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"Senator Daniel Moynihan: "We knew this was coming. In the early 60s we picked up the first tremors of the earthquake that was about to shake the American family. The single most powerful indicator is the ratio of our out-of-wedlock births. Today it is 43% and in some districts, it is as high as 81%."

(Human Events, 28 Jan., 1994.)




The Krell Welfare Machine exists because of one flaw of human-kind. This flaw has been prevalent since time immemorial and is the exact reason why the American system of government was created, with emphasis on the individual, and not Hillary’s Tribal "Village Model." Western Civilization was developed and created because of the establishment of secure, stable families which accrued and developed wealth, and of course secure, stable families required a Father. The centerpiece Father established and led a two-parent household which made families operate in the common interests of the family, acting in unison as one. These families created robust individuals, who understood their position and responsiblities within the family, which secured their individual liberty. This meant that such an independent individual would share a concurrent responsibility to those rights gained by his duty and allegiance to his family...

However, the flaw of Ms. Clinton and those fellow "multiculturalists" like her is that when a group of men, (or society) collectively get together, they start to think in a collective format. From this, they lose the association of liberty being shared with responsibility. This is of course, soon devolves mob rule. This is a devolution of the creative analysis and abstract reasoning capabilities that afflicts the intellect of the individual through the dissonance of the mob. This is what John Stuart Mill spoke about in his quote in chapter one when he discussed mob rule, and more importantly, this is why the Founders of this nation, created a new nation, not one based upon mere Monarchies, Tyrants, nor even the safety and security of a collective mob; but one based on families—and the individual.. This nation was forged in the era of enlightenment, the age of reason—and thereby, America became a nation of families. These families developed sovereign, capable individuals, who went on to create robust families once again, who handed their wealth down to their children and created even stronger families and individuals—whereby, society gained as a spillover effect, a dynamic, tightly bound culture, one held together by familial bonds, and heritage; who transmitted law and order and structure throughout the society—not by police; but through the basic interaction and moralities of successful families.

Benjamin Franklin, after disembarking the ship direct from France with the Treaty of Peace, which ended the Revolutionary War, boldly announced: "I have made you all Kings!" As in France, he forced King George to sign the treaty to every ‘individual’ American, as there was no single-collective government in which the King could sign the treaty to. Thereby; at that very instant, every single American became the "sovereign" within his own home. We all became Kings. However, with such individual title comes a concomitant responsibility, and this is what the Feminists have always erred through their implementation of ‘mobocracy.’

There are many incidences throughout human history which demonstrate this devolved state of mob consciousness at work: Pontis Pilot asking the crowd to choose between the thief Barbarous and Jesus Christ; and the Nazi extermination of the Jews during WWII. As historian Dr. Klaus B. Fisher noted about this ability of common men to quickly assimilate the mob consciousness::

"There were two types of murderers—those who sat behind the desks and gave the orders—the desk murderers such as Hitler, Himmler, Heydrich, Muller, and Eichmann; and the men who carried out the actual executions or gassings—Hoss, Wirth, Mengele, the men of the Einsatzgruppen ["task forces," or mobile killing squads], and the concentration camp guards."

According to Dr. Fischer, their "crimes against people can be grouped into five broad categories: (1) slave labor (2) abuse of prisoners of war, (3) torture and execution of hostages, (4) cruel and unusual medial experiments, and (5) organized atrocities."

Given the heinous nature of the crimes, a reasonable person might readily conclude that most of the perpetrators were sadists. But the evidence indicates otherwise. Dr. Ella Lingens-Reiner, a physician who survived Auschwitz, observed:

"There were few sadists. Not more than five or ten percent were pathological criminals in the clinical sense. The others were all perfectly normal men who knew the difference between right and wrong. They all knew what was going on."

[Nazi War Criminals, by Earl Rice Jr., Lucent Books, P.O. Box 289011, San Diego, CA 92198-9011, ISBN- 1-56006-097-2, p. 15.]

As Dr. Fischer noted about Nazi War criminals—Hillary and the Elite regime that supports her and their planned Socialist program’s against men and fathers, are ‘exactly’ such ‘normal’ people of the same ilk described by Dr. Fischer. However, what is most criminal is that these people are fully cognizant and informed of what they are doing, and they know it is patently wrong. However, they don’t care about there acts, for in the end, it isn’t they who are being destroyed by the Krell Welfare Machine—it is just some ‘commoner’ who they will never meet. (Again, this is "Fourth Box" mentality). All they see is their jobs, their pay increases and job benefits, they see the ‘social good’ they are supposedly doing by ‘helping’ other poor and unfortunate persons—they never see the pestilence they have created, they never meet the faceless men who have to be destroyed by this machine in order to feed its sustenance. In their minds—they are good people, just like the Nazi’s who put Jew’s in to ovens during WWII considered themselves’ ‘good people.’ They were all, "only doing their job." (This is being said way too much in America today).

