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mY LoVe 4 MuSiC

Ever since I was a child, I have always enjoyed music a lot... When I was a baby, people used to form a circle around me to see me dance... [Mom's Story] I hope this shows ya just how much I am obsessed with MuZaK. PPL that know me know how much I enjoy dancing and listening to my favourite beats. When I was a child, I used to listen only to Cri-Cri songs (popular mexican children's music); and I still remember how those songs used to make me feel really happy... I could spend hours and hours simply listening to them and playing. However, when I grew up, my interests changed. I started listening to one of my favourite groups in Spanish Timbiriche. Timbiriche was a pop band in which children played music for children. So, many people grew up listening to their songs. Nowadays, they are still considered to be a very succesful band, as many generations of mexicans remember them as their childhood idols.

After those "Timbiriche days", I started elementary school and I still liked Timbiriche. However, I was looking for something deeper, something that would help me to express myself and to discover new ways of communicating my feelings. It was in that particular stage of my life that I started going to parties, and I absolutely loved the music they played there (Roxette, Vanilla Ice, Metallica, 90's Dance, etc). This exposure is what got me to start listening to different genres of music... However, at that moment I didn't like alternative or rock that much. Nonetheless, many groups in English like Roxette and Madonna became my favorites. I spent hours listening to them and I realized that music could express very complex feelings, other than joy and happiness. After that, I started to listen to all kinds of styles of music to discover whether I liked them or not... In High School, I started hanging out with all sorts of people. Some of them almost forced me (w/o violence... LOL) to listen to new styles like rock and alternative music (ThAnX Jenny ILU). So, my music preferences varied even more... I could be listening to Norteņas one day, and to Garbage (which I love btw) the other. I also found my inspiration... Alanis Morissette.

The music of Alanis transformed me completely... her lyrics, her music, but especially the sound of her voice left me speechless... she was just perfect... So, after that, I started to expose myself to similar artists who would share that darkness and wit that characterized her. I started listenng to Sarah Mclachlan, Lenny Kravitz, Garbage, Natalie Imbruglia, Pet Shop Boys, etc... but the real change came after that... Now I felt like I was ready to enjoy the world of Rock and Roll!! (kidding). Back to being serious... I loved to listen to Korn and other hardcore bands with my cousin and other ppl who also were into them... Nowadays I like Radiohead, Ladytron, Gus Gus, Pet Shop Boys, Madonna, Birtney Spears, Missy Eliot, Our Lady Peace, and Nelly Furtado (among many others)... Now that my musical taste has become eclectic, I can be at a party and enjoy ALL the music... but believe me, many years of my life were involved in this transformation. What I love about MuSiC the most is that it can make us jump from a state of happiness to one of deep sadness and solitude, all in less than five minutes. As u know (most of u) I love dancing... (obviously I love dance music and eLeCtrONicA too!!) because it's sooo much fun, it's sensual, it's crazy and sometimes even DANGEROUS (believe me)!! hehehehe well I hope that I did not bore with all this personal info., and that u enjoyed knowing more about me.

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