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local bands and shows, yo

Local bands websites:
745 Boyz' music page
M. Lee's/745 Boyz website
4play Music - Tommy Hobbs music page
Chaindrive's myspace
Low Flying Jets (ex-Lunar Linguist)
The Junior Varsity
Matt Pinkham
The Amazing Kill-o-watts
Scout's Honor
The Sneaky Ninjas
Grant Essig's music myspace
Andrew Essig's music myspace
First Avenue Productions - Morton rap
Signs of Vitality
L-Train the 45 Grippa
The Hourglass Symptom
Sinking In
Burning Love Letters

go to the Peoria Shows Page for information about upcoming local shows

For venue info visit either
The Peoria Shows Page
The Vineyard Cafe
The Canopy Club
The Madison Theater
The Peoria Civic Center

(email or IM fonz51 for future concert dates if you want them posted here. . .thanks.)

the following quote was on the peoria shows page. . it says it all. i truly mean that, and i'm sad to see the sip go:

"the owners of the Freudian Sip, in it's existance, have showed more support for local bands and the importance of original music than any other business owners in the Peoria area ever have...The owners are moving to Arizona in June...check the coffee shop out once more before it's gone forever"