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"How long have you big bags of hot air in Texas have been bragging that you are going to get "joint custody" now!! BFD!! We have had "joint custody" in California for 24 years now, and IT DON'T WORK! We already have a word for fathers who get "joint custody" in California—it is called: "PRISON INMATES!"

--John Knight of the Fathers Manifesto

e-mail From Mr. Knight to Mr. Ted Hulick



In the previous chapters we have proven how Judges and Government have worked in direct opposition to the laws and social fabric of this nation, against the rule of law and in contravention to the maxim’s of law which has previously directed them as a civilized mandate to support Patriarchy. They are supposed to support Fatherhood, and in turn; they know that this will support the two-parent ‘nuclear’ family which in turn, will allow society to flourish. It is incontrovertible that they are doing the exact opposite, as the facts and figures of the explosion of divorce; the explosion of state-subsidized (read Welfare) ‘Single Female Headed Household’s’; and the ‘train-track’ concomitant explosion of teenage crime and other attendant ‘pathologies’; in conjunction with the corollary symbiotic exploitation of Government Infrastructures directly related to this destruction of the American Family have superceded anyone’s prior expectations. The only defense those in government can submit in answer to these facts is that they had good intentions under what they feel is their mandate of being an altruistic government ready to protect the ‘safety’ of their citizens.

Disregarding what Bastiat said in regards to government using altruism for more ulterior purposes: nothing could be further from the truth.

As we have gone through the literature on Social Security, we have been shocked at the arguments that have been used to defend the program. Individuals who would not lie to their children, their friends, or their colleagues, whom all of us would trust implicitly in the most personal dealings, have propagated a false view of Social Security. Their intelligence and exposure to contrary views make it hard to believe that they have done so unintentionally and innocently."

[Free to Choose: A Personal Statement, by Milton Friedman, ©1980, Harcourt, Brace Jovanovich, New York and London, 757 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017; ISBN 0-15-133481-1; pp. 105-106.]

From the massive facts and figures which openly display putative malfeasance upon early recognition that such practices, policies and procedures government inflicted upon its own citizens, and most certainly; upon for the greatest part ‘mostly fathers’ we can see by present government and court performances against our own citizenry, that there is another design and intent to this altruism. Any person with a modicum of intelligence—rather—with an inferior amount of intelligence, could easily tell that something was terribly, terribly wrong in the formation and execution of Feminist applied ‘altruism’ upon this American Society. Categorically, each foreign nation also implementing the Feminist/Socialist model of ‘altruism’ are suffering similar disasters in pathologies upon their collective civilizations. In accordance with the Feminist hate model, they have all willingly vilified ‘Fatherhood’ and men into criminality. Those societies which have not adopted these models, have not ‘invented’ Fathers and Men into criminals. They actually venerate fatherhood.

One might make the assumption perhaps even a connection: that a nation implementing "Welfare" or "altruism" will most certainly soon commit Fatherhood into a concurrent criminal status. At minimum, those countries will soon find themselves devaluing Fatherhood. It appears, that Fatherhood and Welfare and incongruent institutions.

For instance, in America, the ‘average’ American Male has a probability of 80% being incarcerated at least one time in his life from minor infractions ranging from anywhere from ‘speeding’ and ‘DUI’ among other misdemeanor violations, to ‘murder’, non-payment of child support, and other ‘felonies’. Estimates within our jails clearly show a perverse system, that will most likely place Blacks and Poor into Jails, and those doing ‘Consensual’ or the "Victimless" crimes we documented previously in Chapter 4. Other nations which have not adopted the Feminist/Socialist model of ‘altruism’ factually do not vilify nor criminalize their Fathers or Males. In Japan for instance, the ‘average’ Japanese male has a 2.1% chance of going to jail at least one time in his life. Clearly, this radical separation of incarceration figures but shows the perverse mentality, and more importantly—intent of the Feminist/Socialist government system of Welfare. This "Prison Mentality" which has now become a normal occupation within the government mindset, has staggered our society, beyond comprehension. For instance:

The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation warns that building and operating more prisons takes money away from education, road building, health care, etc. From 1984 to 1994, California higher educational institutions lost 8,000 jobs, while the department of corrections hired 26,000 employees for 112,000 new inmates. In he early 1980s, California spent 3 percent of its budget on prisons and 18 percent on higher education. In 1994, prisons and education each accounted for 8 percent of the state’s budget. With the passage of the "three strikes and you are out" law, California’s inmate population will dramatically increase calling for more funds.

The National Conference of State Legislatures estimated that with its "no parole" provision, Virginia will double its prison population and need $2 Billion or more during the next 10 years to cover building costs. Researches from RAND, a California think tank, concluded that "to support implementation of the law, total spending for higher education and other government services would have to fall by more than 40 percent over the next eight years." In addition, imprisonment reduces the number of taxpayers and wage earners for society, as well as creates more families on public support.

[Prison’s and Jails, A Deterrent to Crime? By Nancy R. Jacobs, ©1995, Information Plus, Wylie, Texas 75098, ISBN 1-57302-047-8, pp. 14-15.]

What people forget to mention is that for every father you imprison, many children have to be displaced and put somewhere else. For every dollar you spend on Prison, you take away a dollar in education. Because of the Feminism mindset and other reformist social sanctified causes, the prison growth rate as shown above has gone absolutely insane. No longer are we a free nation, and if one clearly looked at these facts, which made Judge Braxton Kittree, in Mobile Alabama comment in 1990 "In my experience, prisons and jails fill up as fast as they are built." This has been again, a specific control mechanism used against men, who for the most part are provided no social role within their own homes or their own society, and thereby; are instantly criminalized. The waste of resources is incomprehensible. The national dreams differed and destroyed in which to support this insanity: astronomical. The pain and suffering incurred through such a flawed mindset: satanic. The palpable results: ignoble.

When one does an Abstract analysis of this system using empirical analysis, one can only be revolted at the system that has been adopted, which has not only been sustained and propagated in the light of such reprehensible quantifiable facts of its abject failure, but presently is forcibly being applied against the citizens of the United States of America, even though those within the corridors of power are well aware, and have been given fair and continuing notice, that their practices, policies and procedures have not only become an unsustainable disaster upon the American landscape, but also that they are, by law; in absolute abrogation to this nations laws and system of governance.

The final analysis of this can only be, in the light of the overwhelming facts and figures, and by the complete degradation of the Welfare State upon America—that those "Public Servant’s" whom continually support and impose these systems upon us all—in the light of such overwhelming destruction, can only be doing this as a intentional, cogent program dedicated to the Destruction of the American Male, the Family, and thereby—the destruction of the fabric of this nation itself.

