Lake Champlain Hot Spots

The links below take you to specialized maps, for one of several species. The maps reveal various numbers of hot fishing spots, some well known and others that soon will be thanks to these maps. Each spot on a map will be numbered and a brief comment will be listed for the corresponding number. These comments may include suggestions and advice on season, depth, temperature and other variables. You will note that the spots are fairly general. The fisherman will still have to apply his knowledge to locate and catch fish. As we all know, nothing is guaranteed. Remember, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink". Also, these aren't the only good spots on the lake, we saved a few of the best for our clients. Don't forget that Lake Champlain is a huge and intimidating body of water that can surprize fishermen with dangerous reefs and other navigation hazards. The very best way to get some local knowledge is to fish with one of our Captains for a day or two , then go out on your own.


19 Hot Perch Spots

14 Hot Smallmouth Spots

14 Hot Largemouth Spots

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You wont believe the numbers of trophy photos we have here!

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This is just a sample of the best we have caught in the past few years!