This site and adjoining forums were created in an attempt to hopefully, in their own small way, educate those who are misinformed, inform those new and curious, dispell the sitgma and myth surrounding the phenomenon of the modern day real vampire and most importantly offer a safe place to interact and offer support.

Yes, you read it right vampire... within this realm you will find terminology, what 'vampire' means to us and is and what it most certainly is not... more as it grows

We are not here to encourage others or preach, besides it's not something we can offer as you will find out, but something we are I simply provide the information within for those who sometimes so desperately need or want it trying to figure out or explain the sudden and often firghtening changes occuring in their lives. You can believe it or choose to dismiss it as is your right.

Nor are we here to prove we are [insert kintype here] no-one should have to explain their existance, there is nothing so abhorrent to me, it is enough for us that we believe