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Throughout my life, my friends have always been there for me... they have helped me to maintain my stability and happiness. They always help me when I'm in trouble and they share my joy when I am happy. They are like candlelights that brighten up my way by providing me with their priceless advice. Some of them are so close to me that I even consider them a part of my family.

With them I've spent:


...and each of those moments was special because they were there to share them with me... Now that I've said this, I guess it would be better for me to tell YOU a litlle bit more about each of them.

(I will have pics of each of them soon)

Cassidy Jones
Cassidy and I have gone through soooo much in the last couple of years. We have laughed and cried, but most importantly we have grown immensely from each other's company. He is one of the most admirable and passionate people I know and I love him dearly. Thank you Cass for bringing the sunshine into my life.

Catherine Discua [gUrL]
If what you are looking for is fun and an awesome person to share your life with... go with Cathy. She is always hyper and full of joy to give to her friends. She is also MEXICAN!! Arrriiiibbbaa!!! and we love to talk and basically chill together. She is one of my best friends and she knows how important she is in my life. We've spent the coolest moments together!! Te Adoro EsSa!!!

Samantha Lukban
When you move to a new country the last thing you expect is to find friends that are so valuable and important that fast. When I moved here I met Samantha the 2nd day of classes, and since then we started this journey of happiness and adventure called friendship. She has become more than a friend to me, she's always there when I need her and with a smile to share when I'm sad. We have fun everytime when we are together, it's like if magic surrounded us and made of that moment a special one everytime. I'm so thankful that destiny placed this girl in my life because I know we have something that will last 4ever. Sam: I just wanna thank you for being always by my side and for just being you... yOu kIcK aSs!!! p sHa... MUAhhh

Soray Aguilar [ReTro LaDy]
Soray is one of the most authentic human beings I have met in my life. Although we have only been friends for a few months, she has demonstrated how much she is worth time and time again and has never disappointed me. Therefore, she occupies a very special place in my heart, and with her I've spent some of the best times EVER! I hope that in fact we end up opening our Therapy Clinic as we have planned so many times in the past. Thanx Soray for always putting a smile on my face. I love Ya!

Jonathan Diamant
Jonathan is one of the best male friends I have ever had. We shared the coolest times together... I mean... I hardly ever connect with someone in so many levels as I did with him. He was always there for me... and I think we both really grew up thanks to each other's company. We were inseparable in secondary school... and although he is enjoying the good life in Europe right now... I know that deep down we will always be tight. Jonathan... thanx for helping me to express my true self... U R Awesome!

Ana Ma. Carriles
I consider her to be one of the most influential friends. She taught me millions of things, and you can thank her for who I am now. With Ana I spent incredible moments & she is the one who knows everything about me... hehehe I know many things about her also... (the ones she let me know). She loves animals, and her dog Basilli is the world champion in its breed. She loves music and dancing... Ana is a happy person who would give everything to someone she cares for.

Brandy Landry
Hey!! I´m 16 years old, my B-day is on October 18 and I love hanging out with my friends, dancing, watching movies and learning Spanish from Angel. I was his first good friend in Canada and we hang out a lot. He´s really chido and this is a rockin´web page!! :-)

Myla Yalung
Myla is the reason why I decided to start working at Banana Republic. She is the sweetest girl on earth and she will never stop to surprise me with her millions of jokes and outrageous personality. It is just pretty damn hard to not like MyLa... I mean she is just adorable. We share many memories and she will always be one of my most loved "bananas". MyLa... thank you for the good times and toilet jokes... U da BOMB!

Kim Adams [KiMMie]
I met Kim at Banana Republic about a year ago... but somehow it seems like I've known her for a lifetime. She is what I call a TRUE friend. She is always there for me when I need a shoulder to lean on. Kim is a very talented graphic designer and a very passionate and goal driven individual. Her charm and charisma have definately made everyone at BR love her immensely. Kim is a shopaholic who loves to wear the newest and trendiest clothes... (she ALWAYS looks good!). I know there are great things waiting for Kimmie in the future... and I definately hope I will be by her side to share them with her. ILU Kim!

Rani Rai [RaNi BaBy]
Rani is one of the first people I met at BR. She has lived in Britain and that's why she has the sexiest accent in the world! Rani is a very sweet girl who definately knows how to get a party started. We have had the best of times together! Rani is one of the few people in this world who I can talk to about music because she appreciates it as much as I do... she even knows who the PET SHOP BOYS are! c'mon! I love working with her and I am really thankful for being her friend. Rani Baby... what can I say but... WHOOOO WHOOOO!!

Jennifer G. Juarez
Jennifer, Jennifer... Everyone that knows me in person knows exactly how much I talk abut her and how important she has been in my life. With Jennifer I not only found true friendship... I also discovered the real meaning of love. She is by far the most amazing and mysterious person I have met in my life. Jenn: thanx for giving me some of the best moments of my whole life, I love ya like crazy... and eventhough we might seem to be separated, you know that deep down we'll always b one.

