Oahu Pictures 2001

"Uncle" Willie K at the Waiklele Border's Store on July 14, 2001

Here's the result of the recent removal of the makai traffic lane from Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki.
This was done, ostensibly, to widen and beautify the "World Famous Beach".

An Artificial Waterfall on Kalakaua Avenue.
This was also part of the recent "Beach Improvements"

The view from the newly refurbished Kapahulu Pier at the Diamond Head end of Waikiki.


Kapahulu Pier as seen from Kalakaua Avenue.

Leahi as seen from the Kapahulu Pier.

Kalakaua Avenue - Amazingly Devoid of Cars!!! ;-)

One noddah picture of the recent renovations to Waikiki Beach. What an inviting pool!

New Trolley on Kalakaua Avenue.

Kewalo Basin Park

View of Waikiki From Kewalo Basin Park.

Fishing Boats Docked at Kewalo Basin.

More Fishing Boats Docked at Kewalo Basin.

Kewalo Park With a View of Leahi.

More Beautiful Pictures Of Oahu

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