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Article for the week of 8/24/08

The Search For Atlantis XXI: They're Taking Bigfoot More Seriously Than Us! (Continued from: Ep. XX)
By Grey Adventure

All this time I thought I was providing publicity for this expedition. I wasn’t entirely wrong, it turns out that I just wasn’t the only source of attention.
They way things are going I could have used the heads up, maybe even missed a deadline or two to sleep in on Wednesday mornings when the nerds gather for their “Who’s the better captain” arguments (it’s between Kirk, Picard and some guy called Archer because Sisko wasn’t always a captain and Janeway apparently sucks).
As it turns out I’m just the field guy sending in reports to my editor, who quite likes the fact that I’m all the way around the world, unseeable, not collecting a pay check from him in regularly producing reports as requested when he needs filler on slow news days that don’t have cute puppies, kittens or malformed children to take up a column or two.
Moneybags, our principle investor and nominal leader has his own PR division churning out reports for tabloids and investors, as well as some advertising to keep people interested.
It may sound territorial but I don’t actually mind having this other team there, I would have just liked to have known.
Especially if they’re getting paid more than me.
This is a major issue. With Moneybags losing his loot, or having an asset freeze or something that means we’re working for some sort of profit sharing or future return investment of some sort (the fact that none of us are looking into this further is quite frankly scary), the enthusiasm of the rest of the media arm of this outfit are slacking off considerably, even taking side jobs.
Specifically they are the ones causing this latest Bigfoot hubbub.
Again, not a territory issue, but they’re making more and putting more effort into Bigfoot than Atlantis.
What do they have? A body in a freezer that could just as easily be a mashed bear or three seagulls taped together with four wigs?
I mean come on, just because we haven’t produced tangible results beyond this constantly transforming city of wonder doesn’t mean we’re sitting on our hands here.
And since when is a constantly transforming city of wonder something to ignore?!
Besides, with the money crunch we’re working on the tangible results thing. The nerds have found what they think is an experimental laptop style computer that tends to overheat very, very easily. Moneybags thinks that if we can insulate the outside we can sell it as a portable grill to outdo George Foreman if we can get Muhammad Ali to be our spokesman.
Still I am professionally annoyed and hope this whole thing turns out to be a huge hoax or mistake.
Uh, the Bigfoot thing, not the grill. Or this city.
Knock on wood.

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