The lineage of this destruction has been established over a century. From the late 19th century, feminists have placed forth an ideologue internationally, which by the late 1920’s and 1930’s began to take fruition within the corridor’s of Washington power. In the 1930’s FDR started the panorama of socialist Administrative Agencies, all in response to real (some say contrived) social and economic problems which were besetting this nation. These "Alphabet Soup" agencies were the first assault upon the Capitalist/Free Mercantilist System of Free Enterprise. A coterie of Socialist Elite regimes embedded themselves within the corridors of power, all under the guise of American ‘altruism’ established under the panoply of the Roosevelt New Deal Program’s. This validity gave those with countervalent intent’s to the American system of Governance, more and more control over the American home and family, and; more importantly; over the Father. Conversely, the supporting institutions of Patriarchy were never consulted throughout these design’s, however; the Feminists ruled and gave input to government in which to conceive and implement the range of these programs. From 1933 until the present, more draconian laws have slowly usurped the American model of government, and most certainly, Patriarchy (only being momentarily interrupted by WWII, Korea and Vietnam) as is documented in the Seven Model’s of Government put forward by Lawrence H. Tribe in his book, Constitutional Law previously mentioned in Chapter 4. These changes happened slowly, almost imperceptibly, until the watershed years of the early 1960’s and 1970’s when Lyndon B. Johnson implemented a more radical opening of the floodgates to Welfare starting in 1964.

"In the Welfare area the change of direction has led to an explosion in recent decades, especially after President Lyndon Johnson declared a "War on Poverty" in 1964. New Deal programs of Social Security, unemployment insurance, and direct relief were all expanded to cover new groups; payments were increased; and Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, and numerous other programs were added. Public housing and urban renewal programs were enlarged. By now there are literally hundreds of government welfare and income transfer programs. The Department of Health, Education and Welfare, established in 1953 to consolidate the scattered welfare programs, began with a budget of $2 Billion, less than 5 percent of expenditures on national defense. Twenty-five years later, in 1978, its budget was $160 billion, one and a half times as much as total spending on the army, navy, and the air force. It had the third largest budget in the world, exceeded only by the entire budget of the U.S. government and of the Soviet Union. The department supervised a huge empire, penetrating every corner of the nation. More than one out of every 100 persons employed in this country worked in the HEW empire, either directly for the department or in programs for which HEW had responsibility but which were administered by state or local government unites. All of us were affected by its activities. (In late 1979 HEW was subdivided by the creation of a separate Department of Education.)

No one can dispute two superficially contradictory phenomena: widespread dissatisfaction with the results of this explosion in welfare activities; continued pressure for further expansion.

...Despite the failure of these programs, the pressure to expand them grows."

[Free to Choose: A Personal Statement, by Milton Friedman, ©1980, Harcourt, Brace Jovanovich, New York and London, 757 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017; ISBN 0-15-133481-1; pp. 96--97.]


By 1971, the takeover had been so complete, that the Feminist could dictate the complete reversal of law upon the Supreme Court, starting with the application of the 14th Amendment being applied to women and soon thereafter—the ultimate fraud—and era of Roe v. Wade.

Of course, this fraud comes at the price of logic, for three quarters of a century earlier, the roots of the Civil Rights movement were laid down by Supreme Court Justice John Harlan who made a dissenting opinion in the case Plessy v. Ferguson which upheld the hated "separate but equal" doctrine of the late nineteenth century:

"...Homer Plessy [who] was one-eighth black...was denied a [railroad] seat in a first-class car because he was considered black under Louisiana law. The most straightforward argument—that Plessy was denied freedom of contract—was no longer possible because of the evisceration of economic liberties in [the] Slaughter-House cases [which restrained such liberties.] So he had to make the argument—historically more difficult—that the Fourteenth Amendment’s equal protection clause forbade racial segregation. The Court disagreed, ruling that race-based distinctions are valid if they are "reasonable," and "with respect to this there must necessarily be a large discretion on the part of the legislature."

In dissent, Justice John Harlan gave lone voice to he American civil rights vision. [He said that the] statute was plainly was "inconsistent with the personal liberty of citizens, white and black," and the supreme law, which established universal civil freedom....and placed our free institutions upon the broad and sure foundation of the equality of all men before he law..."

[The Affirmative Action FRAUD, Can We Restore the American Civil Rights Vision?, by Clint Bolick, @1996 by the Cato Institute, 1000 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001; ISBN 1-882577-28-0; pp. 32-33]

What is most notable especially in recent times, is that the lust and power of government has drawn such Socialists and other Elite Regimes and special interests, like a moth is drawn to a light. Indeed, within the modern Welfare State Agencies of Health and Human Services, right down to community Feminists Health Centers and "Safe Houses" we see an embedding of a host junta of radical Socialists, Feminists, along with radical Lesbian and Gays. This is the "Hive" of the modern Radical Feminist movement. Within these systems, (which by the way, are the ones making the supposed ‘scientific’ inquiry and analysis) are people whom have a clear demarcated ‘agenda’ (some would even call a ‘religion’), and are the ones who are given quick access before government and their tribunals; both public and private—in which to make and assess ‘recommendations’ for further action or programs to be implemented within government. Indeed, you will find no ‘Constitutionalists’ or "Patriarch’s" or any other representation from groups representing a Free and Sovereign American people who desire ‘less government’ or who demand strict construction of the Constitution and its narrow, limited construction allowing only ‘enumerated’ authorities. For these people and the groups they represent; only silence will be allowed. From and by this fraud, government has the arrogance upon implementation of hearing only from these groups, that; it has inquired into the public mind and has allowed full public disclosure and discussion. Nothing could be further from the truth.


"There’s nothing like working in the battered women’s movement to feel truly abused," says Renee Ward, who served as director of a Minneapolis shelter for battered women from 1982 to 1984. A movement outsider with a background in sociology and public health, Ward had no idea what lay in store when she took the job at the shelter. She found it to be "a very unhealthy environment," partly because of animosities among staff. Ward attributes this to the fact that "having been a battered woman was the primary qualification for staff members," and the women often continued to enact the "victim-victimizer roles" of abusive relationships in their interactions with coworkers and supervisors. But above all, she recalled ten years later, "it was a terrible, terrible experience because of the pressure of ideology":

Racism, patriarchy, homophobia, oppression of the masses were talked about endlessly, as part of the indoctrination that had to go on for everyone at the shelter, including the clients. It seemed like expressing any other ideas or raising any questions was not really tolerated. There was a lot of hostility to men. I didn’t think that was very successful in working with women, because most of them wanted to be in a relationship with a man.

....Even people who have never sought out the battered women’s movement may find their lives affected by its growing clout.

It’s impossible to tell how many veterans of the movement are working within the criminal justice system as prosecutors, like Sarah Buel, an abused –wife-turned-activist with a penchant for extreme rhetoric and striking but sometimes erroneous factoids, who was an assistant district attorney in Massachusetts from 1988 to 1996. Others have found niches in victim services. Pamela Johnston, whose account of her battles with the right in Kansas in 1980 was mentioned earlier, turned up in the 1990s as executive director of the Victim Information Bureau of Suffolk County in New York.

[CEASEFIRE! Why Women and Men Must Join Forces to Achieve True Equality, by Cathy Young, ©1999; The Free Press, A Division of Simon & Schuster Inc., 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020, ISBN 0-684-83442-1, pp. 110 and 116]

"It was great I could had a lot of people I could rely. I knew who I could talk to if I needed to talk," admits Yahminah McDonald writing for New Youth Connections, a college Newspaper at La Guadia Community College in New York City. "I found the group at the AIDS Center of Queens County, where I already volunteered. It was run by a lesbian woman...We helped each other along the way to feel safe and comfortable." She relates.

