In Memorium


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Our son Shawn Jeffery Parker who we lost at the tender age of 4 
and in who's name our kennel is named.

God needed a little angel
For a very special job,
And so he looked upon this earth
And there he found our Shawn.

So full of life and laughter
Loving everything he saw,
And such a boy so full of love
Was perfect for the job.

Although we'll miss him dearly
And our hearts will never heal,
The love he freely gave us
Will keep him always near.

We're thankful for the time we had
The joy he gave us all,
He's Gods special little angel now
But we'll always remember Shawn.


General Buglas McArthur

It is with deep regret that we say farewell to our kennel mascot. Bug managed to unlatch the door to his enclosure in the late summer of 2002. Although we see him no more, we wish him the best on his journey and we miss him.



Mandy got Tally (a Sugar Glider) in September of 2001. The pair were almost inseparable whenever Mandy was home. For reasons unknown to us Tally took sick and passed on in late October of 2002. A part of Mandy's heart went with the little guy.




Although never part of the kennel I feel I must mention Reo, my first horse. Entering my life when I was quite young, he was with me for 24 years. We went through a lot together him and I. Reo finally went to his rest in 1996 at the age of 34. A better friend I'll never know, I still miss him.

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