On May 16, 2003
The Mehana Brewing Company and

Blue Rooster Productions
The 7th Annual Rhythm & Blues Mele
at the Hawaiian Hut in the Ala Moana Hotel

The Derek Trucks Band was the headliner of the 7th Annual Rhythm & Blues Mele and there was much anticipation that his wife, Susan Tedeschi, might join him on stage but it was not to be (during the Oahu performance anyway. ;-(
Still, the phenomenal Derek Trucks put on a display of guitar mastery that a 23 year old has no business achieving ;-) His story has been told many times before, but how many 11 years olds have jammed with The Allman Brothers and then went on to become a member of that esteemed band, while also leading his own band with a major label recording contract?

Local Bluesman Boogie opened the show with a short set of his downhome delta style blues. This man deserves to be heard and if you haven't seen him yet, you owe it to yourself to check him out!

Charlie Meyers accompanied Boogie on mandolin and electric guitar

along with Jason Forrestor on bass.

Derek Trucks in repose.

Bassist Todd Smallie

Derek Trucks

Drummer Yonrico Scott

Derek Trucks

Sorry, didn't get the name of this percussionist who played with the DTB

Singer Mike Mattison

Derek Trucks

Keyboardist Kofi Burbidge

Derek Trucks

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