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A little about me.

Thanks for stopping by and having a look at my website.

I've been making knives part time for about 11 years now. I do only stock removal at this time. My prefered steel is ATS-34 because I feel that it has the best all around qualities. Each knife is handmade by me. The only part of the process that I do not do myself is the heat treat. I feel this is better left to professionals with the proper equipment to do the job.

Please bear with me as this is my first website. Being a part time maker, I don't have a large selection at anytime and sometimes I don't have any knives for sale at all. I will post knives on the For Salepage as they are available. If you are interested in purchasing a knife, please e-mail me and I will put you on a list and notify you when one is available. I do take custom orders on a first come first served basis. Normally I don't require a deposit unless the order is for a knife that I don't think would be easy to sell or if the order is for expensive items such as damascus or ivory. Only then do I charge a cost of materials deposit.

Thanks again for stopping by. Please feel free to sign my guest book or e-mail me with and questions or comments.
Leonard R. Rice

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