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The Search For Atlantis XXIV: Perhaps Now We Can Go Home
By Grey Exploration (Continued from ep. XXIII)

I’ve lost track of how long we’ve been out here. I know we’ve been searching for a few years now, but time in the Amazon moves kind of funny.
Something to do with the heat, scenery, lack of seasons and an endless supply of Jack Daniels.
Real friendly guy that Jack. Sure, he’ll turn on you every now and again, but by and large he’s a cheery dude who’ll treat you right, and good friends inevitably give you a bit of a headache if you spend too long with them.
Long story short, we don’t think this is Atlantis. These ruins at least. Well, not Atlantis proper.
There have always been small clues, the carbon dating isn’t quite right but too close to ignore, some of the mysterious rooms have turned out to be not at all that mysterious after some investigation, and I really don’t think anyone, not even the Chinese spies, thinks that Atlantis would have had a graffiti problem that would keep future generations boggled as to exactly who was here and when.
Yeah, ghetto.
The conclusion, for now, is that this is not Atlantis, but a neighbouring city. A part of the same ancient civilisation, just not as pretty or well kept.
In short, this place is to Atlantis what Detroit or Philadelphia is to New York.
“But wait,” I hear you say, “Discovering the Detroit of Atlantis is still a great discovery worthy of not.”
Yes and no. It’s a discovery, it’s just not one anyone wanted.
I mean, to our thinking its good because it’s a form of proof that Atlantis exists.
But it’s Detroit.
It’s a very uncomfortable form of proof, and not one that’s winning us a lot of respect of funding, both of which are surprisingly important in the field of . . . whatever it is we’re doing.
Right now the feeling in the expedition is one of “Awah shucks,” as we try to assess options and possibilities, in as much as discovering a long lost ancient version of Detroit offers much in the way of options and possibilities.
I mean come on, even our Chinese spies have packed up and gone. All that’s left of them are their lazy, lazy disguise signs, hanging from whatever. One of our less intelligent work crews spent an entire morning trying to turn on a chair that was labelled “lamp” or sit on a cactus labelled “chair”.
All things considered maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that all we found was the ancient version of Detroit.
Who knows what the future holds, we’re now focusing our efforts on finding some sort of map or maybe a hint towards the true Atlantis, or at the very least the ancient lost version of Las Vegas.
Pig farmers concerned that human flu could infect their herds

By, Don Hellion

A recent discovery is that the so-called swine flu infecting people is actually a mutation of an older strain that had crossed over in the 1980s. The concern is that this new strain could cross back to swine from humans. It’s been noticed that this strain is milder than other strains in humans indicating that anti-bodies from the earlier strain are still partially effective. The concern is that this new strain could be more virulent if it infects pigs. Farmers are concerned that an infected human could contaminate a herd of pigs with deadly consequences.

One major concern is that an infected human working at or visiting a feed manufacturing facility could cough or sneeze over a batch of feed and the contamination could infect multiple herds this can be especially dangerous since modern pig farms keep the animals in VERY close quarters, Potentially one infected human could infect dozens of herds and tens of thousands of animals. The financial cost of treating these infected herds would be staggering.

A delegation of farmers and meat processors are petitioning to Congress for government intervention. One idea is for feed plant workers to be kept isolated from the rest of the population to prevent their getting infected and bringing the virus to work. Even if it means separating them from their families the reasoning is that the nation’s food supply needs to be protected recent salmonella out breaks have heightened this fear.

Another worry is that terrorists might use this to attack the nation’s food supply by infecting their children then sending them to schools that the children of feed plant or farm workers attend in the hope of spreading the flu though the children to their parents and then to the herds. One counter to this problem is to require all children of workers in this industry to be either home schooled or take classes over the Internet.

Another possible route of infection that is of concern is school field trips and 4 H Club activities that bring children in contact with herds and farms. The field trip issue can be settled by suspending the field trips. Dealing with the 4 H Club kids is trickier since they are often working with the pigs, One idea is to isolate them with their pig to protect both from infection.

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