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Stuart Ball describes this hike as a Graded Ridge Trail that is 12 miles long round trip.  It is rated

 Danger - LOW,      Suitable for - INTERMEDIATE/EXPERT  (because of length)

I rate it as a  5 Power Bar hike for length and very similar to the Waimano Home Ridge Trail.

Some folks started up the road at 8:05, I began around 8:15, the sky down at the beach was clear while the summit was still socked in the clouds.  I soon caught up with Gordon, and we walked up the road to the trail head and for about the next 1/2 hour we talked story about dis and dat.  That "thing" looking like a cannon is my bamboo walking stick.

La`ie is a graded trail and a pleasure to walk on, but to get to the real trail head you must first walk an old "cane" road for a few miles.  Check the map below.