Indeed, they do! For within the Feminist Health Centers, Women Shelters, Women’s Safe Houses, County Welfare, the County Family Services Support Division, Police Domestic Violence Unit’s, and the range of Health and Human Services nationwide: this is the only mindset you will find within these institutions! Radical Feminists!! It is a monolith and the only philosophy throughout these organizations.

Upon even a cursory look at the employees in the child protection system, one fact emerges: a disproportionate number (to society) of these employees come from molested backgrounds. One could only conclude that these workers were drawn to these positions because of their own biases or experiences of child molestation themselves.

[Where Have All the Fathers Gone? Child Support and Custody, by Douglas O’brien, ©1997, Skid 18 Press, P.O. Box 60630, Fairbanks, AK 99706; ISBN 0-9637496-2-5; p. 59.]

Conversely, when Fathers Rights groups try and access either the media or our own government—or these very institutions--we are intentionally ignored into abject silence. Silence is the weapon of choice of media, government and the Feminists within this construct, and those who think or feel otherwise; are not hired, or if hired: quickly dismissed. If there is any news or public hearings to provide input; we are quickly dismissed and either shouted down, or denied the forum outright. This is not ‘just’ a social program they are running, it is a religion of the deepest convictions—and the state in imposing its usurpation’s of this power; only allow the blessed testimony and report of those who have either passed or possess the altruistic component of socialist theory and dogma. Those who do not expound this religion: are shut out.

What we are left with here is a one-way mindset, that has been allowed to flourish at the expense of the American way of life. This is in fact, only a one way street. Grants, subsidize, and trillions of dollars in government moneys and program’s are at stake here. Thereby; no other facts or realities can exist in which to even remotely challenge this system, for their intent is not only to cause the plague that America and the American family are derogated to, but more importantly—to eternally manage them—at the expense of the Father and the Family who are intrinsically destroyed by application of their altruism.

The men of Police Battalion 101 voiced no general objection to having had Frau Wohlauf, Frau Brand, and other women living with their battalion in Poland, fully knowledgeable of their genocidal killing of Jews that was, as two of the men put it, their ‘daily bread."

[Hitler’s Willing Executioner’s, Ordinary German’s and the Holocaust p.243.]


Like the holocaust of WWII, the modern American plague of socialist Feminism in this nation is a movement with dedicated obfuscation to the truth and the American system of common law and governance, which is their "daily bread". Directly due to this unwavering and rigid mindset, the American Father along with society has had to suffer the loss and destruction of their individual birthright’s of home, Family, and wealth.

Just before I volunteered to go into the United States Marine Corps during Vietnam in early 1972, I remember seeing New York City in the last great light that it represented. Of course, the city had problems—but the subways and local infrastructure flourished—and more importantly, things like iron bars and roll-up iron curtains did not grace the outside of the majority of homes and business establishments—that was something foreign—it hadn’t happened yet. When I came back in after my tour of honorable service in 1977, I was mortified by the war-zone New York City had become: the public parks overgrown with weeds and in disarray, iron bars upon peoples’ windows, and more importantly: graffiti...graffiti was like a was everywhere. Clearly, even then; I sensed that an earthquake had struck the intrinsic substrate of America.

Something had. For in the final analysis, what I was seeing, and unfortunately, what later; the whole nation experienced—as this pestilence of bars, iron doors, and graffiti soon went nation/world-wide, this was in fact the resultant expectation of the first graduating class of ‘generational’ Welfare started in 1964 by Lyndon B. Johnson. The ‘Great Society’ crop of Welfare, (which could clearly be seen to astronomically explode at a slope increase on the order of 45 degrees) had reaped it’s first harvest of Single Mother Welfare children that were know grown and making their impact on society. This was the ‘graduating class’ of Welfare mongrel’s that were turning into the late teen’s and over-running and burdening society. This pestilence, has continued; unabated and as Newt Gingrich and others have noted: the attendant ‘railroad tracks’ of statistical links to demographics of crime and their link to single mother households; are indisputable. The effects of this pestilence I have personally witnessed in South Los Angeles, to where virtually, every-single-home has iron bars on their windows within each and every community there.

Each single bar upon those homes, represents a single child representing the millions of children who have been implanted into Government Welfare systems which later on, ‘harvests’ this impending scheduled failure, and now is represented by the explosion of Welfare infrastructure subsystems such as Child-Youth Authority, Gangs, Drug Use, exploding prison populations, mental institutions, Foster Homes and the likes. Each bar represents as many children who have been ‘sown’ by this corrupt Feminist system to breed and sow more "harvests’ of crops of Welfare failure so that Government and the Welfare State can eternally manage each subsequent generational ‘harvests’ of crime and social pathology they knowingly planted decades earlier. Each and every person whom is hired and works within this system and who supports it, clearly understands where their "daily bread" comes from, and they are unwilling to submit to the greater authority of the Home and Father which will cure this disease. In fact, these Socialists who are the clerks and administrators within this system will overtly lie and cheat as Milton Friedman noted above, in order to maintain its continued existence and more importantly: increasing production levels. America is factually being forced into the failure of this "Village" model that Ms. Hillary Rodham-Clinton along with a host of well-connected Feminists and Socialist Elite’s which begs the American people to acquiesce to what is an already, astounding disaster.

"Believers in aristocracy and socialism share a faith in centralized rule, in rule by command rather than by voluntary cooperation. They differ in who should rule: whether an elite determined by birth or experts supposedly chosen on merit. Both proclaim, no doubt sincerely, that they wish to promote the well-being of the "general public," that they know what is in the "public interest" and how to attain it better than the ordinary person. Both, therefore, profess a paternalistic philosophy. And both end up, if they attain power, promoting the interests of their own class in the name of the "general welfare."

[Free to Choose: A Personal Statement, by Milton Friedman, ©1980, Harcourt, Brace Jovanovich, New York and London, 757 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017; ISBN 0-15-133481-1; pp. 97-98.]

Clearly, they don’t care about the bars upon each and every window whose silent sentinel categorically represents the testimony of failure of this "Village" system. Each bar, of course, catalogues one child who was destroyed by this system, and became a criminal in which to support Ms. Clinton’s Socialist machine. For the destruction of our children since the advent of American Socialism has been like nothing this nation has ever imagined. But it does provide jobs for the "Village" masters, and it most certainly has become the ‘daily bread’ to countless clerks and administrations, (not to mention the American elite) each one whose mismanagement has only seen the growth of these social pathologies explode continuously within our nation.

This is one reason why Welfare has become such a security—rather not truly a security but a long lasting husband--to the underclass female who is destined through her religion of Radical Feminism to marry into it.

First, single mothers, particularly unwed mothers, stay on welfare longer than other welfare recipients. Of those never-married mothers who receive welfare benefits, almost 40 percent remain on the rolls for ten years or longer.

[Children in Crisis, edited by Robin Brown, ©1994, H.W. Wilson Company, New York, ISBN 0-8242-0853-6; pp. 38-39.]


Thomas Jefferson, architect and Founding Father of this nation knew that in order to sustain a free society, that we would need to breed a nation of free men. To do this, he knew along with the other founders, that education of the children was the key. This was recognized before Jefferson’s time, a century and a half prior by the New England Puritans whom mandated a good Christian education. Clearly, the founders understood that in order for self governance, you would need an ‘informed’ society. To be informed, you had to discern abstract concepts of good and evil between disposition of various subjects of political import. This, required the tools of a robust education.

