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Do you want to Know Jesus?   You can know Him today!

There are just a few steps you must be willing to take.
If you would like to know Jesus, first you will need to talk to Him.
This is called praying. You could pray a prayer like this....

Dear Lord Jesus, I'm not sure if I really know you but I want to.
I'm sorry that I've been going my own way instead of your way.
I want to thank you for dying for me on the cross,
so you could forgive the things I do wrong.
Please come into my life and make me your friend and one of your children.
In Jesus's name, Amen.

If you've said this prayer and you meant it, some very special things have happened.

First, Jesus has come into your life
by His Holy Spirit and He will never leave you.
All the things you've done wrong up until now
have been forgiven. You have become a child of God and He is your Father.

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Meet My Best Friend

The story of Jesus


I've asked Jesus into my heart what can I do now to tell others about His amazing love and grace?

Witness to Someone Each Week

Witnessing is simply sharing the good news of salvation with others.
It is a part of fulfilling our Lord's Great Commission (Mark 16:15).
Don't wait until you become an expert; just go out and do it!
Write out a 2-3 sentence testimony and practice saying it naturally. Example: "When I realized that I had broken God's law and was a sinner, I gratefully accepted the free salvation that Jesus Christ offered me." Then quote John 3:16 and extend an invitation by saying, "If you repent (turn from your sin) and trust in Him, God will give you everlasting life." Learn how to use tracts, like the Billion Dollar Bill, and other resources. Also see booklets, tracts & witnessing tools from Answers in Genesis. Pray that the Lord will bring someone into your life each week that you can witness to -- and He will! Continue to pray, that the seeds of God's Word you have planted will be watered by others and bear eternal fruit. Remember to read your bible every day. Get plugged into a good bible church that you feel comfortable in.

Go through the door-God's Only Way To Heaven

You can Add Your Prayers to millions of other kids who are asking for prayer right now.

The Most Amazing Book Ever!




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