Conversely, it is the individual mind which propels civilizations and governments to excel and reach new plateaus of human thought and reasoning. We can see this progression from time immemorial:

Hillary and the Village cabal she represents, want and need the Tribal-collective consciousness. It is upon this known base platform, that socialists understand that the cognitive performance of the masses. They know and understand that the Village mob will not be able to use the individual capacities to abstractly think through any problem, and will thereby; will not enjoy such ‘abstract’ reasoning capabilities. They fully understand that the ‘mob’ will only act through their first visceral instinct, without ever thinking of the larger issues at hand. Those in charge of the Krell Welfare Machine know, that the "Village" machine will instead devolve into a base ‘ancient’ "visceral" intellect—and thereby; can be easily led by Elite’s into the Welfare State. This is why, Hillary and those are within the Krell Welfare Machine have a death-grip upon the Mass Media, and other social institutions, as they want to control not only content, but also presentation (or ‘spin’) to the masses.

We can see this in laboratory studies of animals. For instance, if you take a bb monkey, and you train him to like Fruit Loop cereal, to where he loves it (and they do); you can establish such a test.

In this test, a lab technician takes a box, that has three tubes at the top un-connected (in other words, with air between the tubes and the receiving boxes below them) to similarly aligned three boxes below with a little door on each bottom box. Note again, the tubes at the top are not connected to the boxes below, but if you take something in the top tube it will drop of course (because of gravity) to a corresponding box below, where the little BB monkey will open a box and collect his prize. When presented to the BB monkey, the lab technician takes the Fruit Loop, shows the BB monkey he has it, which gains the BB monkey’s intense attention and focus—and then the lab technician takes the Fruit Loop and places it over one of the three tubes at the top of the experiment box and drops it.

Logical reasoning tells the monkey that the Fruit Loop will be in whichever box, 1, 2 or 3, that the Fruit Loop was dropped in, namely tube 1, 2 or 3. If the BB monkey sees the Lab Technician drop the Fruit Loop in Tube 2, he knows that it will wind up in Box 2, and he dutifully opens the door, and retains his prize and quickly eats it. (Positive reinforcement).

However, then the lab technician changes the experiment.

The Lab Technician then takes a connecting pipe, and changes the box so that the BB monkey can now see, that when the lab technician presents the Fruit Loop, he is dropping it in tube One, however; the CONNECTING PIPE is now guiding that Fruit Loop to end up in box three. No matter how many times the lab technician tries this experiment, the BB monkey cannot turn off his ancient mindset that tells him that if the lab technician drops the Fruit Loop into box one, that GRAVITY has nothing to do with it anymore because of the installation of the CONNECTING PIPE (which the monkey can readily see). Uncontrollably, the monkey is held hostage to his ancient mind and cannot make the connection about the pipe, so he always wrong. He continually is a slave to go to the numbered tube that the Fruit Loop was originally dropped in. If the lab technician drops it in one, the BB monkey will open box one—even though any small child would soon ‘get it’ and follow the concept of the CONNECTING TUBE and open box 3. The monkey however, thinks: 1.) See Fruit Loop Dropped in tube one. 2.) Gravity goes down. (The hell with that little adjoining pipe that joins tube one to tube three). Then 3.) My Fruit Loop has to be in box one!

It’s not.

Every time this experiment is done, the BB monkey goes through this!

Yet, again; the lab technician does a small change. He then takes the experiment and moves it horizontally so that now the experiment is level on the table and not going up and down where he can drop the Fruit Loop in the tube and not just let gravity let it fall into the adjoining box below. Now the Lab Technician must flick with his forefinger the Fruit Loop into the ‘top’ tubes (now horizontal) to get the Fruit Loop to get it to travel to the correct box (because gravity doesn’t work anymore with the experiment on its side).

Now he repeats the experiment with the BB monkey. The result? The BB monkey is no longer held slave to the idea of gravity. He ‘gets it’, the whole experiment. When you flick the Fruit Loop in any top tube—he correctly follows the CONNECTING TUPE to the correct box where he now knows the Fruit Loop will be. When you add a connecting pipe, tube 1 to box 3, he correctly follows his reward to the proper box 3.

Stand the whole experiment back up so that gravity is added into the equation and the BB monkey reverts to his old ways and can’t figure what is happening.

This is exactly what is happening to the American populace. When Fathers Rights groups inform society that "we have to control our own families with no outside control", they instantly revert to the Tribal or "Village" mindset: "But what about the man who beats his wife and kids?" They asked with great concern. "What about the woman??"

When like the BB monkey to try and abstractly reason with them, and you show them the massive facts and figures in regards to this subject (the adjoining tube in the lab experiment above) they will nod and agree about all the facts and figures (they’ll agree the tube is there, just like the BB monkey knows its there) but when you come back to the premise: "Therefore; a man must control his own home." They "just can’t get it." They just can’t do the abstract reasoning in which civilization made 5,000 years ago. They are held hostage to the concept of indoctrination of which government and the Feminists have imposed upon the American mindset.

