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Kaena Point - January 26th, 2002

   We have been hiking to Kaena Point for four years now. Last year we began at the Keawaula end and so this year we began at Mokule`ia . Next January we will begin at  Keawaula again.  This years post will be less wordy than the past two.  After all how much more can I say?  Here are links to the first three hikes:

We met as usuall at the end of the pave road somewhat past Camp Erdman. (see map)  At about 9:10 am my wife and I rolled into the unpaved parking area at the end of paved Farrington Highway on the North Shore of O`ahu. (See map below)

 Waiting for us were most of the people who were to hike w/us today.  The rest rolled in with in the next 10 minutes.  The hike began about 9:20.  We had about 17 hikers today.