ones who belligerently mouth the words "I’m only doing my job."

The Morbius Complex is driven through one of mankind’s most basic instincts, and that is irresponsibility. When something isn’t directly effecting the person actually being destroyed by the policy or procedure of government—then why should they care? We have seen this callousness throughout hundreds of regimes, yet; it is most persistent and virulent here. Indeed, the Founding Fathers recognized these potential faults and established a system of government which was held in check with fail-safe after fail-safe. Yet, as with any human design, all those fail safe’s have been dismantled, to where now none remain. Indeed, in the past, a government worker was held to his oath of office scrupulously, if he varied any distance out of alignment with that oath, he was personally held liable—he lost property, not the citizen! He was held personally liable, not the American citizen! In fact, the system was designed so that if any citizen were to be arrested—that government employee had to have every "T" crossed and every single "I" dotted. If just a mere mistake, such as not getting the name right, would instantly free the American citizen. It took mountains of such precise paperwork to get the citizen in jail...and every government employee along the way had to be precise.

Yet now, they can have virtually everything wrong! Now, they just kind of check boxes...and if they miss one...well, they can just check it later after you are in prison. Now, all the government employees just ‘wink’ at each other and ‘stipulate’ to the new agreement even without you there!

Again, in the past, it took the government official mountains of paperwork in which to fine you or place you in—a mere single sheet of paper, with no legible signatures...and barely any boxes checked. I’ve seen indictments to where the only thing on the sheet was the defendant’s social security number and drivers license...and that was it!

Conversely, in the past, a wrongfully convicted citizen could take a single piece of toilet paper, scrawl a Writ of Habeas Corpus on it, and submit it to his jailor, and get out of prison!

Now, things have reversed. Now the government employee is using a single piece paper with little or no boxes checked on it—no verified citizens complaint, no seal, no signature of properly sworn in public officials...really—just a piece of toilet paper; and this is what is being used to crush American citizens. Yet—when an innocent person is trying to get out of prison, he has to now, submit reams of paperwork, cross all his "T’s" and dot every single "I" or his case is thrown out. Even if he gets everything right, it is still thrown out. Now the government employee submits the single sheet of paperwork and the citizen is required to file mountains of paperwork in which to respond.

Something has severely gone wrong. Something is categorically broke.

All these government employees, calmly sitting behind their 3" thick bulletproof plate glass steel barricades, belligerently assume the Morbius Complex and will insolently not even do the most civil things. They won’t even accept proper legal service, then; they will arrogantly threaten you if you protest. Many American citizens have been wrestled to the ground right inside public institutions just because their supposed "Public Servants" are insolent and criminally malfeasant. All such "public servants" have assumed the Morbius Complex and many American citizens do not recognize them, and have no idea who or what they are. To many, they are as alien as the mythical Krell themselves.

Why do public servants do this? Why do most American citizens allow this? Why do Feminists and Welfare Queens assert their claim to the unlimited benefits of Hillary’s Krell Welfare Machine?

It’s because of the Forth Box.

The Forth Box concept isn’t anything was the main component which kept mankind stuck in the Matriarchal Tribal state for at least a quarter million years.

Simply put, the Forth Box is a box, equally divided into four boxes.

I have shown this box in figure XX and most people recognize this instantly. However, the concept behind this is a little more subtle. Milton Friedman in his book Free to Choose, gives an exemplary explanation of its impact, and how it relates to the Morbius Complex.

Category I in the table refers to your spending your own money on yourself. You shop in a supermarket, for example. You clearly have a strong incentive both to economize and to get as much value as you can for each dollar you do spend.

Category II refers to your spending your own money on someone else. You shop for Christmas or birthday presents. You have the same incentive to economize as in Category I but not the same incentive to get full value for your money, at least as judged by the tastes of the recipient. You will, of course, want to get something the recipient will like—provided that it also makes the right impression and does not take too much time and effort. (If, indeed, your main objective were to enable the recipient to get as much value as possible per dollar, you would give him cash, converting your Category II spending to Category I spending by him.)

Category III refers to your spending someone else’s money on yourself—lunching on an expense account, for instance. You have no strong incentive to keep down the cost of the lunch, but you do have a strong incentive to get your money’s worth.

