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The Search For Atlantis XXII: A Moment of Divergence
By Grey Exploration (Continued from ep. 21)

Millionaires, science fiction geek experts, labourers, South America, Chinese spy backing us publically, for once Iíd like to take a break from the madness that is this insane search for Atlantis that may or may not have uncovered its objective if only we could figure out what weíre sitting on.
Seriously, itís like some sort of stone transformer the way everything keeps changing on us, corridors turn into walls, rooms turn into balconies, gazeboes convert into weapons turrets and breakfast nooks become dining alcoves!
But more on that another time.
Here we are in the Amazon Basin, not the deepest, darkest part of the jungle, far from the most unexplored area, just an undeveloped piece of real estate that frequented by very few people aside from the occasional pair of young lovers, and by all appearances a few loving appreciators of the local liquor.
Weíre a dozen or so kilometres away from a small town, a few score more from a sizable city. All in all itís disappointing.
Not so much because these are run down, poverty stricken places, or because there isnít a single decent coffee place in either so weíre reduced to drinking a potent mix of some local herb and Pepsi. Itís not as strong but maintains a similar flavour and when youíve had a hard day climbing out of the gazebo that suddenly became a rocket launcher that then turned into a bird bath youíll take what you can get.
Itís disappointing because this, whether itís Atlantis or not, sat so damn close to human settlements and remained utterly undiscovered by locals and visitors alike.
This sort of thing points to an overall lack of initiative, a loss of the spirit of adventure and drive to explore, to seek out the unknown and make it known, a pure and simple loss of something essential to human life.
Sure, weíre here now, poking around and having the floor beneath us become a wall or multi-phasic dual plasma blaster. Now.
Consider just how many thousands of people over the years must have been here, unknowing of what wonders lay just a little bit out of their way, and you start to realise how sad it is that no one bothered to look, to see what lay out here.
So what do we do?
There arenít any charities for this. No schools or schemes. It almost appears we have to wait for eccentric millionaires to scoop us up into their dreams.
One thing is certain, at a time like this, in a place like this, discarded and forgotten, amazing discoveries possible every day just as much as utter boredom, I want out. I really, really want out of this screwball group.

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