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Mt. Olomana Peak #1

January 21st. 2001

About a week before the hike I got eMail from Landis that he and some friends would be climbing Mt. Olomana and I was welcome to join them. Well that Sunday I got up real early, ran the dogs, and was on the road by 7:30 am. I made my usual pre-hike stop at 7-11 to buy two packs of rolled sushi, and one spam musubi. One of the rolls of sushi was my breakfast as I drove to the meeting place in Kailua. Meeting time was 9 oclock, and I arrived around 8:30. To kill time I called my sister in New York and my ex-surfing partner Bob in Florida. I did this on my cell phone as I have 250 free weekend miniutes a month to burn with no long distance charges.

Below is my first sight of Mt. Olomana. Sorry about the picture, but im shooting into the sun. Lucky it was cloudy or there would be no picture at all.

Around 8:55 Francis arrived, the somewhat after 9 oclock the rest of the hikers arrived. We began walking about 9:15. I took and elevation reading on my GPS of 110 feet above sea level. The trail head is off the private road that leads to a golf course. We had to park outside and walk in. The trail head is on the left after about a 5 minute walk up a nicely landscaped drive. There is a slight incline to the road, which is nice as it gives you a chance to warm up your leg muscles before the "real" hike begins.