When you then, inform them that yes, in allowing men to control and rule in their own homes—again; they just can’t ‘get it’. They cannot follow the abstract reasoning that in allowing the ‘danger’ of a man to rule within his own home, creates social stability. Ancient societies ‘got it’ 5000 years ago...and all subsequent Western Nations did...up till about 70 years ago, when the American mindset was radically changed by Feminists, in collusion with the creation of a new Socialist form of American Government.

We can see the loss of this social stability in our schools, on our buses, in prisons, and in the massive compendium of facts and figures that show complete anarchy is raging within this village model—just because the Father cannot rule within his own home.

You show these people the massive war and conflagration which has transpired directly at the hands of Welfare, and they will nod in agreement. "Yup, the connecting pipe is there." They will earnestly tell you. But again; when you make the case that a Father must have the right to rule in his own home; their ‘Tribal’ and "Village" conditioned mindset instantly takes over: "But what about the father that beats his own wife and children?" they again revert to again and again.

We have to have the courage to incur those losses, of aberrant men, beating their wives and children because that ‘evil’ is at a far, far end of the Bell Curve. Out of a nation of 350 million people, a total of 1,215 children are killed by abuse a year. And that number is dropping. To be most succinct: we are sustaining a war, an outright conflagration to fight a problem—that really, statistically—never was there from the beginning!

When again, you present this idea to them, their faces go white with fear. They cannot make the abstract connection that when you do so, and allow men to have ultimate authority and control over their own homes, thereby; instantly pushing government forever from that venue—then, statistically, you have less death and murder and killings than if you allow the "Village" to intrude upon the home. When you show that it is feminism that is developing the crisis—again; they will rationally accede to the facts and figures which nationally show that this whole thing is being engineered and marketed to sustain the Welfare empire.

At no point, exactly like the BB monkey, can these people recognize the abstract reasoning of either bell curve or statistical analysis upon the reality of getting Government, and Feminists and other "opportunistic" industries out of the home—that from this the ‘imagined’ problem would in fact, drop and virtually evaporate! They cannot ‘follow the pipe’ of this form of abstract reasoning, that in allowing men to individually control and more importantly protect their own homes, wives, children and wealth, that in the palladium of families under such a sovereign construct, fair much better than those under the "In the Best Interests of the Child" "Village" construct.

This "Best Interests of the Child" "Village" construct has been responsible for more deaths and more pain and suffering than a world of abusive fathers in charge of their own homes ever could have inflicted. The Krell Welfare Machine which is exploded across the mindset of the masses everywhere by the mainstream media, is the ‘gravity’ that stops people from thinking rationally. Hillary, in her quest to save each and every individual child has killed tens of thousands, if not millions to realize her personal philosophies. When you point out to her and the collective masses that children are brought up best in households that contain their own biological fathers, they don’t want to hear it. "I’m only doing my job," will come the refrain.

Hillary wants protection via Foster Homes and Mentoring (programs of surrogate fatherhood and family—definitive proof that their ‘Village’ doesn’t work). These programs, when you look at them in light of the Fathers whom they are supposed to be protected from, are killing, wounding and debilitating more children and creating future social pathologies than in the families with Fathers they are supposed to be protected from!!! Yet again, bring the facts and figures (the CONNECTING PIPE) to the recognition of the masses, and their eyes will dully glaze over. "We must save the children" they respond dully in the predictable visceral feminist Mantra.

Ms. Rodham Clinton and her "Village" cohorts use the mass media and the vehicle of extremism in which to present this mindset to the American public. Ms. Clinton and the media, impose their social programs by using the extreme cases from the bell curve upon any subject.

For those who don’t know what a bell curve is, or do not understand its operation, simply, it is a graphical chart, or a visually graphed representation of any set or system. From any system, we can show in a bell curve, how it behaves. For instance, if you are having a concert and do a bell curve on those who like the concert compare to those who don’t like the concert, you would get a bell curve that most certainly would look like a drawing of a wave in a box, with the majority of the wave, pushed to the right. This shows that out of all the people there, the greatest majority loved the concert. However, on both ends, you would see a very narrow amount of people of those who extremely hated and loved the concert, representing Ted Bundy on the left who hated the concert, and the Dead Head on the right, who loved it.

The Dead Head goes to all Grateful Dead concerts, as he is addicted to them, he travels the country and buys everything and anything in which to sustain his addiction. In fact, one time he got arrested in Minneapolis for stealing a sweater out of a K-Mart so that he could sell it and buy a ticket for the Grateful Dead concert there.

Ted Bundy on the other hand, hates all concerts. In fact, he only went to this one, because his wife Peg won tickets by trading the transmission in Ted’s Dodge to a Grateful Dead roadie, whose 1964 Dodge Bus was stuck on the side of the road right in front of their house. So to avoid sex, Ted went as an unwilling companion to the concert, however; he did beat the hell out of the roadie in which to compensate for his trouble.

