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America bushwacked by the 22nd amendment
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"We risk our lives to form this great nation and
you wanna let George W. Bush run it !"

What would the Founding Fathers say if they were alive today

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Dubya Administration :
"A govt. of the rich, by the rich and for the rich."

george w. bush and ken lay
Ken Lay, former chairman of bankrupt energy giant Enron Corp., often sought President Bush's support for business projects and legislation when Bush was governor of Texas, according to correspondence released on February 15, 2002. The documents, which include a number of notes and letters released by state archivists, show a close personal relationship between the two men as well as an alliance built on common political and business interests. Bush and Lay are shown with Nancy Lazar, executive vice president of International Strategy and Investments at an economic forum January 3, 2001. Photo by Jeff Mitchell/Reuters
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