Hot Perch Spots
on Lake Champlain

(see coresponding comments below map)

1 - Windmill Point Reef, Alburg, VT; Good throughout the year. In spring look for spawners along shoreline to the east and south. Check the area directly in front of the water tower. In summer check outside ledges sloping toward the channel.
2 - Mud Point Alburg, VT; Here is major spawning ground in early spring. This well known spot gets lots of pressure from Quebec fishermen who often use minnows to attract and catch perch. A jig fisherman may be at a disadvantage if surrounded by a fleet of boats fishing with minnows.
3 - Point off Eagle Acres Road, Chazy, NY; This well known ice fishing spot is often hot in the spring and late fall when schools migrate in and out of the channel between here and Fisk Point on Isle le Motte. Follow the shoreline north into the bay toward the next little point near the cemetery.
4 - Monty's Bay, Chazy, NY; This large bay holds fish through out the year. In late spring and early summer fish the shore line on the west side (inside) of North or Dixon Point leading into the bay. Also the marinas are a good bet during the same time. In the fall fish migrate in from the deep water and are easily marked by the flocking gulls. Early ice is also a good time to try the Monty's Bay shoreline.
5 - St. Albans Bay, St. Albans, VT; Often good in late spring and early summer when water temps are below 68 degrees. Fish the reefs and small islands off Hathaway Point (green bouy) for some of the largest perch the lake has to offer.
6 - Deep Bay, Point Au Roche State Park, Beekmantown, NY; This bay can be productive in the fall as fish migrate inward. It is also usually good in early winter, when schools drive bait under the thin ice of the inner bay. Be careful on this dangerous ice and be prepared for a crowd! You'll be amazed at the chances people take trying to get near the edge, along open water.
7 - Cumberland Bay, Plattsburgh, NY; Although this bay has a 50 perch limit due to mill contamination and elevated PCB levels, it remains a productive and very popular area to fish among perch fishermen, especially in winter. Heading south along shoreline from Cumberland Head, try the rock points, beach and breakwall south of the Saranac River. The average size of the fish is larger in Cumberland Bay.
8 - Keeler Bay, South Hero, VT; Good in early spring, late fall, and early to mid summer when fish hold near Kellogg Island ledges.
9 - Waterski Bay, northwest corner of Valcour Island, Peru, NY; Good primarialy in fall and often in 20 to 30 feet of water. Drifting through areas like this one with minnows helps to locate isolated schools of perch.
10 - Bay at Camp Hochelaga between Allen Point and Robinson Point, Grand Isle, VT; Try this bay along its west shore in early spring for prespawn perch. A nerby ramp allows for small boat launching.
11 - Breakwall passage to Mallets Bay and the Inland Sea, Allen Point, Grand Isle, VT; This area turns on in late spring and early summer. Fish can hold at all four corners of the passage but the best spot is the northwest. This is a good spot for a bonus fish like an Atlantic salmon.
12 - Sand flats south of the lower mouth of the Ausable River, Peru, NY; Here is another spot good in late April as prespawn fish migrate up the sand banks leading to the shores south of the river. Fish are first catchable in numbers in 30 feet depths and move slowly into shallow water remaining there often until early June. In summer and fall schools can be located in fairly deep water off ledges around the distant red bouy.
13 - Shelburne Bay, Shelburne, VT; Fish this bay inside Allen Hill Point during the early winter when perch chase baitfish under the blown in anchor ice. As with many bays exposed to north westerly winds, look for safe anchor ice along the shoreline and try cutting a hole. If you get through and can manage to drop a jig through the slush, you might be surprised to find perch! Later, as the bay freezes further out, fish the reef off Collymer Point. Schools of fish migrate in and out of Shelburne Bay throughout the year.
14 - Willsboro Bay, Willsboro, NY; Similar to Shelburne Bay, Willsboro Bay holds fish under anchor ice in early winter. When the inner bay freezes over completely, fish in front of the boat ramp in 15 to 30 feet of water. Fish frequent this spot in early spring and late fall as well.
15 - Northwest Bay, Westport,NY; Some years ago my friends and I caught the biggest perch I have ever seen in the lake at this location. Fish off the small point just south of the marina or try directly in front of the new boat ramp in 12 to 30 feet of water.
16 - Bulwagga, Bay, Crown Point, NY; This is an excellent bay in spring and during winter months. If fish can't be located in the bay try outside of the bay off Orchard Point.
17 - Five Mile Point, Ticonderoga, NY/ Bridport, VT; This narrow passage is a good location along with its adjacent bays, one on the NY side to the north west and one to the south east on the Vermont side. Fish drop offs at edges of weed beds during cooler months. Try minnows in the deeper water of the channel during warm peek of summer.
18 - Kerby Point (red bouy), Ticonderoga, NY; This spot, a short distance north of the boat launch is worth checking when fishing the southern end of the lake. The point and reef just inside the bouy provide structure and attract schools of fish year round.
19 - Bay and ruins south of La Chute mouth, Ticonderoga, NY; This area known to locals as Montcalm is often productive in the winter season. Fish minnows on the edges of weed beds droping off to channel depths during summer months.

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