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In Loving Memory of   Gem 

(February 1, 1991 - May 15, 2001)


"At early morn my thoughts are thine
through each sad hour till days decline."

I can always find comfort that Gem did eventually overcome the adversities he faced in his first seven years, so that finally, in the refuge of my home, he could receive the love, security and happiness that he needed and deserved.  At last he had a new life, a chance to start again.  For the next three glorious years we would live in bliss until early March of 2001, when cancer reared it's ugly head to ravage his body and devastate our lives and our happy family.  Gem fought his battle as bravely as any soldier, but just two short months into the war, the cancer would win and he lost his fight.  He is so sadly missed by the family and friends who loved and adored him.  This website is dedicated fondly to his memory.  We thank you for coming to visit us, and I wish to extend my deepest sympathy to all of our visitors who have also suffered the loss of  their beloved fur children.

This website includes a history of Gem's early years, lots of photos of the happier times we shared, some  feline health and cancer links, links to the friends we met on our fateful journey, some favorite places I've visited, personal poetry written by me and by Gem's Auntie Jen, and perhaps most importantly is the emotional diary that I kept during the course of his illness along with a retrospect of the aftermath.

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