Jimena Fritz [JiMMy]
Wow... Jimena... what can I say... there's too much to put in words. Jimena is the sister I never had, but not only that... she is one of my best friends. I am sooo grateful to have met her. With Jix I always had fun, no matter where we were or what we were doing... Our friendship is so strong that I know that eventhough I am far away our thoughts are still connected somehow. Te Quiero Chiquita!

Harmoni Cowan
Harmoni has always been there for me when I have needed someone to talk to, and to find friends like that is certainly something to treasure. We have had some rough times through our friendship, but we've survived them all. Thanks Harmoni for always reminding me that I can count on someone unconditionally.

Shayne Fernandez
Definately one of the coolest dudes I have ever met. With Shayne I've spent the coolest and craziest times of my life. We get so hyper together it's not even funny. I am really glad he is a part of my life because he is a really good friend, who is always willing to listen to you when you need him. We are "work out" partners and our goal is to cruise around Robson wearing a Tank Top to show off our muscular bodies [yeah right!!] hehehe... Peace Man!

Brad Bouchard
Brad is one of the wickedest guys I've ever met. We basically started hanging out this summer, but in this very short time period he has shown me what a true friendship is. When we are together, we can talk about anything and just chilling is AWESOME! He has become my best friend in Canada, and hopefully this will last 4ever. Love ya Man

Emily Schmid [M]
Emily is the sweetest thing! At first when I saw her, for the longest time I thought she hated me and that she was glaring at me, but then I got to know her and discovered the sweet and caring girl behind those glares. We've had so much fun together, like grad and our tanning sessions. Thanks Emily for always being there for me and for worrying about me, XoXo

Serena Bornholdt [Sereen]
With Serena I have done pretty much everything... we have talked about our love depressions, but we have also partied like crazy. She is the kind of person that adapts to any type of situation... which I admire. We spent last christmas together and I must say that I had a blast [Harcellement Sexuel] Thanx Darling for always giving me a shoulder to lean on.

Salvador Gomez Lemmenmeyer
Salvador is a very clever guy, he met me when I was in Veracruz, and since then we became very good friends, we use to talk about lots of things, and we shared one of the best moments in our lives... and then suddenly.... time was a bad friend.... we had to split our great friendship when I decided to move to Canada... but we will always be close friends... His birthday is on August 10. He likes computers, flirting with girls, bowling, playing tennis and golf.... he likes to read and enjoys writing poetry and stories...

Diana Hoz
I'm Diana, I'm 16 years old, my birthday is on march 31. The things I like to do the most are: going to the movies with my friends, listening to music, buying clothes and talking on the phone. For me, Angel is such an special friend, because we have too much in common, and therefor he is one of my best friends. I know he will always be there for me, as I will always be there for him. I spend 3 of my best years by his side, the ones that I would never change for anything. I really miss him.

Yvonne Discua [SeXy MaMi]
Yvonne is just soooo amazing. I first met her because she is the sister of one of my best friends (Cathy), but since that moment we became really good buddies and have shared the coolest chilling times together. Yvonne, Cathy and I always go out for coffee sessions... where we criticize, analyze and talk about the many wonders and mysteries of human existence [hehehe]. Thanx Yvonne for being yourself and please don't ever let anyone make ya change... you are AmaZinG just the way you are... Love Ya [Remember u have to sing the Banghra Anthem at my wedding] XoXo

Daniela Pérez Landeros
Daniela is my favourite cousin!! I love her as u don't have an idea. We like almost the same things... she loves Rock Music and her dream was to be like pandra (kinnda hippie). She is one of the nicest persons I've ever met, and I enjoyed a lot being with her. She's 13 years old and lives in Mexico City. Daniela is a great cousin and friend... she was always there to support me. She is like the little sister I never had... she likes alternative music, dancing, chatting, playing card games and being with her friends... she's very very mature for her age. She's just lovely.

María del Angel Hernández
My name is Maria del Angel and I am 17 years old. I am thin, small, light brown eyes and dark brown hair. I love to have friends I am always smiling and I am tender with the friends that I really love and care. I enjoy dancing latin music and going to nightclubs. About Angel, I think he is a wonderful boy our relationship was bigger than only friends, we even got married =) he is the perfect boy, he has lots of love to give and his hugs are better than thousand words. He is really an angel well sometimes he is a devil. Remember Angel I love you and your laugh (la contorsionadora es lo maximo) Never forget me!!!!! (sexy bug)

Alejandra Casillas
My name is Alejandra Casillas. I just turned 18 in April 10th. I like to dance a lot and to be with my friends too. My favorite sport is tennis. I'm a friendly and a sociable girl. We'll, about my friend Angel, I think he is a very nice person that has a lot of values. He is a boy you can trust. I miss him a lot and I hope to see him soon. He is one of my BEST FRIENDS. Smile always :O) and remember your friend the Norteña (machaca jaja)

*if u wanna be a part of this list, email me a paragraph in english
talking about your hobbies, and if u want you can say something about our friendship. ThAnX!

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