"Forasmuch as the good education of children is of singular behoof and benefit to any Common-wealth; and wheras many parents & masters are too indulgent and negligent of their duty in that kinde. It is therfore ordered that the Select men of everie town, in the severall precincts and quarters where they dwell, shall have a vigilant eye over their brethren & neighbours, to see, first that none of them shall suffer so much barbarism in any of their families as not to indeavour to teach by themselves or others, their children & apprentices so much learning as may inable them perfectly to read the english tongue, & knowledge of the Capital Lawes: upon penaltie of twentie shillings for each neglect therin. Also that all masters of families doe once a week (at the least) catechize their children and servants in the grounds & principles of Religion, & if any be unable to doe so much: that then at the least they procure such children or apprentices to learn some short orthodox catechism without book, that they may be able to answer unto the questions that shall be propounded to them out of such catechism by their parents or masters or any of the Select men when they shall call them to a tryall of what they have learned of this kinde. And further that all parents and masters do breed & bring up their children & apprentices in some honest lawful calling, labour or imployment, either in husbandry, or some other trade profitable for themselves, and the Common-wealth if they will not or cannot train them up in learning to fit them for higher imployments. And if any of the Select men after admonition by them given to such masters of families shal finde them still negligent of their dutie in the particulars aforementioned, wherby children and servants become rude, stubborn & unruly; the said Select men with the help of two Magistrates, or the next County court for that Shire, shall take such children or apprentices from them & place them with some masters for years (boyes till they come to twenty one, and girls eighteen years of age compleat) which will more strictly look unto, and force them to submit unto government according to the rules of this order, if by fair means and former instructions they will not be drawn into it." [1642]

Under the tutelage of modern feminism, the denigration and capabilities of our children of rote educational subject matter in the modern classroom has been but one social markers of the failure of this Feminism and Socialism system. This failure has been responsible for breeding several generations of underclass within this nation, that have no base intellectual nor moral abilities, and to which not only the political society within our nation has been left severely wanting because of this all-too apparent defect, but also has been the cause of Private Industries failure to obtain qualified workers in which to sustain viable and future industries within this nation. This is one reason these industries are fleeing to foreign countries...there, they can obtain similarly undereducated employees...but they can get them cheaper. Welfare policies have factually been one reason that has driven the blue-collar industrial base from this nation to foreign shores.

Unfortunately, the failure of the educational system is not the only aberrant effect of this new ‘dumbed down’ generational Welfare class of people. As Dateline NBC and other news and information shows have shown, children having fights and outright rumbles on school buses, children carrying guns into the schools and killing people, children openly, fearlessly, in front of camera’s and before School Authorities, openly challenging them to kill them. Open massacres now occur, such as in Jonesboro, Arkansas and Littleton, Colorado. This new virulent pathology is a subset of what resides in our prisons, and the homes of the mass of the Welfare culture. The ineffectual transmission of discipline, home authority, and the heritage and responsibility to the family and the family name has been lost generationally to this out-of-control underclass—and now of course as Littleton Colorado represents, this virus is moving up from the underclass to the middle and upper-class children of this nation.

Young guys went and still go to jail for crimes they committed and will continue to commit after their release [from prison], and which they pretty much commit as will their offspring because they have no jobs and hence no money, and they have no jobs because they are dumb, and dumb because they have no education and dropped out of high school—actually dropped out mentally in grammar school, because no parent was around to kick them in the butt to go to school, and the parent didn’t encourage education since she saw no need for it because her parent didn’t see the need, and when he boy became almost a man, no real man was around to deal with the almost-man’s male aspirations, and his mom had other kids with no dads to deal with, so the boy became a man by himself (which normally is not a real good idea), and so no one was too surprised when he went to the joint for stealing other people’s property or selling drugs for money or killing a friend he’d rather no have killed if he weren’t drunk or stoned or pissed off and his friend wasn’t drunk or stoned or pissed off and hadn’t insulted him—though as he sits in his dank cell, he really can’t recall what his friend said to piss him off.

And what do we do here for Charles, his brothers, sisters, mother, the father he never had, and the 55,000 or so other Charleses? We have a hell of a lot more judges (better ones for that matter), more lawyers, social workers, psychologists, psychologists, and more money. But still Charleses deluge our child welfare courts and agencies, and still we argue over how much due process or family preservation or family reunification or counseling or termination or adoption services we must provide. But each of us down deep knows we are ignoring, avoiding, or at most ineffectually touching the real issues and problems.

[Wasted, The Plight of America’s Unwanted Children, by Patrick t. Murphy, ©1997, Ivan R. Dee, Inc., 1332 North Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60622, ISBN 1-56663-163-7; p. 87.]

I’ve spoken to teachers such as Dirk, who teaches high school history in a High School in Northern California, "I see some kids where there is no light behind the eyes." He says disappointedly. "With as many kids coming from these underclass household’s, you can pick them out in class—they stand out," he continues, "you can see many are trying. But there are others, that are lazy, that are lost. There is no effort, no drive. There’s nothing. They just don’t care."

Other teachers I’ve spoken to agree. "Some we can’t even manage. We are just temporarily babysitting them..." I’ve heard them say.

Again, I’ve spoken to police officers and even prisoners who have met this new breed of child in civilian combat situations. One prisoner in Jail told me "I pulled a gun on one 12 year old kid who had come into my house, and told him to get out" then saying in amazement, "the gun didn’t even phase him. He ignored me and went casually along his business looking at me with a blank stare. I ain’t ever seen anything like it. ‘Gun just didn’t phase him..."

This desensitization to violence, guns, and authority has had a salient impact upon the American experience. There is a segment of children directly correlated to Welfare that ‘are lost’ and are an essentially throw-away commodity within our present communities. This is a Dead Wood generation that psychologists, Teachers, Police and Prisons have no comprehension or capability of handling. Like a virulent virus, these new cold hearted thieves, vandalizers, murderers...and worse, Monsters...are individuals which have really one future, and that is to eventually be killed or warehoused into the modern day Jail system, and by being warehoused, they can accrue per diem monies for the modern Welfare Superstructure and its attendant Jail Infrastructures and thereby accrue income for those institutions and the Elite of America who profit from these industries. Until that time, society hire’s a panorama of ‘professionals’ like teachers, security guards, psychologists, probation officers, counselors, and police, just to mindlessly baby-sit them, until the inevitable occurs.

Most of these kids turn out to be pathologically and generationally connected to the system. They earn their way in which more and more heinous acts of violence and robbery—and once in. Never really get out of the system.

"We can’t teach morality in the classroom," I have heard from teacher after teacher.

They can’t, and they don’t. More importantly—they shouldn’t!! It is supposed to be done within the home and family. In the incidents of the vicious beatings upon several buses, children in those incidences knew, and cogently understood that they were being filmed and taped. They did this with arrogance and spite in front of the Bus driver, they did this openly—with not only comprehension that it was wrong—but in defiance that it was wrong. Just like the 12 year-old above, this new breed of criminal child just isn’t phased by guns, power or the system. FBI studies confirm that there is a new malevolent virus within our children, as there statistic’s and aberrance’s which can be directly correlated to Feminism and the concomitant rise in Single Female Headed Household’s.

