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Conservatism = Mental Illness

It takes Bush 4 hours to listen to 'The Minute Waltz'.

America's introduction to foot-IN-mouth disease - Meet George W. Bush.

Republican Syndrome : A neurological disorder characterized by spontaneous, uncontrollable outbursts of mind-boggling hypocrisy.

To Shrub : "You are the missing link. Good Bye".

Gore 50,996,064 votes. Bush 50,456,167 votes.
Difference : Gore +539,897 votes.

Now at a Supreme Court near you : The Psychopath, the Megalomaniac, and the Three Stooges.

The Republican chant of "Its the Liberal Lying Media" is a magic spell/prayer that makes the truth go away.

Excuse me, but kindly explain how a Cambodia-bombing, coup-fomenting, document-shredding, weapons-shipping, wiretapping, Iran-contra felon-pardoning political party passes itself off as a moral authority.

GW Bush is suffering from a slow charisma leak. Soon there will be nothing.

Gosh, I sure wish we could go back to the times when we only had blow jobs to worry about.

George W. Bush : Leading America into the 19th Century.

"No wonder he wants a National Missile Defense. He perhaps knows how many new enemies of America his administration will create."

"American Democracy: 1776 - 2000, R.I.P."

"Justice Scalia is an Oxymoron."

"It's cool to be cruel. Vote Republican."

The Bush/Simpson philosophy :
"If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there".

"Everyone Knows Al Gore Won Florida."

"The Corporate State has no Conscience."

"Bush IS really as dumb as he looks."

"My Lord, those Republicans have dust bunnies for brains."

"Dubya makes Dan Quayle look like the offspring of Einstein and Miss Manners."

"Republican "Virtue" follows money -- no matter how it was stolen."

"FINAL VOTE : +539,895 Gore WINS! ... Crisco Anyone?
The only thing deep about George is his hypocrisy."

Campaign finance reform SHOULD work ?heck, if the President is going to be selected by nine people from now on, campaign costs should be NEGLIGIBLE."

"President Bush demanded Monday that Congress give him fast-track trade authority. Congress is reluctant. After he dealt Sammy Sosa to Chicago for Harold Baines, they are not sure they want him negotiating our trades. "

"gee dumbya's taxcut plan is a credit card scheme -- Republican Exce$$"

"I have to spend more time with my granddaughter.
Her other grandparents are Republicans."

"DAY ### of America held hostage ... and Americans Don't Even Know It ..."

"William Jefferson Clinton : The Last President"

"Unites States of America : June 21, 1788 - January 6, 2001"

"Defects" is hardly the right word or phrase for what Senator Jeffords has done. Better choices would be : grows up, matures, wakes up, opens his eyes, blows whistle, recants, demurs, trashes, upbraids, exposes bunkum, discredits, pulls out of Fourth Reich, recovers his conscience ... etc..

"Wanted for Grand Theft Nation.
Accomplices include brother and 5 gang members in black robes.
Supporters are to be presumed armed and dangerous."

"The further to right they move, the stupider they seem."

"The Republican treatment of President Clinton is/was also an appalling abuse of human rights."

"Someday, maybe, the Republican Party will Grow-up.
I don't think I will be around when it happens."

Thank you, Jim! Trent Lott, get the HELL out of Tom Daschle's office!

Media = Money + Conservative Ideology + Intell Filter.
Simplifying terms, we arrive at
Media = Republican Propaganda

"Face it, fascists, GORE WON!

"Bush loses Senate - Raucous laughter and sighs of relief ...
No more drilling in Alaska.
No more Star Wars.
No more rabid judges.

Cheney/Bush, restoring " HORROR AND INFAMY" to the Whitehouse.

Europe and the US agree : No one likes the "Toxic Texan"

"You must have taken great pains, sir, you could not have been naturally so stupid" - Samuel Johnson

Here's your tax cut, buy a DVD, and pray you don't get sick.

My daddy was selected leader of the free world, and all I got was this lousy doorknob.