Now, the analysis in relation to the current subject is that most people, in making laws will look at this Bell Curve, will say: "Hey, wow! Alot of people love going to concerts, look at this bell curve! Gee, perhaps we should make laws encouraging concerts—because revenue goes up, and the most people there (90% of them) have a good, clean fun time—the greatest majority benefits!"

Hillary on the other hand, and her cohorts who control the media, want to maintain their monopoly on concerts, so what they will do in order to stop the other people from encouraging legislation that might favor more Grateful Dead concerts, they will begin an ad campaign, even have News stations which they control, do stories informing us all of the terrible plight of having concerts in town. They will do such things as show the trash, and fights, and other dastardly things which accompany these, what are no more than "Right Wing Conspiracy" group meetings.

In support of this, they will show Ted Bundy, (who only represented one out of the thousands in the concert) and will make pointed observations about him. That this is what is being brought into such concerts, and we don’t want this element. They will then go to the other end, and show the addicted Dead Head, and show make a large point how he stole that sweater from K-Mart and how this poor man is addicted to concerts.

"Save our families from Sweater Thieves!" will come the headlines. "This child is cold because of no sweater" will rage the TV ads. "Not one more sweater" will contemplate the billboards plastered across the countryside. Soon, Mary Sue, a spinster who again, is way on one side of the Bell Curve will write Hillary, informing her how on this night, she lost a sweater and how her son was addicted to Grateful Dead concerts. Hillary along with her media buddies will go to this poor spinster’s home and film several tales and highlighted stories about her missing sweater.

CBS will host "The Missing Spinsters Sweater: ‘The Real Story’".

Soon, anyone but borrowing a sweater has to have three forms of ID. If they don’t have an ID, they are quickly wrestled to the ground and filmed for the 10 O’Clock news.

This just isn’t insanity I’m speaking of here, it is a cold, meticulously planned altruistic attack in benefit of those socialists who want something from us all. To do this they use the exact procedures (and more) that I’ve represented here. Soon, the incessant media has made this such an issue that the society begins to inculcate and ‘watch’ for markers that Hillary and her cohorts want monitored. Soon this old Spinster just isn’t on TV anymore, she is in front of Congress passing legislation, now she has a battery of "statistic’s" with her, and several watch groups and splinter groups are calling for legislation.

No one during all the many months or years this is going on, from the mass majority is noting: "But wait a minute; the Bell Curve shows that this rarely happens, and if it does, it is the exception and not the rule." No one is saying: "We shouldn’t even be passing legislation! did you get here??" No one even notices: "If we enter this area we will be violating the Constitution, the majority of people have a right to go to concerts!" No...instead everyone just ‘wink’s’ at each other, and they all just "go-along-to-get-along," to justify their existence. Then in the next breath they hire 100,000 more police for our nations streets....

No one notices anything...the Krell Welfare Machine just clicks on and collects the power for Hillary and those like her who feed off that perverse power. The old spinster who used to work at Aton’s Department store now heads up her own state funded Feminist Sweater Collective, where she once made $11 dollars an hour with little or no benefits, now she has a $50,000 a year job, and a dozen Female workers under her avidly and expertly pushing paperwork to fight this new ‘sweater’ menace to society. Because now she’s part of the machine.

The masses are thusly led by the nose, and at no point can they, as the masses, use abstract reasoning. Those individuals, who do—are quickly sequestered and are either directly attacked or are outright ignored. The old-Spinster however; is now meeting with the president to talk about the scourge of Grateful Dead concerts, fighting and sweater stealing and "Deadhead" addiction. From this, programs on Dead Head addiction are created...taxes are raised. Hillary is going on tour to 'raise consciousness’ or on a ‘fact finding mission’ to make citizens aware of the dangers of Rock Concerts...soon Feminist Deadhead centers pop up in every town where free sweaters are handed out, wiping out most free market sweater companies in the U.S. Anything happens in regards to this issue, a Feminist machine gears up and calls its network, who are on the inside track to the media, both local and national. All ‘expert’ opinion come from this monolith of special interests. If you are not with these special interests, Rodney at CBS is telling you, that your views "Are not news."

This is exactly how the Nazi’s created animals out of the Jews for an all too willing Nazi plebiscite who saw them in theatres groveling in the dirt and wanted to believe all Jews were animals because that was the national mindset. These propaganda films affirmed to that populace that the Jews are nothing more than inferior animals, and that Germany is doing them a service in eradicating them. The mob mind was thereby justified and affirmed.

Indeed, Hillary and her "Village" people have created a similar "bogeyman" within the American father. They have presented the same mindless propaganda flotsam as the Nazi’s did in their mainstream media. Upon any occurrence happening in the household, the Father is to blame. Upon just a suggestion of that blame, the Krell Welfare Machine winds up, and backed by facts and figures of its own creation, it tears apart, vilifies, and if need be; criminalize’s the father. This has gone beyond just mere reporting of the facts, it now has become a religious doctrine that is willingly supplanted and documented week after week within our media. The mainstream news media has become the feminists publicist...they would have never gotten where they are, without that help.

