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Located just off Hwy. 401 in Rodney, Ontario, Canada.

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Our oldest daughter is 15. Mandy started showing in Junior Handling at the age of 9. Attending the zone finals in our area twice, taking second in her class in '99. In the breed ring, Mandy has shown not only our dogs, but also basenji, boxer, cocker spaniel, etc. She stewards in obedience at the annual local show yearly and was a founding member of the local Junior Kennel Club.


When not working with the dogs she plays baseball. A strong player on the team, you most often see her (or not) behind the catchers mask. 2001 she brought home the trophy for most valuable player. Mandy is in her fourth year as an umpire as well. A real achiever, Mandy is a good student and plans to continue her education through to university.

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Our next oldest is 11. Jennifer, not really into the show scene, is happiest doing Nursing Home visitations with her dog. She is also a founding member of the Junior Kennel Club. Another baseball player


She also loves to dance. An artist and dreamer our Jen, with a great love for animals and nature.

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The youngest, our twins, at age 3 they already show an intense love of dogs - who think the small humans need lots of kisses and attention. Never a dull moment with these two around.


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Darrell Parker - Dog lover, Mustang enthusiast, Trekkie, Baseball coach, Umpire, and Husband extraordinaire. He must be extraordinary to live with all of us. Although Darrell doesn't show or train his dog (he leaves that to us), he was Vice President and Obedience Chairman at our local all breed dog  club for 3 years. This is the man who said," NO MORE DOGS!" when we got the 4th, and now wants to keep a puppy from our latest borzoi litter. 

You Gotta Love Him!


Last of all there's me, Rose Parker. Trainer, Handler, Groomer, Mom, and all that goes with it. It is exhausting -but very rewarding. Having grown up with a houseful of pets, I first started training and showing horses. Upon marrying and having children it became much easier, and safer for the kids, to turn my love for showing to the dogs. 


For more pictures please visit our photo album.

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