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Online Community Toolkit

Thinking about building or hosting an online community? Looking for specific tips, tools and ideas? Start here. The following is a collection of articles by Full Circle Associates Nancy White, Sue Boettcher and Heather Duggan. Have something to contribute? Let us know!


Creating Online Communities for neighbourhoods and networks
How to use the Internet to build networks and benefit communities - particularly neighbourhoods and villages.


Democracies Online-Do-Wire.Org
Promoting online civic participation and democracy efforts around the world through information exchange, experience sharing, outreach, and education.



Steven Clift - Public Strategies for the Online World
My articles, speeches, and interviews from the last decade.


E-consultation Guide (USA)

Prepared by the E-consultation research project


Online Policy Consultation Webguide (Australia)
Online policy consultation provides a way to use digital resources, such as online polls, surveys, websites and discussion forums to extend the reach and potential participation of citizens in the discussion of policy issues.


Guide to Online Participation (New Zealand)

This guide was developed in 2007 to help State Services agencies identify online ways to engage with New Zealanders in policy development, service design, and service delivery.

It supported twin aims of:

         New technologies will enable easier access to government information and processes.

         People will have improved opportunities to be informed and participate in government.


Designing for Civil Society
David Wilcox on social media, engagement, collaboration


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