"[I]n 1992 a total of 267 youths fourteen or under were charged with homicide, a 50 percent increase from the prior decade. That same year one third of all accused murderers were age twenty-four or younger.

The rise in youth homicide started in 1985 after leveling off for nearly fifteen years. Where murderers’ ages once peaked in the mid-thirties, the spike on the homicide charts is now at around age eighteen. Since 1985 the rate of homicides committed by juveniles has doubled. This is despite the fact that the total number of teenagers is the United States is the lowest it has been in recent years.

[Guns, Violence, and Teens, by Vic Cox ©1997, Enslow Publishers Inc., 44 Fadem Road, Box 699, Springfield, NJ 07081, ISBN 0-89490-721-2; pp. 6-7.]

These children and all children shouldn’t ‘fear’ the police or Principal’s in regards to answering to authority, they should fear their own Fathers who should be instilling within such children morality! But because the fathers have been disenfranchised by the present court system, this inculcation of morality has been obliterated in today’s youth. This destruction of morality is directly related to Feminists and their programs to eradicate fatherhood, which they have accomplished beyond their wildest expectations. They will not admit to paying for their misdeed’s or being held accountable for the results of their war. Even when facts show otherwise, they are reticent to admit the correlation which Fatherhood has to education:

While researchers have found that children whose father are involved in their early rearing tend to have higher IQ’s, perform better in school and even have a better sense of humor, psychologists say this is not necessarily a gender issue. "It has to do with the fact that there are two people passionately in love with a child," says Harvard’s Brazelton.

[Children in Crisis, edited by Robin Brown, ©1994, H.W. Wilson Company, New York, ISBN 0-8242-0853-6; p. 69.]

But they don’t because most of these persons, who are there only to lie to the American public in regards to the real causes of this destruction, are only there for their ‘daily bread.’ They are amoral, and they estimate that they are ‘superior’ to the common man, and thereby, this Social Engineering is not really their fault, for at some point in the future, with more money and more programs, it may reverse itself. They do not want to admit that Fathers are intrinsically linked to a child’s well-being and education, for to do so, would greatly effect the amount of their ‘daily bread.’

The first, glaring point of the figure is that marriage is a powerful poverty preventative, and this is true for women even of modest cognitive ability. A married white women with children who is markedly below average in cognitive ability—at the 16th centile, say, one standard deviation below the mean—from an average socioeconomic background had only a 10 percent probability of poverty.

The second point of the graph is that to be without a husband in the house is to run a high risk of poverty, even if the women was raised in an average socioeconomic background. Such a woman, with even an average IQ, ran a 33 percent chance of being in poverty. If she was unlucky enough to have a IQ of only 85, she had more than a 50 percent chance—five times as high as the risk faced by a married woman of identical IQ and socioeconomic background. Even a woman with a conspicuously high IQ of 130 (two standard deviations above the mean) was predicted to have a poverty rate of 10 percent if she was a single mother, which is quite high compared to white women in general.

[The Bell Curve, Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life, by Richard J. Herrnstein, ©1994, Free Press Paperbacks, A Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc., 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020, ISBN 0-684-82429-9; pp. 138—139.]

Unfortunately while cultural elite’s make substantive livings off of deciding these issues, in the meantime, the children become even more amoral without the guiding influence of Fatherhood. The feminists, in order to ‘save’ the children from abusive Fathers, have willfully established a raging tribal war society, to where now our children are indiscriminately thrown into, and forced to survive—which many don’t. These children have been inculcated with the new Feminist Doctrines of "Freedom" with no attendant morality or responsibility attached to such liberties. Of course, at no point in time do they understand or make the connection that responsibility comes with such freedom, as the Feminist themselves do not comprehend this. Such children are arrogant to any authority. They fear nothing, not their teachers, the Police, or other community leaders. They ‘should’ fear what will happen to them at home, especially when their fathers get home. But they don’t, for the greatest majority of these children: the father is simply not there, because he’s been forcibly driven out. IF the Father is there, then; he has been effectively emasculated as the towering influence and authority figure within the home. Many can’t do anything about their children running wild! Many men are also feminized and are conditioned to believe that they cannot discipline their own children to effect a proper respect for others; rather, these Social ‘experts’ who have implanted these new dogma’s upon each and every household in America—have to find alternative, more ‘sensitive’ and ‘politically correct’ method’s to child rearing. Rote discipline is out. Everything else is in. Note what the ‘expert’ Dr. Spock admits about this fact:

How is the mother to know what is right and what is wrong? She wants somebody to decide for her.

[Dr Spock, and American Life, by Thomas Maier, ©19 , Harcourt Brace & Company, 6277 San Harbor Drive, Orlando, FL 32887-6777, ISBN 0-15-100203-7; p. 377.]

No-one within these system’s, such as Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Dr. Spock or others; dare admit their failure in this regard. They dare not want Parents to think for themselves...the last thing they desire is for couples to figure out their problems—we all need ‘experts’ to figure out such things. These ‘experts’ have exponentially grown throughout this society in name and numbers. Clearly, morality, which is a cornerstone to teaching and a component to the facilities of a higher order society and civilization—has been lost in favor of the ‘Village Model’—which only allows certain demarcated performance in discipline of the children. The result is that we have many children coming from the Welfare "Single Female Headed Household," class that are infesting our schools and as dead wood, bringing down much of the educational institutional system and creating war. These children are direct descendants to the tribal ‘rude’ tribal-state of civilization that Adam Smith and our Founding Fathers noted, and in which the body of the Maxim’s of law correlate: "The offspring follow the condition of the mother. This is the law in the case of slaves and animals."

This feminist devolution of a constant tribal state of war has caused school administrations to ‘get tough’ with student bodies and thereby make all campuses as is they were prison compounds. Long gone are the simplicities of life of which the feminists like Ms. Clinton are saving us from: the terrible fifties where the leading problems teachers faced were ‘chewing gum’ and ‘smoking.’ Now by through the blessings of the Feminist "Village Model" teachers main problems include teenage pregnancy, gang violence, guns in school, and even death! Yet, Ms. Clinton along with her Feminist cohorts will professionally with consummate grandeur and full-media coverage inform parents that this "Village" tribal model is; where we want to be.

Meanwhile, teachers, children, families and especially Fathers become the countless victims of this model. Indeed, it has gotten so bad that in one High School in Miami, Florida; which was ‘cracking down’ using this ‘Village’ model was finally met by resistance by several students on campus who were just damn tired of putting up with prison/police state, socialist mentality. They were tired of the curfews, of being scanned, of shakedowns, drug searches, and Armed Guards roaming their school as a constant military encampment.

So, they revolted and organized their own newspaper to bring to light these issues of both Administrative brutality, and to protest against the type of prison mentality that now pervaded the school system. They wrote and published a newspaper and both eloquently and crassly vented their opinions. The school, in keeping with it’s ultimate "Village" model, permanently suspended all the students involved in this first amendment issue, and beyond that; they imprisoned them also. (Thereby giving them prison records for ‘daring’ to use their First Amendment rights.)

