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The physical therapist as a researcher, clinician, administrator and educator.


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What is the PPTA? top

The Philippine Physical Therapy Association, Inc. is the professional organization of Filipino physical therapists accredited by the Professional Regulations Commission. It is a member of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy as well as the Asian Confederation of Physical Therapy.

Since its foundation on December 8, 1964, the PPTA has served for the betterment of the delivery of physical therapy services in the Philippines by advancing the cause of the physical therapy profession.

PPTA in action top

Aside from the annual conventions, seminars, and workshops, the PPTA has pushed for the establishment of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and the publication of its official journal-magazine, ImPeTus.

PPTA and the Physical Therapy Law top

Being in the forefront for the advancement of the physical therapy profession in the Philippines, the PPTA has played a very active and significant role in pursuing the amendment of Republic Act 5680 (The Philippine Physical and Occupational Therapy Law). Under the previous congress, the proposed bill filed by the PPTA has reached the public hearing stage under the Senate, and the technical working group stage under the Lower House. Unfortunately, due to recent changes in our government, the processing of the bill has come to a standstill. Presently, under the renewed House of Congress, the PPTA has refiled the proposals, and shall start anew from stage one.

The PPTA is imploring the help of all concerned physical therapists to actively participate in this worthy cause.

Linkages top

The PPTA is closely linked with several local organizations and companies:

  • Professional Regulations Commission (PRC)
  • Department of Health (DOH)
  • Philippine Society of Hypertension
  • Philippine Lipid Society
  • Council of Professional Health Associations (COPHA)
  • Philippine Federation of Professional Associations (PFPA)
  • Council of Health Agencies of the Philippines (CHAP)
  • Bantay-Bata Philippines
  • Pfizer Philippines
  • Bahaginan

Contact Us top

Office:   Room 107, PMA Building, North Avenue, Quezon City

Phone:   +63 2 9273936







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