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Welcome to Pam's Place Valentine's Crafts Page.

Candy Heart (pictured below)

You need two cellophane wrapped left over christmas candy canes, conversation hearts, ribbon and a hot glue gun. With the glue gun, glue the two bent portions of the candy canes together to form the top of the heart. Glue the bottoms of the candy canes together to form the heart's point. Then glue various sized conversation hearts over where you joined the candy canes. Let dry and hang with ribbon.
Candy Heart Candy Heart Candy Heart

Some Valentine Games

Questionable Hearts

Give each child a copy of the questions and answers below and ask them to draw a line from the question to the answer. Give them the first one done as an example. (You will have to mix them up.)
   1.  What is a sweetheart ?      
   2.  What heart has a burning in the stomach
or is on fire ? 3. What heart is sincere ? 4. What heart has contractions ? 5. What heart has insects that live in a dog ? 6. What heart is a central land area ? 7. What heart is cruel ? 8. What heart has emotional distress and hurts ? 9. What heart makes sound or whispers ? 10. What heart suddenly stops working ?
   1.  Candy Heart
   2.  Heartburn
   3.  Heartfelt
   4.  Heartbeat
   5.  Heartworm
   6.  Heartland
   7.  Heartless
   8.  Heartache
   9.  Heart Murmur
  10.  Heart Attack  

Musical Valentine...

Played like musical chairs....
Cut out and laminate enough huge hearts for each child in the group to stand on. Place hearts in a circle on the floor. Play music when the music stops the children must stand on a heart. Take away a heart for each time the music stops.

St. Valentine Says...

This game is played the same way as Simon Says.

Matching Hearts...

This is a great way to match children up to play pair games.
You will need an old deck of cards. Remove all of the heart cards. Cut each card in half so that the numbers show on both ends. Put them all in a hat and let the children each pick one out. Then let the children match them up.

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