This is the ‘anarchy’ and war that Ms. Rodham Clinton’s "Village" model realizes. And those who dare disavow this model of constant Tribal war, or even to resist it, or try to bring light that even the war is going on, are crushed in its wake. This is what is happening to all fathers whom dare rebuke Child Support, the Theft of their children, or the ‘states’ authority to rule in their home: they are crushed and destroyed. And like these High School children in Miami, they have now become victims too—as all our school children have who now experience the military encampment within our nations public school systems.

"Meanwhile, in 1924 in Ireland, P.S. O’Hegarty grumbled that the woman of Dublin were the most implacable and hysterical participants in the civil war. The suffragettes used to tell us that with women in political power there would be no more war. We know that with women in political power, there would be no more peace."

[A Century of Women—p. 128]

Now we, as well as our children, as well as our Black communities can not only see, but experience this war first hand, as they are the main victims suffering it on the front lines. Matriarchy, is the tribal state of a constant state of war just like the history of early tribal man documented.

What is most disturbing is that from our Puritanical roots in education in the late 1600’s, through Jefferson and the founding fathers, the Civil Wars, the Industrial Revolution, is that morality was a big part of the school system. In fact, the recognition that schools cannot teach morality; is becoming more of a hard reality to even the most hardened socialists who also realize something is very, very wrong within our society. Our teachers are exasperated by the thought that they are being placed into fiduciary roles as the putative parents of the children, which as little or no authority as mandated by the "Village"—compounding their already impossible task of trying to teach a group of children in a second wave industrial format in a third wave military socialist regime! They recognize that they aren’t the parents, and cannot even pretend to be or establish either that morality or authority within these children’s lives. Yet, on the other hand, they recognize that parents (especially the father) who should assume these roles as the main authority and morality influence within their own children’s lives, have been subordinated and replaced—with the ultimate authority of the state, which will not allow such ultimate authority to dare be imbued within the putative parents of these children. This is one reason why our Forefathers were so passionate in regards to education, and unlike today; literally pushed their children into excellence:

"It was inevitable that New England parents with their fairly passionate zeal for the education of their children, should in many cases overstimulate and force the infant minds in their charge...the "pious and ingenious Mrs. Jane Turell," who was born in Boston in 1708...before her second year was finished when could speak distinctly, knew her letters, and "could relate many stories out of the Scriptures to the satisfaction and pleasure of the most judicious." When she was three years old she could recite the greater part of the Assembly's Catechism, many of the psalms, many lines of poetry, and read distinctly; at the age of four she "asked many astonishing questions about divine mysteries."

It was told of Timothy Dwight, President of Yale College, that he learned the alphabet at a single lesson and could read the Bible before he was four years old and taught it to his comrades. At the age of six he was sent to the grammar school and importuned his father to let him study Latin. Being denied, he studied through the Latin grammar twice without a teacher, borrowing a book of an older boy. He could have prepared for college when but eight years old, had not the grammar school luckily discontinued and left him without a teacher."

[Home and Child Life in Colonial Days, by Sirley Gubok, @1969, the Macmillan Company, Gollier-Macmillan Canada, Ltd., Library of. Congress Catalogue Card No., 69-11295; pp.111-112.]

The state recognizes that morality comes from within the home, the Father, the family. It is formulated and inculcated within that great sovereign institution. If that institution is left alone, it can develop children who can be easily taught and educated, and create cogent individuals capable of succeeding in life and contributing to society. The discipline within the home and family will supercede that of the Police and State thereby, good behavior from our children will not come via mere statutory laws, regulations, or social theorist—but rather, by the direct and absolute inculcation of morality and decency learned from within these children’s own home. Without that, a major foundation is missing from the child’s formation—and it is this gap in morality and respect for the home, family, authority, and most importantly the Father; which is inbreeding disrespect, arrogance, and immorality and disrespect within our children, to teachers, society, Police and any other authority figure.

These pathologies are endemic to the failure of our children within our schools and throughout society. Studies indicate, that just by dropping a father into the home, a child’s test scores go up 38 points. Children who enjoy their birthright of being brought up by an intact nuclear family, are in fact the same children that made the United States the highest scoring nation out of all foreign nations in school aptitude tests in the 1960’s.

From that noble beginning and again, following the exact statistical ‘railroad track’s’ of well documented link of statistical facts and figures bred by the Single Female Headed Household, today’s children growing up in these single mother homes have generationally made similar world testing scores: dead last. From first in the World to last within a short time-span of 30 years! Yet, when this derogatory performance is linked to the "Village" model, the Feminist Hive along with the structure of Government Welfare supporters diffuses such facts, as they are unwilling to admit what is very apparently true.

There is a more malevolent intent to the desiccation of American Welfare class children. This ‘dead’ wood clearly burdens schools who, such as West Side High School in Newark, New Jersey, which has to use considerable funding to hire dozen’s of guards to protect girl high school basketball games. Creating a military establishments within our schools in order to be all inclusive to the Welfare "Village" tribal model, is directly stealing money from the schools and contributing to the military mind-set, and thereby it is taking badly needed money away from the Sciences, Athletics’, Music and the Arts—and other components of a firm Liberal education. The devolved product, not only in the Welfare Mongrel’s whom are coming out in droves from these institutions, but also upon the more willing enlightened student’s who miss out on many of the promises of such a ‘dream differed’ form of "Tribal" education, due to the "Tribal" wars burdened upon them.

Ms. Clinton and other’s within the "Village" model want this, for it is part of their undocumented proclamations to destroy from within. To do so, you need a dumbed down society; a society that is not robustly educated such as what Jefferson and the Founding fathers mandated. No. With an educated society, you cannot put pass such errant legislation past such an didactic population. With a dumbed down society, you can pass any such legislation. Not only that; but you can also impose foreign ideals and precepts within the society in the clear light of day, which would not be tolerated otherwise, and have that ignorant society obsequiously obey the fraud of these new laws. Such legislation, precepts and ideals can destroy the society from within, like a computer virus attacking the executive program in a computer. Soon, the system has to fail due to the injection of illogic into its pure system programming. This is what removing the father has allowed to occur in this nation.

Ironically, the architect of so much of this failed social experimentation, President Lyndon B. Johnson, recognized both the problem and the solution thirty years ago when he stated:

The family is the cornerstone of our society. More than any other force, it shapes the attitudes, the hopes, the ambitions, and the values of the child. And when the family collapses it is the children that are usually damaged. When it happens on a massive scale, the community itself is crippled. So, unless we work to strengthen the family, to create conditions under which most parents will stay together, all the rest—schools, playgrounds, public assistance and private concern—will never be enough.

Unfortunately, rather than work to rebuild the village, we have instead taken the broken bricks of families, and mortar of cultural institutions, and the steel of houses of worship and used them to build up town hall. Too many of our "leaders" confidently make the claim that where our community has failed, government can and should step in. But reflect upon the state of our community today and you will see what I mean: town hall has been a poor replacement for the institution that makes up a village.

[The Family, Opposing Viewpoints, by Mary E. Williams, Book Editor, ©1998, Greenhaven Press, Inc., P.O. Box 289009, San Diego, CA 92198-9009; p. 186.]

