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Halapepe Nui Loop - Sunday July 8th, 2002

(Waiau to Waiau)

We gathered at the Waiau District Park at the corner of Ka`ahumanu St. and Komo Mai Dr.  It was just about 8 a.m. when I arrived.  Most of the team was already there.  Linda was not with me today as she hurt her knee on the Schofield/Waikane TC and was still not back to normal.

In November of last year I did this hike with another group of friends but slightly different.  We left cars at Waimano Home, shuttled to Ka`ahumanu and did the almost loop in a counter clock-wise direction.  Read about that hike at:

 The road map below shows that hike's road traveling, but also indicates today's gathering place at the park.  The blue line on the right goes up Ka`ahumanu to the trail head.