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Pam's Place Easter Crafts Directions

Foam Sheet Chick

Good luck and enjoy !

Pattern Pieces and Visual How To...
Visual How To...

Foam Sheet Chick

For best results, print the photo above and cut out the paper pieces using them as a guide to cutting out the foam. You will need two each of the wings, legs and feet. These can easily be cut out ahead of time by an adult to make this craft easy enough for a young child to do. Be careful cutting out the legs. The spokes at the top of the leg, fit around the front and back of the body to hold it securely. Be sure to cut the bottom of the legs the exact size as the holes in his feet so he'll stand up properly.
Twist the white pipe cleaner for the umbrella handle, bend to shape it, and glue to the back of the umbrella. After this is dry, decorate the umbrella with the pink flower with yellow center and green leaves. Glue on the front and back wings and let dry. You can then glue on the wiggly eye and beak. Next, glue the legs to the feet and let dry. Then you can attach the feet to the body. Make sure to glue the white pipe cleaner from the umbrella handle to both the back of the head and front of the wing to stabalize it.


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