This breeds a contempt throughout our system of government. For in fact, such a system cannot pass the muster of it’s own logical weight. We can see this by the anarchy that the Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky scandal has presented this society with. Clearly, irrefutably; the President has committed a grievous offense—those who have a higher intellect would label it a crime. But suddenly, via the media; we have injected into the equation that ‘a majority’ (dumbed down) of the populace is willing to tolerate this crime, even though; those before him whom have committed the same crime of perjury; have been convicted and are serving time in jail. Yet—the ‘tyranny’ of the uneducated majority; are unwilling to impose their undocumented ‘rule of law’—just because they have a ‘gut feeling’ that the crime does not "rise to the level of impeachment".

It doesn’t rise to the level of impeachment. It exceeds that level of impeachment... We are not speaking of something here that ‘just barely’ passes this constitutional muster—as 115 guilty people before him irrefutably indicate—he has exceeded proof of that elemental requirement.

"Decency, security and liberty alike demand that government officials shall be subject to the rules of conduct that are commands to the citizen. In a government of laws, existence of government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. Our government is the potent, omnipresent teacher. For good or ill, it teaches the whole people by example. Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a law-breaker, it breeds contempt for the law. It invites every man to become a law unto himself. It invites anarchy.."

[U.S. v. Olmstead, 277 U.S. 438 (1928)]

Now that we have learned that he has most likely also violently raped a women prior to this, makes his tenure in office disgusting for many of us whom demanded his removal from office in the first place.

To think in such abstract terms to reach the best conclusion in law and in governance, a society needs a solid education. This education is the tool that allows them to do abstract thinking and not by the errant ‘gut feeling’ of visceral logic. A nation of free men must live in accordance not only with the laws of the nation, but as a corollary, they must be able to guide the law, and use the tools of empiricism and logic throughout the range of their collective think beyond the problem at hand in an abstract way, to obtain what can be best suited as the most correct answer for all. But beyond this, they must be fair and just, they must have a heart to come to the conclusion that benefits not only society, but the legacy of mankind as well; so that that future stability will be passed on to future generations. This rote faculty, mandates proper education of a populace in self-governing peoples.


The modern American male in no way can be assured to rule in his household. The contract of marriage has been willfully made meaningless by the present corrupt court systems which work in direct contravention to their foundational laws and mandates. Because of this aberration of this institution, divorce has again; statistically like ‘railroad tracks’ described earlier, followed the direct explosion of the Single Female Headed Households which have been subsidized by Welfare and these corrupt court systems.

Divorce in America used to follow other nations at about 8%, and this figure stayed completely stable until approximately 1957-1958 when, they began a dramatic climb to present-day levels of 63%. Indeed, what we clearly see by the divorce figures of the first half of the twentieth century, is; that what problem’s and social pathologies followed the Black Population due to their caste having suffered the first effects of feminism and social engineering upon their populations in disenfranchising the Father from his family; was quickly followed by the white population who were soon to suffer the same fallow effects of Feminism upon its population. The two curves, again; are linked like railroad tracks, the white divorce rates clearly following the black divorce rates at a latent response time of approximately 10 years.

Divorce has become so pervasive that many people naturally assume it has seeped into the cultural mainstream over a long period of time. Yet, this is not the case. Divorce has become an American way of life only as the result of recent and revolutionary change.

The entire history of American divorce can be divided into two periods, one evolutionary and the other revolutionary. For most of the nations history, divorce was a rare occurrence and an insignificant feature and family and social relationships. In the first sixty years of the twentieth century, divorce became more common but it was hardly commonplace. In 1960 however, the rate accelerated at a dazzling pace. It doubled in roughly a decade and continued its upward climb until the early 1980s, when it stabilized at the highest level among advanced Western societies. As a consequence of this sharp and sustained rise, divorce moved from the margins to the mainstream of American life in the space of three decades.

[The Divorce Culture, by Barbara Defoe Whitehead, ©1996, Borzoi Book, Published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., New York; ISBN 0-679-43230-2; p. 3.]

As we have seen earlier, the devastation which has encompassed the black populations and the total feminization of that population; along with the direct attack against Black Males which are totally defunct and missing from the Black experience; are a direct relationship to the destruction waged upon it by ever-increasing divorce rates.

The explosion of divorce rates in turn, has made the institution of marriage an almost impossible propositions in regards as an viable life choice for many males within that society. The fact that so-many black women cannot find suitable mates in which to marry is exactly linked to the destruction through the ineffectual contract of marriage which is so easily abrogated by the female (for the greatest part) and the Judges and Welfare and Government who want, and demand that failure. They have gotten their wishes as presently, our nation suffers from a 63% divorce rate, mostly imposed against males by women who file for divorce 75% of the time..

Above all, a 50 percent to 60 percent divorce rate--tolerated for a generation--in itself sets in motion a dynamic of decline that will not spontaneously reverse itself. In a divorce culture, anxious married couples sharply limit their investment in each other and in children. As the marriage contract becomes attenuated and unenforceable, fewer married women feel safe bearing children. And as fewer single women see any need to marry to have children, the illegitimacy rate soars. Meanwhile, their children--the children of divorce--are themselves at higher risk of divorce and unwed parenthood, a phenomenon that by itself fuels a dangerously downward spiral of marital decay.

[The Family, Opposing Viewpoints, by Mary E. Williams, book editor; ©1998; Greenhaven Press, Inc., P.O. Box 289009, San Diego, CA 92198-9009, p. 71.]

Therefore, in such a fallow environment, to where any association between the female by men cannot either be enforced or regulated by the male, and upon the first instance to where any problems occur the woman can recede into an empire of waiting Shelters, Police Programs, Community ‘Safe’ Houses, direct cash subsidies, restraining orders, and the like-—it doesn't take too much ‘higher order’ thinking to realize that the detriments of marriage clearly outweigh the benefits—to any clear thinking male. There is no security in that institution for the American male.

We do not need proof of this. In looking at the empirical figures upon this reality, we only have to see where it struck first, hardest, and continuous: and that is the Black community. In that community we can see where we are all headed. "Fathers" are a rare commodity in those devastated communities.. Stable, long term "Marriage" a rare occurrence. In such communities which have compromised the institution of marriage for men, such men cannot invest, find and build a home with the bond of a submissive wife whom will obey him. We can see such communities devolve into anarchy and force that society into a tribal underclass. Or in other words, the become Hillary Clinton’s "Village." Because of these facts, such men have no need to groom themselves as teenagers and young adults for the institution of marriage due to the well expressed factuality; that marriage has no meaning in America, and government institutions will no longer support it. The courts will not uphold it, society will turn their backs on it; and upon any problems occurring, the man; is most likely either going to go to jail, lose his children, and in all probability; lose his accumulated wealth.

Instead of young men being trained and groomed for marriage, they are displaced and devolve into the base "Free Markets" of the Tribal kinship system: that of drugs and gangs and other related social pathologies. Again, in the Black community we can see Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s "Village" plague hard at work, destroying the inner foundational basis of the home and family by the destruction of the male, which now has created a society to where Police patrol communities like roving dragoons, and helicopters and high-speed chases are common, if not annoying daily occurrences of life in those cities.

Until the man can rule in his home unabated, and until he can join with a wife that will be submissive to his needs and assume her rightful role within the home and family; this nation in following the "Village" mythology can only be assured of the continuing disasters that already plague us. If man cannot find civility, sovereignty and safety within the creation and maintenance of his own home, then; it will be a fact—that nobody in the "Village" will be able to find such peace. For that sexual energy that is supposed to be at work for the good of society, via the anarchy promised by the "freedom" and "equality" of the feminist movement, will wage war upon societies.

