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Dateline Hollywood, California….

Hilton Presidential Run Reveals Hidden Potential

Grey Entertainment (Continued from 7/10/07)

When everyone else said that it couldn’t be done the fans of Paris Hilton . . . Well, they also said it couldn’t be done. But by all appearances a technical month and a half behind bars without the real time adulation of the mindless masses has in fact altered Hilton’s nature, along with her ambitions. Her drive to become the youngest and second prettiest US President is gaining momentum.
Many are sceptical, and not without reason, this is Paris Hilton, time in the big house not withstanding she went in a rich, blonde attention seeker and came out straight into a Larry King interview.
This whole presidential thing reeks of more of the same, however it would be foolish to imagine that it is impossible to be hailing President Hilton as the chief.
Sure she has not qualifications, no connections, no experience, basically all the negatives of every other candidate in the field, all the same she has some unique assets that have not yet been downloaded onto the Internet.
What we all may have underestimated is that Paris Hilton has several key assets in common with previous successful presidents.
First of all many recent presidents have come from some sort of entertainment background. Most notable is of course Ronald Regan, scourge of the North, who started out as a middleweight Hollywood actor.
Clinton had his saxophone, Nixon played piano, Johnson was a freak on the harmonica.
Even FDR had a wicked tap-dancing career. So talented was he that the polio barely slowed him down once he got the shoes on.
Now while Paris is only an actress because of a few movies, one of which qualifies as pornography, this puts her well ahead of other candidates and mirrors Grover Cleveland’s early career in “sensual lithography”.
And keep in mind that one of the most popular US politicians at this time is The Governator, whose resume was nothing more than bodybuilding, acting and fire walking.
Secondly Paris is pretty. Kind of.
While she is no Thomas Jefferson in the looks department key analysis shows that George W Bush managed to beat John Kerry through a combination of incumbency, better rigging and the deepest dimples.
More importantly Paris is prettier than Hillary, Rudolph and John.
Barak Obama has been judged equally attractive, however his relative lack of experience, ethnicity and possible use of the word “portapotty” serve to put him on an equal footing with Hilton.
While the possibility of President Hilton is reason enough to despair it should be noted that some of the most popular countries at the moment have some of the most attractive leaders.
Admittedly there are very few popular countries at the moment and the attractiveness of their leadership is a minor factor, however no one is about to abandon the slightest advantage in the popularity stakes since Poland started looking good.
All in all Paris Hilton’s presidential run is beginning to look more serious than Mitt Romney’s.

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