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Fishing The Main River, Nordheim, Germany, Swedish Zander Photo

Main River, Nordheim, Germany

The Main River is a tributary of the Rhine River. An IGFA record 19 pound 6 ounce zander was caught on the Main River in 2000.

"The zander is a close relative of the American Walleye, and is often referred to as walleye by American soldiers stationed in Germany. The zander is slightly larger than the walleye, and more of a green color, than the brown tones of the walleye. Fishing methods for zander are pretty much the same as those for pike, plus some anglers find success by using walleye techniques imported from the US. As table fare, the zander is as good as the walleye." Extract in quotes taken from Coolbreeze Angling, Fishing In Germany

Coolbreeze Angling Enterprises


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