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Meet Mommy and Michael


Hi! Thank you for visiting Mommy and Michael's Workshop.
If you found your way to this page you must be interested in the masterminds
behind this site!Well this site all started when I began pondering over what I could do
after I had my son to bring in some extra money and stay at home with my son.
When I created this site I was able to have google adds which brought in some income.
But then the site was changed and google adds were no longer allowed unless
it was a paid site. So, I kept the site a free site and it became a resource
for other homeschooling parents and just a fun place for kids.
This site has truly been a blessing.
It is something that my son and I can work on together.
Most importantly to us is that this site will not only bless us,
but, that we will be able to bless others!

Mommy and Michael's Workshop has tons of FREE Pages!
We have pages with puzzles, games, stories and much more for kids!
There are also several pages for the whole family!
We have Free E-cards to send to your favorite somebody,
a very special Prayer Book that you can add your special prayers to,
pages where Mommies can seek advice, and encouragement
and a one stop fun site where you can also find tons of resources for everyday life.
I have over 50 pages on this website!
Many of the pages are links to homeschooling resources and games
because this is where my son and I spend most of our time! Some pages are hard to find,
but if you spend enough time in here I am sure you will find everything.
It makes it fun to find something new each time you visit!

More About Us

Thank you for visiting.
We hope you enjoy what you see and will bookmark our site!
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People have asked why there are so many ads on the site.
The ads are on angelfire to support the site and help it to remain free.
We are sorry.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. 3 John 1:4
Michael and I are having a blast living and learning together.

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