Category IV refers to your spending someone else’s money on still another person. You are paying for someone else’s lunch out of an expense account. You have little incentive either to economize or to try to get your guest the lunch that he will value most highly. However, if you are having lunch with him, so that the lunch is a mixture of Category II and Category IV, you do have a strong incentive to satisfy your own tastes at the sacrifice of his, if necessary.

All welfare programs fall into either Category III—for example Social Security, which involves cash payments that the recipient is free to spend as he may wish; or Category IV—for example, public housing; except that even Category IV programs share one feature of Category III, namely, that the bureaucrats administering the program partake of the lunch; and all Category III programs have bureaucrats among their recipients.

[Free to Choose, A Personal Statement, by Milton Friedman, ©1980, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc., 757 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017, ISBN 0-15-133481-1, pp. 116-117.]

What we essentially have here is a Boolean expression, visually represented by these four boxes. The Morbius Complex encompasses both boxes three and four, but the forth box most exclusively. It is due to the removed nature of the government employee to the concerns of the average citizens he supposedly services as a sacred duty, which causes our problems today.

The original construct of Republican form, held the public servant severely accountable so that your interests would be closely related to his interests. Indeed, if he was writing you up for a speeding ticket—and he was wrong, well, he might be reprimanded, lose his job, even lose his house and HIS bank account! This ministerial duty, as bound through his oath of office—meant that he was personally liable for his government acts. He therefore, and everyone in the chain of enforcing the action against you, were personally liable, each and everyone of them, for doing the correct thing. To simply being held to their oath of office, and to put up a personal bond to promise us all, that they were held personally liable for all their actions. If they didn’t uphold the letter of the law then their own disaster would ensue. This is how the American society, kept a government in check.

This moved the government employee into Category I with you! NOT THE FOURTH BOX WHERE HE SAFELY RESIDES NOW. He and all others could care less what happens to you or your family. They could give a damn. This is why they are happy sitting at their Pentium class machines, driving their brand-new automobiles both on and off the job; mindlessly typing away and paper-working their fellow American’s lives, because they are completely immune from any error that might be made. Even if they make the most egregious, and fallow errors, even if they intentionally hunt you for a personal vendetta and use the law for their own personal longer can the mere mortal American citizen decisively either protect himself or defend himself from these overt criminal acts, nor can they go after the government official, (their supposed "public servant") and hold him accountable in a court of law. All these people know and fully understand that they are 99.9% protected by a Leviathan of "immunity" procedures to where a mere mortal citizen even ‘daring’ to enter the ‘procedure’ is a penalty in itself against that citizen. Few dare even try to hold their out-of-control public officials accountable...yet...amazingly; even that number is rising!

Presently, all such safety barriers have been eliminated so now, the average citizen is defenseless from such abuse. Now, there is no more Republican Form of governance—all due to the fact that all government officials enjoy the safety and comfort of destroying our lives being removed to the Fourth Box in Category IV above. They have no liability. They are so far removed from the rest of our lives—as to establish a separate class of citizen, a new public entity with "super-rights;" one never dreamt of by the founding fathers and one despised by those same people as they developed laws and procedures to hold the public servant more accountable to law, held to a ‘higher standard’ of law, and subject to the exact letter of the law. Presently; such exacting standards are but a myth...beyond that...they have become a mere joke.

These ‘new’ public servants are using their infinite powers of the machine, obtaining immense power, monies, wealth, and careers—yet—if you try and go after such an official, and hold him to his own standard of will fail. For now he too, just like the Feminist-class person, enjoy Super-Rights, never before granted or allowed by either the constitution or our form of government. Going after Judges is but a futile act—even writing the "Judicial Commissions" to hold them up to their own standards of ethic’s is futile.

pp. 123-125] First, although the commissions claim to protect the public from dangerous judges, the lawyer- and judge-run commissions rarely impose public discipline (public censure, suspension, or removal from the bench) on one of their own. For example, one of the state’s top judges in Connecticut was suspended for six weeks in 1994, after hearing a murder case argued by a lawyer with whom he had a close personal relationship; his suspension was notable because it was the most severe punishment meted out to a judge in Connecticut in twenty years.

