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The Smashing Pumpkins

Welcome to the part of webpage that is about The Smashing Pumpkins who i Adore. (was I supposed to say whom?) Well, I have always loved them since middle school and just recently saw them live at George Mason with Rena. Ohmygosh, if I wasn't psycho about them before I am now! They are just too good. And if you disagree then that's fine, I probably hate what you listen to. Before I go on, be sure to visit my Hopes page. Thanks-there is also news there!
The band now consists of Billy Corgan, James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlain, and the newest addition Melissa Auf Der Maur. I must say I like Melissa better than D'arcy. I have decided that she is the coolest base player (maybe a tie with Flea because he plays naked) because she has so much fun!!! Their latest album is Machina/ The Machines of God and it is very good! I can listen to the whole thing over and over (and over). But if I had to pick favorites I would say: Stand Inside Your Love, I of the Mourning, and Try, Try, Try. I have been reading these articles online about the SP's tour and saying how people just want to hear the old stuff but I was happy to hear anything. The concert was Perfect, they started with the new stuff and interspersed the old favorites such as Disarm, Tonight, Tonight, Today, and one of my favorites To Sheila from Adore. In the middle of the concert they played an acoustic part which included Disarm and To Sheila which was so exciting for me. And it was really cool because they played two encores....I kept clapping and clapping hoping they would come back! So, I am done babbling here so look at the other stuff on this page and e-mail me which questions, comments, statements, and/or opinions. Thanks....

The Songs

I just want to talk about the songs I like. There are already a zillion webpages that have info on every single SP song so I am not going to do that. I just want to take my favorites and elaborate on them. (I will add more later, duh!) Go on!

The Band

Oh man, I love them. I can listen to them all of the time, over and over. Because each cd is different yet with a common thread throughout. So, to everyone who wants them to go back to a "Gish" or a "Siamese Dream" sound just be quiet! Bands fail when they sound the same on every album. Not every song can be alike or it will stink! The common things thoughout all of their cds are Billy's voice, the lyrics, and the music. I don't want 5 Siamese Dream cds, I want 5 different yet great ones that celebrate the SP sound! (yeah, ok...I went a little weird on that, but I don't care. The people at the concert made me mad!)

The Band

I got to shake Billy Corgans hand:) Details later! Also, go check out some quotes!