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Aloha, Recognizing that many of our visitors aren't kama'aina or even malihini, we thought that it might be a good idea to provide definitions for some of the Hawaiian terms you might encounter while visiting the Stoddard's Hale. I am by no means an Hawaiian scholar and apologize in advance for any errors on this page.

The Hawaiian "alphabet" consists of twelve letters and two diacritical marks, the `okina (a glottal stop, found before or between vowels, denotes a clear break in sound) and the kahako (or macron, which is found over vowels and stresses or elongates the vowel sound) ((unfortunately, this keyboard doesn't have the ability to add the macron where appropriate, sorry.)) Both of these are important to note for correct pronunciation, and can often change the meaning of a word. Sound each letter.


Vowels have the same sound as they do in Latin.
a) as in above, or as in father when marked with a kahako
e) as in bet or as in play, when marked with a kahako
i) as in see
o) as oh
u) as in June


Consonants have the same sound as in English with the exception of "w".
he, ke, la , mu, nu, pi, we (the "w" is usually pronounced like a "v" after "i" and "e" or when it is is next to the final letter in a word; like "w" after "u" and "o"; and is interchangeable at the start of a word or after "a").

Keeping all of that in mind....

`a`a - broken lava

ahupua'a - land division, estate

aikane - friend

aina - the land

akamai - wisdom, ingenuity: skillful

ala - road, path, way

alapapeka - alphabet

aloha - affection, sympathy, greeting

anuenue - rainbow

auwe - alas, ouch

ha'ina - end of song

hale - house, home

hana - work

hanai - feed, nourish, support, adopt

haole - white, foreign

hapa - fraction, part

hapai - lift up, carry: pregnant

hauoli - joy

haupia - delicious pudding of arrowroot and coconut milk

heiau - large place of worship, temple

honu - turtle

ho`okipa - to entertain, welcome

hoolaulea - celebration

hui - club or association

hukilau - group fishing festival

hula - dance and song: eye twitching: to dance to rhythmic song

huli - to turn

ikaika - power: strong, energetic

imu - ground oven

ipo - sweetheart

kahiko - ancient, aged

kahuna - Hawaiian priest; (modern application), sorcerer

kai - the sea

kala - money

Kalikimaka - Christmas

kalua - baked underground

kama`aina - native born; people of the land (modern application)

kane - male; husband

kapakahi - crooked, lopsided

kapu - forbidden, sacred

kaukau - food

keiki - child

kilohana - the very best

kokua - help, cooperate

kolohe - roguish, playful, mirthful, jolly, naughty

kona - leeside

kua - the back

kuleana - right, privilege, responsibility

ku'uipo - my sweetheart

lanai - porch

lani - heavenly

laulau - bundled food

loa - long, of time or space; very

lolo - stupid

lomilomi - massage

lua - toilet

luau - taro leaf, feast

mahalo - to approve, thank, praise, applaud

makai - seaward

malama - to care for

malihini - stranger

mana - authority, power, might

manuahi - free

maoli - native; genuine

mauka - toward the mountains

mauna - mountain

mele - vocal music

moana - ocean, to be spread out

moemoe - sleep

nani - big

nei - this; here; this time or place

nene - Hawaiian goose

nui - large, great

`onipa`a - firm, strong, fixed, immovable

ono - delicious

opu - abdomen

pahoehoe - smooth, shiny lava

pakalolo - marijuana

pali - cliff, precipice

paniolo - Hawaiian cowboy

pau - all finished

pi'la ho'okani - instrumental music

pilau - trouble, dirty

pilikia - trouble

poi - taro paste

pono - goodness, uprightness, to be just

popoki - cat

puka - a hole

pupu - hors d'oeuvres

pupule - crazy, insane

tutu - grandmother

ukulele -flea, small guitar

wahine - female

wai - fresh water, liquid

wikiwiki - hurry

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Primary Source: Handy Hawaiian Dictionary - Henry P. Judd, Mary Kawena Pukui and John F.G. Stokes
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