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Community Development

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Creating On-line networks
Making the Net Work aims to help those planning to get their organisation or neighbourhood online, or create local technology centres. We are also interested in virtual teams and networks.



Techsoup: The Technology Place for Non-Profits

TechSoup provides a range of technology services for nonprofits, including articles, a blog, discussion forums, Webinars, and discounted and donated technology products. To take full advantage of TechSoup's services, we recommend you do the following:

1.    Join TechSoup and Create a member profile. Once you have a member profile, you will able to post and reply to our discussion forums and you have taken the first step to becoming an authorized buyer of donated products for your organization.

2.    Get a product donation. After you have created a member profile, register your organization to get donated products with TechSoup Stock. If your organization is already registered, you can apply to become an authorized agent.


Community Development Journal
Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of Community Development Journal.



Centre for Community Change
Helping low-income people build powerful, effective organizations through which they can change their communities and public policies for the better



Community Organizer's Guide

Many people in our society want to make the world a better place, but don't know where to start.

We put together this "Community Organizer's Guide" as an introduction to the process of organizing for social change.



The Asset-Based Community Development Institute-  ABCD Toolkit

The following is a collection of tools from ABCD faculty members and fellows as well as individuals and organizations that embody the principles of ABCD in their work.

The addition of the toolkit was made possible by a generous grant from the Alumnae of Northwestern University.




Processes for Deliberative Democracy
Representative and Participatory Democracy Action without Borders
Idealist is a project of Action Without Borders, a nonprofit organization founded in 1995 with offices in the United States and Argentina. Idealist is an interactive site where people and organizations can exchange resources and ideas, locate opportunities and supporters, and take steps toward building a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives.



Public Meeting Guidelines
A comprehensive list of issues to consider when setting up and running public meetings



Community Media Association (UK)
Welcome to the Community Media Association ONLINE - bringing you news, information, services and a gateway to community media organisations in the UK and world wide.



Links To Participatory  Action Research Sites
Web Links To Participatory Action Research Sites: An action-research resource for both students and practitioners



Steven Clift-Publicus.Net

Welcome  - I am a Founder and Executive Director of, a social entrepreneurship Ashoka Fellow, and speaker and consultant on “e-democracy.”

I coined the term “e-democracy” in 1994, or using current buzzwords … I work with the use of social media for citizen engagement, public participation, transparency, open government and related topics.



Center for Civic Partnerships
The Center for Civic Partnerships' mission is to provide leadership and management support to build healthier communities and more effective nonprofit organizations.



Smart Communities (Blog)
Smart Communities blog.
This blog began in March 2005 as a way to share all sorts of useful information related to these seven strategies for building thriving communities. We report on effective strategies, new initiatives, funding opportunities, and nationwide events that are affecting our communities. We often hear from readers about their work and ideas and blog on that as well.



Program Development and Evaluation

Evaluation is a core function of University of Wisconsin-Extension Cooperative Extension with support provided by the Program Development and Evaluation Unit (PDE).
Two key resources form the framework for evaluation within the organization:

  • The "Planning a Program Evaluation" booklet and worksheet (PDF file PDF files)
    The worksheet is also available as a Word document that can be saved and used to enter text.
  • The "Enhancing Program Performace with Logic Models" on-line course



Programme Evaluation: An Introductory Guide for Health Promotion (1998)

This manual has been written for those planning and implementing health promotion programmes where evaluation activities will be undertaken largely within their organisation.



Community Futures  (U.K.)
Working across the whole county, we support, develop and empower local communities in a number of ways; helping to secure grant aid and statutory funding for communities to improve their physical and social environments (anything from refurbishing the community centre to providing defibrillators in local shops), providing the right information to community groups that need to know how to maintain or develop services (How do you write a tender? How do you get money for a good idea?), delivering a broad range of training (see our latest training brochure) to give community groups, voluntary organisations and individuals the confidence to make changes for themselves or the people they help..



Community Participation in Social Inclusion Partnerships
This research findings examines principles for effective community participation, and ways to address the training and information needs of communities and partner organisations.



The Democracy Center
As a service to progressive environmental and social justice advocates worldwide the Democracy Center is happy to make available here a variety of free advocacy materials. These can be used as newsletter inserts, handout materials for trainings, curricula for university courses and more.



Community Xchange
What was Community Xchange?

The vision of the Community Xchange was to develop Active Citizens globally, who could make a positive difference to their and other communities.

We did this by bringing together formal and informal community leaders here and in the UK for reciprocal visits to both countries where these inspiring and committed individuals worked in each other’s societies and learnt from one another.


British  Council  Global Xchange

Global Xchange is an international exchange programme developed in partnership with the British Council and VSO.
The Multilateral Community Xchange and Multilateral Youth Xchange is a volunteer program for local youth and community professionals whose work involves the facilitation of young people's participation in community development and positive social action initiatives.



Grassroots Networking
Grassroots Networking is an Infoxchange Australia initiative developed to:
improve the social, economic and environmental circumstances of low-income and disadvantaged communities;
strengthen the capacity and cohesiveness of these communities and their social networks.


Caledon Institute of Social Policy
The Caledon Institute of Social Policy does rigorous, high-quality research and analysis; seeks to inform and influence public opinion and to foster public discussion on poverty and social policy; and develops and promotes concrete, practicable proposals for the reform of social programs at all levels of government and of social benefits provided by employers and the voluntary sector.

Action for Neighbourhood Change
Action for Neighbourhood Change (ANC) was a unique learning initiative that explored and assessed approaches to locally-driven neighbourhood revitalization that can enhance the capacity of individuals and families to build and sustain strong, healthy communities.

Tamarack: An Institute for Community Engagement
Welcome to Tamarack - a charity that develops and supports learning communities that help people to collaborate, co-generate knowledge and achieve collective impact on complex community issues. Our vision is to build a connected force for community change. Join us as we discover how communities can act together for positive change!



Learning for Sustainability
This LfS portal is a reference guide for those working to support social learning and collective action around sustainability issues. Annotated links provide direct access to hundreds of key resources internationally.



Community Building (Dept of Planning and Community Development: State of Victoria; Australia
The Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) has been established to closely link planning with community development to build active, confident, and inclusive communities.The Victorian Government is committed to delivering improvements in urban planning and development, particularly in the outer suburbs and regional areas where we are expecting strong growth.


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