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Our third annual hike to Kaena Point

January 14th. 2001

We have been hiking to Kaena Point for three years now. Last year we began at the Mokule`ia end and so this year we began at Keawaula. Next January we will begin at Molule`ia again.

To get to the trail head on the Wai`anae Coast, get on the H-1 Freeway and drive west until it becomes Farrington Highway. Then continue on Farrington until you reach Keawaula Beach Park. You can drive to the end of the paved road at the end of the park or if you are worried about leaving your car alone there you can park as we did just inside the park gate. There is a parking area (dirt) that is in open view of the guard on duty at the road to the Air Force Station who can see the cars whenever he/she looks in that direction from the guard shack. Check out the map below to give you a better idea of what I am trying to describe with words.


The meeting time was 9:00 am and we left at 9:14. Here you see the gang waiting for the last of the "pit" stoppers at the only restroom we are going to see for a few hours.