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Fishing Kaiparon, Harbor, North Island, New Zealand Deep Sea Bass Photo

Kaiparon Harbor, North Island, New Zealand

Record Kahawai, Australian Salmon

"New Zealand has many hundreds of lakes ranging in size from small ponds to those covering tens of square miles. Almost all have extensive populations of rainbow and brown trout. Lakes Coleridge and Sumner in the Canterbury high country also have large landlocked Quinnat salmon populations as well as brown and rainbow trout. Big game fishing in New Zealand is almost exclusively a North Islanders sport. Blue and stripped marlin, yellowfin tuna, yelllowtail kingfish, and broadbill swordfish are caught mostly off the east coast of the North Island - in the main north of Auckland. The prime time being during the later part of summer from January to late April. There are numerous charter vessels that target these big game species. Fishing trips on these boats can readily be organized but some of the more successful boats and skippers are booked well in advance. It is fair comment that of the many skippers targeting billfish a small number of vessels seem to account for the majority of the fish tagged or landed each season! " Extract in quotes taken from, New Zealand's On-Line Fishing Magazine

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