In establishing their Krell Welfare Machine from the rare exceptions contained by each end of the Bell Curve, the Elite regime has now have moved their draconian laws inward to the majority. Now where the law originally went after "only" those who savagely beat their wives and children who were at the end of the bell curve, and in who really abused their homes and families, Hillary has ‘broadened’ the crimes to all occurrences. The Krell machine no longer hunts those at the ends of the bell curve, they are now hunting the whole curve in its entirety. Silence is now abuse. Raising your voice is now abuse. Being aggressive is now abuse. Being dominant if you’re male, is abuse. Keeping your own money, is now abuse. Watching TV is abuse. Essentially, via the Krell machine, they have made everything a crime—and the male the main culprit of these ever broadening "crimes.". (If a women does these same exact things, she’s expressing her individuality...she is affirming her right to be equal...)

Listen how Hillary describe her own father and how he disciplined his own family:

"My father, not one to spare the rod, articulated and emphasized his expectations for us. He told us repeatedly that he would always love us but would not always like what we did. We used to test him by asking if he would love us if we murdered someone. He would replay that he would never stop loving us but would be deeply disappointed and hurt by what we had done. Occasionally he got carried away when disciplining us, yelling louder or using more physical punishment, especially with my brothers, than I thought was fair or necessary."

[It Takes a Village, pp. 155-156.]

This may appear quaint in some third-party way, but realize under the broad brush which she created Hillary along with her Feminist partners have changed the rules within the home, presently any man doing the exact same disciplining that Mr. Rodham distributed throughout his family in the 1950s, would possibly, and most likely now, be imprisoned. Hillary and her brothers under these circumstances, would probably have been taken from their own home, and most probably; what could have had long-term effects on that family to where—she and the other children—could have been destroyed for life. They would have entered the mindless rolls of the eternal masses of young children whom are not expected to survive the Krell Welfare Machine that she built, and most of whom most likely won’t. By the fate of God and 25 to 35 years, Ms. Clinton may have been one of the mindless masses silently being destroyed within the safety of her Krell Welfare Machine, in some inner city, with children embroiled in crime and government services...instead of Lawyer and wife to the President of the United States.

The masses have willingly gone along with the broad spectrum of feminist sophistries, due to the fact that like the Germans, and like the BB monkeys, they cannot apply abstract reasoning into this equation. Like the BB monkey, they cannot make the connection that eradication of the Father’s rule and authority within the home, (what the upper-class Rodham’s apparently enjoyed), is the cause of massive debt spending, and is the direct link to a multitude of profligate social pathologies, all which must be attended to, by an ever growing Krell machine-work. (BB Monkeys’ = Scientific American’s Frontiers (Alan Alda, PBS)

The "Village" like the Nazi’s of WWII clearly recognizes that social change will not come from the masses, it will not come from elite Legislation, and it will not come by proper operation of our courts, which are complicit criminals in this illegal field of endeavor of criminalizing the American male. The abstract reasoning capability of the public masses are too well entrenched to the propaganda machine of this Krell Welfare Machine, they will reason only with what they are presented with by the elite regime. Books such as this, will never be read within the mainstream field of their observation. Because of this, and these facts, the continued anarchy due to the constant conditioning of social pathologies raging about them is creating even more anarchy and uneasiness. The mainstream media will not touch the contents of this book or bring up to the field of public scrutiny these contents, for to do so is directly challenging the breadth and power of the machine itself.

Hillary and the cabal of her "Village" cohorts will not allow these things to happen. Just like Chastity Bono did not let audiences cheer at the vicious murder of a homosexual character portrayed on a movie screen, and let that natural response from the audience occur. Under this doctrine, no longer do you have independent thoughts—you only are allowed those observations politically allowed by the Feminist elite regime.

Thereby; the masses; have been well conditioned and programmed only to see the male as a harbor of abuse and beating, because this is what they are supposed to see. This not only refutes documented history, but present realities. When one man, beats and kills a child, all men are now accused by default, because the way the mainstream couches and spins such information in its presentation to the public.

Because of this, and because of the fact that the past few generations have had less than rigorous education’s, the capability of abstract reasoning is lost to them. They cannot see, that the outright attack against the American male is not about abuse, they like the BB monkey, have to comprehend another set of analysis beyond the first scalar fact, they have to go beyond their initial set of reasoning’s, into the more sublime causal effects about abuse, its relationship to the greater society, and its implications on the form of government in which we have. Factually, we cannot have a free and independent form of American government while the construct of Socialism applied to every individual household.