Republicans can be hazardous to your health

If you're not a Self-Centered, Rich, White Protestant Male with Connections, Your Ass is Grass for the next four years.
And George W. Bush is driving a John Deere mower.

Bush - the end result of the dumbing down of America.

Selected, not elected. If Dubya can be president, so can I. Who needs a vote?

I cast my vote in Duval county Florida ... Jeb cast it away.

"Please ... don't kill me." George Bush used to drink and do drugs. Then he found Jesus. Now, he just mocks people that he's executing.

The Presidential Primate -- monkey see, monkey try to do.

Bush's "tax refund"? Feh. That was chimp change.

"Bush is so stupid, if you put his brain in a duck, the duck would fly North for the winter."

Bush Family Motto : Veni, vidi, vendi -- I came, I saw, I sold out.

Between them, [Bill & Hillary] they will have written more books than Dubya has read.

Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed ... if the true vote is uncounted, there is no consent.

"Being able to get away with illegal activities because of her father’s position does not make her a rebel; it makes her privileged."

Planet of the Apes 2001 - A Chimp is in the White House

GW Bush Stole the Election, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.

I have to think very hard about what Hokas would do if they met George W. Bush.

"Drill in the uninterrupted wilderness of Bush's mind."
*** Sign held by protester in Colorado ***

Clinton : Peace, prosperity and blowjobs.
Bush : War, recession and anthrax.
I think I like Clinton better ...

Y'know, the corpse of John Denver WOULD make a better president than our prez-select.

I am a true Democratic Liberal ... live with it ... or not ... yur choice.

He is not my monkey.

In 1942 the media went out of its way to hide the fact that FDR couldn't walk.
In 2002 the media goes out of its way to hide the fact that Bush cannot think.

The idiot hiding under a desk in Nebraska is the Residunce of the United States.

How's life treating you in the Age of Lowered Expectations?

The Bush White House -- evil white folks really DO have a Mecca.

"... for the first time in my life I am worried about our relations with the U.S. Not just over this incident, but I just think Bush is so stupid and arrogant he might wake up one morning and think "we need more water, timber, natural gas, hockey players ... let's open up that spare bedroom up north, Condi!"

We need a nation closer to the Simpsons than the Bushes. *** P.A.

I blame all pretzels for the incompetence of one.

Man ... I miss Peace and Prosperity.

Clinton was impeached for sex. Bush protects Bin Ladens and Saudis while the Towers crumble... hmmmm are American priorities twisted?

But hey, who cares if the leader of the free world has two neurons to rub together, so long as we know he's not getting a hummer in the Oval Office?

I have a theory. Some folks can't abide hearing criticism of their man, Preznit Dubya, because - being someone who has faked , bullied and bluffed his way through life; being an ignorant, simple-minded, tongue-tied moral idiot without a shred of ability, vision, or even basic competence; being a wholly indulged, thin-skinned manchild suffering from a profound sense of entitlement and a soul filled to the brimming with a scorching warlust and an inbred compulsion to expand his Will to Power at any cost - he is them, and they are he. Therefore, any criticism of Dubya is seen to be aimed their way, as well. That's why they seem to take it so personally.

Ironic  Times  Humor
Ironic Times

Bush Publicly "Concerned" About Rising Gas Prices.
Privately, however, he’s "positively giddy."

Republicans Say They "Love the Earth"
Wouldn’t own so much of it if they didn’t.

Cheney Urges "Fresh Look" At Slave Labor.
"It's cheap and non-polluting," he argues.

Arkansas Supreme Court Rules Fetus Is a Person
Must be included in Nielsen ratings.

Cliffs Notes to Mideast Conflict Found in Oval Office, Answers Circled.
"Probably Condoleezza's," says President.

Senate Democrats Reach Out to GOP With Social Events, Sports.
Strom Thurmond invited to compete in decathlon, judge lap dancing contest.

Ralph Nader Agrees to Be Cloned.
Corporations concerned about “army of Naders."

“Come on, hit the gas!? -- (Vice) President Dick Cheney

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