Follow-through rates of the state judicial ethics commissions are dismal nationwide. The state commissions reject as invalid the overwhelming majority of complaints citizens make against judges. The 1993-94 record for Florida, for example, shows that citizens made a total of 474 complaints against judges (455 in the year 1994 and 19 pending from the previous year). Out of this total, 99 percent were dismissed. During the same years in California, out of 1005 complaints, 94 percent were dismissed." Between 1991 and 1993, with a total of 14,887 complaints made against judges nationwide, only twenty judges were removed from the bench and another fifteen suspended for improper conduct. Of course, not all complaints against judges have merit. A person on the losing end of a lawsuit has the incentive to strike back at the judge who made the decision. But without public scrutiny there is no possible way to assess the fairness of the Judicial Commissions’ decisions.

...When a judge is sued for violating his or her responsibilities, the little guy or gal has little chance of prevailing. It’s like fighting City Hall.

[Divorced From Justice, The Abuse of Women and Children by Divorce Lawyers and Judges, by Karen Winner, ©1996, HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., 10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10032, ISBN 0-06-039184-7;

All these people within the corridors of power, from the lowliest clerk or mailroom boy, right up through the police, throughout our Judiciary and Legislative branches—right up to the President of the United States himself—are protected by the massive impenetrable form of the Krell Welfare Machine.

They all know this, and most of them feign that they do not know that they are totally immune, thereby assuming the Morbius Complex. You will find these people throughout the breadth of government, and unfortunately, the American citizen can no longer protect either himself or his family, from any of them, and again, unfortunately their interests are no longer that of yours. They now have been isolated into the Fourth Box mindset—to where their interests are more aligned with government, than it ever will be with yours.

This of course happened in my final case. Indeed, here I was, doing a lawful "Appearance without an Appearance" to combat being forced into court by Judge Howell, who as we remember, stated on April 29th, 1999: "I have no jurisdiction in this matter," thereby legally ending this case. The new "Judge" Cumming, now tried to get me to jump back into the frying pan, and couldn’t do it. Because I didn’t contract to the court, or even address it (my counsel’s did), contracting nor giving my name to the court in any manner; and Cumming being fully informed that he had no jurisdiction—thereby having knowledge of the law—instead of again; holding himself up to his own standards of law, he had three court Bailiff’s forcibly grab me outside the court building and drag me across the bar into his court! This is a clear violation of both his procedure and law...but he assumes full immunity for doing so! He was fired under CCP 170.1(a)6C, yet; refused that also! I arrested him, formally writing up a PC 142(a) against him, and legally serving it upon the Butte County Sheriff, yet—nothing was done! Still this fraudulent trial went on. So, I then wrote up a Writ of Prohibition to the next Superior Court—trying to stop this obscenity of law--and that was met with total silence.

Law does not work any more. Courts are only our enemy. We must recognize the facts—and scientifically catalogue their result. Only then will the Fathers Rights community, begin to address their problems. We cannot go into something that is broke and expect justice, logic or "the law of the highest reason" from these tribunals.

When I finally told Cumming’s in open court, that he was a fascist, he actually took offense at this. He boldly declared: "I fought against the Fascist Axis powers in World War Two!" Yet, when I then demanded how he could hold this fraudulent trial with me never having contracted my name to the court, and without having any Jurisdiction as stated by Judge Howell, he wouldn’t answer. To this date, there has never been an answer. There were no answers to my Writ of Prohibition which I submitted that next day. No answers to my Writ of Habeas Corpus, five of them which I sent all the way up to the United States Supreme Court.

Yet they placed me in jail with no crime having occurred. They did it, they did it here in the United States, and they did it using "Law" which only came out of Fascism: the power of the gun.

This is not the real tragedy. The real tragedy is that this is being done not as the exception to the rule—violating law now has become the norm in today’s courts. Yet, these court Judges, all embedded within the nest and safety of the Krell Welfare Machine’s Fourth Box, arrogantly will assert that, "they aren’t fascists."

All of them encompass the best of what Fascism, Totalitarianism, and Communism has to offer. They don’t have to prove anything any longer. They are no longer part of this nation—they are in the machine of their own design and making, and they enjoy the temporal safety of their boxes; while they last, for they all are deeply entranced by the Morbius Complex, and never would see their sins and mistakes, even if you showed it to them on tape. I think the Clinton sexual debacle has more than proven that.

This is the house that Hillary built. This is where she lives, and the garden she grooms, and the bed she, and others like her, make.