These stunning facts and figures; and the charts that clearly show that this system should have been abated in early 1960’s, only prove the purposeful, and willful (I say treasonous) malfeasance which has cogently been applied against our society all in the interests of ‘social engineering’ and most certainly; to impose Feminism over Patriarchy as a basis for governance within this nation. Anyone who has seen these facts and curves can only ask the question most fathers ask: "Why wasn’t this disaster stopped 30 years ago?"

I have presented the Fathers Rights Fact Sheet to various members of the black communities within LA, and each and every time black men have read it’s pages, they have become gravely silent. Most respond with, "We have to show the pastor’s this information." "We have got to get this information to our churches." Clearly, the FRFS strikes an indelible chord within the black male as he fully understands he has been ‘chumped’ in regards to the promise of American prosperity, which has eluded him because of this planned treason which has removed him from his home and children. He understands he has been under generational attack. He knows the females in his society are belligerent, and out-of-control. He recognizes ability of abstract reasoning when I say to them "He who rules the children of America, rules the world." For he has been the one attacked first by the slave realities of the Tribal model, and he can document the loss of his wealth to government (or the Master in previous history) by the loss of his home, the disenfranchisement of his lawful authority, and by the outright theft of his children from the midst of his life.

Because of this intentional war and malfeasance against the rights of men and Fathers within their own homes, the institution of marriage has completely collapsed. It needs a major overhaul and more importantly; legal support. Clearly, even those who have wives sign "prenuptial agreements" cannot get even those contracts enforced, again; creating even more paradox within the legal establishment. No contract is able to be enforced within the institute of marriage in regards to the Male, because Judges have willfully wrecked havoc and continued anarchy upon that sacred institution. They have totally abandoned their mission as cited in Fanning v. Fanning cited earlier in Chapter 3 to protect the children, society and the Father, and most importantly; the sacred institution of marriage.

Thereby; men, if they really think about it—really cannot get married. There are too many minuses versus the any pluses that could be accrued. The institution of marriage has essentially been dismantled. Such men entering into it, are placing themselves in extreme jeopardy by doing so—and as the facts show—they are no longer doing so. Marriage has dropped steadily, and significantly...for good reason... What may be love in the first instance, may, and is most certainly in the great majority of American marriages, soon grounds for a bitter divorce and custody battle. No longer do women make the second attempts to sustain a marriage, as in accordance with Briffault’s law, the courts have given them an easy way out of that contract, and most assuredly, a considerable subsidy for their troubles. Thereby, because of the artificial influence of the state the court has a mission to destroy the institution of marriage, which it has done tremendously well. Marriage has effectively evaporated in the advent of modern Radical Feminism.

Especially when this is taken in the light of the children. Upon that construct; then: the male loses altogether—and factually—as massive facts and figures show; the destruction of the Father upon that issue, is a foregone certainty; with the only remaining question being: how much will the Father be destroyed?!?? It is so bad, that upon any father, such as Richard Stone in New York City who on January 8th, 1999 of only being told by his wife that she was going to divorce him, he mentally snapped—stole his children, then murdered them. Fathers, many of them law abiding and good citizens’ otherwise, completely cannot handle the ‘omniscient’ overwhelming power that is about to intrude upon the God-given authority of his life—and crush him. They know what destruction awaits them, and they fully understand that they will have no redress or recourse when this malevolent Leviathan enters their lives. This is as true as it is for women, many whom also snap when presented with this untenable force. The bonds of the marriage union are wound so tight because of this errant Feminist social pressure, that upon any indication of ‘divorce’ the parents completely lose it, and rampage.


[The Associated Press]

WHEATON, Ill. -- A nurse authorities say used prescription medication to put her three children to sleep and then suffocated them was charged yesterday with murder.

Marilyn Lemak, 41, was under police watch at a hospital in Naperville, a Chicago suburb, with minor injuries and was expected to be jailed today, prosecutor Joseph Birkett said. Police said Lemak’s wounds were self-inflicted.

Birkett declined to discuss a possible motive.

"Why people do horrible things to children is not for me to think about," Birkett said. "There’s no good reason to kill three beautiful children."

Lemak and her husband, Dr. David Lemak, are separated and seeking a divorce. Birkett said the children’s father was "devastated."

"He was, according to all the info we have, a very concerned and caring father and he saw his children regularly," Birkett said....

[The New York Daily News, Sunday, March 7, 1999; p 24.]

More and more children like this are dying ever more frequently, due to the insanity which feminism has placed upon the Family. For again; there is no protections against the persecution of the American male. Radical Feminism has been so effective in conspiring along with Government and the Media of ‘inventing’ and ‘creating’ a bogeyman; that when a father is confronted with the reality of divorce—they snap, just like Richard Stone did. And just like Mrs. Lemak did. And just like more and more parents do who are caught in the unsolvable paradox of Modern Radical Feminism. They wind up killing their wives, children, themselves, even in some cases innocent bystanders, even Police. This is another by-product of the realities that marriage is no longer supported and upon the first instance of its demise, the man is ruined completely, and war thereby ensues.

This, is yet another proof that we are subjected to a needless war, during a profound time of peace. We can add these children, and many other men and women into the growing numbers of failures that this system represents.

The women pretends, Dworkin laments, that "pleasure is being reduced through intercourse to insignificance" : "Intercourse is the pure, sterile, formal expression of men’s contempt for women," "When," she demands, "will they choose not to despise us?" Certainly, the casual sexual intercourse to which women have submitted at the urging of feminist sexual revolutionaries is nothing more than an expression of men’s contempt for them, because it is intercourse without commitment, the terms of which most women experience as contrary to their interests, but which sexually predatory men will always impose when they are allowed to. The abortions to which so many women have also submitted have guaranteed their sterility of these sexual encounters. Eloquently, Dworkin asserts that "it is a tragedy beyond the power of language to convey when what has been imposed on women by force become a standard of freedom for women: and all th women say it is so." But her words indict the wrong culprit if they allege that men imposed this so-called sexual freedom upon women. Men did no do this to women; women did it to themselves and to each other."

Brunnhilde also knows that men will stop using women with contempt only when women insist upon respectful treatment—insist, that is, on sexual treatment that is Kantian and morally based, not Posnerian and morally indifferent. I it is probably towards the goal of demanding respectful usage that "rape crisis" feminist are working in their clumsy fashion. But a woman will never common respectful treatment from men if she thinks of herself as an oppressed victim, or is she follows the injunction of feminist sexual revolutionaries to prove her equality with men by mimicking male promiscuity. She should decline to act like an ersatz male, view her femininity with pride, and shun the casual sex that proclaims contempt for femininity’s distinctively diffuse sexuality. Without apology or diffidence, a woman can use her power of the groined archway to secure the male’s affirmation of her individual worth as female by his honoring and accepting responsibility for all the feminine baggage that comes with being female.

[Domestic Tranquility, A Brief Against Feminism, by F. Carolyn Graglia, ©1998, Spence Publishing Company, 501 Elm Street, Suite 450, Dallas TX 75202; ISBN 0-9653208-6-3; 345-347.]