"No, my countrymen, shut your ears against this unhallowed language. Shut your hears against the poison which it conveys; the kindred blood which flows in the veins of American citizens the mingled blood which the have shed in defense of their sacred rights, consecrate their Union, and excite horror at the idea of their becoming aliens, rivals, enemies. And if novelties are to be shunned, believe me, the most alarming of all novelties, the most wild of all projects, the most rash of all attempts, is that of rendering us in pieces, in order to preserve our liberties and promote our happiness. But why is the experiment of an extended republic to be rejected, merely because it may comprise what is new? It is not the glory of the people of American, that whilst they have paid a decent regard to the opinions of former times and other nations, they have not suffered blind veneration for antiquity, for custom, or for names, to overrule the suggestions of their own good sense, the knowledge of their own situation, and the lessons of their own experience? To this manly spirit, posterity will be indebted for the possession, and the work for the example, of the numerous innovations displayed on the American theatre, in favor of private rights and public happiness."

[The Federalist Papers, No. 14, Madison.]

The good sense Madison speaks of here, has been obfuscated by Hillary and her Krell Welfare Machine. Now, everyone suspects the worst from individual men, even though the basic cell of a free society is the building blocks of the main body politic, which we are missing due to the imposed and invented destruction of the Krell "Village" machine-work. Private rights equaled public happiness in the era of independent men and families. We have now by mass authority circumspected by the Krell machine work, abrogated such private authority and replaced it with the ‘safety’ within the "Village" compromised the ‘rights of the many,’ and shared ‘mutual obligations’ which can instantly intrude into a man’s home and dictate to him how he will run his family, what modes of discipline are proper and which are not, how to dress his children, what he can or cannot say to his own children or wife, and how much he will pay for their maintenance, and how he will ultimately educate them. Again, this has usurped the authority of the father within his own home, the cell of sovereign liberty.

This is why the Krell Welfare Machine that Hillary maintains is in fact a cancer, and thereby, from the destruction of each cell of each sovereign household, you have what amounts to a cancer upon the freedom of the body of mankind.

Hillary along with the Legislators and Judges whom impose this Autocratic Despotism against the father and home speak of lofty goals, ideals and moralities; all of course which take the highest abstract reasoning to understand. Listen to the slight of hand analysis which directly controverts our form of American governance:

"Freedom is s tenable objective only for responsible individuals. We do not believe in freedom for madmen or children....paternalism is inescapable for those whom we designate as not responsible.

Children offer a more difficult case. The ultimate operative unit in our society is the family, not the individual."

[Capitalism and Freedom, by Milton Freedman, ©1962, University of Chicago Press, p. 33.]

This of course, was the analysis of our Founding Fathers...for it directly sustains their assertion, given within the intent and embodiment of the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers and with John Winthrop’s Colonial idea that we be a nation upon a hill for all to see.

"Let them speak for themselves. This one tells us that the proposed Constitution ought to be rejected, because it is not a confederation of the States, but a government over individuals. Another admits that it ought to be a government over individuals to a certain extent, but by no means to the extend proposed. A third does not object to the government over individuals, or to the extent proposed, but to the want of a bill of rights. A fourth concurs in the absolute necessity of a bill of rights, but contends that it ought to be declaratory, not of the personal rights of individuals, but of the rights reserved to the States in their political capacity..."

[The Federalist Papers, No. 38, Madison]

Yet the flat affirmation given by Madison in Federalist No. 14 clearly constructs this conundrum by declaring that [we will have our rights] "in favor of private rights and public happiness." He was, along with the rest of the Founding Fathers, were crucially aware that the private, individual rights, clearly had a direct causal relationship to public happiness through the creation of independent families. But under the new present construct of the Krell Welfare Machine which Hillary supports, clearly—the public is not happy, nor can they be in the present state of anarchy which has now been devolved upon them.

Our newspapers scream this anarchy from the front Headlines of our morning papers. "PATAKI ABUSES SCHOOL CHILDREN" [Times or Post week of Jan 23?], "Eight punks set upon and killed a teen who was...GOOD AS GOLD" "Michael Bennet, 12 was stabbed to death after playing in a school basketball game." [New York Daily News, Friday, January 29th, 1999 p. 1 Headline]; Lt. Gov., Hubby Split Up—2 to seek divorce After domestic dispute [NY Daily News, Friday, January 29, 1999 p. 3]; Clinton’s Message to Women, ‘Clinton ripped [Jane Doe No. 5’s] clothes and bit her lip,’ by Nat Hentoff [The Village Voice, January 26, 1999. P30.]

All this planned propaganda is hitting their mark. It is pushing the mass populace to viscerally act upon any incident that happens at the end of the Bell Curves, and to attack their sensibilities so that they cannot think in more abstract terms in order to analyze what is really going on, or even to research the intrinsic causal factors for such occurrences. These few incidents are normally at the end of the Bell Curve in regards to the population, however; because of the virulent intensity of such things happening (all being driven by the Welfare engine which is responsible for these pathologies), this of course makes the public response even more pronounced, even more visceral—to where in the final analysis, we have a total disparity between the various camps trying to solve these issues.




The Fathers Rights community must become very knowledgeable to the issues in which effect them. They must "know their product." They must do this not only to coalesce the Fathers Rights movement as was stated previously in Chapter 2, but they must have command of the domain of facts and figures and laws so that they can raise themselves out of poverty, bondage and slavery.

