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Article for the week of 6/30/07

Dateline Hollywood, California….

Out and Ready to Thrill

By, Puns McKenna (Continued from 6/21/07)

Last week we brought you the shocking report that Miss Paris Hilton has announced her intentions to run for President of the United States. Today we have more on that story.
Being forced to spend 45 (well, almost) days in jail has not dampened Miss Hilton's popularity at all. In fact, because of her public outburst in the courtroom, Miss Hilton's popularity has risen. Her poll figures resemble those of former President Bill Clinton. A sad little irony as his wife Hillary is running for President this year.

While Miss Hilton has been popular in the polls so far, it is wondered by many in the media, if Miss Hilton plans to turn the White House into a Scandal House. Given Miss Hilton's penchant for drama and publicity stunts, it's believed that there is a risk factor.

Her campaign seems to be taking off, however. Celebrities everywhere, regardless of nationality and stature are flocking to her cause in droves. It seems that all of Hollywood is behind Miss Hilton and her "Let's save the Entertainers" campaign.

Her fundraising committee president, Britney Spears, said, "More donations have rolled in every day since the video showing actors in squalid conditions was released. Stars Over America has grown three times in the last week as more and more entertainers have joined the cause. It's amazing. Paris' supporters have really risen to the occasion."

When we asked Miss Hilton for comment, she said, "I'm really surprised. Many of these people have grown a little immune to me over the years. But now I see that they are willing to support a good cause. Though it's still early in the election year, I believe that I have a good chance of getting elected. I take myself very seriously. If I'm elected, People can rest assured that there will be many fantastic changes."

"In addition to the legal reforms for entertainers, I'll be instituting a 'No family left behind' program. What this program will do is make sure that all families will have enough to eat; a roof over their heads; and transportation to get them to and from work. The level of poverty in this country is deplorable, and I aim to fix it."

Miss Hilton appears to have a good cause and plans to make positive changes if she's elected. However, this reporter wonders if the Drama Queen Heiress really has what it takes to lead this country.

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