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Hong Kong

Badminton Alliance for the Disabled

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About us ... and the site¡G

In the late 90's, after much effort, there were Hong Kong badminton enthusiasts with physical disabilities overcame obstacles and competed in the international arena. Despite the lack of support and financial assistance, and they need to fund themselves for international tournaments, however, trophies were captures and in the year 2000, even attained number one in world ranking. Their story is a good piece of evidence that badminton for physically disabled athletes will have good potential as a competitive sport and will bring more glory for the territory.

This is quite a new area , not just for HK but for the world at large. There is much to be done. When we forge ahead for the new millennium, internet is no doubt one of the most powerful channel for promotion. On the other hand, there is rarely enough information for the Chinese community in the WWW world as far as this new sport is concerned. We thus become pioneers to blaze the trail, and we have translated some relevant info for everyone to share. Of course we are inspired by the web site created by Dr Wu of Taiwan for disabled table tennis.

In the international level, there are several governing bodies for badminton for people of different kinds of disabilities. As for sports for the disabled on the whole, even the IPC seems facing a headache to unite them all. So we just concentrate on the group with "physical disabilities", especially on disabled limps. But we will try not to ignore other groups, so we have included info as comprehensive as possible. In such context, we initiated this web site with the desire to share and to strive for betterment for all kinds of sports for the disabled. Please note that we have no right to select the squad. For details, please contact the relevant governing bodies.

We also aware that rehabilitation and human rights are part of the backbone of the rationale for sports for the disabled. Thus relevant info is also included.

Come and join us. Or write to us...and comment ...on this homework of mine.

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( Originally this was just my first serious homework when i was picking up web page writing, but i hope to start with a meaningful topic. One day i met Jeffrey again in the street. As such i was sucked into this muddy stuff... and the project just grew and grew to its present scale.)


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water purifying system)

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