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June 2002 Newsletter

The Breast Cancer/Abortion Link

As Martin County's Relay for Life approaches, I can’t help but think of the increased risk of breast cancer among women who have abortions. There have been numerous studies that indicate this. In 1981, a Los Angeles study found a significant 2-4 times higher incidence of breast cancer among women under 33 years of age who aborted their first baby. In 1994, a National Cancer Institute study of over 1800 women in Washington State found a 50% increased risk among women who had abortions. The risk was more than double for women whose first abortion took place before age 18 or over age 30.
When you become pregnant your body produces a surge of the hormone estrogen. This causes the cells in the breast to multiply rapidly in the first half of pregnancy. In the second half, other hormones are produced to stop this rapid growth and to direct these cells to perform new functions such as producing milk. These last changes protect the cells against cancer-causing substances. When you have an abortion, all of those millions of cells are left immature and growing too fast. Without the second surge of hormones to turn off the growth and direct the cell, they are left open and vulnerable to cancer. That is why a full-term pregnancy lowers the risk of breast cancer later in life.
The risk of breast cancer among women is now close to 12%. For women who have never had children it is closer to 20%. And for those who have had no children and also have had one or more abortions it’s closer to 50%. If you have a family history of breast cancer and have an early abortion at a young age, your chances of getting breast cancer before age 45 are increased 800%! This was the result of research funded by the American Cancer Institute in 1994. Abortion clinics don’t tell you all of the risks involved in having an abortion. You have the right to know all of the risks and consequences. This is just one of them.

Happy Father's Day!

“As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on the faithful.”-Psalm 103:13
Abortion claims three victims. The baby, the mother and someone we often forget about…the father. Fathers also suffer from fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, grief and depression from the loss of a child to abortion. Pregnancy care centers and church communities offer hope and healing to mothers and fathers through counseling and reconciliation. Catholic Charities in Evansville, Indiana offers a program called Project Rachel. If you are suffering from post-abortion syndrome please call 812-423-5456. Or click on one of the following links:
Rachel's Vineyard
Fathers Hurt by Abortion
The National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing

St. Joseph was the foster-father of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He has been declared Patron or Protector of the Church. The Gospel describes St. Joseph as a “just” man; a “committed” man; a man who was humble, poor, honest, and hardworking. St. Joseph was a man totally committed to the responsibilities surrounding his family. He worked and sacrificed for his family. He was an “ordinary” man like you. On EWTN’s website, I found an article by Billy Stainsby on St. Joseph being a role model for today’s fathers. He says, “Joseph’s example of giving himself heart and soul through his life and work to God, and through God to Mary and Jesus, defines what being a loving husband and father involves…To Joseph was entrusted the task of fostering the human growth of Jesus, in wisdom and in grace. At the heart of Joseph’s “fatherhood” was the total gift of himself to Mary and her Son, using his time and talents at the service of the Messiah.” Let this be an example for all of us.

Prayer to St. Joseph

Good St. Joseph, husband of Mary and protector of the Holy Family, pray for me. Help my life to model yours--strong, faithful, hard-working, self-sacrificing, devoted to the Lord. Intercede for me, that I might have the grace to be a spiritual leader in the home, putting the welfare of my wife and children first, and providing an example of prayer and holiness of life. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, your beloved Foster Son. Amen.

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