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Laie Ridge Trail 

Sunday July 14th, 2002

Another Windward side hike, I think I'm gonna die due to lack of sleep.  It's up at 5:30 a.m., eat and pack the water.  Hele on to 7-11 for lunch and hit Farrington Hwy by 6:40.  Rounding Makakilo I see the Ko`olau Mts socked in clouds again.  Its early Sunday morning and there is no construction on the H-1 so I stay on it till the H-2 cut off.  I follow that till its end at Wahiawa.  Its rainning in Wahiawa, not hard but still enough to turn on wipers.

The rain stops soon enough and as I coast down Kamehameha Hwy toward Hale`iwa it looks like a nice day.  I make a "pit" stop at Sunset Beach Park and soon its raining again.  Still not hard but enough for the wipers again.  Passing  Turtle Bay and Kahuku and no more rain.  I reach Laie and make a right turn and soon I'm at the ball part and see at least 1/2 dozen cars of the crew already there.  I look at my watch, 8 oclock, right on time.