This of course, means that they must develop the empirical discipline of abstract reasoning. This discipline of the ability to abstract reasoning, will spillover to the general public. One of the main goals of this book has been to give a voice to all Fathers Rights advocates of every kind, and also to make men stand up and assume their proper place in the home and family. This requires not being told or commanded by an outside influence, when your authority must reign supreme within your own home. In doing this, you imbue not only your intelligence and heritage upon your own home, but you throw out the "Village" tribal model which, is a much more debilitating influence on your home or family, than what most men can inflict upon their families. Again, there will be some men that will abuse this authority, but under discipline of abstract reasoning, we know and understand that, they are a rare occurrence on one end of the Bell Curve—and are not the mainstream occurrence.

Understanding this, and knowing the facts, figures and laws in regards to this issue, we can annihilate the "Village" model...not only in intellect, not only in morality, but also by the facts and figures which will accompany the implementation of Patriarchy. This is Hillary’s and the Feminists greatest fear. That the populace of this nation, might actually revert again to the Law of Patriarchy...its a valid fear...because what we are addressing, is two diametrically opposed systems, one based upon Liberty and success, the other based on Socialism and Cooperative distribution of wealth. The present Feminist model which has been unlawfully imposed, and implemented against unsuspecting Nation, is a system based on slavery, and greed of special interests.

They fully recognize, that reimplementation of Patriarchy will quickly decimate the Welfare Village Superstructure that will soon run out of ‘product’ when children start stopping becoming criminals, or victims, and when drug usage, gang affiliation, teenage pregnancy, suicide, and a host of other social pathologies—exponentially drop or disappear outright as homes once again become sovereign, and resilient. This is their worst fear: that someone or something might actually solve the imagined ‘problems’ within the family. This, in that light; is absolutely unacceptable because of the fact that Hillary and her cabal has captured; and now expects to harvest the wealth from many more generations of Families.

This again, proves that there is an outright war against these two disparate systems of governance. The Krell Welfare Machine will resist being turned off at every instance. Again, lying, cheating or anything that can undermine patriarchy will be used, especially in the media, the feminists main weapon.

This is why the Fathers Rights movement is so important. When a nation of Fathers can correctly articulate pretended crimes and accusations made my ex-wives, and stop funding District Attorney’s through "Child Support," this insanity will quickly stop. Once Fathers can ‘connect the dots’ for the normal layman, and artfully explain the reasons why he cannot ‘Pay Child Support’ or "Give up Custody", or even why he is going to spank his own children in the middle of the Mall—then others will know he is right and a new era of sovereignty will start to return to the home. Many of the disasters within America will cease to exist.

Fathers presently have no voice. There is no government Representative I know of either in the State Legislature’s or the Federal Legislature which claim’s to either be a Patriarch, or will uphold the laws and tenant’s of Patriarchy. You could find members within these institutions of power that would happily defend the rights of child sodomizers (MBLA), or the gay and lesbian coalitions than you could ever find anyone who would merely support Fatherhood. (And some wonder why this nation is so screwed up...)

For instance, when some people approach me with disdain and tell me I ‘must’ pay child support, I demand from them why?

Their usual answer is because they (society) doesn’t want to be burdened with it.

I respond with: "Would you have the Jews of WWII, subsidize their own destruction? Would you allow the Germans to compel them to pay for the ovens that later will consume them?

"No." They usually meekly respond.

"Then why must I subsidize my own destruction?" I ask them. Now they are no longer thinking viscerally, now I’ve presented them with a viable abstract reason as to ‘why’ Fathers shouldn’t pay. They cannot refute this argument, because they know it is true; especially in the light of a system of government and Jurisprudence that is supposedly done only through "consent of the governed." We as Fathers, must understand the maxim of law, that our children follow OUR condition, and NOT government; and we must do everything to preserve the best merits of who we are. This means protecting property. For doing that one thing, allows this nation to ascend, and it allows our own families to keep strong and thereby add to our own experience and thereby help civilized society ascend.

This form of thinking must also be forcibly be presented to the "Judges" whom impose this despotism against Fathers. They must be held to their own maxims of law which mandate these functions.

Again, if others continue with other pedantic arguments, bring this other incontrovertible abstract point before them:

"You state that I ‘must’ Pay Child Support, which I categorically refuse to do."...I begin.

"Yes," is their normal reply.

"You don’t want to have your taxes, or society to be burdened by my child being on Welfare, correct?"

They will again concur.

"Well, am I not a taxpayer? Haven’t I already paid into this same exact system that you have also paid into? Isn’t it a fact that I am being asked to doubly pay for something to which you take offense of paying once into?!? In fact, isn’t your ‘request’ that I pay once again in direct violation of all constitutions both State and Federal in that it forces me into Double Jeopardy?!?"

