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Healing Heart
Healing Heart
"The heart tells no lies; the warrior casts her burden, breaking free ..."
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In April 2009, the YWCA of Kauai hosted an art exhibit by “Survivors"—and “Thrivers”— of Domestic Abuse

"Warriors of the Heart" show included a presentation in words and pictures -- a "Dysfunktional Family Tour", with avatar “Lollipop Mom” as guide. :)

"In healing, I receive the gift of helping others heal. I also feel what is in their hearts, and this reflects in my art as well. This work speaks for so many besides myself.
… It brings me joy ..." –

Lucky Joy Wells artist’s statement


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From the artist | June 01, 2009

The book 

A Truthful Heart: Album of Power for Abuse Survivors is now available at Hearts Awaken Publications 

The piece, Beauty and the Beast, was entered in a juried show and won an award for its potential to help lessen the stigma of mental illness and abuse.

Abuse makes one prone to more abuse. Perpetrators can “smell out” the vulnerable, and the victim is often attracted as well—abuse is what he or she is used to. The naive attraction to danger or "bad boys" can be magnetic, and perpetrators are often cunning, charming, and practiced in the ways of entrapment.

"Keep a secret and it will surely soil you.

Bring it to the light and you will come to stand free…"

"Amazing, POWERFUL work -- it Shouts! and it introspects... and it forgives...”
“ A wonderful truth- telling, recovery and reclamation  for  some of the deepest of human  hurts..."

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Lucky Wells | April 13, 2016