This to date has brought only silence from the contemporaries who have been presented with such abstract reasoning. Again, this form of being forced to pay taxes which supports Welfare, and then; they steal your child and mandate how it will be brought up, and they again come after you a second time and demand you pay again! For having your own child stolen from you, and for having it brought up in a criminal household with ‘unclean hands’—a Welfare household which neither you nor society believes in! This categorically goes against the "Double Jeopardy" clause of the fifth amendment, and Judges, Legislatures and District Attorneys know this. There defense is an eloquent disjointed defense, which goes again to the Moss v. Moss decision in California: that it is a "special debt" and not a normal debt already paid for by taxes... In other words, they are lying.

It is a circular argument that couldn’t hold up in any normal court other than the ‘martial law’ ’admiralty’ or ‘undefined’ war courts that we presently suffer through. Take this material fact to any court out of the United States and D.A.’s would lose every time. Take this "legal" reasoning in front of a class of fifth graders, per se—and even they would blow it out of the water—naming what these present courts do as patently criminal.

The DA’s and Judges know this. And they know they must keep this Alice in Wonderland "legal" reasoning within the contemporary auspices of the present corrupt judiciary where it is the only place where it can find any semblance of being upheld.

Nonetheless, the ability to argue abstractly, will very quickly raise the consciousness of the American society, once that happens—this evil system will most certainly collapse. .

There is a learning set that relates to this, something called the 100th monkey. What this relates to is a island of monkey’s in the Caribbean that is normally a study reserve for psychologists, anthropologists, and other scientific personnel who study these monkeys stranded on this island. What they saw was a peculiar transference of learning, something that was suggested in the movie, 2001 A Space Oddessy written by Arther C. Clark and directed by Stanley Kubrick. What this was is that the psychologists noted that in presenting a monkey and training it, then releasing it to the other monkeys; the special learned skills were not picked up by the populace of the monkeys. Monkey after monkey would try and failed the learned procedure...

Then, miraculously, the 100th monkey would ‘get it’...

Suddenly, all the other monkey’s would be seen doing the same learned response throughout that society. It was a threshold response, once the first 100th monkey learned it, it was quickly distributed throughout the rest of the populace somehow.

This is what will occur when the Fathers Rights movement "learns its product" and more importantly, understands the importance of abstract reasoning. Right now the public is acting viscerally, because the government and media is intentionally keeping them in the dark through propaganda, which fuels their visceral, non-intellectual Mobocracy. In speaking with normal individuals about this, it is amazing seeing the shift in their mind set, after speaking with them, they fully understand, the position I have taken is eminently legal, and they begin to see the Judges, DA’s and the Lawyers as the real criminals, which they are.

For instance, I spoke to a fellow individual while working on a construction site. I was speaking to him about the perversions of this system, and then I said, I would rather give my money to MBLA (The Man Boy Love Association—a gay pedophile organization, otherwise known as MAMBLA), rather than pay Child Support.

This person was just about to become a Butte County Sheriff’s bailiff within the local court system, and he went absolutely ballistic after I said this, yelling: "How could you be so crude!! MAMBLA rapes little boys and girls! Child Support just supports your own kid!!!"

I let him vent, then, when he was quiet I brought him into the realm of abstract reasoning.

I said, "Listen, paying Child Support only explodes the Single Mother Household’s, and this screwed up Welfare system which hurts us all. It factually is responsible for the creation of the perverts that inhabit MAMBLA." I then informed him of the facts and figures, such that 80% of all sexual predators come from ‘Female Dominated Household’s’ with a strong female dominating figure within the home. Again, I told him fact after fact—of the social pathology (See the Fathers Rights Fact Sheet in Appendix B) in which destroyed the children and led to sexual perversion. Most of the MBLA organization was getting their members statistically from Single Female Headed Household’s...

"These reasons," I said, "clearly show that if I give my money to support Child Support, I’m going to statistically supply that organization with the creation of perverts that come from Single Female Headed Household’s—where the majority of them come! If, however; I give to MBLA, I stop the 80% of perverts from being created in the first place! Then MBLA dies out because their base input of perverts isn’t there anymore because I haven’t supported their creation! Thereby their membership drops."

He was stupefied into silence. I then told him: "And one last thing, MBLA can be defeated, no matter how much money I give them, but if I give money into Child Support, it just goes into government which grows exponentially larger and larger and creates a monster within our own government that because of this wealth, which cannot be defeated. I’d rather give my money to the smallest monster MBLA which I can defeat."

He knew I was right and very politely nodded his head in agreement.

If the Fathers Rights movement establishes a grassroots intellectual base that is able to abstractly conceptualize the perversion in which government supplies to the public via the propaganda machine of the media—we will incur the exact paradigm of the 100th monkey. At some point (and we are very close to that point now) their system will break, as the 100th monkey will recognize what they are implementing is pure despotism in direct contravention to this form of government. Under this scenario, the impending collapse of the system and all those within it, will occur just like in Forbidden Planet, it will happen overnight.



Talk about extremism and why ‘save the children’ attacks everyone. Examples.

Our system of government links into the home and family.